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Chapter 72 the return of Gong ou

Gong Ou's character is terrible.

When Xiaonian walked out of the hotel step by step, sat down on a flower bed and looked around. There was no Gong Ou or Gong Ou's car.

Of course, he was so angry that he drove away.

Don't wait for her.

But how can she go back? Take a taxi.

When Xiaonian stood up and was about to leave, he suddenly saw the waiter sneaking to the side, with a thief's smile on their faces.

Where they are going Isn't it where Gong Ou just lost his ring?

When small read tight hand bag.

She can't take Gong Ou's ring. It seems too close. But he spent the whole day with her, and she didn't want his ring to disappear.

After thinking about it, Xiao Nian walked over there.

Several waiters are trying to find it in the grass. When I saw it, I read it. The waiters called out "ah". They immediately stood up straight and looked at her shamefully. Then they rushed away. They dare not look for the ring in front of her again.


When Xiaonian looked at their running figure, put down the bag, and then stooped to find it on the ground.

Outside the restaurant is a lot of parking lot and green belt, which is very vigorous, with bushes row after row.

She remembered that Gong Ou had just thrown it in this direction.

When small read to walk past, in the grass to look for, looking for the ring's trace.

Time passed quickly, and it was getting dark unconsciously. When Xiaonian scratched all the dirt with her hands, her vision was getting worse and worse. She could only take out her mobile phone, turn on the flashlight on it, shine it on the Bush, and then continue to scrawl for it.

"Why can't I find it? It's definitely here."

When I was young, I read to myself.


Did you throw it here and pop it up?

At last, Xiaonian simply knelt down on the ground regardless of his image and touched the grass again and again.


A snail was caught by her, and the feeling of wet and sticky was clinging to her fingers. When Xiaonian hurriedly threw away and shook his hand.

When will this be found.

Shouldn't rings be easy to find? Can diamonds shine? Why is it so hard to find.

When small read frown, under the night again and again to find.

"Drips drips" -- "

a sharp trumpet sound suddenly sounded, accompanied by two strong beams of light hit her, the light straight into her eyes.

When Xiaonian kneels on the ground, he looks forward with his stained hands blocking his eyes.

The horn suddenly stopped.

The night was quiet.

The light suddenly darkened, leaving only the cold moonlight.

When Xiaonian blinked his uncomfortable eyes and looked forward, he saw that Gong Ou's open top sports car was not far away. It was facing her. In the driver's seat, Gong Ou sat on it without expression, and his black eyes looked straight at her.

Gong Ou?

Didn't he go?

Xiaonian looked at him in amazement.

Gong Ou suddenly pressed the door with one hand, jumped out of the sports car and strode towards her.

When Xiaonian knelt on the ground and subconsciously wanted to stand up, she found that her legs were already sore and she couldn't stand up at all. Gong Ou ran to her and the black pupil glared at her fiercely, as if to eat her.


Can't be more and more angry, run back to get ready to beat her up?

When small read some fear slightly back, looking up at him in fear.

Next second, she is pulled up by Gong ou. Gong Ou holds her tightly in her arms and holds her slender body tightly.

She slammed into his chest, and the warmth of his body enveloped her.

When Xiaonian was choked by him, his eyes stagnated, "Gong ou..."

What is he doing?

Gong Ou hugs her, lowers his head and leans against her ear. He breathes heavily. He shouts in her ear, "shixiaonian, I really want to kill you like this!"


When Xiaonian was about to say something, Gong Ou said in her ear, "but I don't want it. When Xiaonian is about to say it, I don't want it!"

When Xiao Nian was shocked, he opened his eyes in amazement.

He said, "when I was young, I couldn't bear it.".

He held her in his arms, and in a language almost surrendering, "you win! Time is small! "

"Gong ou..."

What makes her win?

"Listen, I want you to make it! If you make trouble for me till the end of the sky, my palace and Europe will decide you! " Gong Ou hugs her and shouts.

Obviously, he is such a hegemonic oath, but his voice is full of compromise, humble compromise.


It's up to her.

What's the meaning of this? He's not angry anymore.


Gong Ou suddenly let go of her hand, took her, strode into the hotel, walked to the front desk of the hotel, and snapped, "open the best and most expensive room!"


The front desk nodded at once.

When Xiaonian is forcibly taken away by Gong ou, he directly pulls him to the upstairs room. Gong Ou takes out the room card and opens the door. This is a more comfortable and tidy suite.

Once in, Xiaonian is pressed on the bed by gongou Qiangtang temple.

Gong Ou enters the bathroom, and the sound of water comes. Soon, Gong Ou comes out with a wet towel, stands in front of her, calmly picks up her hand, and wipes all the dirt off her hand.

