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Chapter 219 moving back to his bedroom

"Why do you think so? Want to eat me? " Gong Ou stared into her eyes.

The shape of her eyes is very beautiful, the curve is like the moon, bright and bright.

After staring at his handsome face for a long time, shixiaonian turned to his head and asked, "then no one will scold you for picking up a broken shoe?"

Words fall, her forehead was gong Ou mercilessly play next, Gong Ou twisted eyebrow to stare at her, "what broken shoes? Is the woman that my palace Europe is fond of worn shoes? "

After scolding her, Gong Ou realizes that the woman is still nervous about his reputation. She is afraid that he will be scolded for picking up broken shoes.

She was scolded by others, but worried about him.

Gong Ou's eyes slowly gathered deep affection. For a while, he sat beside her and said with a serious face, "shixiaonian said what he should say and did what he should do. Is it right now?"


When small read a face at a loss.

Do they have any business to do?

Three minutes later, shixiaonian was dragged into the room by Gong ou. He held high and ordered her to "move all your personal belongings to my bedroom!"

Do you want to be in such a hurry? Just finish the appointment of January ahead of time, we will live together.

When Xiaonian touched some hot ears, he whispered, "actually It's not that urgent. "

She felt that men and women should be allowed to live together and move things step by step. There was always something different in her mind.

"You don't move?"

Seeing this, Gong Ou frowned at once.

"Not without moving, not in a hurry." When small read bite lips.

"Do you want to move? If you don't move, I'll smash you all! " Gong Ou glared at her, with an angry face. "I've done so much for you, and you dare to wriggle! I did so much for nothing, didn't I? When I was young, I thought "

" well, I'll move it. "

When Xiaonian couldn't stand his roar, he hurriedly begged for mercy.

"It's almost like that!" Gong Ou raised his hand and looked at the time on the watch. "I'll give you 20 minutes, and I'll blow everything if I can't move it all!"


He doesn't break the furniture every day, does he?

When Xiaonian had to start to pack up his things, close the laptop and hand it to Mr palace, "help me put it on the desk in Gong Ou's bedroom, do you know the way?"

"Yes, I have a storage path."

R palace took over the computer and nodded, said in an electronic voice, then turned away.

When Xiaonian continued to stay to clean up, picked up the painting paper beside her, and was about to leave when she saw Gong Ou standing there by the European style wardrobe, her hands carefree in her trouser bag, full of the atmosphere of caring for the best, and glanced at her lazily.

"Don't you help me move?"

He asked in confusion.

"Why should I help you move?"

Gong Ou asked me bluntly.

“……” When Xiaonian was asked, he couldn't refute. He said, "yes, you are the eldest young master. You don't need to move. I'll move."

"It's not a matter of whether you are a young master or not. It's you who are going to move to this room. Now of course, you move back by yourself. I can't condone this kind of behavior!" Gong oudao, stretched out his hand ring and arms, and he was lazy.


He even said that the young master's temper was so reasonable and reasonable. When Xiaonian didn't admire him, he couldn't do it.

Next, Gong Ou stood like this, watching her and Mr Gong run and move things back and forth.

When Xiaonian was tired of walking, he was out of breath when he went back to the room for the last time.

"You dare not move out of my bedroom!"

Gong Ou picks her eyebrows and looks evil.


When Xiaonian was so tired that she didn't want to talk to him, she went into the bathroom and put the toothbrush cup into the storage box, and put the skin care products into it. She saw a change when she turned around.

Gong Ou stood by the wall and stared at the towel she had hung there. The slender hand picked up the towel and put it under her nose and smelled it.

"What are you doing?"

When I read the black line.

After smelling it, Gong Ou put it down in disappointment and said, "it's washed. It doesn't taste like you."

The maid at home is too clean.


Good change t.

What does a bath towel smell like.

Xiaonian immediately took the bath towel and hung it on his arm, saying, "well, I have nothing to take, that's all."

As he said this, Xiaonian left the room with the storage box in his arms. He couldn't help looking back at the room where she had lived for more than ten days, and was slapped on the forehead by Gong ou. "Don't look, do you want to come back?"

"Can't you have a look?"

When I was young, I was speechless. Should he be so domineering?

She should have told him that her second request had not been met and that he had not changed his character.

But it's more than enough for him to give up marriage.

Forget it.

Her adult has never been paranoid.

When Xiaonian went out with his things in his arms, a servant happened to come by. When he saw them, he immediately bowed his head, "master, Miss Shi."

"Tell Fengde to seal this room and nail the door to death!"

Gong Ou says in a cold voice.

"Yes, sir." The servant answered.

