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Chapter 834 kill Gong ou

When Lanting saw it, Xiaonian's eyes were full of fear. He thought she was afraid, so he raised his hand and said, "you guys, don't fight first."

"Mr. LAN, if you don't give me more color, I can't. He's so good at fighting. If it wasn't for him to block the door and let his son run, we can't catch him in a rush." A servant said and kicked Gong Ou again.

Don't beat Gong ou a little weaker. It's too easy for him to escape.


When Xiaonian turns her eyes, so Gong Yao has escaped?

"Stop it if you want."

Lanting said.

Gong ou, who had been knocked to the ground, was full of scars and footprints. His lips were tight, as if he felt something. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked out of the door. His eyes glared hard at Shi Xiaonian. They were so fierce that they seemed to swallow her.

That look is enough to frighten anyone.

Lanting was also shocked. His eyes fell on Gong Ou's tightly bound hands, and then he stepped forward to block Shi Xiaonian.

The view was cut off.

In this second, shixiaonian is almost grateful to Lanting. Otherwise, she can't control her emotions.

How can it hurt like this.

Gong ou, why do you abandon your safety and regard yourself as the deadliest victim every time you plan.

Do you want to be so stupid


Gong Ou stares at Lanting, and people quickly sit up from the ground. Blood flows down the corner of their lips.

"Why is he here?" When Xiaonian holds his breath, he quickly says before Gong Ou makes a sound, pretending to be unfamiliar with Gong ou.

Gong Ou sits there, his eyes squinting.

"It's a long story." Lanting turned to look at her with gentle eyes. "He's here now. He's like this. You should be more relieved?"

Relieve Qi.

When Xiaonian's face was pale, he looked at Gong Ou in the room and asked, "Mr. LAN, are you against the law? Did you get him for me? If so, you should let him go. You can't do such a stupid thing. I can't bear it. "

She said so with her eyes down all the time, so that people could not see her mood at the bottom of her eyes.

Who is Gong Ou? By this second, she knew all the things. Her words were harsh in his ears, and her bound feet kicked hard forward.

The woman just won't be obedient.

When Lanting listened to Xiaonian's words, the guilt in his eyes was more obvious. He smiled bitterly. "In fact, it's not for you to catch him."

When Xiaonian looked at him incomprehensibly, "what's that for?"

"When Xiaoqi offends his children, Gong ou will surely report it." Lanting said, "I'm better to start first."

"It's better to start? What's the use of catching him? He's so lawless that he might as well be sent to the police station and let the law punish him. "

Shi Xiaonian said, playing a simple flower picking woman.

Hearing this, Gong ou could not wait to bite him.

Lanting stared at her. "Xiaonian, you are so naive. If you can punish him by doing this, it's too easy."

"But it's useless for you to do so now. Are you going to kill him?"

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Can't you?"

Lanting asked.

This question made her heart stop beating. She looked at Lanting in astonishment. "What are you talking about? The Palace won't let you go."

"In fact, I don't care who can't let me go." Lanting sneered, "anyway, it's almost over."


When Xiaonian didn't understand what he meant.

"Nothing." Lanting looked at her and said, "Xiaonian, I didn't give you a hand yesterday. I'm really sorry. Now, I give Gong Ou's life to you."


Gong Ou's eyebrows curled up.


When small read to stay.

"If you want Gong Ou's life, I'll kill him at once. You don't have to worry about it. I'll carry it all down." Lanting said, "I will not let you get involved."

Shixiaonian looks at him in shock. Is he crazy.

I actually started to kill Gong ou.

He is really not afraid of the palace family to find him to settle accounts. He does not want to think for himself, but also for Xiaoqi.

Gong Ou looks at the two men coldly. There is no expression on his face when he hears death, but there is a trace of jealousy that has nowhere to hide.

Just talk and do what close!

"Why don't you talk? Is it hard to choose? " Lanting asked, "don't you hate him very much? A rogue like him should be sentenced to death, shouldn't he? "


Xiao Nian was too pale to speak.

"I know it's hard for you to imagine. Don't worry. It's not about you. I'll bring you up to let you go." Lanting said, "if you dare not look, I'll let the servant do it."

How can he say that killing is as simple as scaling a fish.

When Xiaonian stood there, with one hand plucking her hair, she used this kind of action to relieve the surging emotions. She had to calm down in fear and shock.

Lanting's words are all madness, she must make the best response.

