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Chapter 1018 come with me

She just wanted to make a good relationship with him, not just with him.

"no one is so nice to me." Bit looked at her and said, eyes blank, voice shaking with pain, "never."

She was the first and only one.

Hearing this, Xiaonian frowned, continued to apply medicine for him, and said softly, "actually, there is a sentence I always want to ask, but I'm afraid of violating your ban on Europe."

"You ask." Bit was lying there, the potion bit by bit on his wound, a gentle wind swept over, and he suddenly felt less pain than before.

"Your mother should have been nice to you when she was alive, right? She must love you very much. " So it's not that she's never heard of it. It makes her feel guilty.

Bit's eyes were a little slack for a moment. Indeed, this is his forbidden area. But when Xiao Nian asked him, he didn't feel so bad.

"I have no memory of her. She's humble. She and I are both Lancaster's disgraces." He said so.

"So you always fight against the maids, because they are low status?"

But he should still miss his mother, isn't this bed the best proof? The bed is left by his mother, and he will take it wherever he goes.

When Xiaonian looked at his pale face and said, "in fact, the Lancaster family makes you care about the difference between the noble and the humble. It's the family that's twisted, not you and your mother, not the maids who take good care of you."

It's the family that's twisted, not you and your mother.

"I don't want to say that," bit said as he lay on the bed, his eyes dimmed, his fingers gripped the sheet under him

"Well, if you don't want to say it, don't say it. It's almost done. I'll make you a cake later. I think it's better than painkillers." He likes sweet food too much.

Xiaonian said with a smile.

Bith couldn't help turning to see her again. Her voice was like a warm wind, which made him feel very comfortable when blowing. Every pore seemed to open.

"When - small - read."

Bit is calling her name again.

"What's the matter?" When Xiaonian looked at her, he was worried and said, "does it hurt? I'll be a little lighter. "

"Do you really think of me as a younger brother?"

Bit looked at her and asked, trying to calm down, but a pair of sea blue eyes still revealed tension and faint expectations.


When Xiaonian stayed there, he suddenly felt that it was difficult to face the clear eyes like the sea, brother? To be honest, she never thought about it that way. He was more like a springboard to Gong Ou in her eyes.

Bit looked at her deeply, while Xiaonian sat there with his mouth open and said, "of course. But I'm just a commoner, but I don't have such noble blood, so you think I'm just saying it casually, I don't mean anything else... "

"Then you can be my sister." Bit interrupted, with a simple smile on her face.


When Xiaonian froze again.

Bit forced out a smile, blue eyes smile, "you can rest assured, I will help you, will not let anyone bully you."

He sincerely promised, when small read suddenly thought of his brother Xi Yu, if Xi Yu is still alive, how can she bear to cheat.

"Although I don't know how to send you out for the time being, that man in black can send you in without being found out. There must be a special way. Let's find it slowly." Bit said.

"You want to take me away?" When Xiaonian looks at him in surprise, doesn't he want to save her life?

Bit looked at her bulging stomach. "I know you miss your husband very much. I hope you can go back, so you will be happy."

Just like this, he can't eat the cake she made.

Thinking of this, bit is a little lonely.


"Fortunately you don't have a brother, so you won't forget me when you go out." Bit looked at her and laughed. He was an innocent big boy. "Having a sister feels good, just like watching funny shows. Although she shouldn't, she just makes me happy."


When Xiaonian suddenly didn't know what to say, it was clear that everything was going better than she thought, but her guilt swept her.


After recognizing his brother-in-law, bit smiled more and more in front of her, and would tell her many things about himself, including how he lived in exile for so many years, how he became interested in science and technology, including his many interest collections.

Bit lives more and more like a real 16-year-old. She talks with her every day in the days of healing. When it comes to happiness, she laughs even though the wound hurts.

In fact, after all, bit is just a simple teenager, and his last calculation for her has disappeared.

This day, bit joined the research room again.

When Xiaonian walked in with a tray, she was able to enter and leave the research room freely. As soon as she entered, bit smiled at her and showed her white teeth, "is the cake ready again? Come and sit next to me. "

Said bit to move out a chair for her, there is a soft cushion on the chair, that is what bit specially asked the maid to do for her, so that she can sit more comfortable.

