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Chapter 1118 solo is not terrible. Someone is blind anyway

When small read want to interrupt her words do not know from where to interrupt, has been her "that" to cycle brainwashing.

"Hello, beautiful sister, we have questions to ask you!"

Cried Gong Kui, standing on tiptoe politely.

"Ah, what a lovely little girl! Ah! What a delicate little boy! " The front desk looked down and saw that the twins' eyes had become stars.


When small read heartache oneself.

"Ah!" The front desk suddenly looked at him excitedly. "I know you. You're the cartoonist. I'm reading your cartoon!"

It's paranoid for the front desk to pick up a full English edition of the president at hand.

This summer's editing business is really going to work. It's been many years since I sold this comic book to overseas copyright.

The waist cover of her face is still a picture of her.

But should be happy, rare outside label is not gongou's wife? It doesn't matter. She's relieved of these empty things.

"Yes, I am. Hello, excuse me..."

"You, you, you..." The front desk excitedly picked up a pen and handed it to her, unable to speak.

When Xiaonian smiled helplessly, took over the pen and asked anxiously while signing the cartoon, "have you ever seen this family? Have they lived here?"

The front desk stares at her signature with stars in its eyes, and is stunned by the smell.

"Why, isn't it convenient to say? I can show you my identification... "

"No, it's not." The front desk shook his head. "It's no use if you find this way. They have checked out. Are you their friend? No phone? "

"Yes, when did you leave?"

He asked in a hurry.

"I left after dinner."


So early to leave, leave this town, where can she find them?

When small read eyes down disappointed, how to find the vast sea of people.

"Nothing else?" Gong Yao asked as he stood beside Xiaonian.

The front desk held Xiaonian's autograph and thought for a long time, "ah, I remember the little boy said that they came in a big ship."

"Ship?" When small read stupefied a second, suddenly understand, "cruise!"

Yes, today, there is a cruise ship in this scenic spot, the smaller one in the palace, which stops far away. She also glances at the moonlight rock from afar.

The three members of that family come to play by Cruise. There is a certain route, so it should be better checked.


The wind in the early morning is especially cool, and the family of the palace who has been struggling for half a night ends their search with the clue of Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian was sitting on the stone steps of the square in a long coat, the light of the street lamp fell on her, and she looked at the empty small square.

There were footsteps behind her.

When small read almost immediately stood up, looked back and blurted out, "how do you find it?"

Gong Ou stood behind her, black eyes looked at her deeply, and snorted, "I thought you were here to ponder my black history."


When small read is silent, the hand that hangs in the body side pinched again.

Seeing that she knew this, Gong Ou couldn't help saying, "Mr palace is just my double. Do you need to be so nervous?"

She can't see the real person standing in front of her?

"Mr palace is my family, it's not a double." When Xiaonian still looked at him straight, waiting for his answer.

I'm really worried

Gong Ou raised his hand and held a folded note between his index finger and fingertip. "This is where we are going next."

When Xiaonian looked at him suspiciously, he took the note and spread it out, and saw that there was a place different from their original route.

She understood in a flash, "have you found out the route of the little boy's family?"

"The horse set out."

Gong Ou proudly raises his eyebrows.

"Great!" When Xiaonian excitedly jumped up, the whole person threw himself on Gong Ou's body, and his hands firmly hung on his shoulder, "I know you will find out!"

"For Mr palace to give me a hug?" Gong Ou releases her, lowers his head to approach her face, sticks his nose to her nose and bites his teeth. "Do you think I should be angry?"

It's too close.

When he was near, Xiaonian could see clearly the fatigue between his eyebrows.

Gong Ou stayed up with her that night, searching for the whereabouts of Mr palace.


When Xiaonian raised his hands to hold his face.

The warmth of his fingertips removed the chill from his face.

"Isn't it too late to care now?" Gong Ou refuses to accept.

Xiaonian chuckled and nuzzled his nose. "In your heart, as long as it's my concern, it's never too late."

"Shixiaonian, do you look up to yourself so much?" Gong Ou sneers.

"No, I look up to you."


This woman is really Hold him.

Gong Ou put her in his arms, lowered his head and took a bite on her lips, then opened his mouth in a low voice. "I miss another person when I am embarrassed, and dare to say such words! You are more and more brave! "

Where does Gong ou want to go.

