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Chapter 228 ten thousand years of thinking

"What's the name?"

Shi Xiaonian asked faintly, shaking his mind from his own thoughts.

"Ten thousand years at a time."

Gong Ou's voice is extremely magnetic. When he reads these four words word by word, Xiao Nian is electrified by his voice, from ears to nerves all over his body.

Think for a thousand years.

It's such a name.

It's like a vow.

When Xiaonian touched the jellyfish in front of her chest, she felt the cold touch and was moved in her eyes.

Ten thousand years?

That's what it means.

"When it comes to the bottom of the sea." Gong Ou suddenly turns around her body and stares at her with black eyes, "shixiaonian, you still owe me a sea dive!"

Last time she ran for him!

Run even though, or run to save mu qianchu!

"Ha ha, you still remember." When small read dry smile.

"Of course I remember!" Gong Ou stares at her, reaches out and pinches the meat on her cheek. "When your legs are good, follow me to the sea! Or I'll kill you! "


Shi Xiaonian looks at the anger in his eyes, grabs his arm to look at the time on his watch, and shifts the topic, "eh, it's 1 o'clock, we haven't eaten Chinese food yet, I'm going to cook now."

With that, Xiaonian turns to leave.


Gong Ou looks down at the time on his watch. His eyes are sharp. In another hour, mu qianchu will be out of s city.


Next to the airport, the Queen's Italian restaurant is richly decorated, with clean windows and a light fragrance in the air.

The guests here are carrying suitcases in twos and threes, waiting to catch the plane.

In the corner, a handsome young man is sitting there. He has a brown suitcase standing by his hand. He looks out of the window and sees passers-by passing by. A pair of narrow eyes are lonely.

It's a dream.

He sat there, his coffee refilled.


The waiter came and refilled his cup with coffee.

It's black coffee.

Mu qianchu hates bitterness most, but he has drunk several cups of black coffee in succession. Before, when Xiaonian never let him suffer, she took care of him.

Mu qianchu lowered his eyes and looked at his watch. It was already one o'clock in the afternoon.

He waited here from the morning until now, and he had guessed the end.


People who can pester him for six years at the beginning will ignore him if they say no.

Is it that desperate?

What are you still hoping for? It's time you gave up.

Now she won't see you drinking black coffee, and then change your own to him.

Mu qianchu is sitting there. There is no expression on a soft face. He is frustrated in his eyes.

"I'll marry you later."

Suddenly a voice came from a young man.

Mu qianchu turned his head and saw a teenager, a young girl, aged about 13 or 4, sitting on the table beside him. He was not childish, but he had a vague yearning age for love.

Their parents are sitting at another table.

The girl sat there, blushing, "why do you always say that?"

"Because I want to marry you. You will be my wife later." The young man said solemnly that his voice was also hoarse in the changing period.


Looking at them, muqianchu blurs his memory back to many years ago.

At that time, his eyes were still blind, and the world was only dark for him.

Time is the only light in his endless darkness.

At the beginning of the family, he had the anger and inferiority of being abandoned. He had few words. When he was hungry, he would not cry for food, when he was thirsty, he would not cry for drink.

That's when Xiaonian's voice appeared in his ear.

"Your name is mu qianchu. I heard from my mother that you are a young master, but I am not a maid. My name is Shi Xiaonian."

She said she called Xiaonian.

From then on, shixiaonian took care of his play. He couldn't see anything. Sometimes he felt that she was the only one in the whole family.

She was the one who put the water glass in front of him.

She was the one who put the rice and chopsticks in front of him.

She even helped him to bed.

At that time, shixiaonian accompanied him to know Shijia little by little. His young master had a bad temper, and she didn't mind. She continued to accompany him and always accompanied him.

"Can you stay with me all the time?"

The girl at the table suddenly asked the boy. Her face was red and shy.


Mu qianchu's eyes stared at the girl, and Xiaonian asked him the same thing.

He couldn't see at that time. Now he wants to come. Her face must be red at that time.

"If you can always accompany me, I will promise you that you will always accompany me..." The girl at the table said again, saying this very seriously.

"I know. I'll be with you. You girls are trouble." Said the boy impatiently.

Mu Qian looks at them at first, gradually showing a light in his dark eyes.

Why should he give up?

He's the one who promised her he'd always be together, wasn't he?

Now, Xiao Nian is just going astray, because he is not as strong as Gong ou, or as powerful as Gong ou.

He just lost to Gong ou for a while.

One day, he will win back. At that time, Xiao Nian will come back too. He will not go astray again.


Mu qianchu looks at the time on his watch. He has to go to the airport.

