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Chapter 207 I used to have a dog


How dare he say so brazenly?

When Xiaonian sat in the back, he was depressed and embarrassed. "I'm really a dog in your eyes. How can you do this? Do you know how to respect people?"

Think of her as a dog.

Gong Ou drives the car and looks at her in the rearview mirror. She looks very angry and says in a low voice, "I used to have a dog."

"Do you have a dog for such a loveless person?"

When Xiaonian blurted out and deliberately stimulated him, no one would like to see her as a dog.

Gong Ou said coldly, "I told the dog not to walk around. He had to walk around. I bought him a collar to put on, but before I put it on, he was killed by the car."


When Xiaonian was stunned, he looked at him in a dazed way.

He told a story in one sentence? A dog and sad story?

When Xiaonian sat there, he suddenly didn't know what to say. Gong Ou said angrily, "you are the same as that dog. You don't let you go. You have to go, and you are scarred! I'm not the last to pick you up! "


When small read silent, weak ground looks at him.

Is it because his dog was hit by a car that he was still scared? When he knew that she was going to leave him, he was so angry that he even told her to put on the dog collar?

"Do you think you are as stupid as that dog? If you don't stay by my side, you have to run! " Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"You have a lot of feelings for that dog, don't you?" "What's its name?" he asked, leaning forward slightly

Gong Ou seems to be domineering and unreasonable, but he will devote himself to his feelings. That's how the dog was killed. He must be sad.

"Don't tell you!"

Gongou cold tunnel.

When small read lips, "you have not let me go, because you are afraid of my injury?"

He was afraid that she would be like that dog, because she ran around and was killed when she left him.


Gong Ou snorts and doesn't speak.

When Xiaonian guessed at it, she suddenly couldn't get angry with Gong ou. She looked at Gong Ou's figure and said earnestly for a while, "Gong ou, I am a person. I will pay attention to traffic safety and not let myself go wrong."

She comforted him and reassured him.

"Hum." Gong Ou is proud and charming again. "Don't you have an accident? How many times have you hurt that hand? How many times have you been killed? How many times have you been counted? "


When small read silence, can not refute.

"Shixiaonian, you are the safest beside me! No one dares to touch you with me! " Gong ou can't live without a trace. He holds the steering wheel in his long hand.

"When small read rubs his foot light voice way," then if one day you come down from the peak, people can't be the peak all their lives

He is at his best now, but not necessarily later.

Who can guarantee the prosperity of his life.

"I am the pinnacle of my life!"

Gong Ou's tone was arrogant to the extreme, but he took it for granted, as if there was no problem with his words.

"All right." When Xiaonian couldn't talk with such a pretentious person as him, he sat in the back seat and said, "hurry up, driver, I have to go back to sleep."

Gong Ou looks at her in the rearview mirror and says, "I'm crazy, right? Don't forget, I'm up, you're down! "

This is the way they get along.

"yes, yes, President, you are in the top, you has the final say."

Shi Xiaonian said that people lean back and look at the backward scenery outside the window. Thinking of what Gong Ou just said, he repeated again, "Gong ou, that dog has gone to another world and has his own life. You don't have to worry too much about it. And I, I will protect myself, really, no matter we are together or apart, I will take care of myself, you don't have to worry. "

Her voice is clear and soft.

Just like Xia Bian said, how can the palace family accept her? Even if he can't give up the marriage, even if they have to separate, she will protect herself well and won't let him worry.

Gong Ou hears the words and turns to stare at her directly. There is anger in her eyes. Every word comes out of her mouth, "Fen - you - Mei!"

Don n. E. president actually said dirty words to her.


When small read black line, just a little emotional signs disappeared in an instant.

Gong Ou drives to the side of the road outside the imperial castle, followed by a line of luxury cars to stop.

"Change trains."

Gong Ou said.

"Why? Don't you drive in? " He asked in confusion.

"Such a cheap and ugly taxi will affect the overall layout of my family, absolutely not!" Gongou cold Su tunnel, push open the door to get off.

Because she wanted to take a taxi, he had forced himself to drive a taxi.

I also want to drive this car into his house. It's impossible. He can't put everything in his house.


When small read to stay.

Does a taxi affect the overall layout? Empire castle so, where's the impact? Is this another characteristic of paranoia?

When small read deep into speechless, from the car down, limping.

Gong Ou came to her and said, "the fare, it's time to pay!"


When small read stupefied next.

"A woman's kiss." Gong Ou points to his thin lips and black eyes. It's like if you don't kiss me, I'll kill you.


I almost forgot this.

