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Chapter 86 the morning of maid's dress

When Xiaonian touched his hot face, he put the plate aside, took the clean and tidy shirt from the clothes rack aside, spread it out in front of the bed, respectful and smiling, "Mr. Gong, the clothes are ready for you. Do you want to wear them now?"

"Yesterday was the student uniform, today is the Maid Dress, Xiao Nian, you can play better than I thought."

Gong Ou stared at her with a smile.

Want to seduce him? It's not necessary. He's interested in her. He'll jump at her when she hooks her fingers.

"Mr. Gong, are you dressed now?"

When Xiaonian was still standing there with a smile, his heart was already boiling.

If she didn't want to go out and get his consent, she would have to spend so much time trying to please him.

She had a sour smile on her face.

Gong Ou stared at her face with a big smile. Her eyes were evil and her lips were curled up. Her face was so sexy that she said, "as my maid, don't you know that I have to take a shower before I get dressed in the morning?"

When small read stupefied next.

Yes, Gong Ou has a habit of taking a shower every morning.

She put away her shirt and kept a good stewardess smile. She stood aside and lowered her head. "Mr. palace, please, I'll wait for you here."

Her attitude is so good that it makes people look good.

"Wait for me?" Gong Ou opens the quilt, gets down from the bed, walks to her in front, a pair of deep eyes are unkindly staring at her, the voice is evil, "as my maid, should not serve the master to bathe?"

His tall figure forced her, and his well-defined chest showed off his perfect figure.

To take a bath?

When small read the smile of the corner of the mouth to smoke, "how dare I covet master's body, you go, I wait for you."

"I allow you to covet."

Gong Ou picked up his eyebrows and stared at her directly, with a gesture of grace.

He would like to see what else she can do in the morning.

"Ha, ha, ha..." I'll make breakfast for you

As she said that, she was about to run. Gong Ou grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to her side. When Xiaonian failed to stand firm, he hit his chest with a face. People buried in his arms, and his lips pasted on his bare Luo's chest.

Gong Ou smiled and looked at her with low eyes. "Shixiaonian, you are very popular today."


When Xiaonian was so embarrassed, he hurriedly got out of his arms and stepped back. His wrist was still tightly clenched in his hand.

Gong Ou shot her up and down, and her eyes fell on her injured hand. The color of her eyes deepened, and the strength of her hands became loose.

"Well, you can't touch the water. You don't need to go into the bathroom. You can't go into the kitchen. Let Fengde do it." The tone, he said, was still imperative.

He also remembered her hand.

When Xiaonian looks at him unexpectedly, then nods, "Oh, I'll wait here."

"I allow you to watch."

Gong Ou deliberately said the two words of "surrounded view" in a very ambiguous way.

When Xiaonian was embarrassed, his face burned, and he shook his head like a rattle. "No need, I'll wait here for you."

As she said this, she sat down quietly beside the bed and began to wait quietly.

Gong Ou takes a look at her and walks towards the bathroom. Suddenly, he stops, glances at her and raises his eyebrows. "Really don't enter?"

“……” Crap.

She's not a voyeur.

"This is the first time I've allowed women to covet my body. Don't you enter?" Gong Ou said as she walked to the bathroom door, her voice full of conceit, a tone that she would suffer a lot if she didn't enter.

"No, no, I really don't. You -- slow -- slow -- wash! "

When small read skin to smile meat not to smile to say, turn head, dare not go to see again naked chest palace Europe.


The bathroom door should shut.

When small read this just long to ease a breath.

Fortunately, Gong Ou didn't forcibly throw her into the bathroom. She grabbed the maid's clothes on her body. In order to get a permission to go out, she had to worry about her hair being white. This kind of moves were all figured out.

I hope it's useful to flatter Gong ou.

Otherwise, she can't leave to see the truth.

When Xiaonian sat by the bed thinking.

After a long time, the door of the bathroom was opened, and before she turned her head, she fell into a warm and slightly wet embrace. Gong Ou bent her leg on the bed, circled her from the back, lowered her head and kissed her hard on her white jade neck, sighing with satisfaction, "it's really fragrant."

The fragrance of this woman is really to his taste.

In the morning, there was a maid sitting beside the bed and letting him do whatever he wanted.

"Well, let's go for breakfast." Xiaonian said with a smile.

She sat there irresistible, people were tightly encircled by him, the fragrance of men's bath milk on his body lingered around her, his breath covered her, so that her nose tip was full of his taste, completely without self.

"No, I'll smell it again."

Gong Ou buried her whole face in the socket of her neck. Her thin lips rubbed her skin little by little, or kissed or sucked. She breathed deeply the fragrance of her body, which seemed to be nothing. It was a fatal spiritual enjoyment like tasting drugs.


When xiaonianbei bit his lower lip, he didn't struggle and let him go.


In order to be able to go out, we must endure.

