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Chapter 1044 who is the disfigured woman

"He can't even find this movement, or rule a family for so long." Gong Ou coldly interrupts him. He doesn't blame the bodyguard, but asks, "how many are left?"

"Four, two injured, in the backyard."

The bodyguard replied.

"Take you to see the big fish." Gong Ou raises his arm and grabs Xiaonian's hand. He presses the button on the wheelchair and walks forward slowly. A few seconds later, he looks back at bit, who is still standing there, and says coldly, "come here, too."


Bit frowned, then raised his heel.

The back door was opened by the bodyguard, and a light fell in. In the face of a gust of wind, small flowers scattered down. When Xiaonian opened his hand, he easily caught two flowers.

The air is full of flowers.

What doesn't match with such a beautiful picture is a scream.

"Be honest!"

There was a kick.

When Xiaonian heard the reputation, he saw four men kneeling under the trees in the backyard. They were all handcuffed tightly. Two of them were obviously injured. They could not kneel and were kicked several feet by the bodyguard.

A bodyguard followed Gong ou and said, "these guys must be the most powerful ones around George. If we didn't rely on many people, it would be hard to say whether we could catch them."

Gong Ou sits in a wheelchair and looks coldly at the four people.

"Second young master!"

Looking at the bodyguards, they all bow to Gong ou.

"Drag the injured ones down to me, and don't let shixiaonian smell the blood." Gong Ou said coldly.


The bodyguard immediately dragged the two wounded people down. The blood left a long trace on the ground. The other two prisoners knelt there. Their eyes changed, but they didn't show too much panic. They seemed to be well-trained.

"Old lady, come out and clean it up. Mrs. Gong can't stand the smell of blood!" Shouted a bodyguard.

A hunchback figure came out of the backyard hut. She was still wearing an old cloth robe. The color was gray, but it was washed very clean. She was wearing a big wide hat, and the brim covered her whole face almost, so that no one could see a scar.

The woman came out with a mop and without saying a word began to mop the blood on the ground. Her back was bent so that people could not bear it.

When Xiaonian wants to help, Gong Ou holds his hand.

"Bring you here to see what a real big fish is." Gong Ou looks up at her, his voice is low and arrogant. "What you are fishing for is not worth mentioning."

He really resents her fishing.

When Xiaonian looked at him helplessly, turned his eyes to the two kneeling prisoners, and said, "I can understand some of them. George used the plan of moving the tiger away from the mountain to ask us out in the name of son's surrender. In fact, he didn't think about the surrender at all, but when we transferred most of our strength out of here for the negotiation of surrender, he took the opportunity to sneak in."

"Smart." Gong Ou looks at her admiringly. "Go on."


What are you going to do? She knows so much.

When Xiaonian felt her ears and watched the woman clean and clean up there. After a long time, she said honestly, "I can say that."

Gong Ou looks at her, and smiles with a spoiled smile. "No questions?"

"Yes." When Xiaonian stood under the tree and said, "why does George come to this place? And come quietly? "

If you want to attack, just go straight up.

It's a secret. It's a little strange.

"What do you think?" Gong Ou said without hesitation, appreciating the way that Shi Xiaonian thought.

"You don't have to sell, I can't guess. There must be a reason for George to do that, right?" When small read to ask doubtfully, "can be what reason?"

Smell speech, Gong Ou's eyes shift from her body, fall on the woman who cleans, there is no expression on the handsome face, black eyes are so deep that people can't see exactly.

The woman stood there, dragging the blood on the ground carefully, her broad hat floating slightly with the wind, and the centipede like scars on her face looming.

Shi Xiaonian is waiting for Gong Ou's answer. He can't wait for a long time. Seeing that he is only staring at other people's cleaning, he can't help being anxious. Just about to speak, a flash flashed into her head.

After being electrified for one time, Xiao Nian stood there, turned his head slowly, looked at the woman in surprise along Gong Ou's line of sight.

No way

A gust of wind blows, and many petals fall. Xiaonian moves forward two steps to block the direction that the woman wants to clean.

The woman stood there and stopped, glancing up at her.

"Auntie." When Xiaonian looked at her incredulously, "George came to see you, didn't he?"

She was George's reason to make such a big round and not hesitate to surrender.


The woman stood stiffly.

When all the bodyguards heard this, they were all stupid. They turned their eyes to look at the woman and looked up and down. What's so ugly that George could find?

