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Chapter 312 Gong Oden gate

Gong Ou just returned and left the company again?

It turns out that he left these two days.

When Xiaonian glances at the time on the mobile phone.

Left for two days, the "thief" in the house.

She bit her lip, then stood up decisively, picked up the bag and walked out.

She took a big step, left the company in a hurry, took a taxi home.

The taxi stopped at the gate of the community.

When Xiaonian hurried forward for a while, then took the elevator to get up.

"Bang --"

when Xiaonian turns the key into the door lock, quickly pushes the door open, and jumps a little faster.

As soon as you push the door in, it's quiet inside.

The R palace is standing by the wall charging itself. When Xiaonian walks in, she sees nothing different in the small room. She looks around and can't find any different appearance from when she left.

“……” At

, Xiao Nian went to the kitchen and took out the dishes from inside. I saw that every dish had not been weighed down. It was exactly the same as before.

No one has come to steal.

When small read checked several times, did not find suspicious, then put the vegetables back to the refrigerator.

She thinks too much about it. She thinks that the man will come and steal food. It's clear that he won't eat what she cooked, but she is still dreaming


Is it the sequelae of breaking up again? Imagine that the person will look back for her.

When small read from a wry smile, the heart pain, she is still extravagant hope for what?

Don't you want to die?

He doesn't love her any more. He bathes with Mona. He eats the food made by Mona. He and Mona go to the company together. She had seen this with her own eyes. Why could she not help but hope.

Give up your mind and read it.

Don't think about it. Don't be so spineless.

When Xiaonian took off her sunglasses, her eyes were wet again, and she wiped them off in a hurry. She hated that she was not clear enough.

She picked up the vegetables and threw them directly into the garbage can, throwing them all away.

When Xiaonian looked at the dishes destroyed by her, her nose was sour.

She picked up the plate and smashed the cooked eggs into the garbage can one by one. Then she realized why Gong Ou would smash things when she lost her temper.

It turns out that smashing things really makes you feel better.

Unfortunately, she can't smash the furniture. She can only smash some eggs to vent.

When Xiaonian blinks his sour eyes, he continues to pick up an egg and smash it down. Then he is stunned. The weight and touch of the egg are not right.


When small read Zheng under, will egg knock open, unexpectedly is raw egg.

What she put on this plate is cooked.

When Xiaonian knocked out all the eggs on the plate and knocked them into another bowl. Three of them were raw eggs, while the ones she put in the refrigerator were just three short.

In order to catch the "thief", she deliberately memorized the appearance of the dishes and the number of eggs, without any mistake.

When Xiaonian stood there stupidly, he felt that he was going to be insane.

If it's all her hallucinations and doubts before, these three raw eggs are not her hallucinations.

Gong ou, what do you want to do?

When Xiaonian looked at the three cracked raw eggs in the bowl, the egg liquid was clear and the yolk was clear. She pursed her lips and felt depressed.

For a while, she took out her cell phone and called Fengde.


Imperial castle.

Sunlight from the large windows in the study, illuminating every corner, a row of bookshelves on countless books.

Gong Ou sits at his desk, a handsome face without expression, a pair of black eyes staring at the computer screen coldly, and his long fingers are pounding on the keyboard.

On the computer screen is the model of Mr robot and the price.

Now he has a new idea about the price of robots. This idea must have been liked by the woman.


The door was knocked.

"Come in." Gong Ou said coldly.

Feng de pushes the door in from the outside and walks to Gong Ou's desk.

"What is it?" Gong Ou opens his mouth coldly, picks up a cup and drinks water.

"Young master, this is what Miss Shi asked me to deliver to you."

Feng de put a white porcelain bowl on his desk in fear.

Gong Ou glances down at the three raw eggs he has knocked on. The yolk is clear. "Cough."

He choked on the water, almost came out, coughing.

"Young master, are you ok?" Asked Feng de with concern.

Gong Ou stares at the porcelain bowl, glances at it with embarrassment and a low, cold voice. "What does she mean by these three eggs?"

"I don't know either." Feng de replied, "Miss Shi only asked me to give this bowl of eggs to the young master, and let me tell you something else."

"What's the point?"

Asked Gong ou.

"This..." Feng de watched Gong Ou's face with some hesitation. He was ready to speak.

"Just say it!"

"Yes, sir." Feng de bowed his head. "Miss Shi asked me to tell him. If there is another time, she will call the police."

He didn't know what Miss Shi meant.


Smell speech, palace Europe's vision suddenly gloomy rise, the long hand tightly grasps the cup, the tooth close bites tightly.

