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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Because, he is Gong Ou

She quickly used the internet phone to call the police, but before she could get through, the call was cut off. She didn't give up and tried again, but the result was the same.

There was no other way. Shi Xiaonian logged into QQ and sent a distress signal to his colleagues in the company, hoping that they would find a way to help him.

Less than 0.1 seconds after the message was sent out, she watched as the three lines of text she typed instantly disappeared.


It just disappeared.

Shi Xiaonian looked at the screen in shock, then typed out another line of words, but sent it out and it disappeared.

An indescribable panic surrounded her, and she used her internet phone to call the fire department, calling a newspaper she remembered. She wanted to escape, she had to escape …

But the result was the same. Before he could get through, the phone automatically hung up.


The door that had already been locked was easily pushed open from the outside. Shi Xiaonian, who was seated on a chair in front of the desk, felt a moment of panic, and raised her head to look in front of him.

It was Feng De who pushed the dining cart in.

Feng De walked towards her with an understanding face, and said sincerely, "Miss Shi, don't waste your energy."

Shi Xiaonian was stunned.

So it turned out that everything she did was seen by them, it was all useless.

"Gong Jia has the most strict monitoring of information. The electronic equipment that are not logged in by Young Master himself will be fully monitored. Also, don't say that your phone can't reach, even if you called …" Saying that, Feng De paused for a while, and looked at Shi Xiaonian with a pitiful expression, "It's also useless."


"Because, he is Gong Ou." Feng De said.

Gong Ou, two words, on the other hand meant — privilege.

Shi Xiaonian sat dejectedly on the chair, her hands tightly wrapped around herself, forming a protective posture.

Nothing she did was of any use. She could only be imprisoned here, unable to escape.

"Miss Shi, your body is too weak. Eat something." Feng De said, he picked up a plate of delicious food and placed it on the table.

"I really have never given birth to a child. I really didn't have anything to do with him before." Shi Xiaonian murmured as she looked at Feng De with the last sliver of hope, "Housekeeper Feng, if I go and beg Gong Ou to let me go, will it be useful?"

As long as she could leave and be free, she was willing to beg Gong Ou like a beggar …

What responded to her was a pitiful look from Feng De.

Shi Xiaonian understood what he meant and felt despair. Could it be that the only thing she could do was to seek help from that person? No, don't...

Gong Ou didn't come to violate her again, and didn't even come to see her once.

Shi Xiaonian's body gradually recovered, but she was imprisoned in the Imperial Castle for a few days, causing her mental state to decline.

There were countless bodyguards in the castle, and people were watching her even as she walked inside. She couldn't even take a step outside the door.

Unable to contact her family, colleagues, friends, Feng De, his bodyguards, and his psychological experts, they would take turns asking about the whereabouts of her baby. The way they forced her to do so was one after another, either through fatigue, or through forbidding her to go to the toilet, or through intimidation.

As the days passed, she almost collapsed.

She couldn't understand why Gong Ou was certain that she had given birth to his child. Under their repeated questioning, Shi Xiaonian even thought that he had lost some of his memories.

But she remembered everything except the baby.

If there really was a baby, then even if she lost her memories, she should still have a child by her side. But she clearly didn't have one, so it didn't make any sense at all …

At a time when she did not know, exactly what had happened to her.