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Chapter 558, Gong Ou provokes the situation here

Once two little guesswork also long gone.

"Tell Gong ou, let him stop. He just wants to kill me. There's no need to involve innocent people. It's too messy here."

Mu qianchu's deep voice rings behind Xiaonian.

Hearing Gong Ou's name, Xiao Nian was stunned. Looking back at them, he asked doubtfully, "what do you say?"

Seeing her like this, when Di stood beside mu qianchu, he was also stunned

"What do you know?"

Is there anything about Gong Ou in the middle?

"Don't you know that Gong Ou has provoked the situation here?" Shidi stood there and said, looking at shixiaonian in surprise, "I also wanted to tell you that it wasn't because Gong Ou was in trouble with qianchu that qianchu returned all the property. These things can't be done in a short time. It's because qianchu has been planning for the past four years, until all the forces have been turned into real estate and other properties, they can only be handed over to you once."


When Xiaonian looked at them in amazement.

The situation on the ground was provoked by Gong ou. The purpose is to make troubles against mu qianchu?

She doesn't know how Gong Ou got a hand in here? Isn't he just interested in the interests? What are the benefits for him?

"Well, stop it." When mu qianchu interrupts, he frowns.

When Di looked at him and then at Shi Xiaonian, he said nervously, "you don't know that. Then you don't think we're lying to you, do you? This is a mess that Gong Ou picked up. The information we get will be correct. "


Isn't it enough for them to cheat her?

When small read to look at them indifferently, light tunnel, "I already won't want to believe you."

She was too tired to guess their hearts.

Wen Yan, mu qianchu lowered his eyes, lowered his head slowly, and a bitter smile appeared on his lips, "I know, let's just say nothing."


When Xiaonian looked at them, if they said it was true, then she finally understood the reason why mu qianchu was in a hurry to leave Italy. He turned his power into property year by year. Gong Ou thought that he wanted to roll money to escape, so he arranged all these to force mu qianchu to spit out the money.

Mu qianchu first transferred all his property to her. He had no power to stay here. He had to go.


Shi Xiaonian said a word and turned away.

Why does Gong ou do this? Is it to help her find the property of the Xi family? Why hasn't it been mentioned to her? Also, how can he tell her about his present personality.

But he was helping her, so the cold man was helping her.

When Xiaonian can't help laughing and pulling the scarf on her neck, maybe the days after marriage are not as cold and terrible as she imagined.

When Xiaonian strode out, he suddenly wanted to go back to China and ask for clarification.

She walked into the cafe hall, where the lawyer team sat talking and laughing. Xiaonian went to sit among them and looked at some dishes on the table and said, "how about that? Is this enough? Better add some more. "

"No need." The youngest lawyer said, "we're full. Let's go. We'll get back home as soon as we've finished!"

Everyone laughs.

Laughter, suddenly heard a "bang" of the door, customers have looked at the door, saw several big cars parked in the door, a dozen Western men with tattoos standing in the door, with guns in their hands, looking at the people viciously.

"Ah --"

there are customers screaming in fear.

"Do terrorists return, rob or rob?" The young lawyer was paralyzed by fear.


I never met such a situation when I was young. Although my father was a generation of heroes, they never let their women go through anything dark.

She couldn't help but take a breath.

The men locked the caf é's door, swept around with guns, and shouted in imprecise Italian, "hold your head and squat by the wall! Hurry up! "

One after another, the screams continued.

This is a mess beyond her imagination.

Shixiaonian and the lawyers slowly stand up, holding their heads in their hands and ready to walk to the wall. One of the gunmen looks at shixiaonian with a bald head, and looks at her with puzzled eyes.

Then, bareheaded, he came to shixiaonian, looked at her and the lawyers.

The lawyers' legs were all soft at once.


When asked bareheaded, read carefully.

When Xiaonian didn't know what kind of answer could help her out. She nodded after thinking.

Bareheaded also followed nodding, pointing to her, pointing to the door of the cafe, "you, get out of here, hurry up!"

Hearing this, Xiao Nian and the lawyers opened their eyes in shock.

Let them go?

Over there, when someone heard that the order had opened the door, he bared his head to signal them to leave again, and Xiaonian and the lawyer team continued to walk out of the cafe.

They all looked fierce and walked around with guns, but they didn't take them.