Shi Xiaonian is hugged by Gong ou and leaves. He is helpless. "Do you want to waste it? Do you know how expensive the house price is now? "

"Do you have anything to do with me? I have money!"

Gong Ou shrugs with indifference.


When I was young, I hated the rich.

When entering Gong Ou's bedroom, Xiao Nian goes to the bathroom, puts things in, and puts the toothbrush cup beside Gong Ou's cup.

Two toothbrushes are neck to neck, like two sweet lovers. Xiaonian can't help smiling.

She and Gong ou can even go to this step.

It's like a dream to be an official lover.

When Xiaonian put everything in place, he watched his personal belongings invade Gong Ou's field, smiled and walked out of the bathroom. Gong Ou stood at the door and stared at her directly.

"It's done."

Xiaonian clapped and said.

"After finishing, what should I do next?" Gong Ou leaned against the door, slightly lowered his face, a pair of black eyes staring at her deeply, red and naked.

"What to do?"

When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

"Guess what I want to do?" Gong Ou's thin lips are slightly raised, his voice is full of a sense of dumb surname, and his Adam's knot is rolling up and down.

Shi Xiaonian has known him for a while. How can he not understand what his eyes represent.

But in the daytime, he would never want to

When small read Eye Bead son a turn, don't understand intentionally, say, "are you hungry? Then I'll make you something to eat. "

As he said this, Xiao Nian took the road and ran away. Before he ran two steps, he was stopped and pulled back.

"Still want to go?" Gong Ou forcibly pulls her back to her arms, arms across her waist, lowers her head and lips, pastes her face, breathes vaguely and sprays on her face, "I'm hungry, but you should know what I want to eat!"

He spoke with his lips on her face.

When small read immediately red face, also did not have time to speak was a hold by Gong ou, throw directly to the bed.


When small read low cry, Gong Ou bent down to press to her, black eyes directly stare at her face, in her lips to bite.

"Hiss" - when "

I frown with pain." what do you bite me for? "

"What do you say I do?" Gong Ou stares at her angrily. "No woman has ever dared to ask me so much. If I didn't like you, I would have thrown you out."


When Xiaonian lay there and touched his lips, he couldn't help but ask, "do you want me just because you see me well?"


"Then do you want to see the garbage?" Asked shixiaonian.

He's a real paranoid.

"Yes! You're a heap of rubbish, and I want it! "

Gong Ou kisses her mouth arrogantly, invades her soft lips wildly, the fire tongue attacks the volume, turns and sucks in her mouth wantonly, twists and turns.

When small read enemy not on his kissing skills, gradually in his arms into a pool of soft water.

Gong Ou suddenly grabs her hand, opens her mouth, and rolls her tongue. When Xiaonian cannot help shivering, he looks at him vaguely. "Don't make any noise, Gong ou, don't do this..."

He always likes to kiss her hand.

It makes her feel like she's been hit by an electric current every time.

"That's what I do!"

Gong Ou's black eyes stared at her deeply, and announced domineering that he would kiss her one by one by holding her thin and white fingers, which was ambiguous and affectionate.

When Xiaonian can't stand to push him straight, his body quivers, his soft face is red, like dripping blood, his eyes are lost, as if his mind is gone.

Gong Ou looks at her like this. Her thin lips are curved. Her face is handsome and evil. Her voice is deadly. "How can I love you so much, Xiaonian?"

Her hands are just the best.

He likes it!

Gong Ou stops teasing her and kisses her lips again. At the moment, Xiao Nian is totally lost in his mind. His body is as boneless as he is allowed to bathe.

Gong Ou holds her lips and kisses her skillfully. Her long fingers slowly descend along her arms and reach under her

When small read in his body only left light chant.


Day and night after the reversal of the joy, when small read lying in Gong Ou's arms a little strength is gone, the whole person soft to lean on his chest.

It was daytime, but she was sleepy.

Suddenly, she felt an extra hand on her flat stomach. She frowned and closed her eyes, saying, "Gong ou, please let me go. Don't bother me. Please."

How many times did he ask her to come back? He overbearing that he would make up the blank time before.

She really can't help. He's full of energy. She can't.

Her voice was as soft as before, with no strength at all.

The voice makes Gong Ou tense again. He just endures it. He knows that she can't go down any more. She has reached her limit.

He put his arm around her and put his hand on her abdomen. "Why haven't you moved here? Why don't you have a baby? "

Gong Ou waited too long for her to get pregnant.

When he heard his voice, Xiaonian opened his eyes in a daze, and the voice was soft and soft, "I don't know either."

"Did you steal the medicine?"