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Chapter 401 I don'st want a good man like that

It took him half a year to taste the taste again.

This is the last time.

"Our character is not right. When we are together, we often argue about different views."

He tasted the bitter taste in the tomato.

"Isn't your injury enough? If you get hurt, can you protect me? What can you do with your parents if something happens to me? This is article five. "

Gong Ou picks up a sparerib and puts it into his mouth. His movements are slow and his eyes are stagnant.

"Eighth, I love tired; Ninth, I love afraid; tenth, I have no energy to love."

He tasted sour on the ribs.

"To put it bluntly, that half year's time has completely wiped out my love for you, leaving no trace."

He took up the spoon and took a sip of the soup, in which he tasted five delicacies.

"Gong ou, from now on, no matter whether I'm living well or not, don't care about me, don't care about me, treat me as a pile of garbage."

For the first time, he felt that the dishes that shixiaonian made were so difficult to swallow.

After lunch, Gong put down his chopsticks and covered his face with his long fingers.

His face was already in tears.

"OK, you follow the rules. I'll call you later." From the outside, Fengde went to the restaurant, hung up the phone call, "young master, li..."

Feng de went to the door of the restaurant. He was stunned and looked at Gong Ou in shock.

Gong Ou was in tears when he sat at the dinner table. Feng de looked at it incredibly. He had never seen Gong Ou look like this, even when the young master died.

The young master is used to representing any emotion with impetuous anger, but Fengde has never seen Gong Ou so sad.

At that moment, Fengde suddenly wanted to go back and pull back shixiaonian.

Gong Ou sat at the dinner table, as if he didn't feel that he was crying at all. Sitting there, he raised his red eyes and looked coldly at Feng De, "if you have anything to say!"

"Oh, yes."

Feng de suddenly fell into a trance and bowed his head respectfully to Gong ou. "The dress design template on the engagement ceremony is ready. Do you want them to send it to you now?"


Gong Ou spoke coldly, absolutely.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de Ying said that he had some doubts in his heart. Young master and young lady are so sad. Shouldn't he have no interest in the engagement ceremony? How can he cry till his face is full of tears, but even stare at the dress template?

With Gong ou for so many years, Feng de found that he couldn't guess his master's idea more and more.

Fengde steps back to leave.

Gong Ou sits there, picks up a dish with chopsticks and puts it in his mouth. He says in a cold voice, "wait a minute, you can check for me."

Feng De's eyes were distracted, and he asked, "who should I check?"

When I was really read, would the young master check her recent situation? Then this break-up is not only to abuse themselves.

"Long for the beginning." Gong Ou spits out these three words coldly.

Feng De is astonished, "Mu qianchu, check him?"

How can I check that man.

"I asked you to find out where Xiaonian left England at the beginning, you punks, but I couldn't find out mu qianchu except for Xi's house! I haven't asked you about it yet! " Gong Ou's eyes glared at him, and his voice was especially gloomy.

It doesn't work at all.

A big living man can't find out a bit of information by pretending to die!

Feng de bowed his head. "The Xi family has always been secretive and low-key. It's hard to dig the Xi family's materials. But mu qianchu seems to work in the Xi family now, naturally..."

"Don't make excuses here!" Gong Ou stares at him and claps chopsticks with his long hand. "Now, check it for me! I want to know everything about Mu qianchu! How can he get into the table house! What position is he in the Xi family! I know everything! "

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded and stepped back, frowning slightly.

When Xiaonian asked him to simplify her related matters, what about those who are eager for her?

The young master and Miss Shi are over completely, and they have no objection to the upcoming engagement ceremony. Why are they still looking into qianchu? It's all over. Xiaonian is concerned when checking. What's the intention of qianchu?

In the restaurant, Gong Ou raised his hand and wiped away the tears from his face with his fingers. The tears were all the way to his lips. His thin lips suddenly filled with a radian, which was extremely evil.

Next, Gong Ou picks up his chopsticks and continues to eat.

From the beginning to the end, no one saw the smile on his lips.


In the community of tianzhigang, Xiaonian chases Xu Bingxin.

Xu Bingxin goes to the badminton court. At this moment, there is no one empty on the big court.

Xu Bingxin stood on the edge of the court, arms in one hand, and his face was cold.

The maid and the baby care expert saw it and pushed the stroller to the side, leaving the space for their mother and daughter to talk.


When Xiaonian slowly walked to Xu Bingxin with the bag in his hand. He pinched the bag tightly with his fingers. The blister on the tip of his index finger was pinched and dyed red by her.

