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Chapter Why don'st you care when I read chapter 1045

When Xiaonian is embarrassed by Gong Ou's roar, he can only chat up and say, "bit is hurt for me. It seems that we have done this, right? Anyway, later, our feelings became better and better, and we became brothers and sisters

When I read the four words "sister and brother's affection", I stressed them decisively.

But where does Gong Ou buy the bill? His face is blue when he listens to these words. He grins his teeth and shouts, "Feng De, give me one of his arms!"

I'll give you medicine! I want you to make cakes! I'll show you the variety show!

"Ah?" Feng De is stupefied for a moment and reaches for bit.

Bit reflexively hides behind Xiaonian. When Xiaonian opens her arms to block him, she says, "father, don't bully him."

The boy has suffered a lot from following her.


Feng De is also helpless when he stands there. When does an old man want to bully children? But young master

Feng de turns his eyes to Gong ou. Gong Ou's attitude does not change at all. Black Mou coolly sweeps aside the bodyguard, "you two go up."

"Yes, second young master!"

Two bodyguards walk towards bit, and Xiaonian guards bit back. A cold voice suddenly comes, "master Gong Er just wants to force me to speak. Why do you insult a child again and again?"

It's a woman.

She spoke for bit.

When Xiaonian and bith look at each other, they see doubts in each other's eyes.

Gong Ou turned the wheelchair towards the woman, with his long fingers on his chin, his thin lips in a mocking arc, and his dark eyes full of evil spirit, "that's what I want."

So wild.

The woman stood, her broad hat swinging in the wind, half of her face looming.

The bodyguard went to bit again. The woman closed her eyes and finally said, "you don't have to shock me. I deliberately sent your wife to bit. Bit's character is eccentric and twisted, but fortunately he is still young, so he can correct it. Your wife is gentle and tolerant, so I asked her to change bit. "

As soon as this reason is thrown out, Xiao Nian stays there completely.

The reason behind the whole kidnapping is to let her change bith?


Gong Ou didn't have much accident on his face, just smiled coldly. Next second, he grabbed the cup beside the wheelchair and smashed it to the ground beside the woman.

The cup is broken to pieces.

The debris splashed on the woman, who still stood still.

Gong Ou's face suddenly turned iron green and sinister, "let my woman transform your child, do you deserve it? What are you? "

Just for a child, how many sufferings I suffered when I was young!


When Xiaonian's hand was tight, she looked down, and bit grasped her wrist tightly. She raised her eyes and saw his daze and uneasiness.

Like a child who strayed into a maze.

When Xiaonian looked at the brim of the woman's hat, she asked, "why should I help you change bit? What's the relationship between you and bit? Do you know each other? "

"I don't know." Bit asked quickly.

Smell speech, the woman's head slightly low, the hand a little tremble, try to control the mood.

"Who are you?" When Xiaonian couldn't help asking, "you want to change bit, George sneaks in for you again, you..."

When these two points are combined, Xiaonian suddenly combines a dog blood character relationship.

Is she drawing too many comics?

The woman stood on the tree, with many small petals on her body. This time, instead of being silent for a long time, she said, "I am bith's mother."

Like a thunderbolt.

Everyone was shocked, and bit's hand fell down. When Xiaonian turned to look at him, he saw that bit opened his eyes to the woman, his mouth slightly opened, and his face was unbelievable.

"Bit." Shixiaonian looks at him worried.

"No, no way. My mother died a long time ago." Bit mumbles.

The woman never looked up to meet bit's eyes, but said, "I'm running away. George knows that, but he announced that I was dead."


Bit roared hysterically, turned around and ran.

Gong Ou looks at him coldly. When he turns the wheelchair to walk towards Xiaonian, his hands are not raised, and Xiaonian has already chased him anxiously. "Where are you going, bith?"

"When I read it!"

Damned woman, do you have him in your eyes!

Gong Ou looks at Xiaonian's figure when he is in the wheelchair. His eyes are full of intense jealousy. A slender hand is tightly clenched into a fist. In an instant, Gong Ou is in no mood to interrogate. He says to Feng De, "look at this woman. I'll ask later."

With that, he pressed the button, and the wheelchair automatically drove in until he entered the room.

Once in, Gong Ou sees Xiaonian standing at the door of bit's room, knocking at the door and shouting, "bit, open the door, can you tell me something in your heart? Don't be alone in it. "

"What to worry about."

Gong Ou is sitting in a wheelchair.

