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Chapter 168 why is it so hot

I remember that when I first knew the truth three years ago, she really hated Tang Yi and Shi Di for changing her life and bringing Gong ou, the beast, to her.

But now, she doesn't hate that much anymore.

Because, what she did to Gong Ou no longer hates to be able to identify with, also can't deny, she has already moved for him fact.

When the flute comes face to face, flies a cold eye toward her, enters the ward.

After a while, when Xiaonian heard the soft words of the flute, the voice would like to turn into water.


When Xiaonian left the hospital, he found a moving company to send Gong Ou's so-called "return" to Xia Bian.

When the moving company moved everything to Xia Yu's and brother Li's house, Xia Bian roared with excitement, "I'll go. Isn't this set of glasses antique? I read the news on the Internet before, saying that it was used by the European royal family! Antiques! Get rich! Husband, we are rich! "

"Wow Wow, this is the legendary massage chair in the space capsule Ah ah, this is Milan's Gao Ding! Whoa, whoa, this bag this limited edition

"My God, I've seen so many luxuries for the first time!"

It's crazy for Xia to make up the whole house.

Brother Li is a simple and honest man. Hearing this, he said, "this is not good. These things are too expensive. How can you send them to us?"

"You went back to the police station to help me. That's what I lent you."

Xiaonian stood aside and said with a smile, "and after a while, I'm ready to leave s city. I can't take so many things."

"You're going?"

Brother Li is shocked.

"Well, change the environment." Shi Xiaonian said, looking at the crazy Xia Bian, he smiled and left their home silently.

She was walking alone in the street, and she thought about it for a few days in the hospital.

She decided to leave the city as the housekeeper said.

This city has happened so many things to her that it seems nothing good to think of.

Gong Ou let her go this time. He didn't want to see her again. If one day we met on a narrow road and provoked his anger, she would be doomed.

When Xiaonian walked to the bus station, suddenly, a private car stopped beside her.

The window was lowered slowly.

When Xiaonian looked down at her, he saw minqiujun sitting in the back seat, dressed as usual, with extremely well maintained skin. He looked at her with a happy face, "Xiaonian, so skillful."

When Xiaonian was stupefied, he barely uttered a sound from his mouth, "Mom."

Since the break of the relationship between parents and children, she called a mother and felt embarrassed.

"Just in time, your father doesn't have time to accompany me to dinner. Please accompany me."

Said min Qiujun.

"No, I have to go to the hospital." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Wen Yan, min Qiujun's eyes are a little gloomy, "are you not willing to eat with your mother now? I know that our family has given you a lot of grievances. "

At that time, min Qiujun was the best person for her.

When small read silently looked at her, thought that oneself will leave s city for some time, perhaps, in the future all can't touch above.

"Well, I'll go with you."

When small read light smile, push open the door to get on.

"That's lovely." Min Qiujun looked at her with relief, holding her hand tightly all the way, and asked the driver to drive. The driver nodded, "OK, ma'am."

Muqianchu originally let his adoptive father and Shidi leave the Mu family and the Mu family with nothing, but because of Gong Ou's insertion, he let his adoptive father, who had quit the Mu family at that time, save himself.

My adoptive father didn't lose money on the stock market. At that time, my family could afford to drive a car. I could afford to hire a driver.

Who retaliated?

When the small read bitterly hook lips, minqiu Jun took her hand garrulous tunnel, "how do you thin into this recently, did not eat well?"

"Nothing. I'm trying to lose weight." When small read light tunnel.

"You've lost weight like this. Don't lose any more weight." Min Qiujun patted her hand and said, "Mom, please have a delicious meal."

"Thank you mom."

Smile when reading.

Min Qiujun takes her to a Japanese restaurant. They sit in a private room.

The small table was soon full of Japanese dishes.

When Xiaonian put a sushi in his mouth, minqiujun began to talk about his family's affairs. "Your sister is a dead eye. You said that mu qianchu suddenly kicked her away with a break-up statement, which made her almost unable to get along in the entertainment circle. Now Mu's family is broken, and mu qianchu's body is so poor, but she has to be stupid enough to take care of him. Your father is so angry."

When I heard this, I almost choked on sushi.

She took a sip of the water glass and saw minqiu Jun saying, "Mom, you can't always listen to dad like this. What does Dad Say? Is this a thousand years old mistake?"

The adoptive mother has no idea. She listens to the adoptive father in everything.

The adoptive father said that the moon is square, and the adoptive mother can really see the four corners.


Minqiu Jun looked at her in amazement.

"If it wasn't for Dad to hurt qianchu, Shidi would not have driven them out." Said Shi Xiaonian.

