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Chapter 224 home clearing at the same time

When Zhong sat on a sofa, his face was haggard and exhausted. Turning his eyes, he saw that she came in with an unhappy face. He snorted coldly, "hum, you still know how to come back!"

"Don't do that, my daughter will be fine when she comes back."

In the autumn of Fujian, the king was very angry and loyal.


Shizhong put on a dignified face without any flattering expression.

He knew that when xiaonianken came back, he must have been soft hearted. In any case, every time min Qiujun shed a few tears, the little bitch with unknown origin would have been soft and let her do whatever she wanted.

"Yeah, yeah, just go home."

Several relatives stood up, and Xiaonian sat down in the middle of the room, with a smile on his face. "How can a family have an overnight feud? It's better to talk about it. Xiaonian doesn't know why. Won't he go home?"


Home? Is this still her home?

When Xiaonian sat there and looked at the faces in front of her coldly. These people were her relatives.

"Xiaonian, are you really Gong Ou's girlfriend? The one with the highest wealth in the list? " When my cousin sat aside and asked excitedly, Xiaonian was shocked in her eyes. "Are you afraid your clothes are very expensive? How do you know Gong Ou? "

How could a character like Gong Ou be known as soon as he knows him.

"Xiaonian, we are relatives. You can't treat us badly."

"Yes, Xiaonian. I grew up watching you grow up. I always take you as my daughter."

"It's like you're hurting Xiaonian. Xiaonian, she took you with her at that time, and she took you as her own daughter."

"Xiaonian, we are all family. The past is over. Who hasn't spoken yet, right?"


When Xiaonian sat there, he listened to them, and I talked with you. Looking at the flattering faces, he suddenly felt ironic.

These people spoke ill of her to the media just when Shidi stepped on her.

Now it's time to take her as a daughter.

It turned out that face changing was so easy.

When Xiaonian thought it was funny, he also laughed, "ha ha."

Her sneer made everyone stay, everyone looked at her in a daze, even Shizhong looked at her, there was a consternation in her eyes.

"Xiaonian, come and drink water."

Min Qiujun poured a glass of water to Xiao Nian. She was not as hypocritical as others. She was the only one among these people who really cared about Xiao Nian.


When small read looked at Min Qiu Jun cry red eyes, will take the water cup, put on the tea table, did not drink.

Alienation is obvious.

Min Qiujun was stunned, then stood beside her and said, "Xiaonian, my mother can't speak. Today I just want to ask you to save your father. My father's chain restaurant has closed down and we owe a lot of money. We can't afford it."

"And the flute?"

He asked coldly.

Isn't it time to find your own daughter?

"Shidi is not rich enough, even if all of them are taken out, it is not enough to pay for the debt. Besides, she is a star with a lot of playing points." Min Qiujun said that when he said this, he felt a little guilty.


As expected, it's good to kiss your daughter. What do you want for your daughter? If you are in debt, you can find your adopted daughter instead of your own daughter.

When Xiaonian sat there, he suddenly didn't even bother to talk.

"Yes, Xiaonian, you are following Gong Ou now. The money is not as much as it needs. You can help your father. Besides, your uncle doesn't know what happened recently. His business has been losing money."

"Me, too. I was going to be promoted to manager, but I was suddenly resigned. Xiaonian, let Gong Ou find me a position in N.E. I want to be the general manager, and I don't want to be the deputy. "

"And me, my beauty shop has been scolded to death recently. The landlord has to collect the house. I think you have a lot of money now. Lend me some to buy it. I'm so angry with the landlord!"


Relatives are a good talker.

When Xiaonian heard that none of them had a good life, she suddenly felt quite happy.

She knew that Gong Ou must be in the middle.

"Xiaonian, you can help dad. All these things are just for you..." Minqiu Jun said, holding Xiaonian's arm, looking at her with eyes begging.

"These things are really a chore for me now. Who let me climb the high branch?" When Xiaonian smiled and said what they had in mind.

A group of people felt that there was a play in their eyes. They were greedy. Even Shizhong stopped coughing and stared at her.

When Xiaonian looked at them with a smile, his face suddenly changed and he said coldly, "but why should I help you?"


A group of people are stupid.

"You have a bad memory. I have a good memory."

Shi Xiaonian stood up from the sofa, looked at the circle indifferently, and said coldly, "I'll help you recover your memory. If you don't say it far away, you can say it near. I remember what you said in front of the media without missing a word."

