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Chapter 243 thousand beginnings, is that you


Young master is bound to be in trouble.

Feng De is really able to speak, and he even uses Gong ou to crush her.

When Xiaonian stood there, his head was blank for a few seconds, and his eyes were dim.

"Miss Shi, for the sake of the young master, do you think you can take a step back and do good to everyone?" Otherwise, it would be a dead end

"I don't want to."

When small read lightly said, the tone is firm.

“……” Feng de was silent, and then he sighed a long sigh, "Hey, Miss Shi, you'd better think about it again. Why do you insist so much? Don't you love the young master?"

With that, Feng de hangs up.

When Xiaonian stood in place, put down his cell phone, his eyes were stagnant.

Unlike Feng De, who was as firm as he said, she was already shaking in her heart. She sat on the bed and bit her lips.

Gong ou.

Why do you insist? Don't you love young master?

Does she really want to break even the last principle for this love?

She can study day and night, work hard for Gong Ou recklessly, but she doesn't want to break her own bottom line.


Is it only by being a lover that she can stay with Gong Ou? Does she have to watch him enter the hall of marriage with another woman?

Only in this way, is she for Gong Ou?

When Xiaonian clenched her mobile phone with her fingers, she felt that she couldn't turn a corner in her heart.

She lay down slowly on the bed and looked at the ceiling without focusing her eyes. She tried to go back to the original point these days. What she did was not touched by Mrs. gong at all.

When I close my eyes, I won't let myself think more.

But now she couldn't sleep.

I don't know how long ago, the bed suddenly sank. The next second, the quilt was lifted, and she fell into a warm embrace. Gong Ou held her tightly from behind. "Did you sleep? Are you asleep? "


When small reads to close the eye light to open mouth.

"Go to sleep in my arms!"

Gong Ou's voice is deep and magnetic. Her arms hold her tightly. One hand touches her flat stomach through her clothes. Junpang leans against her back neck. Her hot breath spreads on her skin. She smells the fragrance of her body. The voice is restrained with a touch of restraint. "It's really fragrant."

Gong Ou hugged her like this and kept sniffing around her neck.

He's like a dog.

When Xiaonian secretly thought, he leaned on his arms and wanted to sleep, but the breath of bath milk on his body had been pouring into the tip of her nose, making her unable to sleep.

For a while, Xiaonian said, "Gong ou, how is your relationship with your parents?"

When she asked, she opened her eyes, which were dim.

"Not so much."

Gong Ou cold tunnel.

"Not so, what is it?" He asked in a low voice.

"As usual, but they have always been better to me than my brother." Gong Ou said coldly, arms around her, concise, fingers on her stomach, voice low, "when can you grow up here, have a child of mine."


Fortunately, there are no children, and their current problem is that many children come out to make trouble.

"Are they very kind to you?"

When small read to ask, didn't let him bring the topic past.

"Well, it's about the same as the family. From small to large, my brother can't do what I want. He has to work hard to get what he wants. My father and mother have always been partial to me." Gong Ou said.


His father and mother have always been partial to him.

Gong Ou didn't express his feelings with his parents too much, but when he read it clearly, he still loved his parents.

Who doesn't love being partial to their parents?

"Why all of a sudden?"

Asked Gong Ou in a low voice.

"It's just a sudden thought, just ask." When small read lightly said, try to make their tone appear more ordinary.

"Don't give me any nonsense!" "You don't have to worry about them, I want you. It's a big deal that we won't go to England for the rest of our lives."

How can it be solved without going to the UK.

Is it true that she doesn't communicate with her parents all her life? Don't say he, the palace family and the couple certainly won't agree. They don't know what kind of means they will use.

When Xiaonian was lying there, her eyes were open, and for a long time, her hands touching her stomach stopped, and Gong Ou's breathing behind her gradually became even.

She turned to Gong Ou in his arms.

Gong Ou has fallen asleep, his eyes are closed, his eyelashes are dense and long. He brushes a light shadow at the moment, his nose is straight, and his lips are thin.

Perfect face, family name sense, handsome.

When Xiaonian looks at him quietly, her eyes are dim. A moment later, she shows a farfetched smile, reaches out a hand to touch Gong Ou's face, and depicts his nose and lips

She believed his words, I want you, so I should do anything for you.

She's trying to do the same.

But he knows, it's really hard to ask him.

Why is he Gong Ou? Why is he Gong Ou.

When Xiaonian looked at him for a long time, she couldn't get an answer, and she slowly closed her eyes and went to sleep.

In this sleep, Xiao Nian slept a long time.

