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Chapter 963 I'sm not going to have this kid

"You can feel it means you can still control it." Lori said that he was a little excited. Since he arrived here, shixiaonian had opened his heart to him for the first time, which was a good thing.

Is it because Gong Ou is here? As expected, all the crux lies with Gong ou.

"But I need to look like a normal person, at least these two days." Shi Xiaonian said that what his eyes revealed was his persistence.

“why?” Lori put out his hand. "For a long time, I've seen baby in your stomach, so I never suggest you take medicine. If you use it, what will you do once you have any consequences?"

The baby is so fragile, everyone wants to give the best.

Smell speech, the eyes of small read gradually dim down, low eyes look at their bulging belly, the hand down holding the corner of the dress, hand a little bit pinch, give enough courage, "if I say, I'm not ready to have this child?"


Lori stared at her in shock, unbelievable.

"When my adoptive mother died, I decided not to have the baby." When I read every word out of my mouth, it was very difficult to say. Every word seemed to bite my own flesh.

Min Qiujun's death is the last straw of Xiaonian's spirit when she was crushed. Since then, she has made this decision.

She doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore.

"You say no now? You can only induce labor now. Do you know how much harm induced labor does to pregnant women? " Lori could not understand her thought, "this child is a life, you have to decide the fate for him selfishly?"


When Xiaonian lowered his head and didn't speak.

Yes, it's selfish not to have children. She's selfish.

Her face was so pale that Lori looked at her like this, relaxed her attitude, pulled a swivel chair and pushed it to the window. "Mrs. Gong, since you want to talk to me, I think we should have a good talk."

"Gong Ou is waiting for me downstairs. I will take the medicine and leave."

Shi Xiaonian said that she was afraid that she would not be able to control herself and face Gong ou. She made Gong Ou suspicious and uneasy when she left. Then she would be less efficient.

It's about his future, his life.

"After talking with me, if you can move me, I'll let you down." Lori went to the window, raised his hand to open the curtains, let in a lot of sunshine, was falling on the swivel chair, bright, "sit down."

When Xiaonian looked up at him, he couldn't help walking forward, stepping forward with one foot, gradually stepping into the sun.

The sun shone a trace of weakness on her whole body.

She sat down in the swivel chair, with Lori leaning against the window, in a doctor's manner, and the gray curtains on one side floating gently. He said, "speak up, persuade me."

"I don't deserve to be a mother." When Xiaonian sat on the rotating chair, he was like a believer who accepted the God's admonition, and said his own sins in an all-out way, "because of my wrong decision, I caused Xiaokui to suffer from the aftereffect of gunshot fear, and I caused Holly to hurt people at a young age, so that he also left behind the shadow that can not be removed all his life. I can't even take care of the two children now. How can I take care of this one in my stomach?"

Once, she thought that the baby in her stomach would be born with full happiness, so she insisted so much that even Gong Ou was stubborn.

It's only now that she knows that if it's going to hurt her children, it must be her.

"You go on."

Lori decided to listen to her statement before giving an opinion.

When Xiaonian sat on the swivel chair, the whole person fell in the sun, as if the darkness of her whole body was shining brightly. Her hand was closed again, and she whispered, "I killed many people. If I didn't fall into the trap, those people would not die; if I could accurately predict the consequences of each decision I made, my adoptive mother would not die."

Just like the students do the questions, she has looked at each question carefully, but in the end, she can only choose the wrong answer.

And there is no chance to start again.

"Your self denial is very typical. You think all the negatives are caused by yourself, but think about it again." Lori leaned against the window and began to say, "first, your adoptive mother has a long-standing desire to die, and she will commit suicide if you don't go to her; second, many people died in the hill incident, but it is Mr. Gong who planned all this, in other words, he is the culprit."

"But he's for me." "If he doesn't know me and my human shortcomings, he won't plan such a thing; if I'm smart and strong enough to reassure him, he won't plan either."


Lori was speechless. She thought so.

The long silence made Shi Xiaonian look up. She looked at his face and asked, "doctor Luo, is my logic wrong?"


Lori wanted to argue, but there was no language. He thought her words were full of problems, but he couldn't find a refutation for a while.

She was trapped by this logic.

