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Chapter 699 the climax of the end


Hearing this, Gong Yu's eyes were shaking.

Yes, Gong Ou's announcement of the love affair is so high-profile that Xi Yu should be clear about her misunderstanding.

Gong Yu nodded, his voice trembling. "Yes, he is so smart. He must know he has made a mistake."

"So, Xi Yu put the book on her body before the crash not to make you feel bad, to make you feel guilty." When Xiaonian looked at him, he slowly crouched down in front of him, and said softly, "he wants to tell you that he has always remembered your promise, and he believes so, and waits."

Gong Yu looked at her stupidly, as if a terminally ill man saw the life-saving tonic, "is that so?"

Gongou gave him a blow, but Xiaonian made it up into a fairy tale.

When Xiaonian smiled gently, "you forget that Xi Yu and I are twins. This is our telepathy. You have to believe me."

Hearing this, Gong Yu's eyes were still red, but he couldn't help laughing and looked at her tenderly. "Xiaonian, you really can comfort people."

Words fall, two people cross a leg.

Gong Ou stood in the middle of them and stared at them with low eyes. "You think I'm dead?"

Also face to face squatting chat.

Do you want to go to bed and talk?

Gong Yu knew he was in a bad mood. He put out his hand and wiped his eyes. He stood up from the ground and recovered a mature and stable style. Looking at Shi Xiaonian, he said, "today is really a special day. Thank you for letting me know the footprints of Xi Yu. Well, don't disturb your two people's world, I should go too. "

Gong Yu said and went out. Xiaonian couldn't help calling him, "brother."


Gong Gu turned around and saw sadness in his eyes.

"No more guilt, no more reading, let go." When Xiaonian looked at him and said, her heart flashed a touch of pain. She really didn't want to see Gong Yu with an invisible package on his back.

Now that everything has happened, let's go.

Gong Yu smiled and his eyes were red. "This is also the telepathy between Xi Yu and you?"

"That's right."

When small read a way.

Gong Yu looks at her, shakes her hand at will, turns around and leaves without saying anything. The farther people go.

When Xiaonian looked at the back of his departure, Gong Ou's quiet voice sounded behind her, "have you seen enough? The theme of today's cruise is not him! "

It's his Gong Ou!

"But you have made him sad for no reason." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"I'm not going to get him on the boat. He's going to get on." Gong Ou stared at her coldly. "I just tried to put the whole process of that night in front of you again."

Let her feel more about the missing of her brother?

When small read wry smile, look at him way, "you say that night Xi Yuzhen saw me?"

"Don't you have feelings with your dead brother? You can sense it. " Gong Ou Dao.


When Xiaonian glared at him and looked out, there was no Tang Yi's shadow on the corridor, so he said, "now this time reversal drama is officially over? Tang Yi has been finished? "


Gong Ou replied in a low voice.

"Then I think there's a flaw in your conjecture." Shi Xiaonian said, "Tang Yi must stay outside and watch the wind. She doesn't want to expose her tricks. She also needs to take a look at it from time to time. If Xi Yu comes, she will surely see it."

"She can't see it."

Gong Ou is determined.


Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

Gong Ou glanced at her, "how do you think Bob came?"

"It's Tang Yi and other people's sons. I remember what qianchu told me." Shi Xiaonian said, she always remember.

"Who are the others?"


Shi Xiaonian can't tell.

Gong Ou sneers, walks out of the door and stands in the corridor and looks at a room. "That night, she was pulled into this dark room, and then there was Bob."

"What?" When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in shock, "who is it?"

"You say so."

Gong Ou Dao.

"How do I know." When small read a way.

"I want you to say, of course, someone you know." Gong Ou says, when small read a face of daze, she knows? Who can she know?

Looking at her like this, Gong Ou pinches her chin. "Why did I target you at the beginning?"

"Because you said someone else had evidence in that hour." Shi Xiaonian said, suddenly understood, "yes, who is the witness of Tang Yi?"

"Qin Dong."


When Xiaonian opened his eyes in surprise, "that is to say, Tang Yi and Qin Dong..."

"It's only two days since Tang Yi gave up drug addiction. She's got a runny nose and tears. She's explained everything." Gong Ou said, "the old Qin leader found Tang Yi's plot halfway. He was angry that Tang Yi didn't give her your innocence, so he forced her to be innocent."


"Afterwards, they want to take you away and give you to the old man. As a result, they are in a panic when they hear me shouting to kill people. The bodyguards come back again and again, and they don't do anything to you in a hurry." Gong Ou stared at her. "You see, in the end, I protected you!"

