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Chapter 662 big gifts

"Gong Ou!"

Gong Yu roared angrily, got up from the sofa and ran to him. Gong Ou immediately bounced off the sofa and threw a peeled Macadamia fruit into Shi Xiaonian's plate, saying, "Shi Xiaonian, eat it all!"

With that, Gong Ou turns around and runs.

Gong Yu immediately chased out, "Gong Ou! You dare to play with your brother. You are too brave. Stop it! "

"What's the matter with them?" Luo Qi looks at Shi Xiaonian doubtfully, and she shakes her head in a daze. "I don't know either."

Luo Qi looked at them with a smile on her beautiful face. "The last time I saw two of them chasing after each other was when they were young."

In a flash, Gong Ou is so big that he even has children.

What time really can't catch up with.

When Xiaonian saw Gong Yu chasing Gong Ou all the way, he rarely saw the steady Gong Yu chasing after him. It seems that he was really relaxed.

The family is relaxed.

That's good.

There's nothing better than this. Those unwanted obsessions really need to be let go.


Soon, the news of Gong Jue's death spread and a funeral was held.

At the funeral, Luo Qi wept loudly. She didn't maintain the elegance of a lady. She was just a woman who lost her lover. She seemed to have left all her tears for the funeral.

Luo Qi and Shi Xiaonian said that she did not cry because of the funeral, but because Gong Jue could not accompany her anymore.

This woman spent her whole life for Gong Jue. She paid with all her heart and silently suspected Gong Jue's words. But in the eyes of Shi Xiaonian, Luo Qi fell in love with someone she shouldn't love.

Gong Jue is gone. No one will force Luo Qi, Gong Yu and Gong ou to do anything they don't want to do. The family is missing a piece, but it seems that they are more comfortable than before.

I don't know if Gong Jue will regret his demanding of fame when he saw these things alive.

At the funeral, the Lancaster family came to make a scene in the name of condolence. All was expected by Gong ou and Gong Yu. The two brothers easily sent the Lancaster family away to make the funeral go smoothly.

When Xiaonian was standing in the distance with Gong Kui's and Gong Yao's hands, he thought, maybe Gong Yu and Gong ou can do better without all kinds of censure.

"A bow."

"Two bows."

"Three bows."

"Farewell to Gong Jue!"

When the loud voice rang, Xiao Nian stood with the family to bid farewell to the body of Gong Jue. Luo Qi cried hard, but did not faint.

After years of obsession, everything was relieved.

After the funeral, the story of the palace finally came to an end.

Shi Xiaonian also began to pack and prepare to return home. Gong Ou was not in N.E's seat for many days, and many projects were put on hold there. As the country was already in a hurry, he was looking forward to Gong Ou's return.

"Don't clean up. Your hands are rough."

Gong Ou stands barefoot on the bed and looks at Xiaonian. She is not satisfied with packing. She walks around the edge of the bed and reaches for her hand.

"Don't make any noise." When I was young, I was like taking a slap on the hand of a naughty child. "I'm the only one who knows where to put some things. I don't want others to clean them up."

"Hello! What happened at home and my father's funeral. You are so busy that you don't even have time to look at me? "

Gong Ou squats down on the soft quilt and looks at her displeased.

Before, he was upset by the family. Now everything is over. He wants to sleep with her. She is busy with her mother, twins and packing when she comes back.

Is he transparent now?

"I don't look at you every day."

When small idea also does not return to say, take out some photos from the drawer, these are the photos of Gong Ou when he was a child, and Gong Yaozhen seems.

You have to take it all.

When Xiaonian put the photo in a bag, and then carefully put it in the trunk.

Gong Ou's depressed voice rings behind her. "Do you mean to look at me every day? When Xiaonian, I ask you, am I double eyelid or single eyelid? Is my lips thick or thin? Is my ear on the inside or not? "


I turned my head speechless.

"Don't turn around! Answer!

Cried Gong Ou domineering.

Even if I don't help with the packing, there is such a problem.

Shi Xiaonian stood up from the ground, turned his back to Gong ou and said, "double eyelids, thin lips, and the inner and inner side of the ear, OK?"

Can she forget his double eyelids or single eyelids?

"How long are my legs?"

Gong o asked again.

"Long legs? I haven't measured it. " Shi Xiaonian said, do you want to ask? He's really free.

"You don't even know how long my legs are? Shixiaonian, how dare you say you know me? "

"More than a meter."

"How much more than one meter?"


When Xiaonian really can't tell, who knows how long his legs are, can she take a ruler to measure him?

