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Chapter 938 two separate souls

Mu qianchu turned his face slightly, caught her present state with keen hearing, listened to her shaking voice, he sighed softly, "for me, I may not have his courage and courage, and..."

When Xiaonian looked at him, "and what?"


Muqianchu didn't go on, but he thought of Gong Ou's kneeling, which can only be achieved after much deliberation and pain.

His heart is quieter now than before. Instead, he finds that he despises Gong Ou too much.

In fact, a blind man can't even manage himself as a normal person. How can he bear the burden of protecting his mother and son? Gong Ou dare to entrust this matter to him.

He still remembered Gong Ou's saying at that time: it's very easy to find someone with ability, but I only think of you who can definitely work for my woman.

Once upon a time, he did some crazy things. Now he feels ashamed even for his guilt. But in Gong Ou's view, he is a man who can work hard for a short time.

Gong Ou must not know that this is the only praise for a blind man.

The air was so quiet that there was no sound.

When Xiaonian was holding the paper with his fingertips, he looked at the words over and over again, recalled all the things that had happened in this period of time, thought of his stupidity, and thought of becoming the common chess piece of Gong ou and Lancaster.

If she can be a little smarter, won't Gong Ou lie to her when she can't.

Unfortunately, she is too stupid.

"When can I see him?" When small read to ask, the handwriting on the paper is so clear, but so fuzzy.

Hearing this, mu qianchu shakes his head lightly. "You can't find Lancaster in this place in a short time. Gong ou will also use this time to catch Lancaster by surprise, so that the other party won't want to find you again. Now you go back to Gong ou and let Lancaster have a certain direction. You are still in danger. "

Buckle one ring at a time.

Good strategy.

"Then I just can't see him?"

When small read ask.

"Here It's only temporary. " Mu qianchu said lightly, hoping that this words can comfort her temporarily, "you can't contact, can't meet, and can't create any opportunities for Lancaster."

If Lancaster still wants to find her after this great injury, it must be from Gong ou.

So, they can't meet.

"For how long?" When small read is a stubborn person, she leaned weakly on the head of the bed to look at mu qianchu, and asked word by word, "is it when all the dust settles?"


"After the birth of the baby in my stomach?"

“……” This sentence cannot be answered by mu qianchu.

"Can't he spend the whole pregnancy with me?"


"I see."

Looking at mu qianchu's appearance, Xiao Nian lowers her eyes and looks at the paper in her hand.


It's a big liar.

They have agreed to accompany her to watch the birth of the child, to accompany her on her honeymoon in Beibu Gulf. They have all agreed.

Her marriage letter It's only half drawn.

Only half.

She wants to finish. She really wants to finish.

When Xiaonian closed his eyes, he was holding the paper at his fingertips. His fingernails pricked the paper and pulled out a hole.

It turns out that she can't see Gong ou.

No wonder that day when he knew that she was going out, Gong Ou would hold her. He knew that this was not a short time.

He left a memory, but she did not feel at all, not enough, this memory is not enough for her.

"Xiaonian, you can't be too sad, it will affect the baby, and Gong Yao and Gong Kui are waiting for you to take care of them." Said Mu qianchu.

The paper crane is shaking gently, making a thin sound.

"This is also one of Gong Ou's plans." Shi Xiaonian said, "in fact, he can take the two children and me in batches, but he is afraid that when I was taken prisoner, he would do stupid things, without any sustenance, so he forced the two children to stay with me."


Mu qianchu is silent. He can see Gong Ou's thoughts. If it's not for small thoughts, no one will let two young children take risks.

"I always think I know Gong Ou well, but in fact, he is the one who really knows me." Xiaonian said with a smile, his voice shaking and hoarse with a smile, "so I killed two children."

So the two little children rushed into the gunfire with her and witnessed the process of death. Gong Yao even used the skills learned from Gong ou, and dared to shoot the enemy's eyes at a young age.

It turns out that she did it all.

Gong Ou knows her too well. His plan is based on her character and safety, so she can lie here and rest.

But she hurt a lot of people, a lot of people.

Mu qianchu frowned, "Xiaonian, why do you impose everything on yourself? It's not your fault. You will only make yourself more and more stressed. Do you know that the children in your belly are almost not saved? "

When he finished, there was silence in the room.

At that moment, mu qianchu realized that Shi Xiaonian began to blame himself again. He almost hurt the baby in his stomach.

