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Chapter 544 a loving kidnapper

He seems to have tried to surrender her to his control, both before and now.


Gong Ou stares at her and looks around calmly. There is really no place for shixiaonian to step on. He turns his eyebrows and bends down in front of shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian looked at him and frowned, "I can't step on it so high."

Does he understand squatting?

"Who let you step on it!" Gong Ou squints at her, "I'll carry you on my back, and it's almost there."

“…… "Oh."

When small read understand his meaning, touch nose, climb up his back, "give me that red brush."

Gong Ou handed her a paintbrush dipped in paint. He held her legs in his hands and held them up. His fingers were on the inside of her thighs through her pants.

When small read some uneasily moved the body.

"Don't move. Concentrate on painting."

Gong Ou scolds her in a cold voice.


I don't know if it's because of illness. When Xiaonian felt her face was a little hot. She hooked Gong Ou's neck with one hand and held up a high brush to draw on the wall with the other.

Gong Otto tall her, let her draw more easily.


When Xiaonian was drawing and coughing, she insisted on drawing.

Gong Ou carries her on his back, turns his head and looks up at her. Xiaonian's face is getting worse and worse. His lips are pale without any blood color, and his eyelids are drooping all the time. It can be seen that they are all strong there.

Gong Ou's eyebrows are frowning and tightening.

"Can you do it?"

Asked Gong ou.

"Nothing." When small read to say with empty spirit, continue to draw on the wall, she one hand hooks his neck, suddenly low ground sigh a line, "Gong ou, I like to be carried by you."

She likes this sense of steadiness.


Gong Ou stands in front of the wall, his chest shakes, and what mood flashes in his black eyes. "Do you really like the former Gong Ou?"


When Xiao Nian was painting, his voice was low and she couldn't hear him clearly.

"If you let the former Gong Ou come back, would you be much happier than now?" Asked Gong ou, in a low voice.

When Xiaonian's attention was all on the painting, Wen Yan, she didn't think more about the tunnel, "maybe."

"Why do you dislike me so much?"

Gong continued.

When Xiaonian rowed the kite pattern, smelling the words, her movement was sluggish, and she said weakly, "I don't dislike you, I just can't accept your change. A little to the left. "


Gong Ou takes a step to the left.

When Xiaonian continued to draw, drawing has consumed her energy, making her speak more powerless. "Gong ou, I've experienced many things in these four years. When my parents died, I missed you so much. When your parents took away the twins, I missed you. I always wanted to fight with your parents and fight for twins."


"But I can't think about it. It's your parents. You're no longer here. How can I make them more sad? If they want twins, let them have them." When the voice of small read like floating in the wind, weak without a little power, "but I'm really sad, I always have nothing."


Gong Ou carries her back, her black eyes are more and more heavy, and her eyes are gradually lowered.

"The more things I experience, the more I miss you." When Xiaonian was painting, he said, "your appearance, your voice and your character have been fixed in my mind for four years. When you come back from your sudden cure, cough, I'm in a mess. "


Gong Ou is silent and dignified, listening to her weak voice quietly.

"I don't hate you now, Gong ou, but you know, I love you like that for so many years, I was going to love until I died." When Xiaonian described the kite, he coughed several times again, and then continued after a long time, "but then you come back, like a changed person."


"Gong ou, can you give me some time?" "Give me time, maybe I can do well," said Shi Xiaonian softly

Maybe she can fall in love with this kind of character which is totally different from before. Maybe she can live according to his thinking, and be a good lady who doesn't disturb him and pesters him, and stay at home obediently.

"What if you can't?"

Gong Ou asked, his voice is not as cold as before.

"I......" When the time is small, the words are blocked.

"You have regarded me as another person since the beginning. If you really fall in love with me, do you change your mind or not?" Asked Gong ou.


Shi Xiaonian can't speak. She seems to be in a strange circle again. Her head hurts.

When the alarm set by the mobile phone rings, Xiaonian is drawing the last stroke. The color on the wall is colorful, beautiful, and the color structure is jumping off. It's very joyful.

She was relieved and finished on time.

When Xiaonian was relieved, she lost all her strength. As soon as her fingers were loosened, her brush fell to the ground. She fell on Gong Ou's back and breathed weakly.

Gong Ou listens to her breath rhythm not quite right, cannot help but frown, "how are you?"

"I'm done with the painting." When small read lying on his back reluctantly smiled, "back in the car, I'm thirsty."

"Why didn't you say that before?"

