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Chapter 543 Gong ou, you squat down

"Even if we save them this time, they will also leave a shadow of childhood, right?" He asked in a low voice.

They were kidnapped when they were so young. They were trapped in cages. In the face of strange and ferocious people, and in the face of strange and cruel environment, Holly listened calmly. He didn't know how Xiaokui was.

"In the UK, one in five of my peers has been kidnapped or nearly kidnapped." Gong Ou said.

When Xiaonian looked at him in amazement, "then you..."

"No." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, "I've had problems with my personality since I was a child. I don't have many contacts with outsiders, so I can't talk about the risk of being kidnapped."


"My brother was kidnapped." Gong Ou is indifferent.

Hearing this, Xiao Nian immediately asked, "did he pay the ransom and let people go?"

"Yes." The head of the jaw.

"Did you suffer? Is there a shadow? " When Xiaonian asked, Gong Ou turned his eyes and looked at her. His eyes sank slightly. He took back his eyes for a while, and his voice was low. "No, at least not what I saw."

Hearing this, Xiaonian was relieved. The twins are also the offspring of the palace family. They are genetically related. I hope they can have no shadow.

"I hope the kidnappers are just asking for money and won't mess around." "When small read whisper way," this time wait for them to come back, I don't want to be apart from them again


Gong Ou is silent and says nothing.

He drove steadily to the suburbs.

Slowly, the car entered the western suburb, which was too big on the map. When Xiaonian looked at his mobile phone, there was no call.

She was in a hurry again? We're in the western suburbs. Why don't you call us? "

Gong Ou looks at her mobile phone, frowns slightly, and continues to drive forward.

There are not many vehicles on the roads in the suburbs. Occasionally, one of them passes by. The trees on both sides are tall and tidy, while the river and the field are on the same side.

The car drifted aimlessly along the road.

When small read more anxious, some can't sit, holding the mobile phone way, "is there no signal, we will miss the kidnapper's phone?"

"Calm down."

Gong Ou Dao.


When Xiaonian bit her lips, she felt uneasy, but there was no way. She wanted to see the twins, and now she wanted to bring them back.

The phone suddenly vibrated.

When Xiaonian was shocked, he immediately connected to the phone, turned on the hands-free, and Gong Ou stopped the car.

Gong Yao's quiet voice rings in her mobile phone again, "very good, you can stop now."

When Xiaonian couldn't help but look around at the open field of vision, "how do you know where we are?"

Gong Ou reaches out and knocks on the display screen of the car. When Xiaonian understands, he should have installed a positioning instrument on the car, so he can always know where they are.

"Looking out of the car window, do you see a house built by itself?"

Gong Yao said, the voice is like reading, it is obvious that he has been reading according to the content of the paper.

When Xiaonian looked out of the car window, he saw a very beautiful small foreign building, which was in the field, a little far away from them.

"Do you want me to put the ransom in front of this building?"

It's a good place, with a wide view, and a ransom can prevent someone from ambushing.

"Of course not." Gong Yao said on the other end of the phone, "I heard that Miss Xi is very good at painting. I want you to draw a 2-meter-high wall painting in front of the south wall of the western style building, which children like."


When Xiaonian thought that he had heard the wrong thing, he raised his eyes and lifted the dark eyes of Shanggong ou.

Gong Ou sits there quietly, with a strange look in her eyes, and her thin lips are tight.


"Give you two hours."

Gong Yao finished, the phone over there hung up in a flash, and didn't respond to her half words. When Xiao Nian looked at Gong ou, frowned at Liu Mei and asked, "what does this kidnapper mean? Isn't it a ransom? Why draw?"

How can the kidnapper come here.

Gong Ou's face was cold, and he said in a deep voice, "kidnapping is like a prank."

"It's pranks and I have to draw. Before I see twins, I have to do whatever I'm asked to do." When Xiaonian unbuckled his seat belt, "but where can I draw?"

"Since the kidnapper mentioned it, there should be one over there."

Gong Ou said.

"Then I'll hurry up." When Xiaonian hurriedly pushed the door down.

2 hours.

Two hours is not enough for two meters high wall painting. She has to speed up. If children like it, it's better to paint colorful. Children like it.

When Xiaonian ran to the field path, he gasped before running a few steps. He was very weak.

I don't know if it's because of the car accident that aggravates her condition. She's too tired to walk a few steps now.

She gritted her teeth and ran on.

Her hand was seized by someone from behind. When Xiaonian turned around, Gong Ou came to her indifferently, and stooped to carry her on his back.

When small read the whole person to lie on his back, arms against his shoulder, she looked down at him by accident, said hoarsely, "I can go by myself."