When Xiaonian turned around, he jumped at him like a savior, which made Gong Ou more comfortable.

"Gong ou, if you let someone open the door, I'm afraid that bit will do something stupid." When Xiaonian squats down in front of him and asks for help.

"That's how you care about him?" Gong Ou stares at her discontentedly. At the thought of her medicine and food, she gets angry.

He never thought that their relationship was so established.

When Xiaonian frowned, "Gong ou, I once had a younger brother, but I didn't care about him for a day, he's gone; now, I have another younger brother, I don't want him to have an accident, do you understand?"

"What if I don't let you recognize my brother?" "Don't talk to me about my brother-in-law, my brother will share your heart," Gong asked with a stout face

She'll run after bit.

When Xiaonian squatted in front of him, looking at his iron face, his deep eyes even scratched a hurt, her heart crossed a little pain.

"I ignored you, didn't I?" Asked shixiaonian.

Gong Ou lips, silence.

"Gong ou..."

"I thought you'd only want to be with me after you died once, so I can't even get out of this room, that's when I'm looking for you." Gong Ou stares at her and says, suddenly, he laughs at himself with a low smile, his voice full of sarcasm to himself, "Feng de makes me relax, you can't change your heart, yes, you can't change your heart, but I want your world to be only me, not me."


"I almost lost you, so I don't think it's too short or too little in the next few decades. I don't care if I look at you." Gong Ou stared at her and asked.

Why didn't you care?

Why didn't you care?

It is clear that the tone of questioning is just so aggrieved.


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, he didn't expect to say this. Has he been holding on these days? She thought he was just eating vinegar because of paranoid personality disorder. It turned out that's what he thought.

She squatted in front of him, suddenly did not know what to say, said anything as if to defend themselves.

He was more frightened than she was when she was on the operating table.

"I'm sorry."

For a long time, shixiaonian said in a low voice, full of guilt, "I don't know you want to think about this, but I really don't care. I cherish the time we spend together every day."

"I don't believe you." Gong Ou looked at her and said in a very indifferent voice.


"But I don't need you to do anything." Gong Ou sits in a wheelchair and says, "if one person occupies your vision, I will solve one; if ten people occupy your vision, I will solve ten."


"Even if hundreds of people block your eyes in front of me, I can clean them one by one, and then you will only see me in your eyes." However, there is less and less time left for him.


When Xiaonian looked at him in a dazed way, she heard more and more unsatisfied. Why did she always think Gong Ou was jealous, rather than that he just wanted to cherish the time when they were together more than she did.

Feng de came over, put a small thin box under bit's door, and handed the tablet to Shi Xiaonian, "he's OK, I think he just can't accept it for a while."

When Xiaonian took over the tablet computer, he saw the image of bit's room on the screen. What he had just put in was a camera. The picture was a little askew. Bit sat on the bed alone, and he was very lonely.

"Where is the woman arranged?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"The room is locked upstairs." Replied Fengde.

"I'll go up and try her." Gong Ou said that he got up from the wheelchair by pressing his hands on the armrest. As soon as he got up, his waist injury was pulled. He pressed his waist and clenched his teeth.

Two seconds later, Gong Ou walked forward, and the voice of Xiaonian sounded in his ear, "let me go."


Gong Ou stands at her feet and slowly turns to look at her. Her black eyes are a little deeper.

When Xiaonian stood there, a pair of black and white eyes looked at him clearly, "you don't have to solve it every time, this time I will."

"You know what I want to do?" Gong Ou sneers, "you have seen my means."

"But you have changed now, haven't you?" Shi Xiaonian asked, "besides, no matter how to solve it, it's always necessary to extract more truth from her mouth, which I think I can help."

She'll take care of it.

Gong Ou stood there, the light of his eyes was a little slow, and said, "do you think you know more about interrogation than I do?"

"You can't deal with women only by being fierce." Xiaonian smiled and said, "don't worry, I'm confident that I can let her talk."

Then Xiaonian went upstairs alone.

Gong Ou stands at the bottom of the stairs and shouts discontentedly, "when Xiaonian, are you scolding me?"

When Xiaonian looks back at him, his eyes are opposite. Gong Ou's lips are hooked up and restrained. His eyes are full of indulgence.

When small read also smiled, the step that goes upstairs is much lighter.

Feng de stood by and watched the scene. He smiled happily. The relationship between the young master and Xiao Nian seemed to be more and more harmonious.