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Chapter 874 can'st be found

"What?" When small read stupefied next, look down at the caption that jumps out to oneself mobile phone, time one second ground passes, Gong Ou also did not answer her phone.

"Where is the young master? Everyone is waiting for him to speak."

"He went to listen to the report, did he go back to the base?" Shi Xiaonian said that she was about to leave. Her eyes were drawn from one face and she saw a thick mole between the eyebrows. She hurriedly walked towards the clerk. "You just called Gong Ou away. How about others?"

"President? I don't know. "

The male clerk looked puzzled.

"You called him away." When small read frown.

"I just reported the user experience with the president. After the report, the President let me go first, and I will be back." The man said, pointing in one direction, "I was standing by the lake to report."

When Xiaonian and Fengde hurried by, there was no half figure beside the reed.

"Let's spread out and look for it."

Feng de said at once.

When Xiaonian stood there, his face turned white inch by inch, and his hand was held by a small hand. Gong Kui and Gong Yao stood beside her, and Gong Yao looked at her. "Did you see dad?"

When Xiaonian froze for a few seconds, he just squeezed out a smile. "Maybe after listening to the report, he went back to work at the base. Let's find it together."


Gong Kui held her hand and nodded her head cleverly.

But when I got to the base office, I saw that the office was still the same as when they left. Gong Ou was not there.

When Xiaonian stood at her desk and looked at a water cup that Gong Ou was still using today. The cup was wiped clean without any dust or water stains. She reached out and touched it, but it was cold.

"Mom, there's no dad." Gong Kui went to the ground and looked under the sofa. "Did dad play hide and seek with us?"

"Yes, he is playing hide and seek."

When Xiaonian heard her saying this, she looked out and saw everyone dressed casually in the base, looking for Gong Ou's figure.

Half an hour later, Fengde came in from the outside and stood in front of Xiaonian. "Xiaonian, I don't think things are right. Young master is not such an undisclosed person."

"Not found?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"No." Feng de frowned and shook his head.

When Xiaonian's legs softened, he put his hands on the desk and said, "I'll call him."

Feng de pressed her trembling hand. "I've been trying to get people to call, but I can't get through. My mobile phone is off again. We can't find it."

"When small read deeply took a breath," can it be abducted

"I didn't think about this possibility, but I went to reed lake and saw that there were no other marks beside the whole lake except for some ruts. With the skill of young master, even if we can't defeat each other, we will surely get some marks to remind us." Said van der.

"Gong Ou's injury is not perfect. What if he was dizzy at the beginning?"

When small read blurt out.

“……” Feng de could not answer, frowning, "is it Lancaster. "

Hearing about this family, Xiaonian suddenly fell down on the chair, her face was white, her hand was pressed by a small hand, her eyes were low, Gong Yao stood beside her and looked at her, her dark eyes were worried.

"Don't worry, it will be OK."

Shi Xiaonian pretended to be calm and said he didn't want to give his panic to the children.

Gong Yao is silent.

"Since your honeymoon, young master doesn't like to have too many bodyguards around. It's not a good thing."

Fengde is very sad. Because of Lancaster, the honeymoon between the young master and Xiaonian always goes through twists and turns.

This is not the time to say that.

If Lancaster did it, Gong Ou's life would be No, no, Gong Ou has the information given by Lanting in his hand. Lancaster dare not kill him directly. He must have it in his hand to have peace of mind.

But if this is the case, Gong ou will certainly suffer.

When Xiaonian held Gong Yao's small hand and looked up at Fengde, "Yifu, sealed this section of the country road."

"What? It's bound to cause a big stir. It's going to be on the news. "

Feng de worried about the exposure of the incident, which had a certain impact on N.E. and the palace.

"Communicate with the police and the local government and make up an excuse to block the road." When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, "and we can't care so much. Gong Ou's injury hasn't fully recovered. We must find him back as soon as possible."

Drag on, she can't imagine what will happen to Gong ou.

Wen Yan and Feng de nodded, "well, I'll do it now. You don't have to worry too much. Maybe the young master is just dealing with something urgent."

Do you have to deal with urgent matters for such a long time?

When Xiaonian closed his lips, he didn't speak.

Things are not as good as Fengde thought. All night, Gong Ou didn't come back. All the staff of the holographic era base put down their work to find out.

When Xiaonian looked for the aunts he knew, they were looking for them. In this village, no one in every road would know better than them.

Everyone is trying their best to find it.

