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Chapter 710 Gong Ou is imprisoned

When small read to listen quietly, echo way, "landlord madam your memory is very good."

"That's the longest stay in my hotel, of course I remember." The landlady said, the sharp nose is particularly eye-catching, "they stay together every day, and can't even eat. At that time, I thought the couple should really love each other, but do you know what happened in the end?"

Speaking of this, the landlady suddenly turned her head to shixiaonian and asked seriously.

When Xiaonian was frightened by her sharp eyes.

Why do you suddenly feel like having a class at school.

"How is it?"

She asked, following the landlady.

"The boy left and suddenly disappeared." The landlady pointed to the sea in the distance and said, "that girl cried there for seven days. Just where you are walking today, she cried. She cried all the time. When she left, she was thin and out of shape. She didn't look like a living person."


When Xiaonian was stunned, she looked at the sea in the direction she pointed to. The color of the sunset reflected on the sea was beautiful and magnificent. She didn't know why. Suddenly she felt that the sea was sad.

"Why did the boy leave?"

Asked Su Yaoyao in bewilderment.

"It's natural that we have enough to play. We need a reason for everything, but we don't need a reason to be disappointed." The landlady said very seriously, "I've seen women's misgiving in this place, but it's far less than men's. men are extremely affectionate."

Speaking of this, the landlady turned to look at them, "so you two also need to remember, don't believe what you really love, or you will be crying at the seaside, understand?"


When Xiaonian sat there and looked at the landlady quietly. The old lady was a serious and good person. She was worried about them.

There are many people in the world who have broken their hearts, but she believes that Gong Ou is not one of them.

When Xiaonian turned around, she saw Su Yaoyao looking at the sea in the distance with a dignified look, as if she had thought about it. She asked, "what are you thinking?"

"You say, decades ago, what was that girl thinking when she was crying by the sea?" Asked Su Yaoyao.

When Xiaonian didn't speak, the landlady nearby snorted, "of course, I'm crying. I believe in the sweet words of men. The heart of men is as deep as the sea of Borg Island, so deep that you can't really touch it to the end."


When Xiao Nian and Su Yaoyao look at each other, they are silent.

"Landlady, did the boy and the girl come back later?" Su Yaoyao asked again. When Xiao Nian found out that Su Yaoyao seemed to be very interested in the couple.

"No, the girl must be so sad that she won't come back. Naturally, the boy is going to have fun." The landlady said coldly. Suddenly she looked at Shixiao and said, "by the way, they are Oriental like you, but they are also from our island."

"The easterners of the island?"

When Xiaonian was stunned, there were still Oriental people on this Berger island?

"When the borgs moved to the island, there were some Oriental slaves. They also took root here and survived." Su Yaoyao explained to Shi Xiaonian.

"Men, high or low, are fickle, and so are slaves."

The landlady snorted again, and her sharp nose caught the eye.

Then, the landlady took the opportunity to educate Xiaonian for two hours, asking her not to believe the professor. Xiaonian was released by her.

So that when Xiaonian borrowed a small kitchen to cook soup, his head was full of men's fickleness and women's silly content.

When Xiaonian poured the thick soup into the bowl, and then put the fried steak on the plate. He walked upstairs with his shoes on the old wooden stairs, which made some noise.


A cold voice came from above.

When Xiaonian looked up, he saw the landlady standing on it, looking at her quietly, with an iron grudge but not steel expression on her face. When Xiaonian smiled, "landlady."

"Why are you coming up?"

This girl can't say clearly. She has to hit her head and bleed to wake up?

"I'll bring soup to the professor."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Give it to me." The landlady went up to take the dishes and bowls in her hand and walked up.

When Xiaonian also wants to follow up, the landlady looks back and stares at her fiercely. Suddenly Xiaonian froze there and stops silently.

I really shouldn't change my clothes. Now I'm so embarrassed. At this time, I'll change my clothes and say that they are husband and wife, and they won't come. The landlady will surely think that they have no intention, and then they will only make a big deal.

When Xiaonian stood on the stairs, listening to the sound from above.

"What do you mean, old woman? She doesn't want to see me? What are you talking about! You are ill! " Gong Ou's furious roar came.

"She just doesn't want to see you again. Please leave as soon as possible."

"Get out of my way!"