"Fragrance." Gong Ou said in a low voice, biting her skin at the neck socket. His eyes were half narrowed. Suddenly, there was a faint light in his eyes. He opened his lips and said, "but from today on, you are not allowed to use cosmetics, especially those of Mu family."

, he remembered, she said she used a perfume from mousse.

He remembered that mu qianchu said in front of him that women can't do without cosmetics, and that virtue was like saying that women can't do without his mu qianchu.


"No cosmetics?" When small read stupefied next, in front of the eyes to shake mu qianchu that soft face, lashes light quiver, then nod, obedient tunnel, "OK."

In order to be able to go out, Gong Ou asked her to meet all her modest demands today.

Besides, she doesn't go out often, and it's nothing without cosmetics, as long as he can bear the fact that she has no makeup every day.

No, he can't stand better. She can be rejected and thrown out.

"Darling, I am obedient today."

Gong Ou is very satisfied with her performance today. He holds her from the back and slides one hand down her arm at least. He stays on her face and touches her face vaguely with the back of his hand. The back of his hand is hot, like wandering on her face with a fire.

When small read some can't stand to shrink body, "it's time to eat breakfast."

"I want to eat you first."

Gong Ou lowered her head and bit her in the ear.

When Xiaonian was bitten, his ears were numb, his face was more red, and he managed to maintain a smile. "Let's talk about it after breakfast."

If he teases her like that again, her smile will break.

Seeing that her whole face was red to the point of dripping blood, Gong Ou smiled and his eyes were filled with a touch of doting. He didn't take her any more. He came down from the bed dressed in a bathrobe and held her horizontally. "OK, eat!"

If he plays any more, he will not be able to close the venue. He can guarantee that she will stay in this bedroom today and will not be able to eat for a day.

When the man jumped into the air, Xiaonian hurriedly hung his hand around his neck and said with a hot face, "let me down."

"You hurt your hand."

"What's the relationship between the hand injury and my foot? I haven't hurt my foot."

"Oh? Is that right? "


"I will hold you!"

Gong Ou looks at her indifferently, continues to hold her and walks out without letting her down.

Feng De is standing in the dining room, arranging breakfast. When he looks up, he sees Gong Ou holding Xiaonian coming in. Gong Ou's always cold face has a smile, and his eyebrows and eyes are flying.

Feng de smiles.

When the young master has a young lady, he is really happy and has a better temper than before. Unlike in the imperial castle, where the young master has passed, he has to change two batches of furniture every day.

Shi Xiaonian is carried to the table by Gong ou and sits down. The breakfast on the table is so rich that she exclaims, "manager Feng, you are really good at cooking."

This is much better than usual. She can only make a few simple patterns for breakfast, often just bread with fried eggs.

Now, there are more than ten dishes on the table. They are mainly vegetables. They are exquisite. Each of them can be directly taken to the exhibition.

"That's it." Gong Ou Si did not give face, staring at the dishes on the table disdainfully, saying, "it's much worse than what you made."

He has no appetite for these dishes.

Feng de stood aside smiling and speechless, his heart dripping with blood.


When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou speechlessly, she doubted that his taste was always bad. There were so many delicacies that the chef didn't eat. She had to eat what she did. When he ate them, he didn't control them. He didn't care about his stomach ulcer.

There is a hole in the brain.

"Master, please use it; Miss Shi, please use it."

Feng de poured two cups of steaming milk and pushed it to Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Ou picks up his chopsticks and dials the dishes on the plate. His brow is twisted like a rope.

When I was young, I thought of my flattering career, so I picked up my chopsticks and put a piece of dish in his plate. I politely said, "this dish is very nutritious. You can eat it."

“……” Gong Ou glanced at her without making a sound.

"And this shrimp is also very good. You can eat it."


"Well, the craftsmanship of the housekeeper Feng is very good. Come on, you can also taste it. Here you are."


"This is for you, too."


In a short time, Gong Ou's plate piled up a hill like food.

Gong Ou doesn't move a mouthful. He stares at shixiaonian directly and doesn't stop her. He lets shixiaonian serve him food.

For a long time, when Xiaonian found out that it was wrong, he didn't take any more vegetables.

Gong Ou is dissatisfied with the tunnel, "why don't you take the dishes? Keep taking them."

He ordered her.

When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled, "you didn't eat anything on your plate, and then you can take it."

Otherwise, the taste of the dishes will be lost.

"It's bad." Gong Ou put down his chopsticks. He didn't think about eating these dishes at all.

"You let me have it, too?"

"I like to see you please me, don't I?" Gong Ou's face is defiant and his posture is high. "Hurry up, continue to serve me."

At that time, Xiaonian had to continue to pick up vegetables for him and pile up a bigger mountain on his plate.

Gong Ou looks at her with satisfaction, but still doesn't eat a bite.

Feng de stood aside, watching his carefully prepared food being played like this by them, silently wiping the tears around his eyes.

"You really don't eat it?" When small read will a vegetable clip into his plate, doubt ground asks a way.