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Chapter 374 we really don'st fit

"When reading! You're just here, aren't you? That's ok! I'll go to you now! I see where you're going! " Gong Ou cried out displeased.

"I'm already in the hospital."

When small read lightly said, a pair of black and white eyes are no longer hesitant, hesitation, but firm.

"Really?" Gong Ou's tone suddenly changed, with a burst of ecstasy, then he suppressed it again, and coughed, "then why didn't I see you? Did I get on the elevator?"

There are some sounds over there, like the shaking of jumping out of bed.

It's loud.

He jumped out of bed with a patient?

"I'm in the garden of the hospital. Come here alone, will you?"

Said shixiaonian calmly.

Today, she has to speak clearly with Gong ou.

This abyss, he once tried to pull her away, but he regretted, now, she came to pull him away.

As soon as her words were dropped, the phone was hung up.

Within five minutes, Gong Ou stood in front of her.

Like the wind.

He was wearing a white hospital number suit and a grey windbreaker. The white gauze on his forehead had been untied. There was only a square gauze on his forehead. His face was a little better than that of the previous two days. His face was handsome. Except for his injuries, he could not find any flaws. Only one ear had a deep line of scars.

He stood there, with black eyes staring straight at her, a basket of fruit in his long hand.


When small read stupefied next.

Didn't you throw the fruit basket.

"You bought it?"

Gong Ou looks down at her and asks. Her black eyes are dim and dark with a touch of pride.

I actually know that I came with my gift.

The woman has made progress.

He hesitated for a second and nodded, "I bought it."

"Then why don't you bring it in? And put it on the dustbin. You know it's too ugly? " Gong Ou snorted, and Jingzi sat down beside her, tore off the package, and took out the fruits one by one with two slender hands, and then put them on again.

What is laid on the first floor and what is laid on the second floor, he has his own set of rules.

Sure enough, his paranoid personality disorder has not been cured.

When Xiaonian sat there, a pair of eyes quietly staring at the man in front of him, his face is deep, so handsome, so intelligent, bringing modern people unprecedented enjoyment of science and technology.

He deserves to be better, not obsessed with childishness.

Hurt people, hurt yourself more.

She watched him focus on the fruit, and suddenly asked, "does it hurt?"

Wen Yan, Gong Ou looks up at her, "now I know if it's late? I'm almost healed. "

It's just a few stitches. With the best medical skills, he won't even leave scars.

"I didn't ask about the injury."

When small read light tunnel.

Gong Ou's black eyes stared at him deeply. When Xiaonian reached out and pointed to his body, he slowly said, "I mean this, your father hit you, and your self harm."

Gong Ou has a peach in his hand. When he hears this, he frowns and says angrily, "who told you, old man Fengde?"

"I just know." When Xiaonian looks at him, "where is the injury?"

"All right."

Gong Ou said in a deep voice.

When Xiaonian takes the initiative to sit over, he stretches out his hand across the fruit basket and yanks Gong Ou's collar. A button stretches open and falls to the ground.

Gong ou can't touch it.

His collar was torn off by her. She clearly saw a slight deep mark on the skin under his clavicle. It was a scar. It was a scar that hadn't recovered in three months. It was so clear.

You can imagine how heavy and painful it is to fight.


Gong Ou stared at her deeply, reaching for her hand to take it off, but her fingers grabbed his collar, and her nails touched his skin, as if they were tickling his heart, numb and itchy.

All of a sudden he was reluctant to let her hand go.

When Xiaonian looked at the scar, she suddenly became timid. She didn't dare to pull it down again, or to see more scars on him.

Her hand fell slowly.

Gong Ou wanted to get her hand back. He thought that there would be time in the future, so he gave up.

"Does it hurt?" She asked, her voice hoarse and difficult to pronounce.

"It doesn't hurt. It's very comfortable when it's hurt!"


When small read eyes dim ground stare at him, the orbit is suffused with red.

Gong Ou stared at her face and said, "don't you believe it? Really, I couldn't find you at that time. I couldn't stand myself. I felt comfortable after being beaten. "

"Gong ou..."

No one has such a thought.

Gong Ou looks at her and stares at her deeply. He continues to put fruit in one hand and says in a deep voice, "when Xiao Nian was looking for you, I was going crazy for half a year."

I'm looking for something crazy.

When Xiaonian sat on the bench and quietly looked at his handsome face, his eyes were light red. "I'm sorry, I don't know anything."

She doesn't know anything.