But time went by hour by hour, when Xiaonian never saw people shake their heads, and did not see people bring any good news.

How can it be like this.

When Xiaonian stood by the lake, watching the green reeds shaking in the wind, the lake was as calm as a wave, like a mirror reflecting the blue sky and white clouds.

Gong ou, where are you now?

If she is missing, she believes that Gong ou can find her soon, but he is missing, but she can't find him, how can she find him.

Why are you so useless.

When small read breaks down a reed, breaks forcibly, is extremely annoyed.


A gray private car drives up the entrance of the highway. Li Qingyan is wearing a black sportswear, zipper is half open, showing surging plumpness, wearing a cap and looking forward.

The car was in a long line.

Many drivers stood by the car complaining and swearing. Li Qingyan frowned, pressed the window slightly, and then heard someone outside saying, "I'm sorry, since it was sealed last night, my business will be yellow if I don't go!"

Even the highway is closed.

Shixiaonian, you are really brave.

Li Qingyan takes a picture of the steering wheel in front of him and looks up at the rearview mirror. The rearview mirror reflects the situation of the rear seat. Gong Ou is crouching in the back seat and sleeping with his eyes closed.

It can't be separated.

Li Qingyan, taking advantage of the traffic behind him, turned the steering wheel to drive away, drove the car up the winding path, and finally stopped in front of an old abandoned building behind the earth slope.

The weeds in front of the old building are reborn. At first glance, it looks like no one lives there. Li Qingyan goes down, opens the door and walks inside. The decoration is clean. Although it is not luxurious, it should have furniture.

Gong Ou wakes up in a daze. Her long lashes quiver and open her eyes slowly. The white wall and the clock are the places where she sees them.

What the hell.

The recollection came back to his mind at once. He had just finished talking with the clerk last night, when he turned around, he was knocked out by a stuffy stick. His body was not as good as it was under normal condition, so he passed out.

What a shame!

After waking up, Gong Ou began to scan the surrounding area. This is a simple room, with few decorations, but the design is eye-catching, not messy.

He was lying on a big bed, watching the sun come in through the windowless window, his brow suddenly twisted.

It's all day.

When Xiaonian wants to cry again.

"Are you awake, senior?"

A voice came.

Gong Ou glances at him coldly. Li Qingyan comes in with a bucket of instant noodles. He looks down at the man in the bed.

The man's face is a little pale, but still does not hinder his handsome, between the eyebrows and eyes is still sexy, only a little bit will make people panic.

"It was you." Gong Ou lies on the bed, sneers, "courage is not small."

At the sound, Gong Ou found that his voice was very weak.

"Thank you for your praise."

Li Qingyan said with a smile and continued to eat instant noodles.

"Go and collect how many people there are in your family. It's better for the whole family to go on the road together."

Gong Ou lies on the bed and says coldly, looking at her scornfully. It is clear that he is trapped, but it seems that he is the one who dominates.

Wen Yan, Li Qingyan's face was pale for a moment, and he said with a smile, "Sir, don't be so fierce, will you?"

Gong Ou glanced scornfully, and then he would sit up from the bed. Before he could fully sit up, he would lie back.

The muscles of the whole body are aching, unable to lift a trace of strength.

He tried again. Still, he couldn't even sit up.

"Dare you give me medicine?"

Palace O'Shea roared out in a hysterical way, but when he got out, he was still angry, but his voice was much weaker.

"I know how to stand in front of you without medicine." Seeing that he tried to sit up again, Li Qingyan said with a smile, "you don't have to try it, it's very effective. You can't sit up. Don't worry."

"Do you know you're dying?"

Gong Ou stares at her coldly.

"Senior, I do so much for you." Li Qingyan finished the last mouthful of noodles, put the barrel aside, stooped down and set up a thick pillow, holding Gong ou to sit up.

"Go away!"

Gong Ou pushes away her hand, and such a simple action consumes all his strength. Beating it out is like a bunch of cotton hurting people. There is no power at all.

Li Qingyan saw that he smiled like this, sat down beside the bed, and stared at him deeply with his eyes. "I can see the senior every day. It's so nice."

"You are ill!"

Gong Ou stares at her coldly.

"Senior, now I'm the one who imprisoned you. Don't you please me with some soft words?" Li Qingyan asked, raised his hand and stroked his handsome face. "Don't you want me to let you go?"

Gong Ou's face was painstakingly parted, with a sneer on his lips. "Why should I ask for a dead man?"


Li Qingyan is stunned.