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Chapter 690 theme one at the end

Feng De, who was standing outside the kitchen, listened to the voice inside, took two deep breaths, and then walked in as usual, "Xiaonian."

"Adoptive father?"

When Xiaonian looked up at Fengde and smiled, "do you smell the fragrance? The cake that just came out of the oven, come and have a taste. "

"No, come with me."

Feng de took off her gloves and took her away. Xiaonian looked at him in amazement, "where is the adoptive father?"

She hasn't prepared her afternoon tea yet. Xiaokui and holy study hard. Bob can't rest all day and work hard. Gong Ou needs afternoon tea to relieve the pressure if he wants to work.

"You come with me. There's an urgent matter waiting for you."

When valdera was there, he thought about leaving.

"Urgent? What's the rush? "

When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

"You'll know when you come."

As soon as she went out, she met a row of cars and set out in a mighty way. Xiaonian looked at the people in confusion, "where are they going?"

It's for Xiaokui.

"It's also about today. You come with me."

Feng de forcibly clutches her to the front of the car, when Xiaonian stands by the car, looks suspiciously at Feng De's slightly dispassionate face, "adoptive father, you have something wrong today."

Feng de has always been calm, and will never forget his manners, but this will hold her hand and run all the way.

"You will know when you go."

Said Fengde.

"Is something wrong?" When the heart of small read nervous up, turn to think, the way, "Gong Ou? How about holly and okra? Where are they? And Bob? Where is he? "

Shixiaonian is about to leave. Fengde immediately holds her back. No wonder the young master is in a hurry to push the time to today. If shixiaonian wants to get on the boat today, or go to the place on the boat, she will easily find that Xiaokui has had an accident.

"Don't pull me, father." When Xiaonian looked at him, his black and white eyes were clear, and he said, "my adoptive father, I am no longer a child. No matter what happens, I can deal with it."

Something must have happened.

Who is it?

Who is it?

"Really not." Feng de can't help Shi Xiaonian. He simply forces him into the car. He looks down at her and says, "Xiao Nian, you can go with me. I'll be honest with you. Today's matter is arranged by the young master. "

"What did he arrange?"

"I'll know if you follow me."

Feng de immediately sits on the copilot's seat and orders the driver to drive. Xiao Nian looks at him puzzledly and frowns. Is it arranged by Gong Ou?

He is really mysterious these days. Even if he doesn't tell Tang Yi what he said, he secretly calls and answers the phone behind her.

For today?

"What about the gongou people?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"When the young master appears, he will appear naturally." Feng de said with a smile, trying to be calm.


What's the key to selling? When should it appear or not?

When Xiaonian was wondering, Fengde suddenly handed out a paper bag to her from the front, "Xiaonian, this is the clothes for you. When you arrive at the destination, remember to change them."

"I have to change clothes. Is that a party for me?"

Shixiaonian asked, reaching out to take the clothes, even if it's not the same at home, she can also say that the children don't have to go in such a hurry.

She opened the paper bag in her hand, and when her eyes touched the inside clothes, the whole person was stunned and sat there.

How could it be this.


The wide road runs through the whole city of S. the bustling downtown commercial stores are busy and crowded. At this moment, a shopping mall is completely blocked by the police. People can't enter and leave freely.

At the gate of the shopping mall, there are uniformed police to evacuate customers. Not far away, there are two ambulances, as well as medical drugs and instruments that are being delivered directly.

In the ambulance, the bodyguard in a black suit sat at the back of the car and was treated by a nurse. Alisha stood aside and walked anxiously. She had several scratches on her face and could not care about it. Her hands were stained with blood and her eyes were worried.

Outside the cordon, people gathered to speculate.

"I heard that the mall has been bombed, and the whole mall will be bombed."

"Nonsense, I heard inside news that a rich businessman's child was kidnapped. It's in this mall. I don't know where to hide. The monitor can't be found."

"It's a little bit like that. I just heard that there was a bodyguard calling to send some medical equipment, surgical equipment, and blood bags. If there was a chance, they would have surgery on the spot. It's not the rich who can do it."

"Which rich man is that?"

"I don't know. I only heard that as soon as something happened, all the recent police were out, and all the fire engines and police cars that could be transferred from nearby came."

All of a sudden, the crowd heard a car honking. The crowd moved away automatically and saw a black car parked there.

