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Chapter 386 who helped her out

Everyone looks at Gong ou. Gong Ou sits upright and puts the wine cup back on the table. When his black eyes look up, he reads it.

When Xiaonian sat there, his fingers firmly grasped the bag.

He can't see it at last. Will he help her out?


Hearing Gong Ou's words, Mona's smile was a little stiff. In such a public place, he also wanted to be so partial. Where did he put her?

Mona didn't have time to say anything. Gong Ou took the microphone.

Gong Ou holds the microphone in one hand, the diamond earrings on his ears are charming, and his eyes are looking straight at Shi Xiaonian.

The smile on Xiaonian's face is no longer so fake.

Fortunately, he helped her out.

He hasn't lost his humanity to stimulate her.

"Please play a piano piece and read it all the time." Gong Ou's deep voice came out through the microphone in a row of pipes on the wall. It was really sexy.


Xiaonian's smile suddenly stagnated.

Piano. He knows she can't play it.

It's not a relief.

He robbed Mona's microphone not to rescue her, but to follow her jokes.

"I think you misunderstood me. I want you to go. I want you to sign a contract. I don't want you to be free."

She thought of what Gong Ou had said to her.

Yes, he took Mona to this charity dinner to stimulate her, make her jealous, and now it's humiliating. He wanted to compromise her in a torturous way and let her come back to him.

Mona is a person who studies psychology deeply. She guessed seven or eight points when she read a micro expression.

Did you know how to play piano?

The common people are the common people. When they are in their twenties, they will not be the same. They live in ignorance.


Gong Ou is sitting there with a handsome face and deep eyes. His eyes are deep and his thin lips are full of a faint smile.

The smile fell on Xiaonian's eyes.

If you can't be a lover, you need her to look good and smile so happily.

Gong Ou's smile is not a downfall. Although he wants to be jealous when he wants to, he will not see her humiliate. He also knows Mona's intention, so he is really breaking through.

And he really thought that it was nice to play the piano.

Especially in his bedroom.

He didn't listen for a long time and suddenly wanted to hear it.

The waiter came to Xiaonian's side with the tray, and Xiaonian's eyes flowed. He reached for the microphone and smiled, "excuse me, Miss Mona, I still have something to do next, I can't delay. I donated ten million yuan."

She didn't want to eat old, but this time she had to.

She added up all the copyright fees she got, which was a little bit worse. In addition to buying clothes and cars for her, she also paid her a lot of pocket money. She didn't move it when she put it on the card, which added up to 10 million yuan.

Anyway, these royalties are all secretly helped by Gong ou. Not counting her real ability, she donated them for charity.

But the world of the rich is always beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Mona sat there and said with a smile, "it's charity. Can't Miss Shi delay some time a little? I know that Miss Shi doesn't think I have enough money to donate. Well, as long as Miss Shi is willing to play a song, Gong ou and I will donate 60 million yuan."

There was an uproar.

Then there was thunderous applause.

If you change a piano piece for 60 million yuan, of course, everyone will applaud.


When Xiaonian looked at the two people who were sitting there, he smiled on his face, and his eyes flashed cold.

Hit her with money.

She can't, of course.

I don't know who took the lead. All of a sudden, everyone began to applaud and shout, "Miss Shi! Miss time! Miss Shi! "

She can't do without going up.

Xu Bingxin looks at shixiaonian, a gentle face with a smile. She doesn't know that shixiaonian can't play the piano. She waits for shixiaonian to shine.

Xiao Nian is so similar to Xi Yu, and must be excellent in all aspects.

"Miss Shi! Miss time! Miss Shi! "

Everyone continues to call.

Shi Xiaonian slowly stands up from the chair, her eyes skimming over the two people on the opposite side. Mona is approaching Gong ou and talking. Gong Ou looks like a couple talking with each other. Gong Ou listens absently and looks at him from time to time.

In the call of the crowd, Xiaonian turns around and goes to the stage step by step.

The waiter followed and carefully arranged her skirt.

Thunderous applause rang in her ears.

When Xiaonian felt that her hearing and vision were illusory. In her vision, only the white piano on the stage was clear.

She knew clearly that she was walking towards a joke that belonged to her.

The joke was given to her by Gong ou and Mona.

When Xiaonian slowly walked to the steps, and came to the piano, the lights of the whole scene dimmed down, leaving only the lights at the piano on the stage.

The applause gradually faded.

When Xiaonian sat down in front of the piano, the whole audience was silent. She stretched out her hands and put them in front of the black and white keys.

A piano voice came.