Xu Bingxin didn't leave again, but turned to look at Shi Xiaonian, with a look of hatred for iron but not steel, and said angrily, "Xiaonian, I didn't expect you to be so self indulgent, qianchu is so nice to you, you can't see it, you have to contact Gong Ou! What did he do to you? People don't know, don't you know? You are so mean, you have to get tangled up with him? "

For a few days, no matter how angry she was, Shi Xiaonian refused to go closer with mu qianchu.

That's all. I didn't expect Xiaonian to be with Gong Ou's housekeeper when she saw it today.

It's really not self love.

How could her daughter be like this.


When Xiaonian stood there silently, without a word, he looked at Xu Bingxin and listened to her scolding.

For the first time, Xu Bingxin spoke to her in such a heavy tone, saying that she was mean.

But she didn't know how to do it.

"Do you come back to China just for Gong Ou? If so, you will go back to Italy with me immediately, and you will tie me up and escort me to marry qianchu. You Xiaonian, what's the matter with you? "

Xu Bingxin scolds her daughter, and suddenly sees tears sliding down her eyes.

She was shocked and hurriedly stepped forward and looked at her nervously. "Don't cry, what are you crying about? Is my speech heavy? I'm sorry. My mother apologized to you. Don't cry."

At the sight of his daughter crying, Xu Bingxin suddenly fell into a mess. When he was pulling, Xiaonian sat down on the bench beside him and took out a tissue from his bag to wipe her tears.

When small read in front of Gong Ou has been strong support, but do not know why in front of Xu Bingxin can not support.

She took the tissue silently and wiped her tears.

"Come on, I won't blame you, I won't cry. The doctor said that you should be in a good mood and be cheerful. Don't cry and don't cry. It's the mother's fault. The mother's fault. "

Xu Bingxin is reluctant to criticize her daughter any more. Her cold face softens in this moment and apologizes to her without any principle.

When Xiaonian looked at Xu Bingxin with wet eyes, he couldn't help saying, "mother, you are so kind to me."

Without any principle to apologize to her younger generation, her mother is really

"Silly little read, you are the mother only daughter, I am not good to you who is good to you." Xu Bingxin reaches out to caress Xiaonian's face and wipes away tears for her painfully.

When the tears of small read like will not stop, has been flowing down.

"Mother, you know, Gong Ou was the best person for me before I came back to Xi's house." Said Shi Xiaonian with a choked voice.

When Xu Bingxin heard the name of Gong ou, he couldn't help puckering.

At that time, I had a very bad relationship with my adoptive father's family. I had been living alone for many years. When I was busy, Gong Ou appeared beside me

"He protected you? Why didn't you mention it. " Xu Bingxin has some accidents.

"When my adoptive father wants to break up with me, Gong Ou says," I am your home. " Gong Ou said that as she remembered it now.


"When the flute splashed me with dirty water, I became a street mouse. Everyone shouted and beat me. I was desperate for my life. Gong Ou took me back. He is not a patient person, but he accompanies me every day until I accept the world again. "


Xu Bingxin listens in a daze, which she doesn't know at all.

"I always thought he didn't care about me and didn't want me, but in fact, he nearly died in my hand in order to find me and save me from injuries." "When small read sobs ground to say, can hardly say.

Since meeting her, Gong Ou hasn't had a few days.

Either to protect her or to hurt her.

She is his nemesis.

"Gong Ou has done this for you?" Xu Bingxin asked in surprise, wiping tears for her with a paper towel, and said, "so he is not so useless. It's like that charity dinner. If it wasn't for him, you would lose your face on the stage."

Wen Yan, when Xiaonian looked at Xu Bingxin in amazement, "charity dinner? Isn't it the beginning of the millennium that I'm ready to step down? "

It was Qian Chu who helped her out.

"At the beginning of the thousand, it was gong Ou who said that you played well. Everyone believed him. At last, he applauded so warmly." Xu Bingxin said that when she heard Xiaonian's pop-up music, she was sweating.

Sitting at a table, she witnessed Gong Ou's seemingly unintentional relief for Shi Xiaonian, but she didn't pay attention at that time.

Especially Gong Ou finally beat mu qianchu, which made her dissatisfied.

"So it is."

After many days, Shi Xiaonian finally knew what was going on. She thought about it and suddenly understood that Gong Ou really thought she played the piano well.

He is a paranoid, as long as her everything, he feels good, unlimited support.

When Xiaonian smiled, tears came out of his eyes. "Mother, you see, Gong Ou is really a very good person, very good to me. But I lost such a good man. "


When Xu Bingxin reaches out and hugs her, she reads.

When Xiaonian leaned into Xu Bing's heart, his body trembled with tears. "I don't want a person who is so good to me. In the future, he will never be mine, and he will never be mine again."