"Spare some effort to draw. You only have two hours."

Gong Ou said coldly.

“……” When Xiaonian hears the words, he stops talking. He lies on his back and lets him carry himself forward.

The path of the field is so long, like there is no end.

Gong Ou's shoes dirty his trousers by stepping on the yellow grass.

His back is very broad, very stable, although he is just to save the twins, but he can accompany her like this, she feels very relieved, as if she is not so afraid.

For the first time since Gong Ou came back, they were awake for such a long time.

When Xiaonian quietly stared at Gong Ou's side face, her eyes fell on his ears, there was a thin scar on it, so obvious.

No matter what he looks like now, the injury he once suffered for her cannot be completely erased from her heart.

"Here we are."

Gong Ou stopped in front of the south wall of the western building. When he looked up, he saw an open bag on the ground beside the wall. Inside, there were all kinds of painting tools.

"The kidnapper really prepared the painting tools."

Shi Xiaonian slides down from Gong Ou's back, squats down and opens the bag before walking, and paints with graffiti.

That's great. That'll speed it up a little bit.

When Xiaonian takes a can of spray paint and hands it to Gong ou, who looks at her inexplicably.

"You can help me to spray from the left, in a large area." He was asked by shixiaonian.

"I can't draw."

"I don't need to be able to. I'll paint the simplest. I'll spray a large area of green grass, and then draw some kites, white clouds, children and rainbow houses."

Children like painting very well.

Gong Ou held the spray can and twisted his eyebrows. He asked in a deep voice, "how high do you start spraying?"

"About a meter."

When Xiaonian took away the spray can, he skillfully began to spray a section from the left obliquely, and went to the right.

Gong Ou stood by and looked at her. She was pale, but her eyes were calm. When she touched the painting eyes, she would have some luster.

When Xiaonian finished spraying a concave arc slash, he handed the spray can to Gong ou. "Just fill the bottom with paint. I can draw the top one, which can save time."


Gong Ou takes over the spray can and starts spraying as she says.

Shi Xiaonian picked up a bigger brush from the bag and began to draw the rainbow house.

The house stands in the field, the wind is very strong.

When Xiaonian coughs while drawing, she reaches out and presses her heart. It's hard. Her back is cold. After drawing a few strokes, she stops breathing. The more she breathes, the worse her lungs are.

When Xiaonian bit his teeth, he didn't let himself stop and continue to draw.

Suddenly, she was turned by Gong ou. Gong Ou stood in front of her, staring at her with black eyes, and reached out to put on the hat on her down jacket.


When small read Zheng ground looks at him.

Gong Ou takes off his coat and puts it on her, while Xiaonian hurriedly dodges, "no, you don't wear much inside, it will be cold."

"I don't have pneumonia. Don't worry about that." Gong Ou said quietly, put on her coat.

Like dressing a child, he held her hand through the sleeve and rolled up the long sleeve. His fingers were clean and slender, which was very pleasant.

When Xiaonian looked at him and blurted out, "in fact, you, like holly, without paranoia, are cold and hot outside."

He would put on her coat.

This is what she didn't even think before.

"Think more." Gong Ou glanced at her coldly, "continue to draw."


When small read nods, turns to face the wall to continue to draw, one by one sketching the rainbow house, will also draw small flowers and grass.

Little by little time passes.

The kidnapper's request is to draw two meters high.

But the kites and clouds on the top that she can't reach, the places that she can't reach can't be painted, and her hands can't be spread.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in a dilemma, "what should I do? Ask the family to borrow a chair? "

Gong Ou looks at her speechlessly. "This is the wall of someone else's house. They can draw without the owner's consent. Do they still borrow your chair? It's good not to beat you. "

When it comes to making a scene, it's impossible to draw.

When small read purses lip, "how does that do?"

She looked down at the time on the watch. It was two hours later. She couldn't do anything about it. She handed the brush to Gong ou. "You are tall. I'll teach you how to draw."

"You teach me, I can't draw."


That's not impossible.

When Xiaonian frowned, thought of where to find something to step on, thought of her looking at Gong ou, "you squat down."

"What to do?"

Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows.

"When you squat down, I can almost draw when I step on your back." When Xiaonian stood there and whispered.

“……” Gong Ou is silent.

“……” She was silent, too.

The two men stood in front of the colorful wall with four eyes opposite each other. Gong Ou looked at her gloomily. "Xi Xiaonian, do you want to climb up to my head?"

"I didn't mean that." "When small read a way," I just put forward a proposal, if you don't want to forget

Anyway, he always stressed that in their relationship, it must be him on the top, she on the bottom.