When Xiaonian's head suddenly exploded, "wait a minute, I'm a bit confused now, I'll take care of it. That day, Tang Yi was going to use me twice. As a result, I was sent to your room. She was violated by Qin Dong? "


"This is self inflicted," Gong said

"It's too dramatic."

When small read a bit can't accept, that night on the whole cruise ship is so wild saliva strange?

"After Tang Yi was violated, he broke the jar and secretly accompanied him several times, which made old Qin very happy." Gong Ou said, "this is also Tang Yi's own account."

When Xiaonian was disgusted, he said, "no, if so, why did Qin Dong say that he didn't meet me when he was still at Shidi's place and just said that I was violated by him? He can also help Tang Yi get money from Shidi. "

Why do you have to go around in such a big circle.

"It's money."


"If you are violated by old Qin, old Qin will give Shidi a sum of money. Now he gives the money to Tangyi, and then Tangyi makes up a story to scrape a sum from Shidi." Gong Ou said, "this Tang art is a personal skill. Unfortunately, it hit Gong Ou's hand."

"That's it?"

When Xiaonian listened, Tang Yi really hid that night with great care. She didn't know how to understand Tang Yi.

"That's it."

Gong Ou Dao.

When Xiaonian looked at the closed door, smiled bitterly, looked up at Gong ou and said, "now, I finally know everything."

"You are not happy."

Gong Ou said yes.

"Should I be happy?" "I think the truth of that night on the cruise ship seven years ago is very sad. Whether it's me, you, Xi Yu or even Tang Yi, it's a tragedy," Shi Xiaonian said honestly, turning around and walking forward with his hands behind his back and fingers twisted together

Such a tragedy should not be staged again.

Knowing that she would not have said that time if it could be reversed, knowing the truth directly, and being put in the environment once again, it would feel very different.

"Tragedy?" Gong Ou follows up, black eyes stare at her displeased, "how can this be a tragedy! This is comedy! "

"What is comedy?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Seven years ago, you were in my bed. That was comedy!" Gong Ou said firmly.


When Xiaonian looks at him speechlessly, it's not her, it's Tang Yi, and she's just being invaded by another man. It's really not a comedy.

"Don't you think it's comedy?"

Gong Ou stares at her and asks, some discontented, aggressive.

When Xiaonian stared into his eyes, unable to lie, nodded, "I'm sorry, Gong ou, I'm so depressed when I come here today."

Maybe looking back, she and he are finally together. How bad they were before is fate. In the end, she was used and betrayed. Her brother may be depressed for three years because of misunderstanding.

She can't ignore these.

"Pull down!"

Gong Ou stares at her, raises her legs and leaves.


When small read hurriedly catch up, "you don't get angry, I know you do these to want to give me a surprise, I'm sorry, I don't say these disappointing words, OK?"

Gong Ou's long legs are more and more open, and he strides forward.

When Xiaonian chases after her, Gong Ou disappears in her sight. When Xiaonian stands there depressed, is the big man really angry?

Well, he must have thought that seven years ago he was with her. It was a comedy. He tried his best to arrange such a comedy, but she was not moved to tears.


When Xiaonian bit his lips and thought about how to speak to Gong ou for a while, he suddenly found that all the people on the boat were gone and the hall was empty.

How about people?

A burst of fireworks explosion came from the outside, like thunder, followed by a burst of exclamatory noise.

When Xiaonian raised his feet to go out in confusion, he heard a silver bell like laughter. Gong Yao and Gong Kui were dressed in beautiful manners, just like little prince and little princess running towards her.

"You two are on board, too?"

When Xiaonian is surprised, Gong Kui smiles and grabs her by the hand. "Mom, come here, I'll take you to a place."

"Where to go? I have to go to your Dad first. "

When small read don't understand ground to ask a way, be pulled forward by two of them forcibly, Gong Yao comes forward to push open a door, then small gentleman general retreat to side.

He opened the door of a changing room.

When the door was slowly pushed open, Xiaonian saw a set of silver evening dress on the wall, like a wedding dress, not much like it. It was a dress covered with starlight, flashing silver light, like a sea of stars. It was unreal, too beautiful to be moved and touched easily.

When Xiaonian saw such a beautiful dress for the first time.

"Change it." When Gong Kui was in court, Xiao Nian said, jumping excitedly, "you are the big princess."

When Xiaonian stood there and put his hand to his mouth, her eyes couldn't leave the beautiful skirt at all. She asked, "did dad ask you to come?"

There is no doubt about it.

When I think about the sound of fireworks explosion, I can see it clearly.