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Chapter 370 when Xiaonian is drunk

"In Britain, a lot of people take care of it. "Said Gong ou.

"Why don't you take care of yourself? That's your son! " When Xiaonian asked excitedly, did he have no feelings for his son.


"Why do you put it in England? Why don't you take it with you? Don't you like this child at all? Gong ou, are you still suspicious of anything? Do you still not believe me? " He asked excitedly.

He knew that Gong ou could not give happiness to the next generation.

"I believe." Gong Ou said word by word, the voice sounded in her ear, "I believe you, shixiaonian. From now on, I believe that the sun rises from the West! "

So firm.

Xiao Nian's eyes were red.

He said how good it should be earlier, why it happened so much later.

"I'm sorry, I'm so excited."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

The hatred for Gong family and Gong Ou has been persistent for too long. When it is mentioned, it becomes difficult for her to be objective.

She hates herself like this.

"I don't blame you." Gong Ou said in a deep voice.

"Gong ou, take a rest. I'll hang up." She said that she did not know how to continue to talk with Gong ou.

Gong Ou was silent there for a few seconds, spitting out a word involuntarily, "Oh."

When small read hurriedly hung up the phone, a turn of eyes, only to see the maid and baby care experts are staring at their own strange look.

Xiaokui no longer cries.

"You take care of Xiaokui for me."

When I left this sentence, Xiao Nian turned around and left. He was in a hurry.

She went back to the room, closed the door, put the photo frame and mobile phone on the chest of drawers, and then the whole person rushed to the bed, tears already flowing all over her face.

What she had expected and expected, Gong Ou suddenly gave it to her.

He repented. He began to know how to greet his daughter. He chose to believe her But why doesn't she feel moved now, just sad.

Why is it now? Why does it take so long? Why is it that after she suffered all the pain, he suddenly changed back to what she wanted.

He's changed back. What about her?

On this day, shixiaonian cried silently in bed for a long time.


Quiet night, dim night, light is not bright.

The barbecue stand beside the square is surrounded by smoke, which makes every face seem unreal.

When Xiaonian and Xiayu sat in an inconspicuous corner, with barbecue food and some light food on the table, including beer and juice.

"It's delicious. I want to eat it."

Summer rain smells the aroma of barbecue.

"When I was abroad, I always thought about domestic food. I couldn't get used to Italian food." When Xiaonian sat on a blue plastic chair, with long hair tied to her ponytail, her face was bright red, and she had a can of beer in her hand, which was a little empty.

"That's nature, eat in China, when this sentence is groundless?" Xia Yu said proudly.

It was the first time that shixiaonian asked her to come out to eat after returning home.

"That is, no country's food can match ours. So when my father asked me to change my nationality, I refused severely. I can change my family name, but I can't change my nationality. I can't change our food! " When small read slightly drunk to say, said while still compared with the action.


The woman lost her drink.

Xia Yu looks at her helplessly.

"Don't you drink?" When Xiaonian picked up the beer and took another sip, his face redder.

Xia Yu took a sip of juice from his glass and said, "I've told you 180 times that I'm pregnant. My husband doesn't let me drink these junk food, let alone drink. I have to take the food that he made by himself when I go out."

At the moment, there is a lunch box made by brother li himself in front of her.

Smell speech, when small read put down the beer can, the body leans forward, one hand props on chin, slants the face to envy to look at her, "really envy you, pregnant has the husband whole process to care to accompany, good."

Xia Yu sits there, listening to this kind of words can't help but feel sad.

When Xiaonian was pregnant, she had a hard time. First she was dumped, then she was imprisoned, and finally she was laid off for a long time because of her physical weakness. She was unable to breastfeed. One of her children was not around her.

This is a considerable blow to any woman.

She thought this way, when Xiaonian sat there and drank a can of her own, her face became more and more red, and her eyes were bewildered and drunk.

"You've had enough." Xia Yu quickly reaches out to stop her, grabs her hand and grabs the beer can.

"Not much." When small read drunk voice has changed a tone, a hand to look at her cheek, "summer rain, you are really very happy, must cherish know?"

"I know. Xiaonian, you will have your own happiness. "

Xia Yu nodded and said with a smile.

"I dare not."

When small read said with a smile, the face has been hanging a smile, and picked up a can of beer to open, continue to drink.

"How much do you eat? Don't drink all the time." Xia Yu looks at her anxiously and reaches for the beer in Xiaonian's hand.

