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Chapter 905 a relaxed and pleasant journey back to school

"No!" Gong Ou refused while unbuttoning his clothes. He would never allow himself to do such a stupid thing.

"Then I don't want to go either."

Said Shi Xiaonian.


Gong Ou's action of undressing was frozen instantly.


The next day, when the sun came in from the window, Xiaonian was sitting in front of the small table in green and white school uniform, tying up her hair with ponytail, and the sun fell on her face particularly white.

When she got up, she asked Mr palace to collect some information. Her adoptive parents had been released by Gong ou. However, life and death are still uncertain.

Xiaonian is not worried about this uncertain life and death. As she said, Gong Ou won't do anything to make her sad since she says she can't be unhappy, so she believes that he won't do anything to Mu qianchu.

But Gong Ou is really confused about what she wants to do.

Forget it, don't think about it. There will always be a chance for Gong ou to slowly pull something out of his mouth.

Today is the first time Gong Ou wants to go to the old school with her after coming to her hometown. Then go happily. She can't disappoint her.

Yesterday's suffering, she also relaxed a lot, at least, Gong Ou did not make her entrusted to Mu qianchu.

When I think of it, Xiaonian smiles on his face, fiddles with his ponytail and blinks. It's nice and energetic.


The door of a room was opened.

When Xiaonian looked around expectantly, he saw Gong Ou slowly coming out of the door. He was wearing a green and white school uniform. He had long hands and legs, tall and tall. He was wearing a pair of sneakers on his feet. He smelled a mature face and stared at her coldly. He didn't know where to put his hands.


When Xiaonian didn't hold up, he burst out laughing and covered his lips with his hands.

In her lifetime, she can actually see Gong Ou wearing school uniform, which is a great feeling.

See her smile collapse, Gong Ou's face is blacker, pulled the school uniform on the body to stare at her way, "when small read you laugh what?"

"You seem to be the silly man in the last row when we used to do exercises, hahahaha..."

Xiao Nian couldn't laugh.

This school uniform has a particular point. A proper length of legs and hands will be very handsome, but once the length of legs and hands is too long, the limbs will be particularly silly in the school uniform.

If you don't look at Gong Ou's handsome and miserable face, she really thinks that he is the big fool in her school age.

"When - small - read!"

Gong Ou gnashed his teeth and roared out, reaching out and pulling the chain to take off.

"Don't, don't, don't." When Xiaonian hurriedly rushed to him and held his hand, "although you are too tall, but you have a good face, so this uniform is very handsome on you."


Gong Ou is ready to take off.

"Really, really." "When small read hurriedly said," this if in our previous school, you are absolutely school grass level


Gong ouleng hum, this words he obviously very well used, reached out to pull back the zipper, eyes high in the ground to glance at her, "still not go?"

"Go, go, master Gong."

When Xiaonian hugged his arm and walked out.

She led Gong Ou from the road she used to walk to the school. From afar, when Xiaonian saw the outline of the school, she couldn't help saying, "it's changed a lot. The walls are painted new."

"Well." Gong Ou replied, "now it's broken. How old was your school?"

"Please don't despise my alma mater, will you?"

When I was young, I read a black line. She was not him. She invited all kinds of high-level teachers to teach at home and went to all kinds of high schools to attend classes. She was just a teenager growing up well under the red flag.


Gong Ou responds and goes on.

"Well, it's not Sunday today. There's no one on the way." When small read some strange look around, suddenly understand come over, look at the side of Gong ou, "are you clear?"

"Do you think I'm going to make people see jokes like me?"

Gong Ou looks down at his stupid uniform.

"When small read chuckles," where stupid, very handsome very handsome, go

She walked towards the school gate with his arm in her arms. There were all kinds of stalls at the gate. There were all kinds of stalls for sale. The stallholders were all dressed in the clothes of that era.

For a moment, Xiaonian thought that he had gone through.

"Well, why are there any vendors?"

When Xiaonian walked over in surprise and approached, she found that all the vendors were bodyguards. She said, how could Gong ou not clean up properly.

She looked at Gong ou with a question in her eyes, "how do you know that I sold these things when I was a student?"

There are all kinds of calligraphy, paintings, food and schoolbag stationery.

At that time, the gate of the school was so crowded. When going to and from school, everyone would choose one from the other in front of the stall, which was more lively than downtown.

"Last night, I asked those old neighborhoods to call their children, and I heard them at will." Gong ou, these are small things.

