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Chapter 858 the fourth honeymoon stop

Xiaonian's mind has completely flown to the research base in the holographic era.

Gong ou, wait for me!


n. The research base in the age of e-holography has a large area of land. It is built in the beautiful countryside. The sky is blue and clear, like washed. The sunshine is much cleaner than that in the city. The lush crops are like oil paintings splashed down from the sky. The green reeds on the lakeside sway gently in the wind.

Further inside, it's a broad cement road. The gate is designed with ring shape, inlaid with many crystals, reflecting the sunshine and glittering.

The elite in white shirt swipe the card to enter from the gate, with the pace of hurry.

The hall from the gate to the research base is another hundred meters away. When entering the hall, there are all kinds of holograms floating in the air in the center. The huge "N.E" words are printed on each screen.

The stairs made of refined steel are simple but gas field is not lost. The president's office is temporarily arranged up the winding stairs.

In the transparent glass, Gong Ou is sitting at the computer desk processing the holographic system. Wearing a black shirt, he is thin and noble. His coat is thrown aside on the sofa.

Computer shielding and air floating at the same time a variety of data, rapidly refreshing.

In the garbage can beside, there are several lunch boxes that haven't been moved.


The door was knocked, and the sound of fingers tapping on the glass door was very clear.

Gong Ou did not lift his head and reached for a sign to show someone to come in. He continued to process the piles of data in front of him.

"President, your coffee."

Li Qingyan came in from the outside, wearing a white shirt and A-line skirt. Her chest was full of sexy ups and downs as she walked. She had a long hair, which was professional and capable, but she couldn't hide her bright young face.

"Put it down."

Gong Ou said coldly, with one mind and two land uses moving the content on two tablets at the same time, staring at the data above with black eyes, and printing out a sheet in his mind.

His focus is sexy, his body is leaning forward slightly, his long fingers are constantly inputting and deleting all kinds of data, unlike doing data, rather like playing the piano gracefully, his chin is curving, his eyes are dark and deep, and his raised eyebrows pick out a whole aura.

The man in front of me is so perfect that I can't believe it. It's so charming.

Li Qingyan stood there and stared at him. She couldn't help thinking about the time of her classmates in those years. At that time, she thought that Gong Ou's future would not only be defined as a noble, but she didn't expect that Gong Ou would have the present scenery.

Gong Ou didn't touch the coffee cup. He threw himself into a pile of data. Li Qingyan turned his eyes and frowned at the lunch boxes in the garbage can. Looking at the clothes on the sofa, he said, "president, did you sleep here last night?"

With that, Li Qingyan walked towards the sofa, picked up his coat, clapped it, straightened his sleeves, and hung it on the hanger.

Hearing the voice, Gong Ou raised his eyes and looked at Li Qingyan. He took back his eyes with only one glance. There was a trace of antipathy in his eyes, "how are you here?"

"I'll send coffee to the president and show you the latest data."

Li Qingyan stood beside Gong Ou's desk in black high-heeled shoes, his voice full of business.

When she arrived at N.E., she found that Gong ou, the senior student, had completely forgotten her. Also, she was just a primary school sister. Gong Ou met such a big person these years, and it was normal to forget her.

"Put it down and you can go."

Gong Ou lowered his head again, his voice was absolutely cold, and every hair was resisting someone invading his space.


It's the same as before. I never care about other people's feelings.

Li Qingyan nods, but doesn't stick to Gong ou. She knows that Gong Ou only appreciates people with ability. As long as she makes everything perfect, Gong ou will notice her sooner or later.

Sure enough, before she got to the door, Gong Ou's cold voice came from behind her. "When you go back, you will be the assistant of the Secretary's office."

There was no praise, but she was promoted.

As early as in school, she knew that Gong Ou was a critical and morbid person. He even had a unique format for taking notes. He couldn't see anything except for that layout.

"Thank you, president." Li Qingyan doesn't show his pleasure, but bows to Gong ou and says, "president, I have a suggestion that I don't know..."

"I don't want to hear you. Get out of here."

Gong Ou simply interrupts her.

Li Qingyan looked at Xiang Gong ou and saw that he was still looking at the data report he handed in. He understood that he was in a good mood now, so he said again, "I want to ask for instructions to let the employees go out for dinner during the lunch repair."

Gong Ou looks up at her coldly, but doesn't take back his eyes immediately.

Did you finally face her?

Li Qingyan looked at him with a kind of heart beating. Gong Ou said coldly, "find a piece of adhesive tape!"


Li Qingyan was stunned.