When Xiaonian went out all the way, they walked out of the cafe for a while, and then two lawyers were too soft to stand and grabbed the door.

"My mother, when I saw such a battle for the first time in my life, I would not come to this city after I was killed."

"Strange, why did they let us go?"

"Are we Chinese privileged?"


When I was young, I couldn't get away with it. I had many ideas in my mind, one after another.

Not far from the coffee shop is the police station. Compared with some small places, the coffee shop should be safe here. Why do these people choose to attack a common coffee shop?

And the head of the group was looking at her all the time, as if he had seen her identify her. When he heard that she was Chinese, he let them go.

When it comes to what mu qianchu just said, when I was trying to bite my lips and lips, are those people aiming at mu qianchu?

"Miss Xi, let's go." Read it when a lawyer calls.

When Xiaonian looked at them, "do you know why it's so messy here?"

"Isn't it said in the news that it's a partisan struggle between Mafia parties. Generally speaking, they don't attack civilians. You mean the Mafia? Then why attack the cafe? Is there their hostility in it? " An elderly lawyer came up and said, "no matter, let's go."

When Xiaonian stood there, his thoughts were complicated.

Gong Ou doesn't know how to stir up the chaos here. The parties fight and fight each other. There must be some people who are not happy about it. They want to get rid of it quickly and even It's an order from Gong Ou behind the scenes.

When Xiaonian takes out his cell phone and dials Gong ou.

Over and over again.

No one answers.

When Xiaonian looks at the gate of the cafe, even if he finds Gong Ou now, Gong Ou is not necessarily willing to take care of Mu qianchu and Shi Di's life.

"Miss Xi, let's go. In case those people change their mind, our life will be lost here."

A lawyer shouted at Xiaonian.

"Oh, yes."

Xiaonian nodded and followed them to get on the bus. His face became paler and paler, and his hands and feet were cold.

The door slowly closed in front of her.

"Mu Shao is such a gentle and stubborn man. He has always been so kind to you. He never thought of extorting. When you hate him and scold him, you never thought why he suddenly changed. Because he is going to be completely blind, he knows that once he is blind, he is more unlikely to be with you, so he will fight this last time. "

"When a thousand sails are over, don't forget your original intention. That's a good sentence. You and my name are in it. "

"After my parents and I left, I didn't have a good day. I know that all I received was retribution. I've done so many wrong things. Elder sister, I really know it's wrong. Forgive me. "

"I know you won't like the operation of Xijia and you won't run it, so I've turned everything into real estate as much as possible. You can come to Italy with documents and all kinds of identity certificates and go through the formalities."

The memory played out in front of her.

Shi Xiaonian grabs his clothes with some strength. Mu qianchu and Shi Di can leave as early as possible. They stay here just to make the transfer of property easier.


At the moment when the door was completely closed, Xiaonian heard his voice calling out.

Voice appeared faster than her mind.

Everyone looked at her in amazement, and Xiaonian didn't care about anything. He pushed the door open and got out of the car

"Miss Xi!"

Everyone exclaimed.

When Xiaonian ran to the cafe and knocked on the door.

Inside, someone opened the door carefully. Several people pointed guns at her. They went back and forth to her. Standing there with bare head, their eyebrows were wrinkled into Sichuan characters.

When Xiaonian stood there, looked up at the bald head, and tried to calm himself down.

"Hello, I have two friends in there. Can I take them away?" He asked in Italian.


Smell speech, bareheaded impatiently stare at her.

In such a case, each other's subtle expression can make the heart and liver tremble. When Xiaonian said, "I think you should know who I am, right?"

Not because she is Chinese, but because of her special identity.

Hearing this, he thought for a moment and said, "I don't want to offend Mr. Gong. Go in and take your friends and go quickly."

"Thank you."

Bareheaded words let Shi Xiaonian affirm all his conjectures.

She didn't expect such twists and turns in Italy.

When small read step by step to go inside, bareheaded to their own people roared a voice, indicating that they don't put the muzzle on time small read.

She looked around and saw them rummaging about.

I am looking for mu qianchu.

She has to find mu qianchu before them. Let mu qianchu and Shi Di disguise themselves and follow her away. I don't know if they can do it, but this is the only way.

Give it a try.

As soon as she turned the corner, she saw the corridor leading to the box, and the whole man fell into a pool of blood.