"You Who is it? "

When Xiaonian couldn't see through the woman, how could such an ordinary lonely woman relate to a character like George.

She's an undercover agent in Lancaster? There's no reason. She helped herself.

The woman stood motionless in front of her, her head bowed, and she did not speak.

When Xiaonian wants to ask again, Gong Ou's cold voice says, "Feng De, take down bit!"

As soon as the words fell, Feng De quickly pressed bit beside him and pushed his head down. The action was full of shame. Bit struggled hard but couldn't get away.

At the same time, the woman quickly raised her head, then lowered her back, but her back was a little straight. "Gong Er young master, since you know all about it, why bother a child?"

Her voice is as good as ever, but this time it's a little bit chilly.

It's this kind of coldness that makes shixiaonian suddenly feel that the woman in front of her is not the one she knows anymore, as if she has completely changed a person.

"I just don't know some. I want to make it up here."

Gong Ou said with a sneer.

When small read step by step back, all the way back to Gong Ou's side, eyes staring at the woman.

"How much do you know?" The woman put the mop aside and asked in a cold voice.

"You are the one who took my woman away, and you are the one who kept me awake." Gong Ou said simply and concisely.

Hearing this, Xiaonian looked at the woman in astonishment.

It's her?

When Xiaonian suddenly thought of the fuzzy figure pushing her in the monitoring picture, no wonder it looked a little shaky, because the woman could not support her strength.

No wonder she thinks that the underground darkroom of bit's looks familiar. In fact, it is connected with the underground water channel, but like her temporary operating room later, no one knows the hidden doors of the underground water channel so well except the woman.

At the beginning, she was taken away by the underground waterway, but no one can find her, because we are still not sure how many hidden doors there are.

"It's said that Gong Er is a genius and a legend." The woman said coldly, "I'm afraid I can't hide these tricks from you, so I'll take the medicine and forgive me."

The woman spoke in a cool and polite way.

"It's true that your tricks are not worth mentioning. If I didn't get sleepy, your tricks would not last for two days." Gongou cold tunnel.

"I personally check the food. How can you take medicine frequently?" Asked Vander, pressing bit.

"It's easy to put a little medicine in the food when there's no accident. After that, spray some medicine on the flowers. With the constitution of the second young master gong at that time, you can fall asleep at the slightest point." "It's like a chronic poison," the woman explained. "The more you get to the back, the more you go to sleep without smelling, unless you've been away from these drugs for a few days."

So she didn't spray them anymore, because her goal had been achieved.


Spray flowers?

When Xiaonian thought of the flowers and plants that were everywhere in the room, he had a headache. It turned out that Gong Ou's lethargy was not a disease, but a drug.

The whole backyard was so quiet that almost everyone listened with a strange expression.

After all, who is going to guard against a lonely woman who destroys her capacity and is physically handicapped? She did these things by herself.

"Why?" When Xiaonian looked at the woman without knowing what he had done, "why do you want to take me? If you're from Lancaster, why don't you just hand me in? "

When Gong Yu was looking for a house, he couldn't think of it. He found a man with a relationship with Lancaster.

When she heard her question, the woman who had just answered the explanation was silent. She just stood there, stretched out her hand and pulled on her broad hat, saying nothing.

"The answer is simple." Gong Ou sits upright in the wheelchair, his hands close to his jaw, and when he looks at his black eyes, he reads, "if you think about what happened after you were captured, you will know what her purpose is."

"After the captivity?" When small read Zheng ran, turn to look at bit.

Bit is still being pressed by Fengde, and his brow is frowning tightly. When Xiaonian comes to him, he opens Fengde's hand and says, "at that time, bit found me and took me back to hide, so that the people in Lancaster would not find out. Is that her purpose? "

How can this sound so absurd.

"What else did you do there?" Asked Gong ou.

What have you done?

When Xiaonian broke his fingers and began to remember, "bit likes my cake very much. I make it for him every day..."

"You make him a cake?"

Gong Ou's voice rises abruptly, and her black eyes sweep towards her fiercely, like a lion with fur all over.

Very good.

These didn't tell him in advance!

"Ha ha." When Xiaonian put his hand in embarrassment and said, "skip and jump. We were watching variety show together then, right?"

She turned to bith, who was confused. Hearing this, bith said, "well, you gave me some medicine."

"Medicine? Where's the medicine? " Gong Ou's hair is even worse.