"It's not your fault, really."

Once again, muqianchu stressed.

"How are the two children?" When small read suddenly asked.

"It's all safe. The doctors are looking after them. You don't have to worry." Mu qianchu tries to bring some good news to her. In fact, Gong Kui and Gong Yao are shocked this time.

"I'm tired."

When small read slowly slide down the quilt, pillow on the pillow, fingertips have been holding that piece of paper.

"The doctor said that the most important thing for you now is to have a baby. It's best to lie in bed. Then you can rest. I won't disturb you." Mu qianchu said calmly, touching his hands, and then he slowly stood up on the back of the chair, and then walked out step by step.

After a few steps, he heard the rustling sound of the paper, as if kneaded to death.

That kind of voice is hard to hear, like the heart being crumpled into a ball.

Mu qianchu stood there, reached out his hand and pressed his brow. He didn't say anything at last. He went out step by step.

When Xiaonian was lying on the bed, his eyes were open, so he kept staring at the handwriting on the paper, and kept staring at it.


City, deep in the forest, the imperial castle is vast and incomparable, with bodyguards like forest.

Feng de sat at the long table in the dining room, with short hair and silver white. An old pair of hands held a light gray scarf. His fingertips were rubbing at the end of the scarf, on which a word "de" was sewn with black thread.

In the four years when the young master was away, he and Xiaonian lived together. Xiaonian bought it for him and sewed a special word to give it to him.

What a warm child.

He has been wandering alone all his life. Xiaonian means more to him.


A maid came in with a plate and bowed her head respectfully.

Feng de turned around and saw that the food on the plate didn't move at all. He frowned. "Did you eat it, young master? Didn't make the chef change anything? "

"Young master doesn't even open the door. It depends on what the chef cooks." The maid said with the plate, "it's been a few days. How can you do if you don't eat? I can't stand it."

Young master can't even go out of the room. What's the use of a chef to make delicious food?

All they do is to shut the door again and again.

Just then, another servant hurried in from the outside, walked to Fengde and bowed his head. He told him eagerly, "manager Feng, the young master just ordered another case of red wine to be carried up. He asked if there was any other wine to be bought."

The palace family hasn't had a lot of wine for a long time. I'm trapped because I don't want to see it.

But now, the young master asked for boxes and boxes.

These days, the young master's rice is not enough, just drinking.

Fengde put his scarf aside, stood up from the chair and looked at the food on the plate, frowned. "It's not good to go on like this. You can turn it over for me to see if there are any dishes and desserts left by Xiaonian in the refrigerator and cabinet. If you can still eat them, you can find them."

"Yes, housekeeper."

Soon, a group of servants were rummaging around the kitchen and restaurant, and all the refrigerators were turned upside down.

In this way, we finally find out a few desserts in the fridge. There is nothing else to eat.

"Give it to me."

Feng de sighed, took the dessert and walked upstairs to the bedroom door. He reached for the door and knocked, "it's me, young master. I'll give you something to eat."


There was no sound in it, like no one was there.

Feng de knocks on the door again and shouts, "young master, it's the dessert that Xiao Nian made before. Would you like it?"

Then he attached his ear to the door. This time, he heard the sound of the wine glass falling to the ground, but he still didn't step. Gong Ou didn't open the door.

"Young master, I know Xiaonian is gone. You are in a bad mood, but now there are many things waiting for you to do in this situation. You must cheer up." Feng de said, then took the key from his pocket and took a deep breath of air. "Young master, I'm coming in."

With dessert in one hand, Feng de opened the door.

As soon as the door was opened, a strong smell of wine came towards him.

How much did you drink.

Feng De's eyebrows were immediately locked tightly. He reached out and fanned the smell. He went in. The more wine he tasted, the more smoky he was.

When he went to the piano, Feng de looked inside, and saw that the ground was full of tumbled wine bottles and glasses, which were all empty. Looking along the bottle, Gong Ou was sitting in the corner beside the bedside table, with his head bowed down. He wished that he could have his whole body in the wall.

When Xiaonian was still wearing the clothes of the day when he was captured, his hair was in a mess. There was no blood on a handsome face, only one pair of eyes were as red as if they had been soaked in red wine.

It seems that there is no one more in the room. Gong Ou is sitting in the corner like this. His long fingers take up another glass of red wine and put it to his lips, and drink it up.