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Chapter 750 repayment of injury in the current year


When small read silence.

She's all right now, and she's sure she won't be the same again.

"Xiaonian." Gong Yu calls her name in a low voice. When Xiaonian looks up at him, his face is not very beautiful. Gong Yu sighs gently and says, "no matter what decision Gong Ou makes this time, I hope you can support him."


When Xiaonian asked, how could she support and how could she do it.

"I believe you know better than anyone how much he hates Lori's request." Gong Yu said, "but at the same time, I believe no one knows better than you how much Gong Ou loves you."


When hearing this, Xiaonian was shocked. Yeah, no one knows better than her. It's because she knows that she can't let Gong ouhu go.

Gong Yu stood beside her and clapped her on the shoulder. "Xiaonian, let him do it. It's him paying back the damage he did to you."

"Those are gone."

"But in Gong Ou's heart, there is no past. Otherwise, he would not even choose to endure such absurd demands as Luo lie." Gong Ou's temper is not unknown to them. In normal times, Luo lie was thrown out without saying a word.

How could he have been allowed to make such a wanton request here.

After all, it's because of Xiaonian, or because of the suffering that Xiaonian suffered.


When Xiaonian looked down, she couldn't bear to see Gong ou and Luo lie. She guessed what kind of choice Gong Ou would make.

Her long eyelashes moved slightly under the light, her soft lips pressed out a pale touch, and her voice suddenly became a little hoarse, "I don't want him to do that."

Don't say her heart disease may have gone, even if it really still exists, she doesn't want him to sell himself.

"That's him."

Gong Yu tries his best to persuade Shi Xiaonian. He also understands that Gong ou will choose to agree if he can bear it.


Gong Yu said that this is the completion of Gong ou.

Cheng Quan wants to make up for his mistakes.

What about her?

What does she do? Is what she thinks completely ignored?

Gong ou and Luo lie came back side by side. Luo lie still stood there with a cold face. He raised his hand slightly and invited them to take a seat. When he looked at them with eyes, he said proudly and coldly, "he has agreed to my request."

As a result, shixiaonian was not surprised, but she was still cruel and had a bad pain. She reached out and took Gong Ou's hand.

Ten fingers clasped.


She tried to stand up and say something, but Gong Ou held her hand tighter. He used some strength, and she couldn't speak because of the pain.

"I have several requests."

Gong Ou suddenly raised his face and looked at Luo lie. There was not much expression on a handsome face. The soft eyebrow peak and thick lens blocked all the violence in his daily life, and his voice was also deliberately weakened.

"You said."

In the face of Gong ou, Luo lie's lips are slightly hooked, like a smile.

When Xiaonian saw it dazzling.

"First, I don't want any physical contact with you. I love my wife." Gong Ou sat there and said.

The radian of Luo lie's lip angle is deep. I can't deny it. I reach for a glass of wine and put it on my lips.

"Second, I can associate with you in these six days, but my wife must be beside me."

Gong Ou said.

Hearing this, Lori's smile finally fell and said, "what kind of association is this? I don't want to see you stay here for six days."

"I just want her around." Gong Ou Dao, the weak sound quality can't hear anything strong, only one stubborn.

Probably, it is such an image that reminds Lori of his predecessor.

I knew that I shouldn't have designed such an image for Gong ou, but I could make so many right and wrong.

Lori sat on the sofa, his brow slightly twisted, turned his eyes and looked at Xiaonian. He was dissatisfied, but he still said, "then I hope you don't disturb us."

"He's my husband!"

When small read cannot help but way, unexpectedly say with her hope don't disturb them? What a funny joke.

"He and I will be together for six days, and you will have a lifetime later. Can't you bear six days?" Lori asked, looking at her as if she were a rival in love. "Besides, you don't object very strongly. It can prove that you love yourself more."

She doesn't object violently because she's listening to Gong ou. He's always leading her and he won't let her object.

How does she want to lift the coffee table in front of her eyes? Who knows?

"It seems that you don't care. Do you dominate him like this?" Lori said that he meant to hold injustice for Gong ou.


When Xiaonian looks at Luo lie in silence, and tries to endure the depression in her heart. She decides to have a good talk after going back. Gong Ou is tolerating it, and she also tolerates it.

If she tore her face now, Gong Ou would not be happy.

All of a sudden, she looked up Gong Ou's glasses and said, "Dr. Luo, I hope you can talk and talk. In six days, you can cure my wife's disease. If you don't, I will pay you back at all costs. "

Every word is Gong Ou's style, but his tone is too weak to hear a bit of awe.