"No more?" Gong Ou crouches on the bed and stares at the back of her head. He snorts displeased, "when I read it! Have you ever cared about your man? "

I can't even tell him how long his legs are.

When Xiaonian had a headache, she looked down and saw that there was a tape measure in the cabinet and put it there. When she measured the size of her dress, the servant fell in this room and she picked it up.

She went up to take the soft ruler and walked toward Gong ou. "Come on, I'll measure your leg length, and then I'll write it down with a notebook and read it three times a day, OK?"

Smell speech, Gong Ou immediately sits down on the bed, stretches the long leg, one face welcome, "OK, you measure!"

I've never seen anyone like him so much.

When Xiaonian bent down and put one end of the tape at his ankle, he then made a mistake, "where does the leg length measure, from the foot or from the ankle?"

"I don't know below. I know above. Come here."

Gong Ou hooked her fingers.

"Is it measured from the waist?" When small read don't understand ground to ask a way, obedient ground is close to him, hand is holding soft ruler haven't touched his waist, be palace Europe one scoop into bosom.

When he turns over, Gong Ou presses him down.

"It's not interesting to measure the leg length."

Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes, hooked his lips, and his black eyes were very deep. "Let's compare whose legs are longer."

With that, Gong Ou's toes touch her feet, and they rub vaguely on her feet, and he will kiss her lips with his head down.

"Xiaonian, you can bring more..."

Luo Qi and his servants walked into their bedrooms. As soon as they came in, they saw two people rolling on the bed. They immediately turned around and were extremely embarrassed. "Didn't you say you were packing?"

How to get to the bed.

"Mother?" Seeing Luo Qi, Xiao Nian hurriedly pushes Gong Ou away in embarrassment. Gong Ou reluctantly presses her to kiss her and let her go.

"This is our bedroom. How can you come in?"

Gong Ou stares at Luo Qi discontentedly, and finally swindles Shi Xiaonian into her arms, but is destroyed again.

If this is in S City, who dares to break into his room without permission.

"I thought Xiaonian was packing. I didn't know you were there." Luo Qi replied awkwardly.

"Mother, don't worry about him. What are you doing here?" When Xiao Nian's cheeks were hot, he pulled the clothes on his body, which were a little messy, and walked to Luo Qi.

Gong Ou picks up a pillow and smashes it on a servant's head? What do you mean leave me alone? "

Is he rubbish now?

It doesn't matter where the disgusting tone comes from.


The servant in the smash is depressed on the face. He is angry at madam Shao for what she did and who she invited to offend.

Luo Qi also ignored Gong ou and said, "I wanted to have another wedding for you, but you have to say you don't like to make more noise. I think it's really not good to have another wedding just now, so I have to give up. But there are some things I have to give you. "

When Xiaonian looked at her perplexedly, the maids standing behind Luo Qi were holding each big box in their hands, which opened them all together.

A flash of brilliance.

It's all jewelry, including pearls, diamonds and gemstones. It's worth buying many villas.

"This set of pearls was given to me by my mother when I got married. They are round and full. Although they are not suitable for your young wear, they are also valuable for collection. Take them." Luo Qi said to her with a smile.

"It's too expensive for me to take."

Luo Qi gave her what her mother left behind?

When Xiaonian hurriedly refused.

"The collection value of jewelry is inheritance." Luo Qi said, referring to other boxes of jewelry, "this set is a collection of various types of diamonds, different sizes, and has not been carved. You can make anything you like."


All kinds of diamonds?

The palace family is really rich.

Is she now in the cloud.

When small read secretly thought, was pulled to the back by Luo Qi, Luo Qi pointed to a servant holding a large number of information documents, as well as a variety of cards, and keys.

"Xiaonian, these are also for you. This is the intention of our palace family." Luo Qi picked up the cards and handed them to her one by one. "This is a house in this city. If it falls under your name, you can sign it. When you come to England later, you can live there if you don't want to live at home."

"No, I don't think so."

When Xiaonian repeatedly refused.

"It's nothing if you want to live at home and come back." Luo Qi said, handed her some more cards, and continued, "these are room cards. I asked people to buy houses in famous tourist destinations all over the world. Later, you decided to go to honeymoon and family tour and have a place to live."

There are houses in every tourist attraction?

That's too much. How much will it cost.


When Xiaonian's lips are slightly open, he reaches for the card, turns his eyes to look at Gong OU on the bed, and Gong Ou looks at them with pride.

I don't know what I'm proud of.

Luo Qi gave the key to Shi Xiaonian again. "This is a winery in China. It's also under your name. You can go and have a look. It's managed by a special person. You just need to collect money."

The whole winery?