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Chapter 958 don'st hurt Mr Palace

When Xiaonian's heart tightened, I don't know why. Now as long as she sees that the bodyguard is not patrolling normally, but walking in groups, she feels panic, as if something will happen.

She sat there and turned over two pages of recipes. She couldn't read a word. After thinking about it, Xiaonian got up from the table and chased it.

The group of bodyguards walked all the way upstairs.

When Xiaonian pretended to be nothing to do, he followed, and the voice of the bodyguard came, "I'll be a little more nimble. Don't mess up. Mr. Mu is not easy to explain."


What did qianchu tell them to do?

When Xiaonian followed him from afar, all the way to the upstairs, only to see that group of people have been walking to the deep corridor without stopping.

It's the end of the road.

The room at the end of the room is where Mr palace recharges during the day. Xiaonian frowned, and suddenly thought of Lori's strange eyes and yearning for the first time these days. His heart thumped.

Not good.


When small read shouted to rush past.

Everyone stopped at the door and turned around to look good. When Xiaonian ran over, he gasped and asked, "what are you going to do?"

The leader's bodyguard quickly responded and said, "Mu Xian, let's clean up some things inside."


"These things can be handled by servants. There's no need to move to bodyguards?" Shi Xiaonian said, thinking and saying, "I have something else in there. You can come in after I finish cleaning up."

As he said this, Xiao Nian pushed the door open and was about to enter. A dog barked.

She turned her head and saw mu qianchu walking towards this side with little F. next second, his hand had accurately grasped her wrist.

Mu qianchu is very hard to block her hand, forcing her to release it.

When small read pain to frown, "what are you doing?"

Muqianchu clenched her wrist, and her face was complex. Without concealment, she said directly, "I can't let you go on."

"I don't understand what you're talking about."

In addition to in front of the MR palace when reading can be candid mood, in front of anyone, she is with a trace of escape.

"I know you've been under a lot of pressure and in a bad mood recently, but no amount of negative emotions can make it grow into a cancer in your body. If it grows, I don't mind if I pull it out." Mu qianchu paused and said, "you can hate me."

Anyway, it's not bad to hate more.


When Xiaonian didn't know what to say.

Mu Qian Chu turned his face slightly, and calmly issued a command, "go in and take Mr palace away, remove the power, and turn it into a pile of scrap iron."

"No!" When Xiaonian cried out loudly, he tried hard to break away from mu qianchu's hand, but he could not get rid of it. "Qianchu, can you leave me alone? Mr palace is just a robot."

Her tone was weak and pitiful.

"Because it's just a robot, I'm going to do it."

Mu qianchu suddenly exerts force and pulls her to the front of her body.

The bodyguard rushed to the door when he saw it, and Xiaonian cried excitedly, "no, you don't want to go in."


The door was suddenly opened from the inside. The tall Mr palace stood at the door, with a pair of blue screen eyes shining.


The bodyguards looked at the fine steel material of the whole body, but they were afraid. When Xiaonian stood there and looked at Mr palace in amazement, he couldn't believe it. "Mr palace?"

How could it be

"Master." When Mr palace approached, Xiaonian looked down, and the electronic voice gave birth to a trace of indifference, "let go of my master."

Muqianchu didn't let go. He still tightly grasped Xiaonian's wrist and told the bodyguard in a deep voice, "what are you still doing

"We don't know where to install the power supply."

The bodyguards have a headache. If they can't remove the power of the robot, they will be scarred if they want to subdue the pain free machine.

From the moment Mr palace appeared at the door, Xiao Nian's face was shocked and he forgot to break away from mu qianchu.

Mu qianchu's deep voice sounded in her ear, "Xiaonian, you come by yourself."

She knows best where the robot's power is installed.


When small read subconsciously refused.

Wen Yan, mu qianchu frowns disappointedly, pulls her to leave, leaves this place, "Xiao Nian, you follow me."

Shi Xiaonian was forced to walk two steps forward. When he looked back, he saw the bodyguards surrounding Mr Palace on the corridor. They didn't know when they had an extra steel pipe and a rope.

R palace stood there still, with one eye always looking at her direction and seeing her taken away.

"Let go, Chiu, let go."

When Xiaonian reaches out to push qianchu, he continues to pull her forward as if he couldn't hear her. "Xiaonian, you can't continue to be obsessed."

If before, she will say something fiercely that you are not qualified to intervene, but now she dare not say anything fiercely, she is afraid of influencing others.

When small read can only struggle, want to escape from the captivity of Mu qianchu, "I am not stubborn, you do not hurt Mr palace, please."