"Seal your mouth!" Gong Ou threw the document aside. "There's a bit of intelligence in the report. It's just too much talk. Post it for me!"


Li Qingyan felt that her face was slapped severely. She sped up and said, "these days, the staff of the base go to work day and night, very tired and under great pressure. I'd like to ask the president to allow me to apply. During lunch, I'll let you go out and have a look at the scenery in the countryside, which will not delay my work. "

She said all in one breath, waiting for Gong ou to spray her.

At least Gong ou will be impressed by her.

Gong Ou sat there, his long fingers resting on the tablet, motionless for half a day, his eyes narrowed slightly.

Reduce pressure.

This is really like what Xiaonian would say. Every time he squeezes employees, she can't help talking for everyone, just like he is like a bad landlord.

Gong Ou stood up from his desk, put his hand in his pants pocket, walked to a large piece of glass and looked down. He saw a group of employees busy doing things. Some people were walking and stretching. In and out of the direction of the tea room, some people could not see that the cups were filled with coffee. Some people fell asleep in front of the computer and were woken up by someone, sitting and working directly.

It's all rubbish.

He doesn't have brains to do things, but he can't sleep much. He doesn't sleep as much as they do.

If Xiao Nian comes to see this scene, he must think that he is squeezing the labor force again. When he thinks of this, Gong Ou opens his mouth and his voice is cold and thin. "Do as you like. No one is allowed to stay in the lunch break base."

This is an accident for Li Qingyan. She just wants to deepen her impression when Gong Ou is in a good mood. Unexpectedly, Gong ou will agree.

More human than when I was in St. John.

"Yes, president."

Li Qingyan lowers his head, pushes open the door and goes out.

As soon as Li Qingyan released the news, all the people in the base could not help cheering. All of a sudden, they had the spirit to continue to work.

Gong Ou glanced coldly and went back to his desk to sit down.

Suddenly, the door was knocked again. Gong Ou saw Li Qingyan's eyes sink when he saw him again. The secretary was really upset. If he didn't have some brains, he really wanted to be fired.

"President, would you like to go out for lunch with us?" Li Qingyan said with a smile. "You're tired, aren't you?"

"You can come down from the position of deputy!"

Gong Ou's job arrangement is so casual.

Wen Yan, Li Qingyan's face is a little embarrassed, "president, let your eyes rest. The scenery outside the base is really beautiful and the air is clean, which is especially suitable for vacation and decompression."

Vacation stress relief.

Gong Ou's eyes are deep. Feng de says that Xiaonian became emotional after she became pregnant. If the scenery here is really so good, it's not bad to let Xiaonian come to raise a baby.


During the lunch break, when Gong Ou appeared at the reed lake, everyone was having a carnival. A large number of people were standing by the lake, talking and laughing in the crops.

There is a very loud voice. It's where Li Qingyan is.

n. E. there is no lack of capable beauties, but Li Qingyan is the only one who can provide benefits to the president at the same time of being beautiful and capable. Many men surround her, whether married or unmarried, talking to her.

Gong Ou glanced at them coldly. Turning his eyes, he was about to see the scenery. Li Qingyan saw him and bowed respectfully, "president."

At the sight of Gong Ou's appearance, everyone put down their lunch boxes in a panic and bowed to Gong ou. The scene was so chaotic that it was inconceivable that some people fell down on their feet.

This is the elite recruited by N.E.

Gong Ou looked at them disdainfully, but did not even answer, so he went ahead.

A lake curved to the distance, the roadside reed or green, bright color, through the gap between the reed to the inside, is a clear bottom of the lake.

Xiaonian should like it here.

It's very suitable for her to draw.

Gong Ou is standing by the lake. Except for the wind, there is only a dead silence around him. Those employees are scared to move when they see him. They dare not even eat. They say they want to go back to work.

Li Qingyan jumped out, "don't be so restrained! When the president asked us to come out and relax, we should relax well. When we go back to work, we should work hard for 1% of the time. The working hours are not what the president wants, but the efficiency is what the president wants! "

There's a bit of brain in this.

Gong Ou listens to Li Qingyan's encouragement to everyone, and everyone gradually opens up and plans to play. At last, they are divided into two teams to push each other and jump off the lake if they lose.

It's too noisy.

Gong Ou stood there displeased. Suddenly, he heard the men's excited cry. He turned his eyes.

Li Qingyan stood in the middle of everyone, untied several buttons on the white shirt, lifted the hem, tied a knot at the lower side of the chest, which immediately doubled the visual size of the chest, exposed the extremely thin waist, and dazzled in the sunlight.