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Chapter You love me

When Xiaonian was immersed in the warm water, his eyes glared angrily at him. "Why don't I talk? It's because I want to give you a surprise and thank you for taking care of me during this period."


Gong Ou stared at her deeply, and she said nothing to contradict her.

"I hate that you are selfish and arrogant. In your eyes, everyone is your puppet, just like you want! But I'm not stupid enough to take revenge on you, President Gong da. You look too high on yourself! "

Shi Xiaonian said, angrily pushed Gong Ou away, climbed up from the hot spring, walked barefoot, and drops of water fell from her.

The light fell on her, and the thin lines were particularly graceful.


Gong Ou stood in the water and looked at her back. Her thin lips moved. "Hey, where are you going?"

There's something innocent about his voice.

Leave after you scold?

He's always high on himself.

"I don't want to see you!"

When small idea also does not return to go forward, angry, reach out to open the door, clothes wet to stick on the body, she strides away.

When he left the gate, Xiao Nian calmed down. She knew that Gong Ou's personality was caused by paranoid personality disorder, but sometimes his paranoid speech was really too bad.

She looked back at the gate.

Gong Ou's bad temper didn't catch up.

It seems that she once again scolded him. When Xiaonian touched his nose, he usually spoke so fiercely and loudly. When she called him back more fiercely, he was absent.

Attribute is really heavy.

When small read thought, did not return, in the servants strange eyes, go upstairs.

When Xiaonian took a bath in the bathroom, she washed away the cold air all over her body, which made her feel comfortable.

She put on a comfortable cotton nightdress and bowed to her arms.

There was a small cut in the arm.

We need to get some treatment.

When Xiaonian went out to the infirmary, his lips were tight, and he didn't know if Gong Ou thought it would work out. Would she still think that she was playing with him?

Forget it. Let him calm down.

When Xiaonian walked into the clinic, a woman doctor saw her and dared not stand up. "Miss Shi is good."

"I have a small wound on my arm. Please help me with it."

When small read a way.

"OK." The woman doctor immediately sat her down and dealt with the wound for her.

"Is it still raining outside?" When small read casually asked.

"I am." The woman doctor nodded and talked about the accident again. "Today's accident is really tragic. I heard that more than 20 people were killed. Fortunately, Mr. Gong is OK."


When small read nods, think of or thrilling, a short day she experienced great sorrow and joy.

"It's said that the young master was found by the young lady at that time, but the housekeeper and so many other people couldn't find him." The woman doctor wrapped gauze around her arm and said, "how did Miss Shi think that the young master was in the grass?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's an intuition."

When small read light smile.

At that time, she seemed to have no idea what to do if Gong Ou's body was found. She had only one belief, that Gong Ou must not be dead.

After thinking about it, Shi Xiaonian added, "well, it's intuition. I believe in the intuition of the disaster that has left thousands of years."

"Poop." The woman doctor couldn't help laughing. "The whole palace, I'm afraid, miss you only, Miss dun."


When small read light smile, "Gong Ou has not come to bandage wound?"

"Yes, Mr. Gong came to bandage the wound more than half an hour ago. Mr. Gong's wound is not deep." Said the woman doctor.

More than half an hour ago?

Isn't that after she left the indoor hot spring, Gong Ou came to deal with the wound as soon as she left. He didn't take a bath?

When small read to pucker doubtfully.

"Miss Shi, Miss Shi." A maid hurried in, gasping for breath, supporting the wall and saying, "I finally found you. You are here."

"What's the matter?"

The wound has been treated. When Xiaonian stands up from the chair, puts down the long sleeve of the sleeping sleeve, and looks at the maid incomprehensibly.

"The young master just called the housekeeper to scold him. He also asked the housekeeper to punish him. Miss Shi, would you like to have a look?" Asked the maid anxiously.

The palace family loved Feng de very much.

"Is the Butler punished?" When small read stunned, "where are they?"

"On the fifth floor."

"I'm going now."

When Xiao Nian frowned, what was gong Ou crazy about? Where did Feng de provoke him? You can't have a good temper.

When Xiaonian presses the elevator switch, take the elevator to the 5th floor.

The corridor on the 5th floor is an arc-shaped corridor with many oil paintings hanging on the walls. She enters the hall. In the hall, Feng de stands alone in the center and lowers her head.

It's really a penalty stop.

"Manager Feng, what's the matter?" When small read anxiously ran to ask.

Feng de stood there and raised his face. There was nothing unhappy about being punished on his face. He smiled calmly. "Nothing, young master is asking about your leaving today."

