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Chapter 303 breakup Conference


Hearing Mona's voice, Xiaonian slowly turned her head from the window and looked at her.

Mona saw the band aid on her forehead and sneered, "Oh, it's so pitiful. I have to get hurt before I leave."


When Xiaonian looked at her coldly.

I can argue with her, but Xiaonian is too lazy to argue with her. How about the dispute? Nothing can be fought back.

"I didn't expect that you won't be able to survive in six days. Look at it and say you're going to drive me away. Now, it's not me, it's you." Mona came up to her with her chin slightly raised and looked at her proudly.


When Xiaonian stood there silent.

"It's hard to see Gong Ou robbed by me, isn't it?" Mona looked at her and shrugged her shoulders scornfully. "But you are so powerful. I didn't expect that you were rotated and that face remained beside Gong ou. Aren't Chinese people most chaste


"Of course, men like Gong ou don't care about chastity, do they?" Mona smiled and looked at her with disdain. "From the beginning to the end, all you can rely on is Gong Ou's feelings for you. Gong Ou doesn't love you now, and you have nothing."


"Think about your future life. I was swept out by Gong ou. There is only one left No, you still have a baby in your stomach, a baby that's rotated out. " Mona smiled and said, "I feel more and more sorry for you. I like to help the weak. Do you need me to buy you a house? "

Money is nothing to her anyway.

"Is that enough of your bravado?"

When small read this just open mouth, voice light, no feelings.

Miss Qianjin of Lancashire's super family is not different from ordinary people in that she is bitter and mean.

"I said, sooner or later, I will give you back the high attitude you had in front of me, and I Lancaster Mona said it." Mona stood in front of her, looking up at her.

When Xiaonian looked at her proud face, her eyes became colder and colder.

After a while, Xiaonian stepped back and said to Mr palace, "Mr palace, please ask this big miss Lancaster to go out. If she doesn't go, call her."

She has nothing to worry about.

"Yes, master."

R palace stood there, a pair of black eyes scanning the direction of Mona, and then strode forward, holding Mona's arm with a sharp steel hand, "Miss, please leave."

"You let me go."

Mona was shocked, but she was more tightly held by Mr palace.

Mona's face showed anger, turned her eyes and stared at shixiaonian, who looked at her indifferently. "Miss Mona, I broke up with Gong ou, but it's not your turn to humiliate me."

"Shixiaonian, my goal has always been Gong ou, so I haven't dealt with you much. Do you think you will have a good end if you provoke me like this?" Mona said angrily, earning Mr Palace's hand.


When I was young, I looked down.

Good end.

She has nothing now. What else can she do? How bad can she get?

Without waiting for Mona to continue to clamor, the R palace forcibly dragged Mona out. Mona couldn't get rid of her. She could only be dragged out.

The sky outside the window is getting brighter.

When Xiaonian woke up slowly on the sofa, she slept for two hours.

Yes, she can still sleep at this time.

When Xiaonian lifted her eyes forward, the silver body of Mr palace stood there silently, guarding her quietly.


The door of the lounge was knocked, and then the voice of Feng de came, "Miss Shi, are you awake? The press conference starts in three hours, and you can choose your clothes. "

Gong Ou deserves to be a big man. He announced that the romance should be a big one. Even the ending of the romance is known all over the world.

That's interesting.

"Well, I see."

When Xiaonian raised her voice to answer, she couldn't refuse. Specifically, she couldn't resist, she couldn't say no, she couldn't say no.

How high Gong Ou is, how humble she is.

Shi Xiaonian got up from the sofa and walked forward. He reached out and opened the door. As soon as he went out, he saw Feng de standing there politely. Gong Ou came from another direction and tied the buttons on his suit as he walked.

He's dressed as handsome as he was when he first announced his love affair. His body exudes the noble spirit and elegance that he was born with.

Gong Ou was about to go down, when black eyes suddenly glanced at Xiaonian, then looked at the room where she was, and his face suddenly sank, "who wants you to stay in this lounge?"

This is the lounge, not the room! Not even a bed!

She has a big stomach. She doesn't know?

When Xiaonian stood there, her heart was stabbed fiercely. She smiled bitterly, "don't be so desperate, do you want me to sleep in the kitchen?"

He is really extreme. When he holds her, he holds her to the sky. No more, he can also drop her to the ground without hesitation.

Even if she is an emotional pet, will she hurt?


