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Chapter 770 should we pursue bravely

When Xiaonian wanted to walk, before he got to the door, he heard Lori's hesitating voice behind her, "can I tell you?"


When Xiaonian is stunned, he looks back at Xiang luolie and tells her what it means.

"Come here." There was hesitation in Lori's eyes, and there seemed to be a little uneasiness. When he got up and walked, Xiaonian sat down in the original position, and motioned her to sit in the doctor's position. "You sit here."


What's the situation?

Isn't that the stethoscope for doctors?

When Xiaonian walked over in a daze, Lori pointed to the position again, "you sit, Mrs. Gong, you sit."

“……” When Xiaonian sat down at the table and looked at Lori with a puzzled face, "is there anything else for Dr. Luo?"

Lori sat there, his face a little uneasy. He put his hand to his lips and coughed a few times. His sitting posture changed several times.

When Xiaonian looked at him in an unknown way.

What's wrong with him?

She was about to ask again when Lori coughed a few times and looked at her seriously. First, she opened her mouth step by step, "he has been delivering things to me these days."

"Give something away, who?"

Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

Seeing that she didn't understand, Lori's face was a little embarrassed. The topic couldn't go on. When Xiaonian looked at him like this, he suddenly understood, "brother?"

"Well." Lori nodded, coughed a few more times, his face was solemn and solemn, and his voice was always cold. "He thought that he had said too much to me before, so he always sent me all kinds of antiques to forgive him."

As he spoke, there was a glimmer of expectation in his eyes, even though he tried to hide it.

When Xiaonian sat at the table, looking at Lori like this, she thought of Gong Ou's words, which made her not see the possibility of Lori and Gong Yu.

If so, it's better to die before the beginning.

When Xiaonian was trying to talk, he was robbed in front by Lori again. "He still came to talk to me every day, asked me to play basketball, and said he would go to the corner tower to sit."

As he spoke, Lori's eyes were full of a smile.


When small read lips.

"I didn't say anything, but the relationship between us eased a little and he treated me as a friend again." Lori said it to shixiaonian.

He will no longer be called Dr. law.

There will be no more friendship.

"Well, isn't that good?" When small read lightly said, Luo lie looked at her and said, "he and his girlfriend are not divided?"


When small read stunned.

"I asked him why he didn't bring his girlfriend with him. He had a complicated look and said that he couldn't have come." Lori said, "so I was thinking, is he in conflict with his girlfriend, or is he divided?"

It's not like being in love.

Xiaonian shook his head. "You'd better ask brother about it. It's inconvenient for me to talk more."

Smell words, Luo lie in the eyes of a flash of disappointment.

When Xiaonian stood up and wanted to go, Lori suddenly said, "do you think I should be brave?"

When Xiaonian didn't get up yet and sat back, his body was petrified. He sat in the chair and stared at Lori. Lori looked at her seriously, which made her feel a lot of pressure.

If she hasn't talked with Gong ou, she still hopes that Lori will be brave, but now, she is a little lost.

"Why do you ask me this?"

When small read some farfetched smile, asked.

Hearing this, Lori's expression was embarrassed and helpless. "You are the only one who knows my secret. Who do you think I can talk to?"

So it turns out.

When Xiaonian bit his lips, he said, "I don't dare to make up my mind about emotional matters. You have to think about it yourself, Dr. Luo. I can only be a listener."

"Do you disgust people like me?" Suddenly Lori asked again, looking rather ugly.


He means the same

When small read slowly out a breath, seriously said, "doctor Luo, I once heard a word, love, is between two souls, has nothing to do with the body."

Lori's face slowly slowed down, and he took a sigh of relief. "Mrs. Gong, to tell you the truth, I have never thought about this issue. I think if the confession fails, it means failure. I don't want to make a friend do nothing. But the appearance of you and Mr. Gong has changed my mind. "


When Xiaonian looked at her blankly, his teeth bit his lips gently.

Why did she and Gong Ou change him.

"I used to think that love and gain were two different things. It's nothing if I don't get them. I can live alone, but it's hard. But at least my image in front of Gong Yu is OK. I'm still the doctor Luo who is respected by others." Lori said that the sun fell on his face and coated it with a layer of fluffy light. "But when I saw Mr. Gong, I found that there was another emotion that could do that."


When small read lips.

