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Chapter 31

Again … Fall.

Without any more strength to struggle, Shi Xiaonian slowly closed her eyes and allowed him to do as she pleased.

After a long time of ravaging, Shi Xiaonian was carried on one shoulder and left, attracting countless curious gazes.

No dignity.


Returning back to the huge private ward, Gong Ou threw Shi Xiaonian onto the huge bed and she fell down onto it heavily, gritting her teeth without screaming for pain.

Gong Ou stood at the end of the bed and stared at her. She sat there, his clothes pulled wide by him, and his long hair a mess.

She lowered her eyes, looking off into the distance. Her eyes were still bloodshot, yet not a single tear fell. She was extremely proud.

This scene inexplicably caught his attention.

He turned around with his back to her and slowly reached out his hand to press against his chest. This place still had some unexplainable restlessness.

For the first time, he felt this way about a woman.

He was clearly angry enough to want to kill her, yet he couldn't even say a single word of scolding.

This was not a good sign.

"Shit!" Gong Ou cursed lowly and kicked the sofa.

Shi Xiaonian was sitting on the bed like a log. Hearing the sound, her wet, long eyelashes trembled, and she raised her head to look at the man in the middle of the room.

Gong Ou suddenly turned and looked at her coldly, his gaze unfathomable.

"Be my woman!" He spoke, not to inquire, but to give orders.

He stood there like a king looking down on the world.



Wasn't bullying her enough?

"Did you hear that? Speak! " Seeing that she was silent, Gong Ou kicked the pillar on the bed angrily.

His women had always been prepared for him by his subordinates. When did they ever need him to personally mention them again and again?

"You lied to me when you wanted me to find evidence."

What evidence? She did, and he sabotaged it.

Not only did he destroy her, but he also gave her in the doctor's room...

Thinking back to that narrow bed they used for diagnosis, Shi Xiaonian felt that it was funny, and laughed with red eyes, "Since you didn't plan on letting me go, why are you playing so many tricks on me? "Please hurry and kill me."

She said the last few words word by word.

"…" Gong Ou's eyes froze.

What did she say? Asking him to kill her and then wanting to die?

Didn't he just want her once? Was he trying to act pure because of how excited he was? This was the first time he couldn't see through a woman.

"Mr. Gong, please die." She was still talking.


"Palace Lord …"

"Shut up! If you say another word, I'll kill you! "

Gong Ou's face was extremely ugly, he growled, turned around and walked out, then closed the door heavily.

The moment he walked out, both the bodyguard and Feng De who was waiting outside lowered their heads, "Young Master."

Gong Ou walked to the side with a cold face, casually kicked open a door and entered, anger roaming about his chest.

"Young Master, it's time for the infusion."

Butler Feng De followed him in to remind him.

"No need!" Gong Ou said as he paced around the room, his handsome face showing signs of madness.

Feng De guarded the duty of a butler and stood quietly, waiting for the master's orders.

Gong Ou walked around the room with his long legs.

One round trip;

Another round trip.

Abruptly, Gong Ou turned around and looked at Feng De, his long hands touching his face, "Feng De, do I look bad?"

Feng De was startled, what happened to the young master?

"Young master is the most handsome person in Gong Jia, even in the entertainment circle, no one can compare to him." Feng De said.

This was the truth.

Many years ago, there was a saying that was passed down through the generations: Gong Jia is a beauty.

In this generation, not a single flaw could be found on the young master's face. It was exquisite among exquisite features, so who would dare to question his appearance?

"Then I have no money?" Gong Ou asked.

"Young master is the richest man in the world." If the Young Master said that he had no money, who would dare to say that they had?

"Then this woman doesn't like me, and wouldn't let me sleep even if I were to die? I'm just that bad! "

Rich and handsome, how could she not like that?

Gong Ou kicked over a chair, his face was gloomy.

Damn it, Shi Xiaonian, she didn't know how many women were bowing down to him, but he had actually touched her and they were begging for death, for their lives!

"Uh, Young Master is referring to... Miss Shi? "

Feng De probed, and after thinking about it, continued, "I feel that Miss Shi isn't the kind of woman who would scheme to climb to the top. Otherwise, she would have stopped long ago, and stayed by Young Master's side with her baby."

But until now, Shi Xiaonian still insisted that she was not pregnant, and did not give birth to a child for her young master.

"I know."

Gong Ou said coldly.

How could he not know that Feng De knew about it?

If Shi Xiaonian wanted to climb up beside him, she should have … What did she want?

"I'm doing an examination. Gong Ou, wait until I prove that I'm not pregnant. I hope that you won't disturb my life again."