When I woke up, I saw that Gong Ou had changed into a well-dressed one, with a straight shirt and straight trousers wrapped around his legs. Gong Ou stood in front of the window and reached for the button.

At this time, he is as elegant as possible.

"Where are you going in such neat clothes?"

He asked softly.

Gong Ou turns his head, a handsome face to her. When she wakes up, her black eyes are deep. He pours on the bed directly, and looks down and nibbles at her mouth.


When Xiaonian was unprepared, she was still lying on the bed, so she was kissed with arrogance. She opened her eyes and stared at Gong Ou in front of her eyes, "Oh, don't make any noise Um, um

Gong Ou gnawed on her lips like a wild animal, and played the kiss disorderly but passionately.

Kissing for a long time, until her breathing is not smooth, Gong Ou just relaxed and opened her, satisfied with the way, "comfortable!"

Like the wild animals in the forest, he put out his hand and wiped his lips. He had a strong sense of family name.


When small read to Gong Ou most of the time is trapped in a silent state, she pursed lips, take him no way.

Gong Ou's hands are on her side, and a pair of black pupils stare at her cautiously. "You keep sleeping, I'll go downstairs for a meeting."

"Meeting, here?"

When small read stunned.

"Well, I'll have the people at the meeting bring all the papers to the hotel."

Gong Ou's eyes are deep, and his voice is magnetic. "I must develop the ability of robot to coax women. I will use my bracelet to sense emotions, and then coax the owner to be happy."

He explained the contents of the meeting.

Wen Yan, when small read Zheng Zheng, because she was not happy some time ago gave her inspiration?

"Will it be difficult?"

There are many functions of the R palace, which need to be developed.

In Gong Ou's eyes, there is no end to anything. He will refresh his miracles one by one.

He's really good.

"It's not hard for me!" Gong Ou said in a deep voice, reaching out and pinching her face, "OK, you go on sleeping, I'll go down."


Xiaonian nodded obediently.

Gong Ou takes a deep look at her, turns around and gets out of bed. When he gets out of bed, he looks back at her again. "Shixiaonian, you go with me! How can I feel ill without seeing you for a moment? "


I was about to sit up from the bed.

Gong Ou said again, "forget it, you lie down, and you will feel more."

She hasn't had a good sleep in the imperial Castle during this period. She's all learning. He can't be too strong. He's waiting for her to grow the meat.

It must have been too thin to be pregnant.

Gong Ou opens the quilt and looks behind her.

"What are you looking at?"

Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

"Look at you. You are so small. Aren't you pregnant? Raise the meat for me!" Gong Ou bent down and slapped her ass across her skirt.


When Xiaonian is thundered.

"Well, I'll go to the meeting." Gong Ou reached out and pinched her soft face again. Her voice was magnetic. "Anyway, the hotel is full of my people now, so you can sleep at ease. Do you hear me?"

Looking at his face, Xiao Nian nodded obediently in bed, "OK."


Gong Ou stared at her for a long time. Then he went out. Every step seemed to be as if he wanted to say goodbye to her forever. It was hard to walk.

Take a step and have a look.

Take a step and have a look.

When Xiaonian was goosebumped by his glued eyes.

For a long time, Gong Ou finally walked out of the room.

As soon as Gong Ou left, Xiao Nian couldn't sleep. He got up from bed and walked out.

She walked around.

The presidential suite is very large. There are all kinds of reception rooms, bedrooms and leisure rooms. When Xiaonian opened a door, it was a brand-new and luxurious kitchen.

When Xiaonian went inside, she opened the refrigerator. There were some ingredients with dates printed in the refrigerator. She picked them up and saw that they were all fresh ingredients.

It's almost time for dinner.

When Xiaonian decides to make dinner, she will hold a meeting later. The king of big stomach will definitely cry hungry. She will prepare first.

She took the ingredients out of the refrigerator and was about to start washing when a doorbell rang.

Gong Ou is back so soon?

When small read stupefied next, put down the food material to walk outside.

She reached out and opened the door. It was empty. How about people?

At that time, Xiaonian looked out and left and right. Suddenly, he saw a figure walking out. The lusty shirt was elegant, the figure was slender, and the pace was slow and elegant.

She was familiar with the figure, even the way she walked.

"The first thousand?"

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock and his heart was pounded hard.

It's mu qianchu. He's back?

She knew that he would not die.

When small read heart next joy, immediately catch up, that wipe figure suddenly speed up the pace around the corner, she catch up, "qianchu, is it you? The first thousand...... "

She was a little eager to catch up. As soon as she got to the corner, she was caught.