When Xiaonian touched his ears, "there are many women in the castle, which one do you want? How about Aunt Wang in the kitchen? Her lips are the most popular kiss lips nowadays "Well."

Before she finished speaking, she was hugged by Gong ou. Gong Ou bowed to her lips and kissed her domineering.

When Xiaonian struggles to drive a little, stares at him and says, "you are robbing the fare."

"It's a robbery!"

Gong Ou then kisses her lips. He tries hard and crazily to pry her lips open with skill, provoking her to be passionate and provoking her to respond.

When Xiaonian was kissed and blindfolded for a while, he slowly extended his hand around Gong Ou's neck and raised a thin leg unconsciously.

On the opposite side of the road, a white sports car stopped there, without turning on the light, and disappeared in the dark.

There is a handsome man in the driver's seat, with noble temperament and soft features. A pair of narrow eyes look across the window at the men and women kissing each other, and the hand holding the steering wheel shrinks sharply.

Mu qianchu sat in the car and watched the scene quietly, calculating the time of kissing for them in his heart.

Minutes and seconds.

Little by little time passes.

The person who kisses selflessly doesn't notice that there is another person on the other side of the road.


Jealousy gradually appeared in the eyes of admirers.

All of this should have been his. The man around shixiaonian should have been him. When he was 13 years old, he came to shixiaonian's home. He accompanied shixiaonian every day.

He is the one she should love.

But he is not as good as Gong ou. She does not have gong Ou's status or power. Therefore, her choice is not him.

If Gong Ou is the one who can't get up after being hit on the ground, Xiao Nian's choice will be him.

Mu qianchu looks at it, his teeth are gradually clenched, and his face is full of hatred.

Suddenly, he stepped on the accelerator and the sports car sped forward.

Mu qianchu drives his car back to Mu's manor. Since he intentionally killed himself and got out of trouble, his parents no longer over stimulate him or put him under house arrest.

He originally wanted to clarify the incident for Shi Xiaonian, but now she's doing well and hasn't been affected by the public opinion at all.

Junior three.

She didn't want to be his man, but she was willing to go to Gong Ou's side. How could someone like Gong Ou be willing to give her a home.

She's so stupid.

When muqianchu returned to Mu's manor, he got out of the car in a bit of a loss of soul. In front of him was a picture of Xiaonian and Gong Ou kissing.

"Young master, Miss Shi is here." A servant came out and bowed his head to report to Mu qianchu.

"When I read it?"

The first reaction of Mu qianchu is Shi Xiaonian. Then he comes to me. How could Shi Xiaonian appear here beside Gong Ou now.

The servant explained, "it's Miss Shier. She said she has something important to discuss with you. The master asked the master to see her once."


Mu qianchu's eyes were cold and he thought for a moment and went to the main room.

In the huge living room, Shidi and her agent are sitting on the sofa. Shidi is dressed in a gorgeous and fashionable way. Her makeup is exquisite on one face. Her facial features are especially perfect under the light. She can't see any pores.

The flute was teasing a golden dog by the leg.

"Master mu."

The agent stands up from the sofa, nods to Mu qianchu, and stands behind the sofa.

When hearing the voice, the flute looked up and saw mu qianchu immediately with a happy and sweet smile. When she saw the indifference on mu qianchu's face, her smile also faded.

Mu qianchu walked to her coldly, his voice was as cold as a stranger. "What can I do for you?"

"Qianchu, are you ok?" Shi Di stands up from the sofa and looks at him affectionately. "I read the news and say you..."

When she looked down, she saw a piece of gauze on mu qianchu's wrist. When the flute immediately grabbed his hand anxiously, the voice choked. "I thought it was the media's exaggeration. You really cut your wrist. How can you do this?"

How can he hurt himself.


Mu qianchu pushed away her hand and said coldly, "if you have nothing else to do, you can go."

Say, mu qianchu turns around.

When the flute was born with a baby voice behind him, it sounded, "what are you so indifferent to me? You cut your wrists for the sake of small thoughts. How about her? She's not here, is she


Hearing this, mu qianchu's face became colder.

"At the beginning of the thousand years, shixiaonian was playing with you. Her heart is very big. How can you satisfy her appetite? She has been in collusion with Gong ou for a long time!" When the flute continued to say, stimulating mu qianchu.


Muqianchu's side hand clenched.

Shidi goes on to say, "don't be silly, qianchu. Shixiaonian is not as pure as you think. She thinks that taking care of you is like taking care of a pet. She gives you some food to eat and makes you die for her. You Ah --