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Chapter 566 Mr. Gong wants you to move home

But she had a faint hope that he would live well.

"What are you thinking?" Gong Ou asked coldly, thinking of admiring qianchu.

When he heard Gong Ou's voice, Xiao Nian immediately smiled and looked at him with bright eyes. "You don't work now, do you care about me?"

"Your skin is getting thicker and thicker."

Gong Ou snorts.

"I don't know how to be thick. Do you feel it?" When Xiaonian leans towards him, his fingers scrape off his face.


Gong Ou sneers and looks back, but her eyes can't help inclining to her side, looking at her holding her face, which is inexplicably attractive.

"You are more boring than me, and the people who eat their own vinegar are the most boring." When small read a low coo, also back to, turn to look out of the window, eyes and sink down.

"What are you thinking?"

Gong Ou asked again, and his voice was slightly unhappy.

When Xiaonian looked at him in surprise, he happened to catch a deep feeling in his eyes. He really cared about her.

"I'm thinking that Shidi died and I'm going away for thousands of years. I'll go home and marry with you." When Xiaonian looked at him, his voice was a little bitter. "Ten years ago, we lived under the same roof, but now we have different ways."

"Have I promised to marry you?"

Gong Ou snorts.

"You said that when I marry you, I will listen to you and love you. I can do it all, can't I?" When small read to ask, he still put on airs to hate.

"The press conference has passed. How can I find the right time to announce the wedding news?" Gong Ou said with a haughty look, "besides, if you want to break your engagement, you can break it. If you want to get married, you can get married. Why?"

Did she think about him?

What does he do now? Do you want to go back to the past or keep the status quo? He couldn't understand the woman any more.

When Xiaonian looked at him like that, his eyes turned and said, "Gong ou, let me tell you a story."


What is she going to do.

"Once upon a time, there was a Frog King. He always felt that he was superior, that everyone should submit to his feet, that he would not put down his face, that he was very happy and that he would pretend to be dissatisfied with me." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Ou stares at her coldly, "and then what?"

"Because he's too arrogant, he's too good at playing music, so he's self expanding, constantly expanding and expanding, and then bang, it explodes." When small read vividly to say their own compiled story.


Gong Ou was silent and smelly. For a while, he sneered and stared at her with black eyes. "You think I said, I'm not very happy. Give up."

He's not that stupid.

Her story is full of traps. Let him admit that he is a stinking frog. Don't count on it.

"President Gong is really wise. Aren't you really happy?" When small read to ask, say not disappointed not sad is false.

She thought that she had figured it out, and he would welcome it to him, and it turned out to be such a big score.


"Oh." Shi Xiaonian pretends to smile carelessly, with a dark look in his eyes, and turns to look out.

The gloom was easily captured by Gong ou.

The plane landed.

A group of people came down from the plane. The wind on the apron was so strong that Xiao Nian couldn't help wrapping his tight clothes.

Several cars of the palace family have been parked in the distance.

Gong Ou took the lead in walking forward, with long legs.

When Xiaonian looked at his back, his eyes were dim, his lips showed a far fetched smile.

It doesn't matter. No matter what he looks like, she accepts it.

It's no big deal if she knows how much she loves him.

When Xiaonian went to the car, he didn't follow Gong ou. Instead, he pointed to another car and said to Fengde, "adoptive father, let me take this car back to the gallery."

She didn't really have the cheek to go back to miyou.

"OK, let the driver see you off." Feng de nodded and stepped forward to open the door for her.

When Xiaonian glanced at Gong ou, who was sitting there with a document handed over by the Secretary in the car, he began to look like he had no intention of saying goodbye to her.


Xiaonian sighed a little bit lost, smiled at Fengde, and left in the car.

The driver drove away to the fork in the road, when Xiaonian turned his eyes to look out of the window, Gong Ou's car had gone from another direction.

When the car stopped in front of the gallery, Xiaonian got out of the car and said to the driver, "thank you."

It's midnight outside.

There are few stars in the high-rise buildings. The scenery of the imperial castle is good. The air in the forest is fresh, the environment is elegant and everything is good.

When it comes to Empire castle, I don't know how the twins are now. I haven't seen her for a few days to miss them.

Tomorrow she will meet them and see Gong Ou again.

This time, no matter how indifferent he is, she will not be easily beaten away.

When Xiaonian took out the key to open the glass door and walked inside. As soon as she turned on the light, she saw that the car outside was still parked there.