So Lori listened and smiled. He looked at Gong Ou's short light hair and said with a smile, "Why are you so cute as to threaten people?"



Gong Yu is silent.


When small read silence.


Gong Ou sat there with a gentle face, his expression unchanged, his lips slightly hooked and smiling. Looking at Lori's face, he was turning over a hundred ways of killing doctors.

Seeing that they didn't speak, Lori rarely looked at them in a good mood and asked, "why, has no one ever praised him so much?"

"Ha ha."

Gong Yu looks at Luo lie and smiles, thinking that you should see Gong Ou's posture when he throws furniture and scolds people. It's more lovely.

In order to prevent Lori from continuing to flirt with the lion disguised as a rabbit, Gong Yu turned to the topic and asked, "how did you break up with your ex and he dumped you?"

Smell speech person, Luo lie's eyes darkened, put the cup back in the hand, low eyes stare at the cup and say, "in fact, it's not my predecessor."


Gong Gu picks his eyebrows.

"I told him that he liked someone else, and then he left." Lori said, raising his eyes to laugh at himself, "now I don't know whether he is happy or not."

Shi Xiaonian listened quietly. The story was a little sad, but he didn't get the love of others, so he threatened Gong ou. He was an abnormal doctor.

"I see." Gong Yu nodded and said nothing more.

Lori's eyes were calm, and he gave a faint "hum", turning his eyes to the dancing crowd nearby, and said, "don't you go dancing?"

"No jump."

Shi Xiaonian said, with a cold tone.

Lori also ignored her, took her as the air, only looked at Gong ou, Gong Ou said, "I don't jump either."

With that, Gong Ou clenched Xiaonian's hand.

"Oh." Lori smiled coldly. He got up from the sofa and said to them, "in that case, let's go back. I've arranged your room for the servant."


It seems that he has been determined to associate with Gong ou for a long time.

When Xiaonian was more disgusted, he got up from the sofa and said to him, "we have reserved a room in the hotel. We don't need to stay with you."

"It doesn't matter if you don't live. He can live."

Lori looks at Gong ou.


Gong Ou looks at Luo lie calmly. There are 500 ways to kill doctor Luo in his mind.

"He can't live either." When small read to say immediately, this Luo lie is endless, right, also want Gong ou to sleep with him a room? Metamorphosis!

"Do you always like to control your husband's thoughts?" In Lori's opinion, Shi Xiaonian likes to control Gong ou. Gong ou will take a look at what he says first, as if waiting for instructions.

"You know he's my husband, too?"

He asked coldly.

"Don't worry, I said, don't go to bed, just socialize with me for six days." Lori said, raising her eyes and reading, "what I've prepared for you is a room. I'm not as jealous as you are. I only need six days. In addition, if you are here, I can observe you more and diagnose you more correctly. "


He's generous?

When Xiaonian looked at him speechless, she was so tired to talk with people who were different from Sanguan. She refused again, and she was held by Gong Oula. Gong Ou looked at her with gentle eyes. "Let's live then."

Listening to Gong Ou's voice of completely modifying his nature, Xiao Nian's heart and mouth hurt again.

She knew that Gong Ou was shaken by Lori's last words.

She's driving Gong Ou crazy with a pregnancy.

"Well, let's go." Lori said, turning around, Gong Yu stood there, took off his coat and put it on his arm, saying, "I won't go there."

"You're not with me? I don't lack a room in luozhai. "

Luolie cold tunnel.

"No, I haven't been to little Chinatown for a long time. I'll go around." Gong Yu said, "I'll come back after the turn."

He can't watch this farce for six days. It's really a big play. He'd better take a quick heart pill and be ready to save the scene at any time.

"It's up to you."

Lori said coldly, turning away coldly.

After waiting for Luo lie to leave first, Gong Yu looked at Gong ou and them with some worries, frowning, "OK, six days."

For such a long time, Gong Ou has a paranoid personality disorder. Although his endurance is amazing, it can't be said that if he touches a point, he will explode directly.

"You can't!"

Gong Ou snorts, puts his hand on Xiaonian's shoulder and hugs her to leave.

Gong Yu stood at the same place, shook his head and sighed. Alas, it's nice to have someone who can make himself reckless and do anything absurd.

It's really good.


When Xiaonian and Gong Ou followed Luo lie back to the huge Luo house, she didn't talk all the way.