"Mr. Gong can do anything for you. He can also communicate with men. He can change his face and character. He can abandon his pride and self-esteem." Lori said, "I thought it was too tired to love him like this, but now I seem to understand."

"Understand what?"

I can't understand it.

"Mr. aichenggong may be tired or without dignity, but he is very happy!" "I envy Mr. Gong very much. There are few people in the world who can do this," said Lori

To pay for the one who loves, at all costs, is also happy to die.


Have a good time.

Is Gong Ou happy to love so hard? Maybe men know men better.

When Xiaonian sighed, he looked at Lori and said, "Dr. Luo, would you change it because of Gong ou..."

"Well, all of a sudden I want to try." Lori understood what she wanted to say and admitted frankly, "don't you also say that one should pursue forever?"

Anyway, she already knows his biggest privacy.

I want to try.

When Xiaonian suddenly felt a kind of inexplicable pressure. She didn't dare to make an idea, because she couldn't predict the end, especially Gong Ou's sentence Gong Yu can't walk out.

"But." When small niandun way, "but doctor Luo, have you ever thought, is not brave to pursue can have the harvest, in case the result still can't change?"

Hearing this, Lori's eyes darkened, and he smiled bitterly. "I also said that I wanted to learn from Mr. Xuegong, but I failed again. My dignity and pride will still torture me."


He is a noble man, and it is hard for such a man to accept failure.


"Besides, he is still a member of the palace family." Luo lie smiled bitterly, stood up from the table, put his hands in his trouser pocket, and said, "I really think I'm a little impulsive."

Failure, his pride destroyed in one place.

Success, how to cross the barriers between them.

"Well, think again."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Lori looked at her strangely. "Remember the first time you broke my secret, you said you should pursue bravely. Why is your attitude so conservative today?"

When Xiaonian sat there silent for a long time, he said, "if you are a moth and know it's a nine dead life, will you go to put out the fire?"

It's hard for Gong Yu to go out. Even Gong Ou said that. She didn't know if she should let Lori fight the fire with moths.

Hearing such a question, Lori's eyes went dark and silent.

He went to the window, looked out and said in a low voice, "if it was Mr. Gong, he would not hesitate to say yes."


Gong Ou is such a person, but it doesn't mean everyone is.

There are some injuries that not everyone is willing to take.

Said, Luo lie suddenly self mockingly low smile, some despise oneself, "how can I hesitate again, still really envy Mr. Gong."

In Gong Ou's eyes, there is no dignity, no pride, no life, only one goal, that is, time and small thoughts.

That's good.

When can he do that.

When Xiaonian looked at Luo lie's figure, she stood up quietly and walked out alone. She thought that Luo lie needed to be quiet and think about how to do it.

As soon as she went out, she heard a melodious and happy piano music.

It's about reading from time to time.

When Xiaonian looked forward, he saw the silver body of Mr palace standing not far away. The piano in his body had a wonderful sound quality and fell into her ears one by one.

When Xiaonian could not help humming, he walked to Mr palace with a smile and asked, "where is Gong Ou?"

She went into the consulting room so long that Gong Ou was not worried.

"Come with me, master."

The R palace says, stretched out a hand, make a posture of please.

"Where to?"

He asked in confusion.

"Come with me, master." Mr palace didn't say where to go, just let her go forward, when Xiaonian shook his head, "Mr palace, I am pregnant now, can't walk around casually, Gong ou will be worried."

Although Gong Ou won't be too nervous now, it's more or less just on her face. She doesn't want to be too far away from him, which makes him nervous.

She still has it.

"What's the matter?"

When Lori came out of the consulting room, he saw a robot in Mr palace arguing with Shi Xiaonian.

When Xiao Nian was on the phone, Liu Mei frowned, "Mr palace always wants to take me out. I call Gong ou and nobody answers. I don't know what he is doing."

Why don't you answer the phone.

"Did Mr. Gong let it come?" Asked Lori.

When Xiaonian looked at Mr palace, he didn't answer, just bowed respectfully, and said to Xiaonian, "master, you will know when you get there."

"Where the hell are you going? Is it far away? "

Asked shixiaonian.

"On a yacht." Mr Palace said that Xiaonian hesitated when hearing the words. It was gong Ou who let him come. Others could not command Mr palace.

But Mr palace had some self-consciousness before, and she couldn't understand it.

"I'll go with you." Lori said, and when he heard the words, he nodded, "please, Dr. Lori."