As he said this, Xiaonian went to her cousin's side, put her hand on her shoulder with the best blood diamond ring, and said, "what do you say, cousin? You said: when I was 13 years old, I was messing with boys at school and almost dropped out of school. It was everyone who raised money to buy up the relationship and let her continue to study. "

She is learning how sour her cousin's tone is.


My cousin sat there, her face was as dead as a zombie's.

Walking in front of my cousin, Xiao Nian goes to my aunt.

My aunt's face is already a little ugly. When I want to hide, Xiaonian doesn't let her go. She holds her hand and says, "I remember what Xiaonian said. You said to the media like this: Xiaonian just came to collect debts. She has a bad temper since she was a child. She once went to our house to play and steal things, but she didn't admit it. At last, I turned over and didn't say sorry."


The little aunt's face was pale.

"Auntie, have I ever stolen anything from your family? What did you steal? Your memory is really bad. I'll gnash my teeth when I hate you, and I'll say when I kiss my daughter. " Xiao Nian sneered and looked at her mockingly.


What does the little aunt want to say? Xiaonian has crossed her to the next goal --

"what do you say, he Bo: the little girl will hook people when she was young. When she was young, she asked me to touch her in order to eat sugar. I don't know if she often asked people to eat sugar like this."

"Cousin, what you said is: when Xiaonian always likes to fight with people, he grabs people when fighting. This part of my waist is the scar left by her scratch. Cousin, isn't that your birthmark? "


When Xiaonian repeated what each of them had said, the living room was as quiet as death, only her voice remained.

In the middle of the conversation, Shizhong finally couldn't help but stand up and stare at her angrily, "enough! What else do you want to do to convict a group of us? I've raised you for so many years, and I'll let you come back and play with me. "

When Xiaonian looked at Shizhong, the smile on his face remained the same, and he continued, "yes, and my father, my father grabbed the current situation that mu qianchu and I were in bed, grabbed the sharp point, and saw that when I saw that I would lose my life, the flute was angry."


Shizhong is said to be white faced and speechless.

When Xiaonian looked at minqiujun again, minqiujun saw that she had seen it, and he drew back his body.

When Xiaonian went to his adoptive mother and hugged her, "and mother, I remember the most clearly what you said. You said that you gave me the best, but I didn't have a flute. I don't know how I became like this. I was jealous of my sister and climbed my brother-in-law's bed."


Min Qiujun's eyes were red, and he felt guilty and said, "at that time, when you want to go to jail for the drug case, I told you not to, but you still do that. Shidi is a star, how can we do if there is a scandal, so..."

"So sacrifice me. Anyway, I'm an adopted girl without blood. I'll pour all kinds of dirty water on me, so that the flute can be washed white."

"Xiaonian, we've done it, OK?" Minqiu Jun said with red eyes, "don't talk about it."

She began to cry again.

A few relatives also said, "Yeah, Xiaonian, it's OK to let it go of the past. It's OK to be a black pot for the family. Besides, don't you think you're living well now? Gong Ou even says that you're his girlfriend. You'll have many happy days in the future."

"Xiaonian, our family will have a good life in the future. We will never have these things again."

Min Qiujun cried and said, "please look at me.".

Min Qiujun's crying is very moving, so fragile, so sad, as if she really wanted to have a good life for her family, as if she really cared about her.

"Can you really have a good time?"

When small read ask.

"Of course." Minqiu Jun looked at her with great interest. "Xiaonian, we have a good life. My mother really loves you and remembers you."

"Love me?" When Xiaonian asked, "then why didn't you say hello to me from the moment I came in? Why didn't you ask me how I survived the time when you splashed dirty water?"


Minqiu Jun stays. Everyone looks at her.

When Xiaonian slowly let go of her hand, retreated to the center of the crowd, glanced at the hypocritical faces in a circle of indifference.

"Yes, I'm fine now." Shi Xiaonian said in a cold voice, "that's because I've been through it! If I didn't survive, I would probably have died in the public opinion you created. "


Everyone is silent.

"If I die, will you feel sorry for me? You won't, you'll just come together, like today, to say that I'm responsible for what I do, and then I'll live as I live. "

When Xiaonian looked at them coldly, he said word by word.

No one will pity her.

No one will sympathize with her.

In that case, why would she help them in turn.


There was nothing to say.

"If I were not Gong Ou's girlfriend today, you would not think of me at all." When small read sneer.