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Chapter 724. I don'st want to see you die in front of me

"What does it mean to be invisible?"

"I don't want to see you die in front of me! I can't stand it! "

When Xiaonian cried out loudly, using all the strength in her body, she was clearly angry, but the tears overflowed, completely out of her control.

She screamed out loud and harsh.

Gong Ou stood in front of her. He felt the eardrum ache. He looked at her with his eyes down. What happened to his chest? He paused for two seconds. Then he went to bed and lay down quietly. His eyes looked at her bitterly. "OK?"


How can she yell at him every time so that he can obey.

When Xiaonian saw him like this, he was angry and didn't know where he had swam. He put out his hand to wipe away his tears. He went up and pulled up the quilt for him and covered it. "You lie down. I'll pour water for you to take medicine."


"Don't get up."

"Oh." Gong Ou lies in bed and looks at her.

"Well." When small read nods, turns around to leave, the palace Europe quiet voice rings, "when small read."

When Xiaonian looked back, Gong Ou was lying there. There was a bruise on his handsome face. His eyes were staring at her face deeply. His thin lips were moving and his voice was so low that he was dumb. "I won't die in front of you. Don't get excited."

"I'm not excited."

When small read drooping eyes, she just worried about him, she just loved him.

"You almost lifted the roof like that." Gong Ou said in a quiet voice.


When small nianmo, he is now disrelish her bad temper? She's already very gentle, OK.

She shook her head helplessly, and then turned to walk out of the room. The atmosphere outside was obviously more strange than that inside their room. Su Yaoyao was treating Feng de. Feng de was lying on the bench and looking at her. The wrinkles on the corner of her eyes were very deep, but there was not a word.

Yikela sat aside and suddenly stood up again. He walked back and forth impatiently. He wanted to go out and back again.

"How are you, father?"

When Xiaonian came to Fengde's side, he bent down and asked.

"I'm fine." Feng de said weakly, trying to put a smile on Xiao Nian's face to reassure her? How about the young master? "

"He's less hurt than you. As long as he has a good rest, it's OK."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"That's good." Feng de reproached himself, "it's all me. If it wasn't for me, I wouldn't have done so much, and the young master wouldn't have been hurt."

When Xiaonian came to him, picked up a hot towel to wipe off the sweat on his face, and said, "we can all go out, don't worry."

"No way!"

Yikela suddenly said, turning around and going out, Xiaonian hurriedly stopped him, "warden, where are you going?"

"I have to go back, or the master will execute my family." Said ekla.

"You're going back to die." When Xiaonian came to him, he opened his arms and stopped him. "I know you're not a bad man, chief guard, and I know you're a loyal subordinate, but you've been carrying my adoptive father in front of the public. In any case, you have been charged as a traitor."

"I'm not a traitor!"

Ekla said with some excitement.

He just saw that Feng de was desperate to save Su Yaoyao. He thought that his elder sister had died for this man.

"I know you're not a traitor, but will Bergler believe it?" Shixiaonian asked, "he's such a cruel person who would believe you to say that? As soon as you go back, he just took you and caught your family together. If you don't go back, you can find a way to save your family. "

"What else can I do?"

Ekla admitted that she had a point. He reached for his hair impatiently. He was so impulsive that he shouldn't leave with Feng de on his back.

It shouldn't be.

Shi Xiaonian said, "it's better for you to wait. When our people arrive, we can go in and save your family."

"You want me to rebel?"

Ekla understood what she meant and roared angrily.

"Warden, in a sense, you've turned against your master. There's no point in your committing now. Bergler won't believe you."


Ekla is silent.

He must admit that shixiaonian is right about what kind of person Bergler is. He is too clear to believe his loyalty. He can't believe it.

Just as the Bergers did not believe in their family, they did not get forgiveness until their elder sister became a heavenly daughter. If their elder sister died, their family would not be let go by their master.

They are just slaves.

Forever slave.

"Ekla." Feng de covered his chest injury, sat up from the bench, and looked weakly at ekla. "Don't be silly anymore. No one is always a slave. It's someone else's dog. Bogler is a person. We are also people. Over the years, how many people have been killed by the borgs, because he is the master, do we have to willingly be persecuted? "

"It's you who hurt my sister the most!"