"And you did it last night?" When small read some surprised to look at him, "you are really playing a good feeling."

"Would you like to buy something?"

Gong Ou stared at her and said there was no expression on her face.

When Xiaonian blinked and said "yes", he let go and rushed to the stall, pointed to a rotating bodyguard and shouted, "give me one, pink one."

"And this leek box. I want two!"

"Do you know how to draw calligraphy and painting, bodyguard Wang? At that time, the old man of our school would make a hidden poem in your name, and you should also make one. "

When small read excitedly in front of the stall drill up and down.

Gong Ou stood at the same place and watched her walk up and down, with her mouth in one mouth and lips in a doting arc, walking towards her.

"Student, your leek box is wrapped."

A bodyguard plays the role of the stall owner. He hands the leek box to shixiaonian.

When I read it, I handed it to Gong Ou without saying anything. I smiled and said, "Gong Xuechang, would you like to have one?"

"I don't eat leeks!"

Gong Ou looks at the leek box with disgust.

In fact, he didn't want to eat anything except the food she made.

"No student doesn't eat leek box. It's really delicious. Try one." When Xiaonian was biting, he encouraged him to eat.


Gong Ou took a decisive step back.

"Eating one doesn't mean experiencing the process of my growth? When I was a child, I especially liked this, but I didn't eat it every day because I didn't have any pocket money. " When small read said with a smile, a mouth melt, sweet silk.

"That's what you pursued as a child?"

Gong Ou looks at her with a disdainful face and resists.

"When you eat, you know it's delicious." When Xiaonian tempted him, he opened his mouth and took a bite. His black and white eyes fixed on him. "Eat it."

Gong Ou grabs her hand in front of him, lowers his head and takes a small bite, frowning all the time.


Besides, he really hates leeks.

"Well, isn't it delicious?" When Xiaonian asked expectantly, looking into her eyes, Gong Ou couldn't say no. he gave a low "hum".

Smell speech, when small read happy tunnel, "great, then these two leek boxes all for you to eat."

With that, Xiaonian put the leek box in his hand, turned around and left.


He ate it all?

Gong Ou stared at the things in his hand and felt like vomiting without eating them. He lowered his head for a long time and barely took a bite. This was what Xiao Nian had bitten. It's not hard to eat. Well, it's not hard to eat.

When Xiaonian went to the calligraphy and painting booth, "bodyguard Wang, have you finished writing?"

"Student, I don't know how to write poems with hidden heads. Can I write that Mr. Gong and Mrs. Gong have a good relationship in a hundred years?"

The bodyguard's face was full of tears.

"Poof, good, you write."

When Xiaonian bit and nodded, when he entered the school gate, he had already carried a lot of delicious food and several paintings.

Gong Ou slowly follows her and struggles with the leek box.

When Xiaonian went to the playground, the whole person was very comfortable in the sun, and the air was fresher than other places. She opened her arms and said, "Gong ou, we used to do morning exercises here every day."

Gong Ou bites leeks, looks up at the basketball frame, and frowns, "did you follow her female classmates to watch boys play basketball every day?"

He remembered an old neighborhood daughter who said that at that time, the greatest happiness of every day was watching boys play basketball.

"How do you know?" When Xiaonian looked at him in surprise, looked at the basketball board along his line of vision, covered the sun with his hands, and fell into the past memories, "I tell you, there were three school grass in our school at that time, playing basketball every day, which was very handsome!"

"Did you watch the ball or the people?"

Gong Ou's eyes strayed gloomily, unable to eat the leek box.

"Girls always watch people, but I don't come often. I like to hide and draw."

When Xiaonian said with a smile, he saw Gong Ou throw the leek box behind him as soon as the voice fell. He said coldly, "let's have a basketball."


When Xiaonian looked forward and back, there were only two of them in the open playground. She was just about to ask him who he was commanding, when she saw a bodyguard running in a hurry from a basketball in the distance.

I'm really loyal.

Can you hear the master's call so far away?

When Xiaonian looked at it strangely, he saw Gong Ou take the basketball from the bodyguard and pat it on the ground twice. Then he ran up with the basketball and rushed forward handsome. The sun plated his short hair with a light gold, and suddenly the whole man jumped up and threw the basketball out of his hand.

After a handsome dunk, Xiao Nian watched the basketball fall steadily from the basket.

“……” When Xiaonian opened his mouth in surprise and couldn't believe it, "Gong ou, can you still play basketball?"

She never knew.

It's so handsome it's falling apart.