Next second, Gong Ou smashes the cup in his hand to the ground, venting his unhappiness.

The cup broke in response.

The water splashed about.

Feng de stayed, looked at Gong Ou in amazement, and then said, "I'll have someone clean up right away."

"Get out of here!"

Gong Ou roared, his face angry.


She even wanted to get the police. Did she really see him as a thief? Is he a thief in her eyes?

"Yes, sir."

Seeing Gong Ou's anger, Feng de nodded, stepped back and turned away.

Gong Ou stares at the bowl of eggs. His eyes are full of anger. When Feng de opened the door to leave, he hears Gong Ou's roar, "Feng de!"

"Yes, sir." Feng de stopped at once. He was afraid. He didn't know what would happen to him.

"Can eggs be eaten raw?"

Gong Ou asked a professional question about eating in an angry tone.


Feng de raised his head foolishly and looked at Gong ou with a blank face.


The news of Gong ou and Mona is booming. More and more photos of them are taken. Some are talking with Mona, some are walking with Mona.

When I read the news, I could see the news of two people.

Even when a photo is taken on the road, the news is headline, and then even Mona's single photo will be headline.

Gong ou and Mona are everywhere.

When Xia Yu saw it, she was afraid that she would be sad. She put away the newspaper and smiled quietly. "What's more, I've read it more vigorously."

She's seen them take a bath. It's nothing.

But she can't deny that when she saw the pictures of Gong ou and Mona in the same frame, her heart felt like being stabbed by a needle.

She told herself that it was only a period of time before the break-up.

Time will make everything better slowly, and she will abandon these breakup sequelae, no more heartache, no more pain.

Shi Xiaonian walked around the house, wearing glasses, holding an outline manuscript in one hand and a pen in the other, thinking about how to determine the pattern.

The next story should be like this

When the doorbell rang suddenly, Xiao Nian walked towards the door and shouted, "here comes summer rain."

Xia Yu said he would come later to talk with her about the contents of the cartoon.

When Xiaonian bit the pen in his mouth and opened the door, he saw a tall and tall figure standing in front of her house. He was well dressed and had a cold and arrogant breath.

Who is not Gong Ou.

When Xiaonian stayed there.

It's the fifth day after they broke up.

Gong Ou stood outside the door, but also stayed, looking at her with low eyes.

She stood there, wearing a loose white sweater, but she couldn't see the figure, but her skin was delicate, her face was plump, a little round, white, with a loose ball head, a pair of glasses on the bridge of her nose, black and white eyes staring at him, pink lips biting a pen.

It's fucking cute.

Gong Ouding stares at her, and sees her in the surveillance video every day, but she feels totally different when she stands in front of him, which has a damned attraction for him.

Her whole face was like a delicious jelly, waiting for him to bite.



One was outside the door, the other was inside for a long time.

All of a sudden, when Xiaonian reacts, the pen in his mouth falls down and he reaches for the door to close.

Gong Ou raised his leg and began to kick. Realizing that she was on the other side, he quickly changed to push the door by hand. "Shixiaonian, do you dare to shut me out? Do you believe I killed you? "

He said that he killed her hundreds of times, and didn't care about this one more time.

"I don't welcome you here!"

When Xiaonian tried to close the door, but without his strength, she could not close the door. She even tried to eat milk.

"I want to talk to you about those three eggs!"

Gong Ou stares at her face from the crack in the door.

"You know what you do." When Xiaonian said, he closed the door and tried his best.

"When reading! If you waste my time, I'll have the door opened! " Gong Ou growls fiercely.


When small read tight lips.

He can do this pervert.

When small read angrily stare at his face, a pain that does not know where to come straight into her heart and lung.

Why did he show up in front of her.

After a long argument, Xiao Nian let Gong Ou in.

Gong Ou strides in, his black eyes stare coldly at the surrounding environment and sneer at the tunnel, "such a small house, this is a dog's nest?"

"It's not as big as your nest." When small read cold tunnel, "what are you doing?"

"Of course."

"I don't think we have anything to talk about." When Xiaonian said indifferently, they even signed the break-up contract and issued a joint statement to the outside world. What else can't be solved?

Gong Ou opens the chair in front of the dining table, just like in his own home, naturally and casually sits on it, lazily raises a leg, which looks like a king.

He looked at her coldly with black eyes. "What do you mean by giving me three eggs?"

Three eggs.

He has the face to come for three eggs? Doesn't he know what embarrassment is? When a thief should be so upright?