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Chapter 366 is totally fatalistic

Does my brother have any intuition about his brother?

"What did you find?" When Xiaonian asked, talking about her brother talking about his brother's death, there was a bad premonition in her heart.

"I asked people to secretly turn over my brother's room and find the housekeeper and servant who had followed him before. It turns out that my intuition is right. "

He can't even arrange Feng de or his followers to do this kind of thing, because he can't let the palace family know this secret Xin.

It can only be checked in secret.

"You mean your brother's death About my brother? "

When he said that, Xiaonian could only think of this possibility.

"My family, including me, always thought that it was my appointment that my brother had an accident." Gong Ou paused here, his face under the white gauze was gloomy, and he continued after a while, "but there is a fork in that road, one leading to the place we asked for, one leading to the other. My brother is going to see him first and then me that day. "


When small Niang reaches out his hand to cover his lips, shocked by this matter, he can't speak.

How could this happen.

It's just like fate.

Gong Yu is dead, so is Xi Yu.

"I don't know if they ran into each other that day, but my brother had an accident just because it was true that he wanted to drive fast on both sides." When it comes to the accident, Gong Ou's hands on her legs tremble.

When Xiaonian could feel the shudder of his fingertips, she didn't push him away.

She was shocked by the truth.

She has been guessing why Gong Ou broke up with her and why she didn't want to see her face. Now, all the answers have been explained.

But such an answer made her unable to accept, she felt uncomfortable.

"Mona didn't know that much, but I made a mistake and she overheard me." Gong Ou said.

"So she threatened you with this?" He asked in a daze.

"She didn't have the guts. She knew that. She was really pushing me. She died the worst." Gong Ou said, dismissively, after a moment of silence, "but now I want to come. In fact, at that time, she has been trying to brainwash me and make me think that I can't accept you and can't be with you."



It's really the professional approach of a psychiatrist.

A brilliant move.

, but in fact, he must have a conflict in his mind. At that time, he was actually unable to accept her existence from the bottom of his heart, and could not accept that she and his brother almost looked the same.

When Xiaonian smiled bitterly, reached out and touched his arm. His fingers were cold. "I didn't expect so many things happened at that time. I thought you and Mona..."

"Think I love that woman?" Gong Ou sneers, "she looks so ugly, not as beautiful as one tenth of you, how can I see her!"

Mona is not ugly. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a standard beauty.

Only in the eyes of paranoia can Mona be ugly.


When Xiaonian sat there and didn't move, she didn't know what to say, she just felt cold all over.

She looked at the mobile phone in his hand and thought of what he had just said, which shocked her so much that she couldn't explain it.

How could it be like this.

How could such a sad truth be hidden.

"I'm done!" Gong Ou says, black Mou stares at her directly, "you know everything now."

"Why didn't I know at first?" When Xiaonian looked at him, his voice was bitter. "Why do you want to tell me until now? Is it for your brother? "

It's been more than half a year.

She conceals him for half a year and tries her best to humiliate her just to cover up the truth. She is afraid that more people will know his brother's past, right?

He respected his eldest brother most.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou stares at her deeply, "I don't want you to know this! What do you think! "

What is it for his brother.

"Just don't want me to know?" When the eyelashes of small read quiver, "why, two people bear this kind of truth to be better than one person to bear?"

At that time, he must have had a hard time.

Why do you hide it from her? Why do you have to bear it alone.

"What's good for you to know that? At that time, I haven't found the seat home, and I don't know why the seat home abandoned you! Let you know at that time, it will only make you more frightened! " Gong Ou said forcefully, his eyes fixed on her deeply.

He's a man. He has to do something.


When small read do not understand, know such truth is hard to believe to accept, will be sad, but how can panic.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's face sank, and the hand on her leg shook inside, with some force.

His hot fingertips tightened her slender legs even more.

When Xiaonian sat beside him waiting for his answer.

Gong Ou looked at her. For a while, he seemed to make the next difficult decision. He said in a low voice, "I'll tell you, don't be afraid."


What are you afraid of?

When I was young, I couldn't understand.

"I've been eliminating this secret. I don't know if I can do it cleanly enough." Gong Ou stared at her, and said, "if my father knew about this, I'm afraid you wouldn't have one left."

