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Chapter 975 the irreplaceable gentleness

If it's Fengde, if it's Lori here, she will definitely be advised. If it's Gong ou, it's impossible to give her any choice.

"I don't want to force you."

He knows too well that he can only cause rebound when he pulls a spring, or the spring loses its elasticity completely, just like the same person loses confidence in living.

Mu qianchu said with a smile, "everyone's character is doomed. Xiaonian is not a person who accepts everything from childhood. She has her own direction."

His voice is gentle and soothing, like a clear stream flowing slowly into the heart of Xiaonian.

Everyone's character is doomed.

Is it because of this that she and Gong ou will come to this day. They have worked hard for each other, but they can only separate the two sides. They don't know whether each other is safe or not.

When Xiaonian looked at mu qianchu, his eyes slowly showed warmth. Mu qianchu was too considerate of her, just like when she was a child, he would only smile when she made the most absurd decision, and then he would accompany her to make a fool of herself.

This man once played the most gentle role in her life. After so many years, this kind of tenderness came back to her again.

The atmosphere in the villa was oppressive.

In addition to twins, all bodyguards, chefs, servants and teachers were gathered together, standing in rows in the huge living room.

Perhaps mu qianchu confessed to the dangerous situation. Everyone was not panicked as before. They were all mentally prepared. Their faces were all gloomy, but they were determined to fight hard.

Mu qianchu and Shi Xiaonian are sitting on the sofa at the front. Shi Xiaonian is quietly looking at these people in front of her, who have been with her for such a long time.

"Mr. Gong is far away in other countries. Mrs. Gong's decision is not to protect her. Everyone has the same chance of survival." Lori stood aside and threw the paper into a glass bowl.

Everyone looked at shixiaonian gratefully. In fact, shixiaonian asked them to be bait. They had no choice but to sign a life and death contract. They had no choice.

"Now the group has been divided. Mr. Mu and I are divided according to your skills and adaptability. It is undeniable that we have given some of the most elite bodyguards to Mrs. Gong." Lori stood there and said, "we all know what we are going to face today. Cowardice and retreat are our biggest enemies. Mr. Mu doesn't want you to make any more moves on the road and kill your teammates. So, if you have any comments on the group, please come up with them."


A group of people are silent, no one put forward any opinions, after all, it is the best gift not to use them as bait.

"Good." Lori picked up a glass bowl filled with small notes and looked at the crowd. "Mr. Mu and I have planned multiple escape routes. The team leaders of each group can choose. After the selection, they will see the fate of each other."

As soon as the words came out, the atmosphere in the living room became more depressed, and everyone was waiting for the end of the world.

They don't know how many enemies they have to face, whether they can escape or not. They don't know anything but luck.

It took about five minutes for one of the team leaders to come out and touch the note. The rest came forward to choose the note as if they were dead.

As soon as they took it back, the groups began to discuss how to go, how to hide and how to attack the enemy.

Everyone's done.

The last note is left in the glass bowl. Lori hands the glass to Xiao Nian.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he didn't pick up the note, just asked, "can I choose a route myself?"

"Which way do you want to go?"

This is the first question.

"I want to follow the secret path from Mr palace." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Mrs. Gong, you need to calm down. We've already sealed some of the secret ways. Mr palace must have informed Lancaster when entering the secret ways. Are you going this way now Lori is surprised at the audacity of shixiaonian. Does she really want to die?

Shi Xiaonian disagreed with him. "If Mr palace informs you, even if you seal a secret passage, it will be time for us to move, but not for us."

"Maybe they've been delayed. You'll hit the right one." Lori said that this route was firmly opposed by him. "Why on earth do you have to take this dangerous road?"

"That's the fastest way to get close to the imperial castle. I want to find my adoptive father and let him inform Gong ou." Shi Xiaonian says what he thinks.

Gong Ou must be informed of the news that the R palace is a traitor. Otherwise, he will have difficulties. It is only the first step to clear her.

Mu qianchu sat aside and smelt the words. There was no big change in his face. She threw her heart all over Gong Ou's body. He didn't know it.

"It's just your assumption. It may be that the man in Lancaster has been in charge of that part of it for a long time." Lori objected and did not allow her to take risks. "Besides, in the absence of Mr. Gong, perhaps the Chamberlain, the present imperial Castle cannot be said to be 100% safe."