"What about others?"

When small read ask.

"Young master, he......" Feng de turned his head and looked at it, then his eyes were frightened! Young master! "


When Xiaonian looked along his line of sight, he saw that the gate was open in the distance, and there was a figure sitting on the balcony outside the gate, which was obviously Gong ou.

When small read is shocked to stare big eyes, run to the balcony together with Feng De.

It's still raining outside. It's dark.

Gong Ou sits alone on the balcony guardrail and looks at the rain outside. He is wearing a gray shirt and trousers. His back is Xiao Su, which makes people can't see what he is thinking.

"Come down quickly, young master. This is the fifth floor."

Feng de cried nervously, and dared not come forward.

Young master, I want to jump from the building.

It used to be Miss Shi, but now it's young master. Everyone has to drill on the balcony. His old bone can't stand twists and turns.


Gong Ou sat on the balcony without looking back or talking.

Seeing this, Xiaonian is also nervous. Did she just speak heavily in the hot spring?.

It's true that she is not good. He's been in a bad mood all day today. She shouldn't say anything serious.

"Gong ou, what's the matter with you?"

He asked softly.


Gong Ou does not move.

The rain was loud and heavy.

"Don't play, Gong ou, you come down first." When small read soft voice said, "I just said heavy? OK, I apologize to you. It's my fault. I shouldn't yell at you. "

Hearing this, Gong Ou's back suddenly moved and said coldly, "then count to a thousand."


When small read stupefied.

"Count to a thousand!" Gong Ou's voice is cold, and there is no room for him to keep his beak.

Is he revenging on her?

When I read the black line, I said, "OK, I count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 33、34、35、36……”

She was standing on the balcony, her voice ringing with the rain.

She counted her mouth numb.

Gong Ou slowly turns around on the balcony guardrail, and Xiaonian and Fengde watch him carefully.

When he turned around, Xiaonian found that he couldn't see the despair and lost net of the jumper on his face.

Gong Ou leaned back against the balcony column, with one leg bent up and his hand resting on his knee casually. He was handsome. He looked at her. His face was handsome in the background of rainy night, with a deep and magnificent outline. His thin lips raised a radian and looked at her with a smile. His eyes were obsidian.

"You don't want to jump?"

When small read hindsight to understand come over.

"Who said I was going to jump?" Gong Ou sits there in a sinister way, one leg bent and stepped on the guardrail, the other leg slightly shakes below.

"Then why are you sitting on it?"

When small read to ask in astonishment, don't know the person frightens a person to be able to frighten a person to death?

She thought he was breaking down again.

"I'm happy!" Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.


Gong Ou looks at her standing there. Her clean and pure face is worried, nervous, and a little angry. He looks more and more happy, and the radian of his lips is deeper and deeper. "Shixiaonian, I finally understand!"

"What?" When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled, "what do you understand? Come down first. "

Last time she went to the balcony to save her life, which nerve did he use wrong.

"I see what you're thinking!"

Gong Ou takes back his legs, jumps off the balcony guardrail and lands steadily.


Feng de relaxed, holding his heart in one hand and looking stimulated.

"What am I thinking?" When small read lengxia, suddenly think of their conversation in the indoor hot spring, can not help sneering, "is it? Do you really know? "

Gong Ou steps up to her and stares at her with black eyes. The smile on the corner of her mouth is blatant and says, "you love me!"


Do you finally understand?

Didn't she come to get back at him?

Didn't she come to play with him?

When Xiaonian looked at him, he didn't know what to say. Who told Bai that she would be so tired.

Gong Ou stares at the silent her deeply, and suddenly lifts her up like a child. He proudly says, "you love me, shixiaonian!"

"Ah" - "

Xiaonian was suddenly lifted up by the air. He was still afraid on the balcony and hurriedly said," you let me down. "

"No!" Gong Ou looks up at her, "shixiaonian, say you love me again."

"You let me down."

When Xiaonian slapped him on the arm.

Gong Ou suddenly holds her up and spins, like a middle-aged boy? Say no? "


When Xiaonian was scared to grasp his arm, the whole person was lifted up in the air, or on the balcony, the skirt was swinging out of the air.

"Say, I'll throw you out if I don't say it!" Gong Ou opens her mouth domineering, and a pair of dark eyes look at her deeply.

"Well, I said I said..." When small read is really scared, even voice way, "I love you, Gong ou, I love you."

Please, no one is courting like this.

She's going crazy.

"A thousand times."

"A thousand times!" When Xiaonian shouted along.

She vowed that she would eat a fat man to see if he could lift it.