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Chapter 695 the climax of the end

After Tang Yi left, Cecilia Rossi in evening dress came to Xiaonian's side, took her as the air, stood at the door of the bathroom and shouted, "Hello, Hello, is someone there?"

Gong Yu stood outside and looked at Cecilia Rossi.

What do you mean when Xiaonian looks at the woman in front of her? When she was in a coma, her brother used to call her here?

“hello?” Cecilia Rossi stood there and yelled, then added, "I'm poor at Chinese. Did you hear them wrong? They don't mean to hurt people? Then why look here. "


When hearing the words, Xiaonian covered his lips and his eyes were covered with water.

It turns out that she was so close to her brother.

In the end, Cecilia Rossi retreated and didn't walk into the women's bathroom. When she went downstairs, Xiao Nian immediately ran after her and Gong Yu followed her.

After Cecilia Rossi went down, he picked up the microphone of the antique telephone and dialed a number to go out. "Cecilia, I suspect someone is harming people on the ship, but I don't know who to ask for help."


When Xiaonian stood on the stairs and looked at her, looking at the track of his brother's life.

"It is."

Cecilia Rossi, holding the phone, dutifully played the role of Xi Yu seven years ago, nodding frequently, "yes, that person seems to be harming people, but what's more, you know, I know Chinese, but I understand some written meanings, and I haven't communicated with people in oral too much. There are many meanings in Chinese that are deepened. On the other hand, I don't quite understand them. Well, it's just that I heard it wrong. It's OK. "

With that, Cecilia Rossi looked up again, thoughtful.


Silly brother.

You didn't hear me wrong. If you walked into the bathroom and kicked open the closed door, you could save her.

When Xiaonian stood on the stairs, his hand firmly clenched the hand protector, tears in his eyes.

Then Cecilia Rossi said happily, "but I have a word to understand that Gong Yu is on the boat, living in Gong Ou's room, with Gong ou, beside him. I knew he wasn't dead. "

Hearing this, Xiaonian turned her eyes to Gong Yu, who was beside her. When Gong Yu heard this, her glass fell down and smashed it on the stairs.


Gong Yu stood there, pale and gray eyed, staring at the caller.

A conspiracy of others, the mouth of a few nonsense unexpectedly by the Chinese poor oral Xi Yu when really.

"Cecilia, I have to change. I'm sure he hates me wearing women's clothes. I didn't wear them because I played you on the boat." Cecilia Rossi stood in front of the phone and said, "I was just looking for Gong ou, but I didn't expect him to be there, that's great! I've got to get dressed. I've got to get dressed! Don't say goodbye! "


Gong Yu could hardly stand.

Cecilia Rossi hung up and was about to leave when Xiaonian couldn't help calling her. Cecilia Rossi looked up at them and his eyes fell on his face.

When Xiaonian steps down the stairs and comes to her, "these are all the things you know?"

Cecilia Rossi looked at her, then nodded and whispered, "yes, I know so much. I just used that phone call and what Xi Yu said later to deduce these situations, hoping to give you some memories of my brother."

"Thank you."

Xiaonian smiled bitterly.

"You really look like that." Cecilia Rossi looked at her and said, "if Xi Yu was a girl, wouldn't she be so pitiful?"


When Xiaonian couldn't speak, he reached out his hand and hugged ceciliarossi. Ceciliarossi's tears suddenly fell down, "great, I can still see your face. I'm Xi Yu now. I'm going to change my clothes and see Gong Yu happily. "

Say, Cecilia Rossi let go when small read to leave.

When Xiaonian turned around and raised his face, he saw Gong Yu sitting on the stairs with decadent body, with broken glass beside him, dull eyes and dark face.


When Xiaonian looks at him quietly.

"Xiaonian." Gong Yu's head didn't lift, and his lips moved. "Suddenly I didn't dare to look down."


When Xiaonian bit his lips.

Gong Yu reached out his hand and stroked his face. There was a panic in his voice. "I'm a little afraid. Xiaonian, I'm really afraid."

That's how it turned out.

Mingming is here to find Gong ou. As a result, Xi Yu thinks it's a reunion with him. Then what will happen next? He suddenly doesn't dare to think about it.

"Brother, why don't you find a room to have a rest first?" I didn't know how to comfort him.

