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Chapter 103 you mean I'sm not normal

He is not a nosy man.

Mu qianchu looked at her deeply.

Because her heart swayed on Gong ou, he was afraid that her heart would not come back.

He asked her to take the initiative to leave gongou.

"Because I want to help you." Muqianchu got up from the bench and stared at her deeply with one eye, "because I don't want you to stay with that man."

His voice was gentle, but he was firm and stubborn.


When small read to look at him in amazement, did not react for a while.

The light in his eyes was beyond her comprehension.

A breeze blew, the fragrance of flowers floating in the air, two people face to face and stand, each with a mind.

Mu qianchu stared at her, and his eyes fell on a wisp of hair beside her cheek, reaching out to help her sort it out.

I took a step back with caution.

His hand is frozen in the air, and his heart is frozen in the air. He can't go up or down. He is severely hung there.

"You shouldn't have said that."

When Xiaonian looks at him, he turns around and goes away. His arm is held by mu qianchu.

She turned around in shock.

Muqianchu looked at her deeply. "I really don't want to say something so early, but I'm afraid that if I don't say it again, I won't have a chance to say it in my life."

I'm afraid that if I don't say it again, I won't have a chance to say it in my life.

He should have said such a thing.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, he even forgot to break away.

"I know. You think I'm still the husband of Shidi. I'm not suitable to talk to you about this. What if I'm not?" Asked mu qianchu, looking at her.


When Xiaonian was shocked.

"I......" Mu qianchu was about to go on talking when his mobile phone suddenly vibrated. He still grabbed her arm in one hand and picked up the phone in the other, "hello?"

Then, mu qianchu did not know what he heard, and his face sank.

"Who's behind the scenes?" Moqian asked coldly, his face heavy.

Behind the scenes?

What is that.

Mu qianchu listened quietly there for a while, then suddenly he opened his lips and laughed, "I think I know who attacked behind. Let my father-in-law deal with this matter."

Father in law, her adoptive father?

When mu qianchu hung up, Xiao Nian couldn't help asking, "what's the matter?"

Mu qianchu glanced at her, and then said, "these days, Mu's stock market has been maliciously attacked and confidential information has been leaked by employees. If I say, this should be gong ouxia's hand. Do you believe it?"

He watched her look and wondered how high Gong Ou was in her heart.


Gong Ou's black hand?

When small read suddenly think of what Gong Ou said, because the parent-child relationship is broken, Gong Ou is very disgusted with her family, he is to take a breath for her.

"Do you believe it?" Mu qianchu asked.

"He's trying to help me out." When small read says directly, do not have the meaning that blame Gong Ou at all, ask lightly only, "can you deal with then?"

Muqianchu didn't expect that she would be the answer.

He thought that she didn't believe what he said at most, only Gong ou. Unexpectedly, she defined Gong Ou's behavior as her anger.

Mu qianchu smiled bitterly, "is Gong Ou so tall in your heart?"

"Can you cope?"

When I was young, I asked myself.

"Yes." Mu qianchu smiled bitterly. "I was still thinking about when the play would end. Gong Ou came in and just let me finish ahead of time."

"What?" When Xiaonian looked at him incomprehensibly.

"Soon, you will know." Muqianchu stared at her deeply, with a bitter voice. "Soon, surely."

In the end, mu qianchu seems to say it to himself.

Shi Xiaonian can't get the answer from his mouth. He takes a step back and says, "you see, there are so many things for you. I really don't need to worry about me anymore. I'll solve my own problems."

With that, Xiaonian turns and leaves.

The moment she turned around, the voice of Mu qianchu sounded behind her. "Tang Yi is in my hand. If you have any further action, please let me know first."


When small thoughts do not return to leave.

Mu qianchu stands there, the wind makes his clothes float gently, and his eyes look at the back of Xiaonian.

Why does he think it's too late.

He can change back to the past, how about her? Is she still a little girl of the past?


The bustling city staged different stories day by day.

When Xiaonian was sitting in a taxi, he opened the window to blow the wind, put his hand on the window and looked at the scenery outside, and watched the people or buildings along the road back.

The wind was so warm on her face that it made people feel bored.

The phone vibrated.

When Xiaonian picked up the phone, "hello?"

"Well, it's me." Gong Ou's lazy voice sounded in her ear, a lazy tone.

"Well, I know."

When small read light tunnel, tone low.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou is dissatisfied with the tunnel immediately, "Hey, how can you be so calm. Do you know I can't bear to call you until now? It's been ten hours! Am I free for you this time? "

He said you should praise me warmly.