"It's late now. It's time to go to bed. Please rest in your room and don't come out." Said the landlady coldly, coming down quickly. At

, Xiao Xiang looked up and looked at what the situation was. Then she saw the wife of the landlord chasing down the landlady, and shouted at her cheek. "Where am I going to be my business? You are just a hotel owner. Do you mind if you manage so much?" Where is my woman? "

The landlady was old, but she walked very briskly. When she came down, she pushed shixiaonian aside. Suddenly, she pulled out an iron door and locked it with a lock.

In this way, a hollow black iron door separated the corridor, with dark walls on both sides.

Gong Ou rushes down and is separated by the iron gate. He, who has never met such a thing, is stunned for a second, and then stares angrily at the landlady. "Is there something wrong with you old lady? How many men have dumped you so much that you can't stand us together! Open the door for me! "


"You are a prisoner! I'll sue you and you'll die in prison! "

Shouted Gong ou.

The landlady turned away from Gong Ou's words and looked seriously at Shi Xiaonian. "Miss Niannian, it's time for you to go back to sleep."

"There's no need for that, ma'am."

When Xiaonian didn't know what to say, they had to go out at night.

"I'm for you. You'll know how to thank me in the future. If I stopped that couple, the girl would not be so poor." The landlady said that Xiao Nian would not go when she saw her, so she reached out and grabbed her to go down.

When Xiaonian wanted to struggle, but when he saw the landlady's old and decaying hand, he couldn't bear to shake it off, so he had to follow her down.

All of a sudden, Gong Ou stood there even angrier! Are you still following her? You come back! Come back to me, do you hear me? "

When small read back to him to do a little calm not impetuous action.

Wait a minute.


Gong Ou angrily raises his foot and kicks it on the iron gate. He knew that he would take Xiaonian to sleep on the yacht!

How annoying the old woman is!

If it wasn't for her age, he would have torn her apart! How can there be such an old woman!

When Xiaonian walked back to the room, Su Yaoyao was playing with her camera. Seeing her coming back, she said sympathetically, "I heard that. I blame my bad idea. Is this landlady the head of the burning lovers' group?"

When small read originally very helpless, listened to her to say like this cannot help laughing.

"The landlady really thought I was just a student, and she was good for me too." When Xiaonian stood there and said, "but she locked the door and Gong Ou couldn't get down. We have to go out at night."


Su Yaoyao grabs her hair.


There was a knock at the door.

Don't let Gong Ou come out again. Gong Ou is going to rage.

When Xiaonian looks at Su Yaoyao, they finally decide to steal the key while the landlady is asleep. When Xiaonian goes to the stairs to see if there is any other way to let Gong Ou out.

As soon as the decision was made, the lights went out.

There's no electricity.

After waiting for a while, I was quiet outside. It was estimated that the landlord's wife had fallen asleep. When Xiao Nian and Su Yaoyao split up.

When Xiaonian opened her cell phone, which was running out of electricity, and crept outside, he took a bundle of candles and walked up the stairs. Gong Ou sat on the side of the hollow iron door and was drinking her soup.

Seeing her come up, Gong Ou doesn't get angry and says, "do you know how to come back?"

Her men were imprisoned, and she followed the old woman.

"Shh, keep your voice down. Don't wake up the landlady." He said in a low voice.

"You still let her sleep?" Gong Ou's face is hard to see. He gnaws his teeth and says, "you should catch her at this time. I'll let the lawyer sue her!"

Dare to imprison him.


"The landlady is a good person. She just sees too many heartless men. She doesn't want you to lie to me." When Xiaonian put the mobile phone aside, lit the candle and stood aside carefully.

"How many men can she see on such a small island?" Gong ouleng hum, put the bowl aside, stood up to move his muscles and bones, and said, "get out of the way, go down."

After drinking her soup, he will have strength.


When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

"Kick the door open!" Gongou cold tunnel.

"No." When Xiaonian hurriedly stopped him, "the landlady is old, you make a noise to frighten her. Miss Su has already stolen the key. Wait a moment."

"I'll kill her!" Gong Ou said scornfully, "go away, don't hurt you."

"Just wait a little longer. I'll talk with you here, OK?" When Xiaonian didn't go down, he continued to squat on the stairs and light candles.

In a short time, the whole corridor was lit by her candles. A row of candle channels were lit, and the faint light shone on the faces of the two people.

Seeing that she refused to leave, Gong Ou had to stop and kick the door open and sit down at the iron gate.

"Do you want candles over there?"

Xiaonian hands him a bundle of candles.


Is he still in the mood to light candles? All imprisoned, or imprisoned by an old woman with no power to bind a chicken!