It's too risky for anyone to know what the scene is on the other side of the tunnel.

"If you want to let me know as soon as possible, why don't I get someone in?" Said Mu qianchu.

When Xiaonian understood mu qianchu's and Luo lie's worries, but she thought that no one but her could send this letter out, "who can be absolutely believed by the people in the imperial castle here?"

Only her.

Only her letters are the most useful and the least time-consuming.

"Both I and mu qianchu can do it!" Luo lie said immediately, when small read to smell speech to laugh voice, "you also said, my father-in-law may not be in."

Apart from Fengde, who in the imperial castle would trust the two of them? Those people only thought about her when they recognized her.

Luo lie is blocked to be speechless, "can't you escape and contact Mr. Gong later? There is a 50% chance of escaping by choosing another route, and only 10% chance of escaping by choosing a dark road. "

Why not rush at this moment.

Words fall, mu qianchu's low voice rings in the living room, "the probability of 50 and 10 is the same in her eyes, she chooses the highest probability to report the letter. Even if all the people in Lancaster are on the other side of the tunnel, it is the place closest to the imperial castle. She will bring the letter to her even if she is desperate. "

When small read's hand cannot help but clench tightly, mu qianchu really saw through her everything.

"Is it so important to report a traitor?" Asked Lori.

Before long, he said, "it may greatly affect the layout of Gong Ou in the UK, or even the safety of the UK. What Mr palace has mastered may be even the palace's home."

"Can a robot really master so much?" Luo lie's face turned white when he heard about the palace.

"I suspect Mr palace defected when we first went to England for our honeymoon."

Shi Xiaonian said it. It's just her guess, but now she can't afford to gamble on any possibility. She has to report it.


Luo lie was silent for a moment. If even the information of the palace was mastered by Mr palace, it would be too big. If the whole palace could be preserved, all of them would be worth burying here.

The next second, Lori immediately said, "Mrs. Gong, I'm with you."

At the critical moment, he could kill her to report.

"You and I together, protect two children." Mu qianchu dispels Luo lie's idea, Luo lie is extremely puzzled, "why is this?"

When small read is the most dangerous.

"When the child is safe, Xiaonian will not regret." The tone is very calm.

"Qianchu" When Xiaonian stared at Xiangmu qianchu, these were her thoughts, but they were all said from his mouth.

He left her with no chance to speak.

Lori looked at shixiaonian's stomach. "But you are still pregnant and have two lives. Do you really want to take such a risk?"

"As long as it's worth doing, what kind of adventure is it? It's hard for people to live with a clear conscience and no regrets." Mu qianchu is like the spokesman of shixiaonian at this moment, and constantly speaks for her.

Let her put those difficult words needless to say, he explained everything for her.

When Xiaonian looks at Xiangmu's calm side face, he doesn't know what else to say. At this time, his support for her is the greatest energy.

Lori looked at them like this, and gradually he said nothing more.

If shixiaonian can't survive, they won't survive, but the whole palace is there, and he has any reason to stop her.

That man It's also in the palace.

"In this case, don't delay. Before leaving, everyone has done the last thing." Lori picked up a backpack and poured out a bunch of colorful bags. He said, "here are all fire-proof bags. Each of you takes one. There are paper and folding pens in it. Each of you should write his own bequeath. As long as one of us can survive in the end, we should give his other's bequeath to his family."

As soon as the words came out, the atmosphere had been suppressed to a peak, and everyone came silently to take away the fire bags one by one.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa, he could not help grasping the tight clothes.

There was a rough hand on her hand immediately. Mu qianchu covered her hand and said gently, "don't worry, I said, I won't let anyone disappear around you again. Don't be nervous."

He promised again and again with all his life.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he suddenly found that there were several white hairs in his short hair. In this period of time, the hardest and most painful thing was moqianchu.

But at the end of the day, he is not necessarily willing to do everything she does.

"Here you are."

Lori handed them two fire bags.

When Xiaonian reached for it, he took out the paper and pen from the fireproof bag. There was only a small piece of paper, and even if it was written, it could not write many words.

She put the paper on her lap and wrote down her suicide note by holding the pen.

Gong Yao, Ilove you. I love you. Little pumpkin, I love you. I love you.

Her suicide note is so simple.