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Chapter 325 footsteps in the dark

He was ill for two days in a row.

The R palace took care of her all the way, boiling water for her and making some simple food for her.

When Xiaonian was lying on the bed, his forehead was covered with ice bags, his face was pale, his lips were not bloody, his eyes were deep, looking at the light of the window, but his eyes were not shiny, only gray.


If there was still a little hope in her subconscious before, she would be totally gray now.

After Gong Ou hugs Mona and kisses her and asks if she is dead, she will not have any illusions about this relationship.


Think about it, she has been cheap to a certain extent, unexpectedly ran to ask Gong Ou if she still has feelings for her, and she was swept out of the house to sign a break-up contract, and she was still confused.

She deserves it.

You deserve it.

She spits at herself fiercely in her heart, hoping to slap herself a few times.

"My God, what's wrong with you?"

Summer rain came in from the outside, carrying a bag of fruit on his hand. When he looked at it, Xiaonian said anxiously, "how can you not know the point of attention? You know that you are pregnant, sick, and can't take medicine. It's too painful to suffer hard."

When Xiaonian was lying in the quilt, his eyes were staring at Xiayu, and he said slowly, "Xiaoyu, this time, I am completely dead."


Xia Yu stood by the bed and looked at her.

How can I suddenly say this to her.

"From today on, I will never think of that man again, never again." Shi Xiaonian said in a firm voice, as if to himself, "I will not give him another chance to humiliate me."

She's not going to be cheap anymore.

She has no place left for Gong ou to trample. Her heart has been crushed to pieces by him and Mona. She is fed up with it.

Xia Yu looked at her in a daze and said, "what happened to you and Mr. Gong?"


When Xiaonian coughed, Xiayu hurriedly sat down beside the bed, patted her across the quilt, comforted her and said, "OK, don't want to, we don't want to."

When Xiaonian coughs, his throat is itchy and uncomfortable. He coughs so that a tear drips from the corner of his eyes. He can't control himself. His eyes are only frustrated and hopeless.

"Why do you cough like this? Do you want to go to the hospital?" Summer rain asked.

"I've been there. The doctor told me to have a good rest at home." Xiaonian smiled bitterly and said, "don't worry, I'm ok."

Xia Yu looked at her anxiously. "Otherwise, you can go to live with me. My husband and I can take care of you."

"No, I know you're preparing to build a man recently. I didn't use to have extra large lights?" Shi Xiaonian sat up from the bed, took off the ice bag weakly, and said in a hoarse voice, "don't worry, Mr palace will take care of me."

R house.


She doesn't even want to hear the last name now. Should she change her name for it.

"No matter how good it is or how intelligent it is, it's just a robot. What can I do if I can't take care of you?" Summer rain nervous tunnel, or want to get her to their own there.

"It's OK. It's the same when I call you, isn't it?" Xiaonian said with a smile.

"It's also true that technology is very developed now." Xia Yu nodded. "Then you lie down and have a good sleep. I'll go to work first, and I'll talk about the comic book adaptation contract for you. Call me if you have any questions, OK?"

"I see."

When Xiaonian sat on the bed smiling and nodding, watching her leave.

Xia Yu's figure disappears in the bedroom. Xiaonian's face suddenly collapses. He sits at the head of the bed feebly and looks at the front of him.

"Master, lie down and have a sleep." Mr palace stood by her bed, a pair of black eyes scanning her direction.

When small read nods, "well."

She lay down with her eyes open, unable to sleep.

When Xiaonian was ill for several days, she had a high fever when she thought she was almost well. At first, she didn't feel it.

She didn't take her temperature until her head became more and more confused.

39 and a half degrees.

When Xiaonian was frightened by the number on the thermometer, the high fever was raging.

No, she has to go to the hospital.

When Xiaonian lifted the quilt and came down from the bed, her head was heavy and her feet were light. She was dizzy in front of her eyes. The whole bedroom was rotating fast. She was afraid of falling down, so she sat down on the bed and shouted, "Mr palace, Mr palace!"

Her voice was hoarse and terrible.

The light of the night was shining on her face, and her face became extremely haggard and pale.

"Master." Mr palace came in after a long time. It was called in by Xiao Nian as soon as it charged itself.

"Cell phone."

When Xiaonian opened his mouth weakly, he sat on the bed and looked at the cell phone on the bedside table. His eyes were dizzy. He could not reach for the cell phone. His fingers were trembling.

Her head is so heavy that she is dizzy.

R palace takes the mobile phone and hands it to her. Xiaonian grabs the air several times before grabbing the phone. Then she finds out Xiayu's phone number and dials it.

No one answered the phone after it rang.