Yes, it must.

She has to do it.

"Mr. LAN, why do you do so much for me?" When small read lift eyes to Lanting, a pair of eyes red, flashing water.

"He's a bad man. If it wasn't for the children's quarrel yesterday, he could invade you in front of me!"

When Lanting said something, his expression was ferocious, and his eyes were full of hatred.

"But it's killing." Shixiaonian asked, "Mr. LAN, you don't have to do so much for me. Really, I can't afford it..."

"You are very much like my wife. I said that. " Lanting interrupts her words and stares at her red eyes deeply. "Xiaoqi and I have this feeling. I met you in Huahai tunnel that day, and I thought I saw my wife."

The dead wife.


When Xiaonian looks at his silence.

"How much my wife wishes that I didn't finish it for her, I've been feeling sorry." Lanting looked at her with a sadness in her eyes. "So, I'd like to help you do something."

He looks like a deep love.

"So aren't you afraid to kill?"

He asked incredulously.

"Yes." He answered with certainty.


When Xiaonian couldn't imagine how Lanting answered so firmly, Lanting added, "at the end of the day, I was going to kill him. Now that you are here, I don't want to see you so aggrieved, so I'll bring you up."

"You wanted to kill him?"

Finally, when is the last time?

When Xiaonian asked, a small face became paler and paler. She couldn't help turning her eyes to see Gong ou. Gong Ou was sitting on the ground. She was obviously in a mess, but she was rebellious and incorrigible. Even a little scared in her black eyes.

"Gong Ou humiliated you and scolded my daughter. I don't want him to be better no matter who is doing it for you."

Lanting's tone was calm, and a kind of strangeness grew out of it.

This man, his face seems to have two faces, one is kind, the other is hysterical.

It turns out that Lanting didn't plan to let Gong Ou go.


When small read low eyes, think, fortunately she came, fortunately.

"Xiaonian, are you afraid?" Lanting asked with concern, "you don't have to be afraid. You shouldn't be afraid of bad people. You should stop them with evil."

"Can I think about it?" When small read to turn to look at the room Gong ou, "I want to talk to him."

"And him?"

Lanting frowns.

"I have a few words to ask him." Shi Xiaonian said, looking at the three servants standing inside, with a little embarrassment on his face, "can you ask them to go out first? I don't want too many people to know the details of yesterday."

She spoke pitifully.

"You all come out first." Lanting beckoned to his servants to let them out, and then looked at shixiaonian.

We didn't go, just stopped on both sides of the door.

In full view of the public, Xiao Nian walked to Gong Ou step by step. His eyes were red, and there was a shocking fortitude in them.

She went into the room, with her back to everyone, and silently opened her lips and said, "tie me."


Gong Ou squints.

When Xiaonian felt for her sleeve, she took a handful out of it. This one was originally used for self-defense, but now it is used for other purposes.

Gong Ou is so smart that she must know what she is going to do. She just pretends to kill him by herself and cuts the rope by mistake. Then Gong Ou kidnaps her. Lanting always says that she is like his wife and will save her.

They can just go out.


Gong Ou's eyes immediately widened. She actually hid her head and was not afraid to hurt herself?

"Tie me up."

Shi Xiaonian silently prompts Gong ou with his lips again, and then starts acting, "you..."

Before her play was performed successfully, Gong Ou sneered, "dare to come in like this, not afraid that I will strengthen you on the spot?"

The Lanting outside the door heard this sentence, and there was a deeper hatred in his eyes. He wanted to rush in and kill Gong ou.

When Xiaonian thought that Gong Ou was acting with him, he said angrily, "you beast! Now dare to say such words, I'll kill you! "

Gong Ou's hands are tied behind her. In order to cut them off easily, Xiao Nian kneels down and pulls out his head to let Lanting see. Before his hands are lifted out, Gong Ou suddenly leans towards her and opens his mouth to hold her lips.


When Xiaonian opened his eyes in astonishment and looked at him anxiously. He should now pretend to be frightened and let her cut the rope with a knife.

"Xi Nian!"

Lanting is surprised.

When Xiaonian kneels in front of Gong Ou rigidly, she soon tastes the smell of blood. Her heart shakes fiercely, and she wants to pull out her head again. Gong Ou bites her lips mercilessly.

Xiao Nian frowned with pain.

Gong Ou lowered his voice and said quickly, "don't make me feel hurt. Hurry home."