Gong Ou is blocked. For a while, there is no voice. Black eyes are fixed on her. Her eyes are on her face for a long time. Her chest is uncomfortable.

He did not turn his head back and left, his fingers tugging at his tie.

How to loosen his throat is like being blocked, suffocating him.

When Xiaonian stood there, she thought that she was really powerful, and now she can still stand here, rather than fall.

"Miss Shi, come with me to choose clothes."

Feng de stood there and said.

When Xiaonian nods and follows him away, she changes into a dress style long dress, the light nude pink lining makes her charming in the mirror.

a makeup artist stands beside her, takes off the band aid on her forehead, and lays the foundation for her, despite the fact that the wound is not fully healed.

Under the delicate make-up, she is more and more beautiful, and there is no hurt on her forehead.

Everything is so perfect.

When Xiaonian moves forward, the makeup artist carries a slightly longer skirt behind her.

Her feet are still wearing a pair of flat bottomed white leather shoes. The makeup artist also suggested that she wear high-heeled shoes, thinking that there would be no problem in the conference only for a while.

But she didn't want to spend even a minute.

Her baby doesn't hurt by anyone, but also by her.

When Xiaonian walked out of the imperial Castle step by step, a limousine stopped there, and Fengde opened the door for her.

When Xiaonian stood there, even if he didn't show a smile, his beautiful face looked very good. He couldn't see that he had only slept for two hours last night.

She stood there for a few seconds.

She was also picked up by a limousine the day the romance was announced.

"Miss Shi?" Feng de looked at her doubtfully.

When small read light smile, didn't say anything, stooped to sit into the car.

There was only one driver in the car. She took a look at the position beside her. There was gong Ou in this place forever. From this moment on, there will be no more.

She looked at the car in front of her, and she knew that Gong Ou was in it.

Maybe, and Mona.

When Xiaonian sat quietly in the car, watching the car slowly driving out, driving out of the lofty and mysterious imperial castle, she turned her eyes and looked out.

In the distance is a thick green forest.

In that forest, she almost died of hunger strike, and she also saw the most beautiful starlight.

Bad, good, it's over.

It's all over.

The forest receded slowly, disappearing into her sight.

The press conference is still held in the science and Technology Museum, where the public romance is, and where the announcement of the end is, a successful conclusion will be drawn.

But this period seems so ironic in the eyes of shixiaonian.

This is a temporary press conference.

Apart from the news media, there are no tech enthusiasts waiting.

Compared with the day of open love, today seems particularly cold.

The car is parked at the side door of the science and Technology Museum. When the door is pushed open, Xiaonian gets off the car and looks forward.

I saw Gong Ou waiting at the door, a handsome face, black eyes looking at her deeply, but no emotion, no expression on his face.

When Xiaonian looked at his familiar face, his heart was stabbed.

She walked towards him.

Gong Ou suddenly reaches out to her. His fingers are long and clean.

When Xiaonian stood there stunned, his hand was seized by Gong ou. He held her hand tightly and walked in, his voice deep and cold. "We must say to the outside world that we are peacefully breaking up."

Hand in hand to break up the peace?

Sorry, she doesn't think there's any peace.

When Xiaonian lowers her eyes and wants to break away from her hand, Gong Ou senses her intention and holds her hand tightly, like every time, and then holds it with ten fingers.

She suddenly remembered the day when the romance was announced.

On that day, when Gong ouchong stepped down to hold her hand, he held it so tightly.

But this time, it is to break up.

Through the bright passage, two closed doors were opened in front of them by the staff, and then a sound of shutter came in an endless stream.


Gong Ou orders domineering, then holds her hand and walks in.

The scene has been arranged as the scene of the press conference. There are many bodyguards, journalists and cameramen of the news media can't help standing up and shooting at them.

But it's quiet, except for the shutter sound.

When Xiaonian smiled, she felt hypocritical. She turned her eyes to Gong ou, who still had a cold face, as if he was the one who was dumped.

He is really the most domineering man in the world. He wants to break up. He wants to sign a break-up contract. He wants to hold a break-up conference. He wants her to laugh

He did not know, she now every step, feel their feet are like stepping into a pair of unsuitable crystal shoes, pain dripping blood.

She used to think she was that Cinderella.

In the end, she found that she was just the ordinary girl who tried her best to try crystal shoes, with many scars.

Gong Ou led her hand to the white long table. He even pulled the chair for her.


When Xiaonian sat up and smiled at all the flashlights in front of him.

Gong Ou sat down beside her.

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