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Chapter 949 hug from Mr Palace

She didn't check his cell, so she looked at it. The soft light plated his body with a special luster.

When Xiaonian reached out to touch his arm, there was no accident, and he got the blood of one hand.

She felt the blood and watched it slowly open at her fingertips. She stayed for a long time.

A robot, a person so face-to-face squeeze in the middle of the bed and the wall, the light is very soft, silent around one person and one thing.

Time seems to be still.

When Xiaonian has been staring at the robot in front of him, looking at the hard shell on his body.

I don't know how long ago, when Xiaonian squatted to kneel, suddenly stretched out his hand to hold Mr Palace's body, and his face tightly pressed to its head. Mr Palace's head was cold, without any temperature, she could hardly hold it.

Her hand shrank, still holding it.

The cold touch is really hard to bear. It's like holding a huge ice block. Every inch of the ice is clamoring to stay away, but she can't stay away.


It's really cold.

It was so cold that her fingertips trembled slightly. When Xiaonian lowered his head and leaned on his shoulder, his lips trembled slightly, except for silence or silence.

All of a sudden, Mr Palace's eyes lit up, and there was a faint blue light. His body was still motionless. The electronic tone sounded special, "master, are you awake?"


When Xiaonian still holds it, the voice comes out from the deep throat, low, like the voice of a bug.

"I don't have enough electricity, so I'm shutting down for the time being. What's the matter with the host looking for me?" Mr palace asked, leaning against the wall.

Smell speech, when small read just released it, kneel in front of it, look at it strangely, for a while she shook her head, "is suddenly wake up, see you have no electricity, some panic, want to hug you."

Speaking, Mr palace slowly raised his arms and opened them to her.

When Xiaonian looked at it, her lips moved. For a long time, she threw herself into its arms and was once again awed by its cold temperature, which made her shiver.

The R palace hugged her and held her hands tightly against her back.

When small read lean on its bosom, smell that light bloody smell slowly closed eyes, really cold, she does not want to leave.

The R palace held her so quietly, and did not push her away. It was the most loyal guard.

It took a long time for Mr palace to ask, "master, I'll pour you a cup of hot milk."


When Xiaonian just opened his eyes, broke away from his arms and shook his head lightly, "I'm a little sleepy again. Anyway, you don't need to accompany me at dawn. Go to recharge. Come to accompany me earlier in the evening."

"Yes, master."

R palace slowly stood up from the ground, reached out and pulled Shi Xiaonian up together, followed her to the bedside, watched her lie down on the bed, which made a gentleman's action, press down the lamp and turn away.


The door was gently shut.

When Xiaonian was lying on the bed alone, looking at the darkened room, he did not fall asleep any more until dawn.


At dusk.


A low voice of pain came from inside the door.

When Xiaonian led Gong Kui's little hand to walk from the edge, they both looked in when they heard the voice, and saw mu qianchu, covering the wound on his arm, walking askew and askew to the edge of the sofa, accidentally bumped into it, so he had to sit down along the edge of the sofa, his face pale with pain.

"Uncle mu."

When Gong Kui broke away, Xiao Nian ran to Mu qianchu and blinked a pair of big eyes full of worry. "Uncle mu, are you in pain?"

"Little anemone?" Mu qianchu sat there, with a smile on his pale face. "No, uncle doesn't hurt. Don't worry."

"Mom said my uncle was hurt for me, is that it?" Palace anemone sees the arm that Xiangmu holds at the beginning of thousand, the voice is clear sweet, "can I have a look?"

When Xiaonian stood at the door and looked at the two people.

Mu QingChu chuckled quietly, "even if you look at it, the wound is not good-looking. You have to worry about touching it. Uncle is really OK."


Asked Gong Kui.

Muqianchu put down his hand, and Gong Kui stretched out his small hand to touch his wound through his sleeve. He pressed it several times. Mu qianchu was so painful that he clenched his teeth. He was afraid that Gong Kui would see that he was leaning over his face, and his forehead was sweating constantly.

See, when small read hurriedly drink stop daughter, "small Kui."

Hearing her voice, mu qianchu turned around and barely smiled again.

"Mom, uncle is OK." Gong Kui said naively, "he doesn't hurt when I touch him."

That is mu qianchu wants to reassure her. Does she really think it doesn't hurt?

"Well, you didn't use your uncle's injury to recover from such a mess." When Xiaonian can't bear to tell her daughter the truth, she has experienced too much, and it's always good to have some good things.

"Oh." Gong Kui nodded knowingly, looked up at Xiangmu's face, and worried about it again. "Uncle mu, your face is so white. Are you very sad? Please see Uncle Luo. He's very good. "

"Doesn't white look good? Uncle doesn't like black. Doesn't Xiao Kui have a white, white, tender face? "

Said Mu qianchu.