He remembered what she had said.

What she wanted was freedom.

Gong Ou's gaze suddenly turned cold and he said coldly, "Get me a lawyer!"

"Yes, young master."

Feng De didn't understand what he was trying to do and respectfully accepted the order.


Gong Ou stood there and pressed his hand on his chest. His black eyes revealed an unmistakable look, as though he was determined to take it.

Shi Xiaonian, this woman … He must.

Wanting him to stop disturbing her life? Dream on!

In the VIP luxurious ward, Shi Xiaonian was still sitting on the bed. There was a faint pain between her legs, she could only endure the pain as she got off the bed and reached for the door.

The door was locked.

Unable to open.

He locked her in here.

She leaned towards the door, her eyes filled with despair. Gong Ou was a person who could easily get mad and irritable.

She slapped him today.

It was like moving dirt on a tiger's head.

Roughly two hours later, the door was pushed open, and the one who entered was not Gong Ou, but the benevolent butler, Feng De.

"Miss Shi." Feng De smiled as he walked towards her.

"Did he think of a way to kill me?" Shi Xiaonian sat on the side of the bed and asked with his eyes red. His voice was as calm as still water.

Feng De smiled and shook his head, he raised the black folder in his hands and said, "Young Master had me come here to discuss a deal with Miss Shi."


"It's like this. Young master is willing to give you unlimited time to find evidence to prove your innocence. But during this time, you must become his woman." Feng De said.


"Once you prove your innocence, or hand over your baby to the young master, the young master will allow you to leave and let you go."

"I don't agree." Shi Xiaonian said directly without even giving it a second thought.

She did not trust Gong Ou.

How could they trust a crazy paranoia?

Feng De smiled and said unhurriedly: "Miss Shi, don't come to a conclusion yet, this is actually a good deal for you."

"…" She listened.

"Young Master has a lot of women by his side. Although he has a paranoid personality disorder, I've never seen him persevere on a woman for more than a month." Feng De analyzed the situation rationally.


Shi Xiaonian listened silently.


Freedom, straight to the point.

When Shi Xiaonian heard these two words, her fingers couldn't help but tremble.

Indeed, she wanted to live, she wanted to be free, and she wanted to make the best of things.

"Miss Shi, should I give you some time to think it over?" Feng De asked gently.

Shi Xiaonian pursed her lips, and after a long while, she asked, "How do I know he will go back on her word?"

Hearing her words, Feng De knew that she already had an answer, and smiled: "Don't worry Miss Shi, Young Master has never gone back on his words, furthermore, there is the contract in hand."

"I don't think the contract is binding on people like him."

Shi Xiaonian said coldly.

"Young master has never easily signed, this is the Gong Jia's rule. Therefore, this contract is binding in absolute terms. " Feng De said, waiting for her answer.

Shi Xiaonian looked at the black folder.

It was a black hope.

Her life seemed to have always been spent in hope and disappointment, in the love of her adoptive parents, and in Mu Qianchu's company.

He hoped and failed again and again.

Try to obtain freedom from Gong Ou once again.

Seemingly knowing what she was thinking, Feng De said sincerely, "Miss Shi, there is a glimmer of hope that we should fight for.


Her world no longer had a beautiful scenery.

She really wanted to be free. A few years ago, she had been stubbornly pursuing Mu Qianchu, but in reality, she had not lived for herself.

Right now, she really wanted to live a good life.

This freedom was currently grasped in the hands of the lofty Gong Ou.

"Go ahead."

"I can be his woman, but he can't force me to do that." Shi Xiaonian said this condition somewhat awkwardly.

But that was really important.

She wasn't a professional, and his brute nature disgusted her to the extreme.

"No way!"

A domineering voice sounded.

Gong Ou pushed open the door and walked in with big strides, looking dissatisfied as he looked at Feng De, "To think that you even learned how to negotiate. What a piece of trash! "

If he continued to negotiate with Feng De, he would have to cut the land and pay the compensation.

"Yes, Young Master, it is my ability that is lacking."

Feng De respectfully lowered his head and retreated to the side.

Shi Xiaonian looked at the man in front of him in shock, then looked at the door.

"Shi Xiaonian! You listen to me, you can only make one request. " Gong Ou looked at Shi Xiaonian, his eyes filled with arrogance and haughtiness, "I can't force you to do this, I'll touch you whenever I want!"

Why else would he want her to be his woman?

"You …" Shi Xiaonian said angrily, "Then I won't sign anymore."

All the hope that had just been ignited was extinguished, leaving nothing behind.

He really made her despair.

"Even if you don't sign, I'll still play with you."