It's like he did something extraordinary, not just a phone call.

"Gong ou, this is the normal way of communication."

No one will be on the phone all the time.

"You mean I'm not normal?"

Gong Ou's voice sank suddenly.

"How dare I?" When he heard his displeasure, Xiao Nian lightly exposed the topic.

Not OK.

He didn't know if he had a child with congenital heart disease living with Tang Yi outside. That was abnormal.

Gong Ou didn't do much research on this topic with her, and asked her domineering, "what about my gift? Did you choose the gift? Didn't you go out in the morning? "

It seems that he got to know her movements with the maid before making this call.

How he didn't believe her. A man doubted that.


She really forgot. Today she knows such a shocking truth. She is not in the mood to choose a gift.

Seeing her silence, Gong Ou is even more dissatisfied. He yells at her on the phone, "you didn't choose, did you? What are you doing when you run out every day instead of choosing gifts for me, a private wild man? "

When small read headache ground pressed forehead, "I am just still in the choice."

"Then hurry to choose and go!" Gong Ou said, "I'm warning you that if it's a gift from a lousy street, you'll be spanked to blossom when I come back!"

“……” When I was young, I said, "what kind of gift do you want?"

"Special, attentive, the only one in the world!"

Gong Ou said madly, suddenly there was a voice urging him. Gong Ou answered impatiently, and then said to her, "I'm going to a dinner party. You pick out a gift first."

The voice urging him is a beautiful female voice.

When small read Zheng Zheng, no more think, "I know."

"Call me, don't hang up."


When Xiaonian looked outside, she saw a jewelry store. She stopped the driver. "Driver, I'll get off here."

Rich people like jewelry.

Buy a tie clip for Gong ou. It's not a loss of Gong Ou's face.

Shi Xiaonian got out of the car, put her mobile phone into her bag, and put it on her ear instead of Bluetooth headset. Once she put it on, she would bite her lips.

She's wearing earphones in her ears now.

It hurts at the touch.

When Xiaonian felt her ears, he walked into the huge jewelry store. As soon as he entered, the salesman led her to the counter and introduced her carefully.

"What would you like to see, miss?" Asked the salesman.

"I'd like that diamond studded tie clip, do you have one?" Asked shixiaonian.

There is a jewel in the glass cabinet.

"Yes, this way." The salesman took out a box of tie clips, glanced at the heart-shaped diamond ring on her hand, and smiled, "is Miss buying tie clips for her husband?"


How possible, Gong Ou is not even her boyfriend.

When Xiaonian smiled and didn't speak, the salesperson showed her one by one and introduced the meaning of each tie clip. She also listened carefully.

Suddenly, a familiar voice came --

"come on, this kind of goods has a drawer in my house. Do you have any new products?"

Listening to the high and charming voice, Xiaonian got up from the front of the cabinet and went to the pillar to look forward.

In front of a counter at a right angle to her side, sheileen was sitting there wearing a famous brand, surrounded by several women with excessive face and awls. A group of people were choosing jewelry.

And Celine is the center of the show, with her chin raised higher than anyone else's.

Sheileen, one of the women of Gong ou.

When Xiaonian stood there and stayed with Gong Ou in tianzhigang for a long time, she forgot that he had a lover's group, and there were many women of different styles in the forest castle.

Sheileen succeeded in making her remember.

"That's right. Do you know what we thank Miss Xie's worth, and use these diamonds to perfunctory her?" The awl faced women next to sheileen opened fire on the salesmen.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll bring out the best jewelry in our shop."

The salesman apologized and went to open the cupboard to get the jewels.

"Linlin, I read the news and said that your man has gone to England." The women want to chat in front of the jewelry counter.

"I know that Mr. Gong is always very busy. It's normal to fly around," she said

"Really? That little Ni, that little Ni beside He Dong, heard that... " An awl's face stopped.

"What do you hear?"

Sheileen's face is not very nice.

"It's said that Mr. Gong went to England to meet with the marriage partners. The palace family has decided on several famous ladies of the noble family." The awl face said, "if Mr. Gong wants to get married, then you..."

"So what?" Xie Linlin took off the ring on her hand and said angrily, "you know it's a marriage. It's a woman who has to marry for the benefit and face. It's up to me how to please Mr. Gong."

"Yes, Lin Lin is Mr. Gong's favorite woman. She won't fall out of favor."

"That's nature."