Gong Kui was amused to laugh, small hand Wu mouth "hee hee" straight smile.

He still has the strength to tease Gong Kui.

When Xiao Nian asked Gong Kui to play alone, he poured a cup of warm water and went to Mu qianchu and put it in his hand. "Drink some water, your face is not very good."

Mu qianchu sat on the sofa and could only hold the cup with one hand. His eyes looked at the front with no luster, and his tone was calm. "It's normal that he shed so much blood and his face is not good."

"You're all hurt like this. How can you come out and have a good rest in bed?"

"I only hurt my arm, no problem. Besides, I don't trust the work of changing defense to others." Mu qianchu put the cup on his lips and took two drinks.

It's stubborn.

One arm was almost broken and was thinking of changing.

When Xiaonian sat down on the sofa opposite him, he didn't deliberately find a topic or leave to avoid, so he did.

Mu qianchu is drinking water, and his eyes are gentle. He can clearly feel that his arm has been hurt. When Xiao Nian softened his attitude towards him, the two people have been far away from each other, but now they can sit in a space peacefully.

It's a good step forward.

"Isn't it boring to be here?"

Mu qianchu suddenly asked, the voice is gentle, not a little aggressive.

When Xiaonian didn't expect mu qianchu to talk to her about her family life, she subconsciously wanted to resist, but when she saw his pale face, she still chose to answer, "it's life-saving now, and it's boring."

"It's not good for you to think so all the time. You should take a vacation here. There are many recreational facilities here. You can watch movies, go for a walk and draw pictures." Said Mu qianchu.

For months.

Is this another place for her to use as a honeymoon shrine? Don't you think her honeymoon alone is ridiculous.

"I see."

That's what Xiao Nian said.

"Would you like to leave?" Mu qianchu asked again, and the light from the window fell on him, plating a light gold.


When small read self mockingly hooked lips, looked down at his fingers, "to be honest, I don't want to."


Muqianchu was silent because the answer was unexpected.

"It's good to stay here. At least I won't go out to make trouble for the people around me. I don't know what kind of situation it is when I go out." When small read light tunnel.

Mu qianchu sat opposite her and frowned. After a few seconds of silence, he asked, "Xiaonian, do you hate Gong Ou's way or are you not confident in yourself?"

What is confidence?

Can you eat it?

When small read astringently a smile, "I only know I stay here, the world is peaceful, wait for one day to go out, I still don't know what will happen the next day."

"Xiaonian, you can't get along with this knot. How can I get along with Gong Ou in the future?" Asked mu qianchu, frowning.

When Xiaonian smiled, "what do you want to do so far away? Who knows when we can leave here? Maybe Lancaster's people will arrive before the palace's people, isn't it?"

Otherwise, Gong Ou would not send so much protection to their mother and children.

Tomorrow and danger who knows which comes earlier, she doesn't want to think, she's in such a good state now, the important thing is It's good for everyone.

"Mr. mu, Mrs. Gong, dinner is ready." A servant came in and reported, "according to the order of Mrs. Gong, she has prepared the delicacies of nourishing blood and wounds."

Hearing this, mu qianchu shook his head. "Xiaonian, it's not necessary."

"You're the head of this place now. Your safety is the key to your morale. Come on, have a meal. " Shi Xiaonian stood up from the sofa and said.


Mu qianchu carefully put the water cup forward. He was busy for a long time before putting the cup on the coffee table. When he stood up, his leg almost hit the coffee table.

When small read hurriedly reaches out to help him, mu qianchu some self mocking tunnel, "originally is the waste, now more waste a hand, people are even worse."

"It will be OK."

When Xiaonian didn't know what to say, he helped him out of the sofa area. When he looked up, he saw Mr palace standing at the wall of the door, standing upright there.

It's like standing for a long time.

"Mr palace."

When he saw Mr palace, Xiaonian's tone suddenly became brisk. He released mu qianchu's hand and went to Mr palace. He asked with a smile, "have you charged?"

"Yes, master."

The R palace bowed its head, and the consistent electronic voice could not hear too much tone.

Mu qianchu stood there quietly, and when Xiaonian saw that Mr palace seemed to be particularly happy, the lightness in that tone was that she could not bring out her usual forced smile many times.

"Just in time, go to dinner with me." When Xiaonian laughingly pulls Mr palace and walks out, he suddenly thinks of something and turns around to look at mu qianchu behind him, so he wants to go back.

But the R palace is faster than her. She goes to Mu qianchu and raises one arm. "Mr. mu, I'll take you to the restaurant."