When Xiaonian grabbed her mobile phone and bit her lips, she was so upset that her head became more and more faint and heavy. She decided to call 120.

Before the call went on, suddenly a strong lightning flashed through the window, and the lights in the whole bedroom suddenly disappeared. It was dark, followed by the deafening thunder.


When Xiaonian's head was heavy, suddenly it was dark in front of her eyes, and she was shocked. Her mobile phone fell from her hand. She raised her eyes and stared at the darkness around her.

I can't see the darkness of my fingers.

"There's no electricity."

Because there's no electricity in the thunder.

When Xiaonian opened her eyes in shock, the darkness in front of her left her helpless and frightened, and her lips trembled involuntarily.

Little by little, the memories of her childhood poured into her mind.

She quickly reached out her hand and grasped Mr palace, holding it tightly. "Pick up my cell phone, and it fell down."

"Yes, master."

R Gong stoops down and fumbles for the mobile phone on the ground.

When Xiaonian looked at it, he saw that there was only one pair of eyes on the whole body of Mr palace giving out a faint light, which was too weak to illuminate the whole bedroom.

"Can't you shine a little more?"

When small reads to look at it to ask a way, the voice is suitable for a cannot say fear.

She needs light.

"Master, I don't have enough power. If I turn on the strong light mode forcibly, I will be out of power in less than 3 minutes." Mr palace program is set to take care of the owner first, so these days are mainly to take care of her, with little charging, resulting in a lack of electricity.

It's just that there's no electricity at this time.

Without electricity, she could not even rely on the last one.

"Do not turn on."

When small read hurriedly said, looking at the mobile phone, the mobile phone also seems to be running out of power.


How could it be that she didn't have electricity when she needed light so much.


Suddenly a strong lightning flashed again, illuminating the whole room, as if trying to split into the room.

That kind of light doesn't make shixiaonian feel at ease. This year, I seldom played such a loud thunder, as if I was close to her.

When Xiaonian sat there in a daze. After the thunder, there was another paint room in the bedroom. She called 120 with her mobile phone and gave her address. Then she sat on the bed and waited quietly.

But waiting in the dark is painful.

Her body was cold and her head was in a trance, as heavy as a stone.

She leans against Mr palace, suffering badly. Staying in the room makes her feel a sense of suffocation, as if someone would come in and steal something at any time, and move it away like she would.

The ambulance hasn't come yet.

This feeling makes her more and more unable to stay. She can no longer stay in the dark room. She wants to go out.

"Mr palace, help me out. Let's wait for the ambulance." When Xiaonian put his hand on Mr palace and stood up, dizzy, nauseous and almost fell down.

The palace of R held her in time, "master, I will carry you."


When Xiaonian closed her eyes, she could hardly open them. As soon as she opened them, she was dizzy. She was very sad. She was lying on the back of Mr palace with her head down.


It was thunder again, the light of lightning mingled with the darkness, flickering, reflecting on her pale face.

R Palace back to her to leave, when small read slowly opened his eyes a little gap, eyes a dark.

When Xiaonian's breath was heavy, it was longer and longer.

It's hard.

It's really hard.

When Xiaonian painfully lies on the back of Mr palace, which is carrying her to open the door. Suddenly, Xiaonian hears a sound of neat footsteps from outside.

That kind of footsteps in the quiet night is particularly clear, and mixed in the roar of thunder.

The voice was frightening.

"Don't open the door."

When Xiaonian opened his mouth in a panic, his body was shaking uncontrollably. He slipped down from the back of Mr palace and walked towards the door step by step. The whole man leaned weakly on the door and listened to the voice in the corridor outside.


Would it be a thief?

Why there are so many footsteps? It seems that there are so many people.

When Xiaonian is close to the door and hands are on his head, people are tired and uncomfortable and have no strength. She is afraid. She is really afraid

What to do.

She clung to the wall and stumbled to the sofa. The whole person sat down on the sofa, his hands tightly around his body, and he trembled with fear.

She is afraid of the dark, more afraid of thieves in the dark.

"Master, don't you go out?" Mr palace stood beside her and asked.

"No, No." When I was young, I shook my head continuously. My memory was a bit confused. I only thought about all kinds of things when I was young. I was dizzy and my body was constantly cold.

The thunder is still destroying her.

Lightning suddenly appeared in the living room, bright and then dark.

When small read painfully embrace oneself.

"Retch -" a sudden nausea in the stomach.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and vomited, she didn't even touch the garbage can in the dark. She vomited so much that she felt her whole stomach turning over.

The smell of vomit is in the dark house.

When Xiaonian fell on the sofa in agony, only the footsteps were left in her confused mind, and her fingers clung to her clothes.