Gong Ou's voice is suddenly cold. She has been drawing for two hours. Gong ou will go with her back.

On the way back, I saw a family of three coming from the opposite side. The young couple pushed the wheelchair. The little girl, about six years old, was sitting in the wheelchair. She was wearing thick clothes and holding the hat on her head. She had a lovely little face, smiling all the time, but her face was pale, worse than when she read it.

It looks like they live here at will.

And the house near here is only a small villa. The owner comes back.

When Xiaonian nervously hugged Gong Ou's neck, the young couple looked at them with dismay. The little girl in the wheelchair pointed to him and said, "are you sick, Auntie?"


When Xiaonian only had time to show a smile to her, Gong Ou walked on with her back.

The phone rings.

Gong Ou takes out her mobile phone to make a phone call, when Xiaonian lies on his back and hears the voice of Feng de coming from his mobile phone, "young master, I have investigated the small villa resident you are in. It's just an ordinary family living in a family of three, and there is no special place. The only special thing may be that their little daughter is suffering from leukemia. There is not much time left. "


Wen Yan, when small read stay.

"I see." Gong Ou hangs up the phone and wants to leave. When Xiaonian says weakly, "I'll have a look."

Gong Ou stops and turns her head on her back. Xiaonian slowly raises his head on his back and looks up.

I saw that the couple had pushed their daughter to the south wall and saw the colorful colors on the wall. The little girl cried happily, "Wow, it's so beautiful, rainbow house, I have rainbow house, it's so wonderful!"

As she spoke, the girl grabbed the wool cap on her head and showed a little bald head.

When Xiaonian looked at the little girl, her heart contracted like something was holding her.

When the young couple saw their daughter happy, they also understood that they drew it. When they turned around, Xiao Nian and Gong Ou bowed a long way.


When small read very bad taste.

"Let's go."

Gong Ou's voice was deep and deep. When he was carrying it, Xiao Nian left. From afar, there was a little girl's laughter like a silver bell.

"Why did the kidnappers do this?" The voice of Xiaonian is very light.

"Maybe he's a caring kidnapper."

Gong Ou sneers at the tunnel.


Love, love will not kidnap twins.

But when Xiaonian vaguely understood that they met the kidnappers who did not walk the normal way this time.

When Xiaonian is carried to the car by Gong ou, the kidnapper's phone hasn't called yet. She reaches for the thermos cup and draws it for two hours in a row. Her weak body is worse, and her hands are shaking.

No sooner had she picked up the thermos than it fell off.

Gong Ou sits in from the other side of the car, grabs the thermos cup quickly, and black eyes take a look at her. He reaches out to open the cup cover and hands the cup to her lips.

When Xiaonian leaned on his seat, he wanted to raise his face to drink, but he didn't even have the strength to move.

But she was really thirsty.

When Xiaonian sipped her lips and tried her best to drink water, she still couldn't do it. She sat there discouraged, dizzy, and the things in front of her eyes were stained with a hazy edge, so she couldn't see clearly.

"Would you please dip a little water on my lips?"

She said weakly, her lips dry as if they were about to burn.

"Can you hold on?"

Asked Gong ou, in a low voice.

"I can stand it. I won't fall until I see the twins." Said shixiaonian weakly.

Gong Ou's eyes turned and looked around for cotton swabs. There were no cotton swabs in the car, not even paper towels. He looked at her lips, and they were peeling.

She sat there with a dying look, and he was not surprised that she would faint in the next second.


So thirsty.

When small read moved lips, eyelids a little bit to droop.

Why hasn't the kidnapper called? She's finished painting.

Suddenly, she was scooped into a bosom. When Xiaonian opened her eyes, she saw Gong Ou holding the thermos cup in one hand, drinking water with his head up, lowering his head abruptly and kissing her dry lips.


When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock, the blood in his eyes was obvious.

She has pneumonia.

When small read subconsciously to struggle, but there is no strength at all, Gong Ou's dark eyes stare at her deeply, press her lips strongly, and ferry the warm water into her mouth.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly and swallowed the water in his mouth.

Gong Ou goes to drink the water in the thermos again, kisses it again, locks her lips firmly, and feeds it to her in the way of mouth to mouth again.

After two drinks, Xiaonian is no longer so thirsty. She even feels that the whole person is hot.

Gong Ou hugged her, took her shoulder in one hand, and let her rest in his arms. "Do you want to do it?"

He asked, staring at her, in a hoarse, sexy voice.