Why don't you go back? She's all home.

When Xiaonian walked over, knocked on the window, the window was put down, and when Xiaonian bent to look at the driver, "what's the matter, is there anything else?"

"I'll wait for Xi Xiaonian to pack up."

Said the driver.

"Packing? What? " He asked in confusion.

The driver also looked puzzled. "Mr. Gong called me and asked me to wait for Miss Xi to pack up and take you to Empire castle."


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

"Miss Xi? What's the problem? Can I help you? " Asked the driver.

"He really said that? Let me pack and move to Empire castle? " He asked incredulously.

"Yes, Mr. Gong called me personally. We all have recordings because of our work." The driver handed over his cell phone to shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian stood outside the car, he turned on the recording and listened to the respectful voice of the driver, "Mr. Gong."

Gong Ou's lazy voice rings on the phone, "when Xi Xiaonian finishes packing, you will take her home."

It's really Gong Ou's voice.

And he said Take it home.

When small read suddenly like eating honey, the heart is not sweet, I wish I could jump up, this proud and charming man is just too annoying.

She said that he was the king of the frog. She was very happy and didn't say why she had to press her emotions.

I'm bored.

When Xiaonian thought, he handed the mobile phone to the driver and said with a smile, "I'm going to pack now. Give me an hour. No, give me half an hour! It'll be ready in a minute! "

With that, Xiaonian ran into the gallery happily.


The driver looked puzzled.

When Xiaonian rushed into the gallery, he picked up the suitcase and put it together. He put his clothes in it and sorted out a big suitcase.

There are also toys that twins usually play with here, and all of them must be taken.

When Xiaonian was busy loading things and three big boxes, she looked around to see if there was anything missing.

A tablet on the desk came into her sight.

When Xiaonian went to pick up the tablet computer, he scratched his fingers on it. He was not at home for several days, but still had electricity.

When Xiaonian wants to put the tablet in his bag, he still hasn't closed it. He scrapes his hands off it and a video pops out.

The video is a surveillance video. It's a video from the caf é on Fengtai Road. When she got the news about Gong ou, she rushed to find out whether Gong Ou had come or not from the video.

Later, Gong Ou appeared before it was found.

She has never seen that video again. Think about it. The reason why she is so diligent is that Gong Ou was so indifferent when he appeared. She is always angry at him for not contacting him for four years and not informing her when he came back.

If it wasn't for the way she saw Shidi and muqianchu, she thought that she would keep her mind until after marriage.

Now, she has figured it out and no longer wants to change Gong ou.

Between two people, as long as love, who love more, who love less, what is the relationship? As long as she wants.

When small read relieved to think, is preparing to delete the video, suddenly saw in the picture a luxury car parked there.

She remembers what the car looks like.

It was the car photographed by an insider at that time.

When Xiaonian's hand retracted, he continued to look down, only to see that the back window of the car was slowly lowered, showing a familiar face.

Gong ou.

It's really him.

When Xiaonian opened her eyes in shock, she once thought that the person had pasted the picture, maybe she was wrong, not Gong ou.

It's really him.

She looks at the picture on the screen of the tablet computer. Gong Ou sits in the car, dressed neatly, with one hand on the window, and slowly raises her face to look in a certain direction.

It's looking in the direction of the cafe.

He just looked at that direction. His handsome face was very thin, and there was no expression on his face. His eyes were dark, but they were not seen by Xiaonian.

It's like restraint, it's like forbearance. After a while, his eyes turn dark again.

If she didn't know the place was a cafe, she suspected that he was looking at his lover.

This kind of eyes inexplicably hurt her heart and mouth.

When Xiaonian couldn't look down, he pulled back the progress bar. For about half an hour, he was looking at that place.

What on earth is he looking at?

When Xiaonian adjusted several other videos of the other days, he found that there was no exception. During that time period, Gong Ou's car stopped there, sometimes the window didn't come down, but when it came down, he always looked in that direction.

What are you looking at?

When Xiaonian tried to recall the appearance of the coffee shop on Fengtai Road, he could not remember what was worth seeing for so long and what was worth seeing every day.

When Xiaonian turned off the video, he dragged the suitcase to the outside.

The driver rushed out to put the suitcase for her. "Miss Xi, get in the car, let's go back."

Go back.

After thinking about it, Xiao Nian said to him, "can you send me to a place first?"