There is not one left.

When Xiaonian looked at his face and asked in a daze, "there is not one left, which means..."

Gong Ou sat next to her, his tall body close to her, one hand on the sofa beside her head, the other hand still on her leg, his black eyes staring at her deeply, "do you know how I found my elder brother's former housekeeper and subordinates?"

"How did you find it?"

When Xiaonian forgot to push him away, people were almost absorbed by his deep eyes.

"I found their relics, which corroborated the past." Gong Ou said, reaching for her little face, "I say so, don't be afraid."

What we found was a relic.


When Xiaonian sat there, her body became colder and colder. She felt as if she had fallen into an ice hole. All the ice fell on her, cold and painful.

This is implicated. Anyone who has something to do with Gong Yu's death is

The aristocracy's failure to take people as human beings has really spread from ancient times to the present.

It's terrible.

Her face slowly turned pale.

"Don't be afraid. All I have to eliminate, except for this one, Mona still has it in her hand, but only one photo doesn't mean anything, and she won't venture to expose me. "


"And as long as you're by my side, I'll protect you with my life. I'm through now!" Gong Ou sat beside her and said, fingertips caressing her face like touching a piece of ice, "why is your face so cold?"

Wen Yan, when Xiaonian suddenly realized that they were too close, she thought of the picture in his cell phone.

She quickly reached out and pushed Gong Ou away.

Gong Ou looks at her discontentedly. Her black eyes stare at her. "What are you doing pushing me away? I said so much for nothing, didn't I? "

And push him.

He didn't explain before, but now push him?

Shi Xiaonian stood up from the sofa, reached for his cold body and asked in a low voice, "Why are you willing to tell me now?"

Why would you like to tell her that now.

"Because I want you back to me!"

Only by saying all this, she would not continue to put on his face.

He hated the way she looked.

Gong Ou said so bluntly, as if it was only a matter of his silence. He was always strong.

This has never changed.

When Xiaonian stood there, he looked at his handsome face, mumbled and repeated his words, "come back to you?"


Gong Ou gets up from the sofa, walks to her, grabs her hand again, "OK, follow me to the hospital, cook for me, I'm starving! Take your daughter, I haven't seen her! '

In his opinion, he explained all the misunderstandings, and she should go back to the old way of getting along with him.

When Xiaonian was pulled forward by him for two steps, he seemed to have nothing happened.

But clearly, so much has happened.

When small read involuntarily to shrink back hand, back a step.


Gong Ou's body is frozen there, and a pair of dark eyes stare at her, with a clear look of questioning, "what do you mean, shixiaonian?"

"I......" When Xiaonian was dumbfounded, she didn't know what to say. She stood there and paused for a moment. "I misunderstood you. I always thought that you just didn't want me."

Finally the truth came out.

"I've long regretted it!" Gong Ou said, and went to pull her hand. "Go, come back with me. I have a check in the afternoon."

In the face of such a strong action, Xiaonian pulls back his hand again. The meaning of resistance is obvious.

"What do you mean, shixiaonian?"

Gong Ou finally finds out something wrong with her. "I didn't explain it clearly enough. What else should I explain? My patience is limited! "

His head was aching, and he could no longer spend it with her.

"You always have to give me time to digest."

How can she digest so much truth in a moment, and then continue to be with him when nothing has happened.

"Digestion?" Gong Ou picks up her eyebrows, suddenly presses her shoulder, and sits her on the sofa. He sits on the glass tea table opposite her, legs up, black eyes staring at her. "OK, digest it."


When small read to stay.

"Don't you want to digest? Just digest here. I'll watch you digest!" Gong ouqiao legs, arms back, hands pressed on the coffee table, a pair of wear to the end with her appearance.

When Xiaonian was dizzy by a series of "digestion", he looked at him wordlessly, "I want to go back and sort it out."

How can she digest so many things in minutes? She doesn't have that ability.

"No way! Right here! I'll be with you till tomorrow morning! "

Gong oupeiming refuses to let her go. She is tyrannical and autocratic.

Shixiaonian was disgusted with his attitude, but her eyes fell on his ears, and her hatred accumulated for half a year could not be let out.

"Why did you swear to run that night?" When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and looked at him, he couldn't help asking.