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Chapter 767 second to poodle

Gong Gu frowned and was about to resist. Gong Ou stood there with a cold voice. "Mr palace is the most advanced one among all robots. Don't think about resisting. Be careful not to be skinned."

Gong Yu naturally knew the power of Mr Gong. He didn't move when he stood there.

Gong Ou goes to the cab.

"Gong Ou!" Gong Yu cried out angrily, "you should stop! Last time you agreed to Lori's request, I followed you. This time you still came? You're crazy, aren't you? What kind of request does Lori give you? "

Why do you want to leave.

Where to leave? What will you do?

Hearing this, Gong Ou stops and slowly turns around to look at Gong Yu, who is controlled by Mr palace. Seeing that he turns around and thinks that Gong Ou has heard it, the tension between his eyebrows and eyes slightly eases.

Gong Ou walked step by step to Gong Yu's face, and two men with similar figures stood opposite him under the sun.

"Don't let her run around. If she runs, I'll fight with you!"

Gong Ou coldly put down a word and turned away.

"Gong Ou!"

Gong Yu shouted at his back, is he really going?

Gong Ou listened to his voice on the Internet and continued to walk in the direction of the cab. He never doubted every step.

The R palace controls Gong Yu to walk to the bank. Gong Yu frowns, "you let me go."

Words fall, see Luo lie face to face.

Four eyes are opposite.

The anger in Gong Yu's eyes was more obvious, but Lori looked at him and then turned his face, boarded the yacht and walked towards Gong ou.

In the driver's cab, Gong Ou opens the console and lights up on the table.

Luo lie went to the door, looked at his figure, frowned slightly, and said, "you really want to go?"

"Get out of the boat!"

Gong Ou cold tunnel, a little side of the face, the eyes of the cold sharp no more obvious.

"Do you think kneeling and apologizing will solve the problem?" Asked Lori.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's eyes flashed a cold light, turned around and grabbed a chair, then severely threw it in front of Luo lie. His black eyes glared at him sharply, "what do you mean? Don't you dare to fuck again, my Gong Ou dare to kneel, and you dare not cure? "

By this time, all he remembered was the treatment.

Lori Ben was injured and had a slow reaction. This time, the chair hit his foot directly and his face turned white with pain.

Gong Ou stood there, his black eyes staring at Luo lie. When he thought of what Xiao Nian said to him today, his anger was even greater.


He just wants to cure the disease. What are he trying to do?

"Get out of the boat!"

Gong Ou shouts again, turns around and continues to adjust the key on the console.

"Mr. Gong, if you go today, Mrs. Gong's heart may not be well." Said Lori.


Gong Ou slaps him heavily on the console, turns around and rushes towards Lori, grabs Lori's collar and stares at him fiercely. "What do you want to do, Luoshi? Believe it or not, I'll kill you now! "

What a violent man.

Luo lie was nearly choked by strangulation, but Gong Ou obviously didn't want to kill him. He left some spare force on his hand. Luo Lei coughed heavily, looked at Gong Ou's angry face, and said, "I said, you are the only one who can cure Mrs. Gong's disease."

"Go on!"

Gong Ou is angry again but still listens.

"The last time Mrs. Gong's heart disease was induced, it was because you sacrificed too much for her that she fainted." Said Lori.

"Because of this?"

Gong Ou stares at him.

"Mr. Gong, I've seen many pregnant women and many couples. The most important thing for them to get along with each other is just right. Mr. Gong's feelings are not only fierce, but also determined. It's not what Mrs. Gong wants." "It's like when you broke up with a pregnant woman for fear that she would be scolded by the palace family, which caused her to have a heart attack," Lori said seriously

"What did she tell you?"

Gong Ou's eyebrows turn. Are these things said by shixiaonian?

"Mr. Gong, maybe you chose to face it better with Mrs. Gong in those days, rather than bear it alone." Lori said, "now that the same thing has happened again, do you want to make the same choice as that year?"

And you're committed to it?

Gong Ou stood in front of him, thinking in his eyes, and his hands slowly loosened, holding Lori's collar

He's from Lancaster.

"Strictly speaking, I'm not treating Mrs. Gong. It's Mr. Gong." Lori said, "I have said that you are the only one who can cure Mrs. Gong. I have not betrayed Lancaster."

He won't betray either.

"Why did you suddenly change your mind?" Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"Mrs. Gong is a very good woman. I don't care what she looks like now." Lori said, and the collar was strangled again.

"Do you like my woman?"

Gong Ou stares at him and says, depend on, cure a disease still cure a love enemy.