He picked up the cup and drank all the black coffee. The bitter taste made him frown.

Mu qianchu stands up and pulls the suitcase away. He stops when he passes the nearby table and taps his finger on it.

The young girl looked up at him.

Mu qianchu looked at the youth with low eyes and low voice, "remember what you said today, never forget, otherwise you will be very hard in the future."

Finish saying, mu qianchu pulls the trunk to leave.


The young girl looked at his back in a daze. For a while, the young girl crazily held her chin. "This brother is so handsome."

When mu qianchu went out towards the airport, he looked back and saw that there was no one waiting for him on the clean road.

The sun fell on his slender body, a thin layer of golden light fell, and his face was particularly blurred.


Fate often turns when it shouldn't.

Sometimes things that you think will never change suddenly change, and people that you think will never disappear suddenly disappear.

At three twenty in the afternoon.

The sun was shining outside, and the temperature was hot and irritating.

At the entrance of the forest, the leaves are thick, and the green color blocks the warmth. On the white hammock lies a thin figure. The skirt floats gently in the breeze, a pair of thin legs are overlapped, and the calf is wrapped with gauze.

A stack of paper fell to her hand.

When Xiaonian lies on the hammock and sleeps soundly, the light falls from the cascading leaves, and the light temperature on her face is not so hot.

Suddenly, Xiaonian twitches all over, suddenly opens his eyes, and his heart is stuffy

She sat up from the hammock, her hands over her heart, her brows frowning.

What's going on.

"What's the matter?" A magnetic voice sounded from below. "You're only half an hour awake?"

Gong Ou gets up from the front bench, puts down a laptop, goes to the side of the hammock and stares at the people inside.

See her to cover the heart mouth, the Mou light of palace Europe is tight, stare at her, "how to return a responsibility?"

"I don't know."

When Xiaonian sat on the hammock, the hammock was slightly shaken. She pressed her heart and said, "suddenly I woke up. My heart was stuffy. I don't know what happened."

"Has it ever been before?" Gong Ou asked in a deep voice.


When Xiaonian shook her head, her heart was so stuffy that she was not comfortable.

"Go, I'll take you to the doctor." Gong Ou said that her eyebrows were even tighter than hers, and she grabbed her from the hammock with one hand.


When Xiaonian fell into his arms, the sense of suffocation suddenly disappeared.

Gong Ou took her for a few steps, when Xiaonian came down from his arms, he said stiffly, "it seems that it's OK, and suddenly I don't know what's going on."

"All right?"

Asked Gong ou, twisting his eyebrows.

"Well, well, it's all right." He nodded and glanced at his wristwatch at random. It was three twenty in the afternoon.

It's strange. I wake up suddenly when I'm sleeping. There's no sign or nightmare. It's strange.

When Xiaonian was thinking, Gong Ou suddenly lowered himself, leaned over her face to her heart, and her ears were close to her.

When Xiaonian was shocked, he was about to back his arms and was firmly grasped by Gong ou.

Gong Ou leans in front of her, and sticks her ears to her heart. Half of her face is almost attached to her plumpness. How ambiguous is this posture.

When small read cheek fever, low eyes looking at the head in front of the body even dare not move, breathing dare not, "what do you do?"

This rascal!

Don't think about it for a moment, don't you.

Gong Ou's silence still lies in front of her.

Several servants passed by, and they all walked away with a meaningful smile. They didn't say hello to each other cleverly.

When Xiaonian was more embarrassed, he reached out to push Gong ou.

Gong Ou stood straight in front of her, black eyes deep, deep tunnel, "your heart rate is normal, no problem."


I was listening to her heartbeat.

"I said it's OK. Maybe I didn't get used to sleeping by the forest for the first time."

"It's all right for the moment. The heart is big or small. I'll take you for an examination!" Gong Ou Dao.

"Ah, do you want to check? No more. " Too troublesome.

"Must go!"

Gong Ou strong tunnel, a grip over her hand to go outside the castle.

The imperial castle is built deep in the forest. In the warm weather, it is not hot but sunny.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa, she let the woman doctor examine her.

Gong Ou sat aside, his black eyes fixed on her.

The news is on TV not far away.

"After a preliminary examination, she had no problem with her heart." The woman doctor took off the stethoscope and stood aside respectfully.

"You see, I said there was no problem."

When small read to close own hair to say.

"What do you know? The heart disease will die in a hurry!" Gong Ou turned to Feng De, who was standing beside him, and said, "you go to buy a big heart examination instrument and come back, and then ask two famous cardiologists in the industry to work at home."