Mu qianchu turned back and looked at her direction without focusing his eyes. "Do you know what you are doing now? Do you dare to say that you are not stubborn?"

"I know what I'm doing."

She always knew.

"Is it? You kissed a robot, you know what you're doing? " Mu qianchu said this almost angrily.

Her feelings to Gong ou, or even to a robot, but how refused to give him a little bit.

If never, he did not dare to hope, but now a robot has all her favor, she knows what he is feeling?

"How do you know?" When small read stunned, then understand come over, "you secretly watch me?"

"Yes, just hate me."


Hate, she has no right to hate anyone now.

When Xiaonian struggles, mu qianchu firmly holds on. There comes the sound of fighting. When Xiaonian looks over nervously, he sees all the bodyguards rush in.

There was no too fierce fight. Soon, Mr palace was pressed against the wall by countless steel pipes. It stood still.

A bodyguard cheerfully called out, "it doesn't seem to be fully charged. It's going to run out of power. That's great!"

In the end, it is a machine that needs electricity to maintain its strength.

No power?

How is it possible that it wants to be caught? Does it think she's too stubborn for so many days?

When Xiaonian looked at the past, his eyes were full of doubts.

Hearing this, mu QingChu let go of her hand. When Xiaonian's hand fell down, he watched a group of people carrying Mr palace past her.

When Xiaonian reaches for it, he reaches into the air and falls down again.

If it's caught voluntarily, it doesn't want to go crazy with her. How can she force it.

On the green and secluded lawn, Mr palace was placed on the ground, and Xiaonian watched anxiously.

The bodyguards probe around Mr palace, but they don't find the location of the power supply. In the hot day, everyone is sweating and grumpy.

"Mr. mu, I can't find the power supply. What can I do? This n. e technology is also set very well The bodyguard wiped the sweat of one end and said, "anyway, there's no electricity. Just throw it into the woods and it's over."

When Xiao Nian looked at mu qianchu, mu qianchu stood there in the sun in the hot day, and his face also had a thin sweat.

Mu qianchu nodded after thinking, "it's easy to get lost in the woods, and throw too close..."

At this point, mu qianchu "looks" in the direction of shixiaonian after a pause. He is afraid that she will find Mr palace again.

"Take Mr palace apart, Xiao Nian can't pretend."

Mu qianchu finally made a decision.

When hearing this, he was shocked. "What are you talking about? No way. "

But those bodyguards didn't listen to her. They opened a toolbox and began to dismantle Mr palace. Mu qianchu stood there without compromise. He was determined to dismantle the robot and remove the cancer in her heart.

When Xiaonian saw this, he rushed to the group of bodyguards and pushed away a bodyguard who was going to attack the robot. "Don't dismantle Mr palace."

But her words didn't have much weight. She pushed one aside, and someone else screwed the screw on the MR palace. When he was desperate to hold the cold Mr palace, he said, "you are not allowed to touch it again."

It can't be torn down, or its hidden secret will be lost.

No, absolutely not.

She will guard any decision it makes.

"Mrs. Gong, get out of the way, or we'll hurt you."

"Yes, Mrs. Gong. It's such a sunny day. Let's have a rest as soon as we finish."

"Mrs. Gong, it's just a machine. It's no different from TV and washing machine. Why do you have to protect it like this?"

"You're pregnant. Get out of the way. You'll get heatstroke later."

Bodyguards, I'll say a word.

When Xiaonian hugs Mr palace to death, he refuses to let go, and the bodyguards can't help her. At this time, it's too late to move the robot to the house. When Xiaonian struggles, they can't hurt her.

In this way, a group of people are in the sun.

The sun grew stronger and stronger, baking on the people like fire.

When Xiaonian was holding Mr palace, she was soon all wet between the corners, her face was all sweaty, and the surface of Mr palace began to heat up. She immediately worried, "Mr palace, are you hot? Are you upset? "

Seeing that she said this to a robot with no power, the bodyguards all looked like ghosts. One of them stood up and said to Mu qianchu, "Mr. mu, if you don't count it first, then Mrs. Gong will have heatstroke if you go down like this."

She's lost so much that if she goes on like this, her whole life will be destroyed.


Mu qianchu said it with his teeth, but he regretted it for a moment.

All of a sudden, he didn't know whether he was determined to destroy Mr palace because of his good intentions or jealousy.

In the hot sun, Xiaonian squatted on her knees and hugged Mr palace. Mr palace was very heavy. She struggled to hold it. The sweat on her face continued to flow down, slipped over her thin neck, and her clothes began to get wet.

It's hot.