"Here you are."

When Xiaonian put the cake on his desk, biter began to eat it, regardless of what aristocratic rules. Biting it down, he frowned, "why is it not sweet?"

"What do you eat so sweet at a young age? It's not good for your health. It's always like this in the future." Said shixiaonian solemnly.

"Ah?" Bit took the cake and looked disappointed. "But the cake is not sweet or delicious."

"I think it's enough. I think you should eat anything sweet. In the future, you should eat moderately and less sugar." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Or, with some sweetness, just a little?" Bit looked at her imploringly, discussed with her, and held a little better position with his fingers.

Cute guy.

When Xiaonian was not moved, he shook his head seriously. "No, that's it. Besides, how can you come in and do things after you've only been injured for two days? You need to lie in bed and rest."

In the face of Xiaonian's concern, bit happily took a big bite of the cake and said vaguely, "it's OK. I can eat the cake."


"By the way, I'll show you something." While biting, he calls up the previous monitoring screen.

When Xiaonian sat beside him and looked at the past, she saw that it was night in the picture, the monitoring effect was very poor, she could see herself vaguely, she was lying in a coma on a cart.

It was the picture of her being knocked out that day.

When Xiaonian can't help but sit up straight and look forward along the trolley. In the unclear light, he vaguely sees a man wearing black clothes pushing the car, shaking and walking.

The light is really poor. The whole picture can hardly judge the height of the man. It's only vaguely found that the man seems to have some difficulty pushing the cart. The cart shakes from time to time, and she almost fell off the cart several times.

Who would this person be?

When Xiaonian looked at it, he suddenly saw some pictures in his mind. They were too fast to catch. Bit looked at her. "How can I recognize who it is?"

When Xiaonian shook his head, "I can't even see his face. I can't recognize him. Maybe he's just someone I don't know."

Now the people who want to deal with her are the Lancaster family. Apart from them, she can't think of anyone else.

"Is it?" Bith swallowed the last bite of cake, comforted her and said, "it's OK, although the vision in the monitoring is too poor, but it's about certain that this person appeared suddenly from here, within 1000 meters, so they didn't find him."

"Suddenly?" When small read stupefied, "is there any secret way?"

"Maybe, it's late now. I'll check tomorrow. As long as it's a safe way out, I'll take you away." Bit said that he couldn't be more serious.

So she'll be back soon?


When small read of lip angle can not help but slightly up, bit see some unhappy, "I don't know if I can see you again in the future."

When Xiaonian looked at him in a dazed way, she felt uncomfortable. Looking at the monitor screen, she suddenly had an idea and said, "would you like to go back with me?"

"Me? To the palace? " Bit opened his blue eyes wide. "Then I'm waiting to die."

"No, who dares to touch your hair when you have a sister? Gong ou can't touch you! " Said Shi Xiaonian.

It's a good idea. It's better for bith to go back with her. First, he doesn't have to be scolded by his father. Second, he doesn't study robots anymore. George's last trump card is gone.

Everyone is happy.

When Xiaonian thought more and more about this idea, she looked at him and said, "bith, all you receive in this family is negative energy. Come back with me, I will make cakes for you every day in the future. If you want to make progress in science and technology, you can follow Gong ou, and you will be able to show your director. Besides, I'll introduce my son and daughter to you. They are all very lovely. You will like them. They are also your relatives. "


Bit looked at her, and suddenly he got a bunch of relatives? His brothers and sisters never took him as a relative.

"How are you, bit?" When Xiaonian saw that he still didn't speak, she put up four fingers and said, "I swear by my life, I will never let anyone hurt you, and I will let you live as you wish, and live well."

It's strange that they are the opposite of each other, but every word that Xiaonian utters is like adding sugar. It's very sweet.

He really likes it. He can even imagine sitting on the sofa with her, eating junk snacks and watching funny shows. When he is tired, he has cakes and bumps into someone to help him apply medicine.

That's really good.

"Bit, don't you believe me?" Asked shixiaonian.

Believe, he believed everything she said.

"I believe you." Bit smiled a little. The smile was bitter. "But I can't go."