She believed that the adoptive mother didn't know about it. The adoptive father was too scheming. The adoptive mother was a housewife of lower status at home, and the adoptive father didn't care to tell the adoptive mother.

Minqiu Jun Leng Leng Leng, hesitant tunnel, "then your father is also for this home."

She is used to defending her family.

"Can we harm people for this family? Do you know that the medicine given by dad and Shidi to qianchu will make him a fool? " Said Shi Xiaonian.

"What?" Min Qiujun stays.

"What's more, when you think of a silly daughter, she is not stupid at all. She can think of inviting fans to Jian's own sister." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"I asked. Xiaodi said it was your classmate who messed up."

Min Qiujun said in a hurry.

"Mom, do you believe what Dad and Shidi say? Are they really right? Don't be led by them all the time. " When small read helplessly said.

“……” Minqiu Jun bowed his head. "I know I have no idea, but I don't listen to my husband and daughter. Who can I listen to?"

When his adoptive mother said that, Xiao Nian couldn't refute it.

When Xiaonian bowed his head and took a sip of the waterway, "Mom, I'm going to leave s city right now. This may be the last time I'll eat with you."

"Where are you going?"

Minqiu asked anxiously.

"Besides, I haven't thought about it yet." When Xiaonian looked at her and said slowly, "you should take good care of yourself in the future, you know? If Dad and Shidi ask you to do something you don't want to do, don't do it. The most important thing is to take good care of your body. If you have rheumatism, it will hurt as soon as it rains. You should pay more attention. Besides, you should not eat so many sweets. Last year, I read your physical examination report, and even the diabetes index is not far away. "

It's hard for shixiaonian to talk so much.

Minqiu Jun looks at Xiaonian stupidly. Her husband and daughter have not paid attention to her physical examination report. Unexpectedly, she has read it and remembered it.

"I'll go to the bathroom."

Min Qiujun covered his mouth and ran out with a lump in his voice.

The Japanese sliding door of the Baoting hall makes a sound.

When Xiaonian was sitting there alone, her eyes were also slowly wet. When she left, she was alone again.

No family, no friends, no relatives.

She's three No.

When Xiaonian smiled bitterly, she drank all the water in the cup.

Her body reacts. She gets up and goes to the toilet. From afar, she hears the choking voice of her adoptive mother, "little flute, I really can't help you any more."


Hearing the words, Xiao Nian was frozen there.

"But But... OK, I've been helping you keep Xiaonian. Do you really think that there is no Xiaonian. Can you and qianchu get back together? OK, OK, I see. It's just this time. I don't want to cheat Xiaonian any more. "

Min Qiujun hangs up the phone, turns around slowly and sees Xiaonian standing there.

When minqiu junton was shocked, his mobile phone slipped from his hand and fell to the ground.

"It turns out that today is not an accident."

When Xiaonian smiled, she was afraid that she would rush back to the hospital to make a light bulb and send her foster mother to stop her.


"In your eyes, dad and Shidi are family members. I've never been." When small read self ridicule tunnel, people step by step back, "how can I never remember this fact?"

It's always before the flute and after her.

It's always been like this.

"Xiaonian, listen to me, I didn't mean to..."

"Mom, this is the last time I call you mom." Small read said with a smile, word by word, "I wish your family three happiness and health forever!"

After that, Xiaonian turned around and ran without turning back. No matter what minqiu Jun called behind her, she would not listen.

When Xiaonian ran out of the restaurant, he was running on the street.

Like this, can be ignored that sad to run away.

She's running, she's running.

Until she could not run any more, she held her bag in one hand and pressed it against the wall, looking forward breathlessly, which made her stunned.

Port of heaven.

After running for so long, I came to tianzhigang.

When Xiaonian dropped her eyes, she suddenly had eyes folded in front of her eyes. She thought she was running too fast, shook her head, closed her eyes and opened them again. There was still a heavy shadow in front of her.

My head is getting dizzy.

What's the matter?

When Xiaonian reached out and held her head, she shook her head desperately, but her head was getting fainter and fainter, and a stream of heat was blowing out of her body, which made her unbearable.

She suddenly thought of the Japanese food she had just eaten and was extremely disappointed.

My adoptive mother not only stopped her for Shidi, but also gave her medicine. It's a kind of overpowering drug.

I'm so afraid that she'll disturb me and mend my old friendship.


When Xiaonian looked at the front gate of tianzhigang, he stumbled over against the wall.

When Xiaonian didn't know how he got in, he fell all the way into building a and pressed his finger for a long time before he reached the right floor.

The body is very weak.

The whole corridor was in her view.

She fell twice before she went to the duplex apartment. When Xiaonian reached for the light, she stumbled into the apartment, holding on to her collar.

It's hot.

Why is it so hot.