When Xiaonian repeatedly opened her hand, looked up, poured all the beer down, finally handed her an empty bottle, and then showed a winning smile, and compared with a scissor hand, "report, drink up."


Drink silly.

Summer rain frowns, think about not stopping her.

Forget it, just drink it. It's hard to hold it. A good man can draw a cartoon like going to the sea and going to the tower.

Three rounds of wine.

People from the corner of the square came and left.

When Xiaonian was completely stunned, he took the bamboo sign of the barbecue and scratched it around, marking the word "Gong Ou".

"Summer rain, do you know what big ups and downs are?" When small read suddenly said, voice with hazy drunk.

Xia Yu looks at her. "What?"

"Have you ever tried to be cut off by someone when you love the most?" He asked with a crooked face.


"Have you ever tried to cut you off when you hate the most?" When Xiaonian said with a smile, the smile on his face was very deep, and his face was red, "when you want to love, he said he doesn't love you, and when you stick it up, he will humiliate you! Finally, when you don't want to love him, he sticks up again and tells you that he regrets and wants to love you, and you must love him. Because he's right, why don't you continue to love? "

Xia Yu sat there and looked at her doubtfully. "Xiaonian, what are you talking about? Are you talking about Mr. Gong? "

Mr. Gong regrets?

"Summer rain." When small read lightly call her name, do not answer a question, only way, "he is right, he also has his bitterness, but why I can so hesitate, why I dare not?"


Xia Yu looked at her with fog and water, wondering what she was talking about.

"He's right, am I wrong?" When small read a face to ask blankly, "am I wrong? I don't know what to face in front of me. I feel like a white fog in front of me. I don't dare to go at all. I'm afraid that the abyss is under me. I'm afraid that I'll fall down again and fall to pieces. "

There is a small TV hanging on the wall outside the barbecue, which is broadcasting news. It is also a foreign news -

the palace family and Lancaster family jointly open a winery, and the prospect of strong marriage is bright.

When Xiaonian turned to look at the news, pointed to it with his fingers, smiled and said, "look, abyss."


Xia Yu has no idea what she is talking about.

A passer-by passed by, the young boy's ear is wearing ear studs, when small read slanted body is a finger, smile teeth, "see, another abyss."

Xia Yu presses her hand and frowns at her. "Xiaonian, are you ok?"

When Xiaonian's eyes were deeply drunk, she looked at Xia Yu's plump face and blinked a few times, "but he is right, he still loves me, I am afraid I have to go forward, right? I can't just think about how I feel, can I? I can't be so selfish, can I? "

"Xiaonian, what are you talking about?" Summer rain helplessly looked at her, "forget it, let's go back, I let my husband pick it up."

When Xiaonian was drinking high.

"Am I selfish? What will happen to him if I don't go down? Can he accept it? " Xiaonian said incoherently, holding his head in his hands and sitting there, "I'm so confused. Why do I have to obey others' orders passively. What am I supposed to do? "


Xia Yu sighed at her.

What on earth has this girl experienced? How can it be like this.

It seems that it's a fake to ask her to come out to eat today. It's true to be drunk.

Xia Yu was about to call her husband when suddenly a strong light flashed into their eyes. Xiao Nian was stabbed and fell on the table. His face was red and dripping blood.

Xia Yu covered his eyes with his hands, then looked ahead and saw a tall figure walking against the light.

He is a tall man with a figure of about one meter and eighty-five years. His back turns against the clothes on his bare body and darkens several colors, but this does not detract from his temperament at all. His steps are elegant, and his body proportion is excellent. He has short hair at one end, and his contour and facial features tend to be feminine and beautiful.

As soon as he appeared, many people looked sideways, but the light in this corner was too poor and against the light, so we could not see him clearly.

Only summer rain, after he came close to see clearly.


Xia Yu's mobile phone fell to the ground and was shut down directly.

When the man came to them, he looked down at Xiaonian, who was lying on the table. The beer cans and barbecue food on the table made him frown, "she drank it all alone?"

"You, you, you, you are not..."

Xia Yu looked at him in shock, and his face turned white as if he saw a ghost.

I admire the beginning.

Mu qianchu of Mu family, she can't remember the same face as your son. At the beginning, she got into the police station to send him letters.

Isn't he dead?

Why is it here again?

"There's my car. I'll send you back." Mu qianchu stood there. Some of them were dusty. They looked at Xia Yu with low eyes. They were gentle and alienated in a pair of narrow eyes.