The police and bodyguards all rushed out to stop the crowd and open the door.

A small figure jumped out of the car and ran inside. Some women exclaimed at his beautiful face. Then a tall figure came down from the car. His legs were long and his trousers were straight. He was wearing a black coat, which made his whole body cold and strong. It seemed that the air was suddenly cold.

Gong Ou got out of the car, a handsome face with clear edges and corners, deep outline, black eyes coldly swept to the front door of the shopping mall, eyes more gloomy, raised his legs and walked forward, not squinting.

Some people in the crowd recognized him and finally knew who the rich businessman was.

Gong ou.

n. Gong Ou of E, Gong Ou of N.E mobile phone system, Mr series robots and holographic era. This rich man is also too rich.

Gong Ou goes forward, and Alisha rushes up crying and stands there and bows. "I'm sorry, young master, but I didn't take care of miss Xiaokui. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"I don't have time to listen to you! I want to know what's going on! "

Gong Ou glances at her coldly and strides into the shopping mall with a gloomy face.

At the same time, the police and the bodyguard came forward and accompanied Gong ou and Gong Yao's father and son. The bodyguard said, "at that time, we brought miss Xiaokui to buy things. When we arrived, we found Bob hiding in the trunk. Miss Xiaokui said that she was going to take Bob out to play. We just had to follow them and go after shopping, nothing."

"Say the point!"

Gong Ou steps into the hall of the shopping mall impatiently. At this moment, the whole hall is empty, except for the police and firefighters who are the bodyguards of the palace.

Everyone is in an emergency search and rescue, but it's too hard to find two children.

"Yes, everything was fine. Suddenly Bob didn't know what he said to miss Xiaokui. They ran away. We rushed to catch him. Unexpectedly, Bob jumped up and bit and tore like a mad dog. We two adults couldn't help him." The bodyguard said, pointing to the front, he said, "we chase again, and then we chase there. Then we can't find the two children. Later, when we saw that they were going out from there, we didn't know how to get in."

Gong Ou looks in the direction he points out. It's a large amusement area in the mall. Colorful ocean balls fall down like waterfalls. They keep flowing like a waterless ocean.

"No one has been seen in the surveillance?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"No, I finally saw that the two children were in the elevator on the fifth floor. When they came out of the elevator, they were gone. They were never in the monitoring range again." The policeman on the side said casually, "Mr. Gong, don't worry, we will try our best to search and rescue another gold. In addition, the kidnapper is also a child. It shouldn't matter. Maybe he will come out after playing for a while."

In fact, their police are quite critical. They think that this kind of rich businessman is nothing to scare themselves. The two children are playing together at most. They also say that kidnapping is so serious.

I haven't seen a seven or eight year old kidnapper.

Smell speech, Gong Ou turns to look at him, the eye is suffused with a flash of fire, with anger, the police are frightened, involuntarily back a step.

Gong Ou looks at the alarm signal on his body, but it doesn't happen. He says coldly, "good, I remember you."

"Gong, Mr. Gong!"

"Don't bother the police officers. We will find it by ourselves!" Gong Ou looks at Gong Yao, who is strong and calm. His black eyes are deep, "holy."


Gong Yao stood there and raised his face to look at him. His eyes moved a little flustered.

"Calm down." Gong Ou looks down at him and says, "don't you have telepathy? Look for it. "


Gong Yao stood by his leg and lowered his head for the first time, helplessly. "I don't know how to find it."

He just wanted to find people together, and said he was useful. But he really put his hope on him, and he didn't know how to deal with it.

There are more and more police gathered nearby. It's funny to listen to such conversations. Do you find people by telepathy? Then why don't you find a fortune teller.

"Stand here for me!"

Gong Ou pulls Gong Yao to his side and lets him face the large recreation area in front of him. His voice is low and strong. "You can watch me well. If you play an escape game, how can you run?"

Gong Yao has a height advantage that their adults can't. adults can't understand children's vision.


Gong Yao stood there motionless, confused, and nodded solemnly.

"Mr. Gong, let's let the children play. I won't be able to play for a while." The police think Gong Ou is making a fool of himself. No child can come out to find someone.

Gong Ou glances at her coldly, biting her teeth and cutting the tunnel. "I'm on fire now, not because my daughter can attack the police now, OK? If you don't want to help, please stand by me! "