"No, I'll do it myself."

I was not used to being served.

"Don't move." Gong Ou glared at her and continued to wipe her hands. He went back and forth in the bathroom, wiped her hands clean, and ordered her to "lift up your face."


When Xiaonian didn't move, his chin was immediately forced up by him, and he didn't give her a chance to refuse.

Gong Ou holds her chin in one hand and wipes the stains on her face with a warm wet towel in the other.

His face was livid, but his movements were unexpected and gentle.

When Xiaonian was sitting there, she was not comfortable. Her eyes wandered. She was not used to this kind of Gong ou. He was angry and scolded. She could barely adapt. Suddenly, he was so gentle that she could not adapt.

"I picked up a ring and found my face dirty. Are you an idiot?"

Gong Ou scolds her from his mouth, but the movements on his hands are more gentle. He carefully wipes out the stains for her, for fear of hurting her with all his strength.

"You see it all? I thought you were gone. " When small read low eyes, do not look at his burning eyes.

"I want to come back and beat you!"

Gong Ou snorts.

As expected, he was going to come back and beat her. When Xiaonian was silent, he suddenly heard Gong Ou say, "since you don't want the ring I gave you, why pick it up?"

"That ring is too expensive."

When I was young, I was honest.

"You know I have money. Throwing a few rings is nothing." Gong Ou's voice was wild. He held her chin in his hand. "Look at me, answer me!"

When he pinched his chin, Xiao Nian had to look up at him.

Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes. The light from the black pupils burned badly. Xiao Nian's throat choked and couldn't speak.

"Say it!"

The light in the room is dim. Gong Ou looks at her and doesn't stop until he gets the answer.

When small read tight lips, calculated, sooner or later to say clearly.

"Gong ou." "I appreciate your gift, but I really can't accept it," he said quietly


"You should know."

"I don't know!"

"I don't love you." When Xiaonian finally said something, she was a little scared. She didn't know what kind of behavior Gong Ou's paranoid would have, whether to kick her again or to kill her directly.

She said, I don't love you.

It's that simple.

Gong Ou stood in front of her, tall and stiff because of her words. A handsome face lost all colors, but he looked at her expressionless, breathing more and more heavily in the quiet hotel room.

Suddenly, Gong Ou holds her shoulder with both hands, and Jun Pang forces her face and clenches his teeth. "Then why do you want to find the ring?"

"I don't love you and I don't want you to lose anything."

Said Shi Xiaonian honestly.

"From today on, you are not allowed to say these four words again!" Gong Ou stared at her deeply, and every word came out of her throat.

Which four words, I do not love you?

But it's true.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed, her face was obscured by the dim light. For a long time, she made up her mind, slowly raised her hand to his wrist, raised her eyes and looked into his eyes, almost imploring, "Gong ou, let me be free."

“……” Gong Ou looks down at her and doesn't say a word.

Shixiaonian continued boldly, "why don't we start with our friends, you let me free, OK? We can connect like friends. "

"I have no friends!" Gong Ou stared at her, almost biting his teeth. "I might as well tell you that today I was angry and wanted to come back and strangle you, but when I came back, I saw you kneeling on the ground looking for the ring! Find the ring I lost! Never has a woman picked up something I don't want so recklessly! At that time, I was thinking, this woman, I have to! "

Xiaonian looked at him in amazement.

So it was her act of picking up the ring that got him excited again?

She suddenly felt that she had made a big mistake. Why did she go to pick up the ring again She shouldn't have done that.

"So, shixiaonian, die your heart, I won't let you go!"

Gong Ou said wildly, and suddenly lowered his head and kissed her lips.


When Xiaonian was shocked, she reached out to block his chest and was easily grasped by one of his hands. She could not move any more.

Gong Ou sealed her mouth, and her thin lips were repeatedly ravaged on her cherry powder lips. Her teeth were grinding with each other. When Xiao Nian opened her mouth painfully, Gong Ou's fiery tongue immediately drove straight into her mouth, attacking every inch of softness in her mouth.

"Well Don't do this Let's have a good talk Um... "

When Xiaonian got a breath, he frowned and said that his voice leaked out of his mouth, adding ambiguity to the quiet hotel room.

They haven't finished talking.

She knew that with his character, without this chance to talk clearly, she would never be able to talk clearly again.

"There's nothing to talk about!" Gong Ou sticks to her lips and stares at her with black eyes. "I will never ask you again. I will follow the way of Gong Ou! Don't expect to trample my face again! "

Saying that, Gong Ou directly pushed her down in such a big way