She only knows to hate him and the palace family.

"You don't have to say sorry to me. I said I should do anything for you!" Gong Ou stares at her, suddenly a deep smile appears on her face, "look!"

When small read low eyes, only to see the fruit basket has been placed not beautiful, layer by layer, it seems to have a regular beauty.

"It looks much better."

When small read some difficult to pull out a smile.

"Then go!" Gong Ou stares at her and stands up and reaches for her hand. "Cook for me. First, I'll have the simplest and fastest!"

He hasn't eaten her food for a long time.

Starved to death.

Shixiaonian didn't shake his hand, but he didn't stand up.

She was sitting on the white bench, leaning forward and holding her hands tightly.

Gong Ou looks down at her, only to see her head drooping slightly, her long hair has a light halo under the sun, and there is no joy like him on her white face, some of which are only gloomy, lost and with heavy mind.


Gong Ou stood there, his dark eyes staring at her deeply. At that moment, he suddenly understood something.

His hand clenched her even harder.

When Xiaonian sat there, the lips of Sakura moved, and said slowly, "Gong ou, I have thought about it carefully."

"If you want to say something I don't like to hear, then you'd better not say it! Otherwise, I will strangle you! "



"Let's not get back together." When small read or said the mouth, tone is flat.


The sound of a heavy object landing.

The water fruit basket falls from Gong Ou's hand and falls heavily to the ground.

All kinds of fruits fall all over the ground. The ground is full of wolves. The virgin fruit is broken and painted bright red on the ground.

When small read low Mou Zheng ground to look at those four rolling fruit, take back own hand.

Gong Ou holds it tightly. "Shixiaonian, do you still hate me? What do you want me to do to get rid of your hatred? "

That half year, it was his fault that he could not find her.

She hates what he deserves.

But always give him a chance to change it.

"I've thought about it." When Xiaonian slowly raised his face, met his deep eyes, and said seriously, "in fact, in the past so long, we have quarreled and divided. Gong ou, we must admit the fact that we are not really suitable. "

Between them, is not love, is the demand.

"You still hate me!"

Gong Ou stares at her, squats down in front of her, holds her tightly, and says impatiently, "I admit, I'm useless, I haven't found you for half a year! Then you can beat me. How about you beat me up? "

Give it a beating?

He didn't know what he was talking about. He was so humble.

"Gong ou, you stand up." When young Nian pulled him to his feet.

She has no power to pull Gong ou.

Gong Ou is still squatting there, a pair of black eyes staring at her deeply, long fingers firmly holding her slender wrist, "you come home with me! Now! Right away! Right away! "

His tone is getting heavier and heavier.

"Gong ou, don't do that, will you?" When small read helplessly said, "it's not that I hate you or not, it's that we are really not suitable, we compound, just like before, there are more contradictions."

"What's wrong with us?" Gong Ou suddenly stands up again and shouts, "shixiaonian! I've been looking for you for half a year. I let go of N.E. I've spent a lot of human and financial resources, just waiting for you to say that? "

His voice is loud.

Not far away, the old man practicing tai chi in the pavilion cast a curious look at the situation and left silently.

"Gong ou, keep your voice down." He stood up and said, "I'm embarrassed.".

There is a patient looking this way, when Xiaonian hurriedly pulls him to the pavilion inside. The pavilion is covered with vines, which is relatively a secret space.

She was in a hurry for fear of being found. She stepped on a little fruit.

The virgin fruit was trampled to mud.

Gong Ou takes a look at his face, and feels that his foot is on his chest, which hurts deeply.

When Xiaonian pulls Gong Ou into the pavilion, the sunlight comes in from the green vines, and falls on two people, one by one. She looks at Gong Ou's ugly face, and lightly says, "Gong ou..."

"You say, where we are not suitable, we are suitable if we don't list ten!"

Gong Ou interrupted her and snapped.


She can also list twenty.

"Then I'll make a list. Can you admit that we are not suitable?" Shixiaonian looks at him and asks.


Gong Ou said nothing with a blue face.

"Well, I said." When Xiaonian stepped back and leaned on the pillar, "first, our character is not suitable. When we are together, we often argue for different opinions."

"You despise me?"

Gong Ou stares at her, his face is iron blue, and his black eyes are full of self abasement.

He thought she disliked his paranoid personality disorder.

But he didn't accept treatment for her. He couldn't bear to love her less!

"No, it's never a problem of one's personality." Xiaonian said softly, the green leaves of the vines were floating in the wind against her arm.