"Right, right? I've been thinking about it for a long time. No matter what I think, it's all my problem. " When I was young, I read bitterly and said, "I'd better do it absolutely. The baby is in my stomach, he doesn't realize it. He doesn't have to come to the world like Xiaokui and they are tied up by me."

Children should be the most carefree in the world, but what are their children going through?

"Mrs. Gong." Lori's head hurt. "Mr. Gong will be hurt when he loses his child. I don't think you want him to be sad."

"It can be said to be an accident, so that the damage can be minimized."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

She even thought about it. It seems that she didn't think about abortion for two days.

Lori looked at her, her whole body was bathed in the sun, and she was very weak. Her soft lips moved gently. "Give me the medicine, Dr. Lori."

I'm afraid Gong ou will find him later. He's an acute son, but he can't wait for her for long.

"Mrs. Gong, children need to be taken care of and protected by their parents. If you don't think you are capable enough, isn't there Mr. Gong?" Lori said, "I can see that you love Mr. Gong very much and admire him to some extent. You should believe him."

When he heard this, Xiaonian's eyes were dimmer and his lips were pursed.

"Mrs. Gong..."

"Gong Ou has paranoid personality disorder. Although he has improved a lot over the years, he is still paranoid and crazy in many things." "I thought adults shouldn't involve children in any way, but Gong Ou didn't think so. He was too paranoid about me," said Shi Xiaonian in a low voice


"In Hill's case, he could avoid the danger to his two children, but he was worried that I would do something stupid after being captured, so he would rather arrange two young children to accompany me, let me worry, let me have the will to survive." "I'm not a good mother, and he's not a 100 percent father," said Xiao Nian, with low eyes


"Dr. law, I don't want to be indebted to the children any more." Shi Xiaonian said, looking up at him pleadingly, "give me some medicine to calm me down. At least I can't let Gong ou, who dares to choose crazily for me, leave in fear."

If so, who knows what Gong ou will do?

Lori wanted to persuade her, but somehow she seemed to be moved by her. She was mentally unstable, but the situation was not as bad as he imagined.

Because she thought a lot, considered a lot, and made corresponding measures.

A person with complete mental breakdown can't do this. She is much stronger than he thinks.

"Do you really want it?" "Or you can talk to Mr. Gong and let him choose to make appropriate changes. You don't have to do everything absolutely to protect you. Let him understand that hurting the people you care about is also hurting you."

"That's paranoid personality disorder."

That's Gong ou. If he could completely change it, he would have changed it.


Lori was defeated completely. He couldn't persuade Xiaonian, because she had thought a lot and considered it very well.

When Xiaonian looked at him, Lori sighed, went to the shelf beside the wall, and took a bottle of medicine from it.

"Thank you."

Shixiaonian comes to him.

Lori clenched the bottle and looked at her hesitantly. "Do you really want to finish? This is your child, that is a life. "

"I really want to." When Xiaonian nodded firmly, "when I send Gong Ou away and let him settle down in England, I will choose to take away the child."

"Maybe when Mr. Gong comes back, everything will be OK and there will be no more such a difficult situation." Lori still hesitated to hold the bottle tightly.

"As long as people live, there will always be troubles. I can't afford to hurt the people around me." Shi Xiaonian said, his eyes were clean but gray. "And Gong Ou went out this time, but I didn't know. I made the worst plan, and I didn't want him to leave with worry."

She doesn't want Gong ou to think outside all the time. When I was at home, I wondered if I could be safe and obedient.

She held out her hand slowly at him.

"Maybe, after this, you can choose to leave Mr. Gong for a period of time to calm your mood. Maybe you don't think so then. You don't have to kill the child." Lori still wanted to persuade her.

If she just wants to avoid hurting others, she can choose to leave alone.

Xiaonian shook his head. "I can't leave Gong ou."

No way.

She can't do it. Gong Ou has paid too much for her.

“……” Lori had nothing to say, hesitated for a long time, and finally put the medicine bottle into her palm. "Mrs. Gong, I misjudged you before. Your mental state is not good, but you are the strongest woman I have ever met."

"Thank you."

When Xiaonian looked down at her palm, it was a small white medicine bottle, without any words, she held the medicine bottle tightly and walked out.