When it comes to this, ekla's hatred covers his whole body.

"I know you hate me, you want revenge, you can kill me, but it's not the current thing, you know?" Feng de said weakly, "you have seen Angelina killed. How many family members are persecuted?"

"But that's the master. He keeps us and gives us life. How can I betray?"

Exclaimed ekla.

"Did he give it?" When Xiaonian stood there and said, "why do I see countless slaves working and farming when I come in, but Bergler is just enjoying it. The world needs leaders, but leaders want to give everyone peace and well-being, not brutality."


According to carat Zheng ground looks at when small read, a word all refute not come out.

"Warden, maybe you should go out and see what the outside world is like now. Borg island needs to change. You all need to change. You can't follow such a master any more." Shi Xiaonian said, "unless you think of your family being killed one by one, it was your elder sister, then Su Yaoyao, then your wife and your children. This kind of obedience is a slave. Does the master who died of disobedience really want to follow?"

Ekla had already moved. He had never heard such words in his life.

He didn't know that people could follow him.

He did not know that slaves could betray their masters.

That's the exact opposite of what he accepted.

When Xiaonian said so much in one breath, she stopped to look at ekla, and her eyes fell on her. She turned around, and saw Gong Ou standing at the door, wearing a shirt. Her handsome face was very pale, and a pair of black eyes looked at her, full of pride.

How can his woman be so clever? She knows how to persuade ekla.

That's smart.

He taught them well.


Why did he get out of bed again? Did he listen for three seconds?

When Xiaonian helplessly looks at Gong ou, glares at him severely, and silently warns him to go back to lie down.

Gong Ou was about to go back when he listened to ekla's compromise after hesitation. "So what should I do now to protect my sister's daughter and my family?"

He is now dead as well as retired.

He has to choose to protect his family. He has to choose.

Betrayal, in the past, these two words will not appear in his mind.

Hearing this, Xiao Nian's expression suddenly slowed down, and he was relieved. As long as ekraken listened to them, things would turn around.

This is also Gong Ou's plan at the beginning.

"Warden, you are in charge of all the guards on the island. I believe those outside are very subject to you." When small read lightly said.

"You want me to betray with them?"

Asked ichla in shock.

"This is not betrayal, this is to save your own life, how many years will you have to be slaves, and how many years will you have to accept the idea that slaves are animals?" Asked shixiaonian.

Then there was a cry outside, and there was a fight in the middle.

She clenched her fists anxiously. She didn't know how long Mr gong'ou could last or how long they could be trapped here.

Su Yaoyao went to the door and looked out for two eyes, then immediately closed the door. "They started throwing stones at the robot. What do they want to do?"


Really throwing stones.

It is clear that we should throw Mr palace out of order.

When Xiaonian looked at ekla, he bent down and made a deep bow to him, "please."

They have no time.

She can't wait any longer. She can only see Mr palace disintegrated again and they are forced to the edge of death again.

Ekla swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, "but even if I go out, I may not be able to persuade them."

Smell speech, when small read to see hope, even busy way, "it doesn't matter, delay a little time, as long as we wait for people to board the island, everything will be OK."

He can persuade the guards to fight against it better. No, he can give them time.


Yikela stood there, looked at her, and looked at Fengde. Finally, his eyes fell on Su Yaoyao. Finally, he resolutely walked out and reached out to open the door.

When Xiaonian stood by and watched, the stone in his heart suddenly fell down.

The storm on the island is finally coming to an end.

After ekla went out, the fight was obviously quiet. She heard ekla persuade the guards and tell them about their theory of equality and slavery.

She thought, the guards must have been confused.

They have always been deeply enslaved. How could they think of equality? This is really the ruling conspiracy of the borgs.

When Xiaonian walked into the room with water, Gong Ou sat on the bed, a pair of black eyes stared at him, and his thin lips raised a arc, "how can you be so smart?"

Why is his woman so clever.

"Just like you." Shi Xiaonian said, "don't you really want to win over ekla? I did it. "

"My woman is beautiful and smart! Come on, give me a kiss! "

"What do you kiss? Take your medicine." When Xiaonian put the cup in front of him.

"I don't take medicine!"