The understanding guest has already heard something wrong.

When Xiaonian was playing, at first she pretended to put all her fingers on the piano, but the more it was like this, the more disordered the sound.

Even on the stage, she could hear the hiss and surprise below.

She simply gave up these HuaQuan embroidery legs and played them on the black and white piano keys with two index fingers, which Gong Ou taught her to play. Holding her hand, she pressed down and played a sweet and light piano music.

Mona watched from a distance, listening to the unskilled sound of the piano in the dim light, and her lips outlined a scornful piano sound.

It's so bad.

She was so brave to go on stage, she was embarrassed for shixiaonian.

The whole audience was silent, and the piano music of Xiaonian was thin. The music score of this piece was simple, so she could barely play it with two fingers. Even though it was more and more fluent, everyone could hear it.

It was an awkward performance.

Every guest thinks so, except Gong ou.

Gong Ou is sitting there listening to the piano music. His black eyes show some pride. He taught that.

It's getting better and better.

Gong Ou looks at the stage, under the bright light, when Xiaonian sits in front of the white piano, like a princess, the diamonds on the dress are shining, like a thin meteor falling, or like the next rain, beautiful and soul taking, soft and into water has been flowing into his chest.

"That's nice."

Gong Ou's deep tunnel.


Mona is proudly drinking red wine. She chokes at the smell of it and is a bit embarrassed.

When the guests around hear Gong Ou's voice, they all look at each other in private. It's not a false compliment to hear Gong Ou this time. He doesn't need to compliment anyone.

What kind of person is Gong ou, the body of nobility and the top class? He said that good nature is good.

Is it the subtlety of Miss's piano when they can't hear it?

Is this music to be played in such a simple and clean way that it doesn't need to show off skills, just like a jade, and only those who need to understand can appreciate it?

If they don't speak well, don't they seem to have no musical attainments?

"It's true. It's hard to hear this kind of clean music nowadays. Most of it is covered by skills."


The guests whispered to each other, one to ten, ten to hundred.

So that a group of people nodded wildly there, as if they heard some wonderful sound. Mona looked at the faces around her, and then looked at the infatuation in Gong Ou's eyes. A gulp of red wine almost came out.

Do you have him like this? When I was young, I wanted to do anything well and everything was perfect. I was really sick.

If she didn't achieve her goal, she lost 60 million yuan in vain. Mona couldn't be happy. She raised her glass, raised her head, and took a swig.


Heart, more pain.

Especially after seeing Gong Ou's eyes looking at Shi Xiaonian, Mona thinks that Shi Xiaonian is not a joke, she is a joke.

When Xiaonian was sitting in front of the piano, he didn't know what was going on under the piano. He was just playing with the broken jar.

Playing a tune can help children in poverty-stricken areas get 60 million yuan. It's worth it. Just laugh at it. It's just hard to lose face for the mother to follow her.

Playing the last part of the tune, suddenly there was a sound of violin on the field, matching her rhythm.


When Xiaonian raised his head in some consternation, there was a low footstep in the music.

A pair of polished leather shoes came into her sight.

The slender young man came slowly towards her from the dark stage, with a violin on his shoulder and playing the strings gracefully. He was wearing a light gray suit dress and a clean white shirt.

It's a dream.

Mu qianchu stood in front of her piano while playing the violin. She had short hair, beautiful face, delicate facial features, and curved lips. Her eyes were staring at her deeply with a gentle smile.

He stood there, warm as jade, noble as painting.

When Xiaonian looks at him in shock, how can he be here?

Muqianchu smiled at her more deeply, and his eyes beckoned to her. When Xiaonian remembered to play the piano well, he said.

At the banquet at the bottom of the stage, Gong Ou rose abruptly from his seat and looked gloomily at the position of the stage. His eyes were wide, his face was livid, his hands on his side were clenched into fists, and his whole body sent out a dangerous chill.

I admire the beginning.

He's not dead?

Gong Ou stood there, his teeth clenched, his eyes fixed on the man on the stage, his eyes became more and more gloomy, his breath became heavier and heavier, and he wished to rush to kill people.

Murqianchu, when small read.

She was able to continue to play quietly, so she and Mu have been reunited for a long time.


Shixiaonian, you are so good.

"Gong Ou?"

Mona stood aside, pulled his sleeve, and suddenly found that his fist was so tightly clenched that his whole arm was stiff.

The song is over.

The last section is about adding color to the violin. There are still some majors.

There was a wave of applause.

Mu qianchu hands the violin to the staff beside him. He looks at her tenderly with his eyes and reaches out a hand to her.