"I dare not face the bad result, dare not wait for you to search there, dare not face the suffering of waiting, so come out to find a place to relax." When Xiaonian held his arm and pulled him to sit down on the stone steps beside the square, "this place is the only place where I can temporarily forget Mr palace."

Gong Ou's eyes fell on her.

She remembers his dark history so much?

"I really didn't expect that the president of Don. E would rob in the street..." When Xiaonian smiled and stared at him, "in fact, it's just some ordinary paintings."

"Why do you say those paintings are ordinary?" Gong Ou stares at her coldly. "I'm here, these paintings are priceless!"


For a long time, she asked, "but the town has been messed up by you. The adoptive father said it has been in the news. The title is all kinds of funny. If you do it again, you..."

"I can still rob!"

Gong Ou said without hesitation.

He never cares about any image. The whole world knows that he is a paranoid or a psychopath. What's wrong with robbing people on the street.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he felt mixed feelings, and leaned his head on his shoulder. "Gong ou, you will spoil me like this."

Don't make her everything so tall.

Obviously not.

"You also know I love you" Gong Ou looks down at her, and she tries her best to rectify him.

"Gong ou, can I dance for you?"

When small read suddenly said.

"Can you dance?" Gong Ou looks at her incredulously.

Let's forget her dancing skills. She's too stiff to waltz.

"When I was resting, my mother would come to accompany me. She was interested in classical dance. I watched many videos with her and learned a little." When Xiaonian stood up eagerly, "I'll dance in the square where you embarrassed me and wash away your bad memories."

"Do you really want to jump?"

Gong Ou frowns.


Xiao Nian nods with force.

Seeing Xiaonian's confident appearance, Gong Ou squints doubtfully. Is it possible that Xiaonian has special skills that he doesn't know. Can he be gifted in classical dance and get through a little?

Gong Ou stands up from the stone steps and looks at her from the edge.

The night is dark, the light is sending out the light, the long hair of Xiaonian when the cool wind blows.

When Xiaonian stepped on the steps, stood at the place where Gong Ou robbed the painting in the daytime, turned to face Gong ou, put one hand in front of him, bowed gracefully and saluted, and his eyes were flowing with infinite gentleness


Gong ou can't help but stand up straight and stare at her with a solemn face. There is peace in her heart.

In this dark early morning, there is no other square, I want to dance for him.

In front of the statue in the square, Xiaonian raised her arms and put them in a good-looking position. She stood on tiptoe, with one slender leg in a circle, and slowly lifted up to dance classical.

Originally, there was no special technology.

It turns out that she always dances with an indescribable rigidity.

Sure enough, no surprise.


Gong ouqing coughs, lowers his head and laughs. His lips are in a deep arc. His black eyes look at her deeply, without interrupting her dance.

Shi Xiaonian is seriously dancing the unsightly classical dance.

Gong Ou stood there with smiling eyes. The light lengthened his tall figure and warmed the cold night.

When I was reading a book, I was dancing. I looked at Gong Ou inquisitively. Gong Ou was smiling. His face was set off by the light, which was handsome and sexy.

Close out.

When Xiaonian put up his stiff legs and stood under the statue.



Gong Ou looks at her with a smile, which is very meaningful.

There is not a word.

The air was full of embarrassment.

The wind is embarrassed.

When Xiaonian bit his lips, "is it so ugly?"

She knows that her dancing is not good-looking. She just wants to cover up Gong Ou's memory of embarrassment with her own embarrassment. There must be a comment on her beauty. It's so quiet She was embarrassed.

Gong Ou held up his arms, lifted his thin lips slightly, and said naturally, "don't you know that you don't look bad in my eyes?"

All of a sudden, the love words made the whole bone frame of Xiaonian crisp. She bowed her head and chuckled.

It'll be tantalizing, too.

"For the first time, I found the classical dance very beautiful." "It seems that I will see more of this kind of dance in the future," Gong said


"Why are the artists who are active in the dance industry still living on the street?"


When small read hurriedly interrupts him, "stop and stop, you again so boast go down I float up."

Words fall, Gong Ou suddenly a few steps forward, reach out and circle her into her arms, hold tightly.

"What do you do?"

When small read at a loss.

"How can a woman who dances so well float her away?" Gong Ou holds her tightly, his jaw is on her head, and his tone is deadly.

When Xiaonian was boasted that his feet were soft, and his voice was soft for several times, "Gong ou, you are too exaggerated."

She can't stand to boast so much.