"No, I'm fine. I'm really fine."

Gong Yu said, "I don't know if this is for her or for myself.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him, he sighed softly and said, "seven years ago that night, too much happened."

Too much.

Some of them have been buried in time. If it wasn't for Gong ou to suddenly investigate what happened seven years ago and gather all the people together, I'm afraid some secrets will never be revealed.

When Xiaonian raised his legs, looked up, and resolutely walked up.

Since Gong Ou wants to show her back time, she will have a good look. Will she see Gong Ou soon.

It's time for him to play.


In the temporary monitoring room on the cruise ship, when Feng de looked at the screen, Xiao Nian and Gong Yu stood together, anxious.

The play will come to the last step in a minute.

As a result, the hero has not yet arrived.

If you don't see anyone in a moment, everything will be broken down.

"What should I do? I've tried to slow down the cruise as much as possible, but at this time, even if Mr. Gong wakes up now, it's too late to catch up with the last scene. "

Said the man on one side worried.

Everything is going on step by step. This is the last step. Gong Ou is not on the cruise.

"You don't have to say I know." Feng de stood there and said, "but what else can I do now? Besides waiting or waiting, I'll try to delay for a while. It's too late. I'll explain it to Xiao Nian."

He couldn't fulfill the young master's wish.

I don't know when the young master will wake up.

The night was already deep, and the cruise ship was sailing on the sea at night. In the far-off hospital, several servants carried large boxes and small boxes to the quiet ward.

On the sickbed, Gong Ou is still in a coma, pale, eyes closed, eyelashes very long, thin lips pursed.

Gong Kui sits on the bed. From time to time, she studies Gong Ou's nose with her hands as she does on TV. From time to time, she lies down on him and says, "good dad, wake up quickly. Xiao Kui draws the most beautiful picture for you."

"Xiaokui loves dad and mom. I want to play with dad."

"I'm happy when I'm not in class, but if you don't wake up, I'm not happy when I'm not in class."

"When do you wake up? Shall we go home? Dad, I'm sleepy. "

Gong Kui muttered.

The servants moved a box to the ground, and looked at Gong Yao standing aside. "Little young master, the housekeeper asked us to bring all the things that can be taken from the young master's desk and desk, saying that you want them."


Gong Yao nodded calmly, squatted down in front of the box, turned over those things, most of them were documents. He frowned a little bit, and he didn't know many words.

"Master holly, what do you want to do with this?"

Asked Alisha as she walked over.

"The doctor said that if he could find something important to listen to, he would wake up quickly." Gong Yao specially went to consult the doctor and asked carefully.

Alisa suddenly realized, "so you take the documents that the young master usually works and read them to the young master?"

"Well." Gong Yao nodded.

"I know. It seems that the young master has been studying the holographic communication project recently." A servant went up to look through the document and took one out of it. "Look, it's this, er, this is the photocopy. It seems that all the requirements have been stored long ago."

"It doesn't matter." Gong Yao looked at the servant seriously. "Read it."


Gong Yao continues to turn his head over the contents of the box.

It's strange that the two children are waking up their father in the way of their own brain circuit. It's obviously a funny thing. But because the expressions of the two children are too dignified and serious, they are meticulous, and they see that several servants are inexplicably enthusiastic, and they all join in helping.

The moonlight outside the window doesn't seem as cold as usual.

Gong Yao continues to turn the box, and suddenly turns out a picture of Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian. Gong Ou is sitting there, and Shi Xiaonian is standing behind him, holding him from behind. The smiles on their faces are brighter than the rings on their ring fingers.

Gong Yao put the picture aside and then found a flat crystal bottle.

Holding the transparent bottle in his small hand, he looked down and saw that there was a piece of red dry flower inside. There were two petals missing on it, and there were traces on it.

It's a fragmentary dry flower.


Gong Yao opens the bottle and looks at the flowers inside. His face is dull.

He is a child with a good memory, especially for those things that he can't forget.

"Xiaokui, you picked the flowers in the afternoon? It's very nice. "

"You like my flowers? Did you pick up the flowers? "


"Really? Do you like it? Don't use water, the flowers are broken. "

"It's not bad. It's still pretty."

It turns out that he really picked up the flowers.