"Is it like a friend's?"

"No way!"

Gong Ou vetoed.

"Well, in fact, you can take Mrs. Gong with you now." Luo lie can't help but say, this palace Europe is not only passionate and crazy, but also jealous.

Hearing this, Gong Ou loosened his collar, clapped his palm twice hard on his collar, and flattened the wrinkled collar.


Lori was photographed coughing.

"Teach me how to do it!" Gong said coldly, in a strong voice that no one can veto.

Now that he has reached this stage, how can he decide?

"In fact, it's very simple. Sometimes it's not just giving, but also seeing what the other party needs." Said Lori lightly.

What do you want.

When I was young, I wanted

"In addition, I will also give some Chinese medicine to Mrs. Gong to recuperate her body and help her recover as soon as possible, so that she can have a healthy baby." Lori said, "as for how to do it, I can't help. I can only see Mr. Gong's own."

With that, Lori turned and left.

Gong Ou frowns and stares at the back of his head. "What she wants, she can't do now!"


A man who likes to make decisions for others.

Luo lie looks back at Gong ou, coughs a few times and says, "what can't she do now? If those things that can't be done will make her unhappy, then how can her heart disease be cured? "


Gong Ou is silent.

Lori goes out of the cab and gets down from the yacht. Gong Yu stands beside Mr palace. Gong Yu looks at him coldly, like a hostile.

Yes, they are hostile.


Luo lie lowered her eyes and walked past Gong Yu without saying a word. She blew and coughed several times, and her back was bent.

Gong Yu looked at him coldly. His lips moved. He wanted to say something but didn't speak at last.


Gong Ou jumped off the yacht.

"Gong Ou?" Gong Yu looked at his younger brother with some consternation, "are you going?"

What's wrong with Lori?

Gong Ou came to him with a calm face. His black eyes stared at Lori as he coughed and left. His voice was low. "This man is different from those of Lancaster."

Finish saying, Gong Ou also left.


Gong Yu stood there with a puzzled face. Who can tell him what happened.


When Xiaonian stood on the balcony and looked at the direction of the yacht all the time, he saw Gong Ou jump down from the top and his heart was stable.

Just don't leave.

Thank you, Dr. law.

When Xiaonian stayed on the balcony for a long time, he got up to his waist and back to have a rest.

When Xiaonian went to the bedroom door, the maids in the corridor were still cleaning up the mess of Gong Ou lane. She put her hand on her waist and pushed the door open.

The moment the door opened, she saw Gong Ou sitting on the floor in front of the bed, legs up, eyes down, eyelashes long and long, a black sweater lined his whole body thin.


How can I sit on the floor without getting cold?

When Xiaonian stood at the door and did not move, he looked at him silently and did not know what to say.

They've just had a fight, and she's done it.

The quarrel broke up in displeasure.

Hearing the sound, Gong Ou slowly raised his handsome face and looked at her, with clear edges and corners and handsome features. When they looked at each other, Xiao Nian's heart beat missed a beat and stood there quietly.

What should she say, apologize, or something.

She didn't know.

She loves him, but she doesn't think she's wrong. Who will tell her how to get down the steps after the quarrel?

When Xiaonian stood there, his face was pale, his eyes were red, he had no expression, but his heart was already tangled. He was thinking that Gong ou, sitting on the ground, suddenly showed her a big smile.

It's just a big smile.

and the same warm sunny big smile before playing the poodle.


At that time, Xiaonian was speechless.


Gong Ou looks at her and smiles.


What's the matter? This is.

Is it addictive to be a poodle?

When Xiaonian walked in stiffly and pretended to be busy making the bed, in fact, the quilt had already been made up.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou calls her name, stands up from the ground, pastes it beside her, looks at her with low eyes, "how can you ignore me?"

When Xiaonian didn't know which one he was playing, he didn't speak. He continued to tidy up the quilt, opened and folded it, then opened and folded it.

"Are you still angry?"

Gong Ou looks at her deeply and asks carefully.


When Xiaonian is still silent, Gong Ou holds him in his arms from behind, his chin is on her shoulder, his voice is low and sexy, "don't be angry, you are angry and I love you."

When Xiaonian realized that Gong Ou was here for peace.

Just now, he was so fierce with her that he didn't care who was quarreling with. He would come to make peace. He can really afford to let go. How powerful and arrogant can he be? Where have you been.

"Then won't you go?" When small read lightly ask a way, sit down in bedside.

"No, I'm here with you." Gong Ou stood in front of her, bent down, and Jun Pang came straight to her. "You don't need to have red eyes."