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Chapter 663 I want to be your first


"This is the entertainment street in China. There are horse farms, theatres, clubs and entertaining upper class people. The main purpose is to win over interpersonal relationships. However, the profit is not bad. You don't need to manage, just collect money."


"In addition, we have obtained the right to develop this land and are ready to develop the mineral resources in it. The profits are quite good. I have added your name to the document. Then you and the palace will share it together."

“……” When small read all silly eyes, Zheng Zheng ground looks at Luo Qi, don't know what she is doing, Luo Qi still keep saying, keep saying, "mother, you these are too expensive, I can't accept."

Shi Xiaonian suspected that she would be on the rich list if she signed these documents.

"How can we not accept it? According to the saying in China, when we get married, the man doesn't want to give the bride price to the woman? This is the dowry of our palace. "

Said Luo Qi with a serious face.


It's too exaggerated to send such a gift. It's also a gift for the winery and a pile of houses.

"By the way, according to China, we still need to send gold." Luo Qi hurriedly looks at the maid beside him. "Go and tell Charles to make a box of gold jewelry, and ask for that kind of call It's made of dragon and Phoenix bracelets. "

A box?

When Xiaonian hurriedly put the card and key back into the maid's box and stopped Luo Qi, "really no, mother, I don't need these, really. I can't eat without Gong ou. "

These gifts are really thick.

"It's not a matter of not being able to eat. Some assets under the name of a woman are more secure. Besides, it's a gift." Luo Qi said, "well, let me see, what else is missing."



When Xiaonian turned to Gong ou and asked him to stop Luo Qi, who was giving gifts crazily, Gong Ou picked her up. She looked like I knew. Her thin lips opened slightly, and she said, "only to send a winery? Mother, you are too mean. "


When Xiaonian wanted to hit the wall.

"I wanted to give it to the two families, but the other one is too far away from you. I'm afraid Xiao Nian will run to inspect you and follow you. I won't do anything serious." Luo Qi still knows this son.


Gong Ou got out of bed and shrugged, which was Luo Qi's persuasion.

He went over and hugged shixiaonian from the back. Shixiaonian put his elbow on him secretly and didn't speak well. She was very worried about taking so many things from the palace.

"Yes, I almost forgot. I have to bring you some trustworthy collectors." Luo Qi said, "I'll give you a few more maids to serve you in a comfortable living, as well as a housekeeper. Charles has been with me for many years, and is trustworthy. Take him away."

This time, Xiao Nian believes that Luo Qi is sincere and thinks for her, and gives her a bunch of servants.

When Xiaonian smiled and said, "mother, I'm not used to the feeling of a group of people following. I like to be free and go wherever one wants. Charles has been with his mother for so many years, let him stay with her. "

Luo Qi frowns, "but..."

"Mother, I'll take the rest. Charles, you must stay."

The housekeeper is not important to shixiaonian, but it is important to LUOQI. People like Charles and Fengde almost take care of everything for the master. The master can't leave them.

See when small read insist, Luo Qi also had to step back, "well, I'll see who dial with you to s city."

Said, Luo Qi turned and walked out.

The servants left all the boxes in their hands on the cupboards and tables.

It's shining.

"Mother walk slowly."

As soon as they left, Xiaonian turned to look at the jewels and documents, and said in an unbelievable way, "I've got such a good feeling that it's beyond the sky."

It's amazing.

Luo Qi actually gave her so many things.

"This is called breaking through the sky? Never seen the world. "

Gong Ou mocks the tunnel.

When Xiaonian pursed her lips and carefully covered the boxes one by one, "this is the first time I have received so many valuable gifts."

"First time? What am I giving you? "

Asked Gong Ou discontentedly.

When Xiaonian carefully closed the box and said honestly, "what you sent me is not worth much in total."

The value of these various types of diamonds is terrible enough.

"Haven't I sent you diamonds? I also sent you robots! I also...... " Gong Ou stood there and pointed to her.

Shixiaonian looks at him.

Gong Ou's face sank, because he found that what he gave Xiaonian was not worth as much as here, and that what he gave his woman was not as much as his mother.

Gong ou, frustrated, stares at her and says, "why don't you ask me? What can't I buy for you? Why not me! "


Can you blame her?

When Xiaonian bent down to put the boxes away, Gong Ou immediately squatted beside her, and a pair of dark pupils looked at her deeply, "quickly say, what do you want? I'll take you two streets! "

"I didn't marry you because I liked your money."

When small read helplessly said.

"I don't care. You and I want it." Gong Ou dominates the tunnel.

"I really have nothing left." When Xiaonian reached out to push him, his eyes fell on his bare feet, and said, "go to bed and sit for a while. If you have nothing to do, you can play games. Don't disturb me to pack things."

"No way!" Gong Ou stared at her deeply. "I want to be your first! In every way! "

When Xiaonian squatted down, looked up at him, reached for his face, looked at him with clear black and white eyes, and said earnestly, "Gong Ou is the first in my heart, and will not change."

She said so, Gong Ou stared at her directly, and her chest was beaten softly, itching badly.


Asked Gong ou.

"Of course."

"What about twins?" Gong Ou likes to dig holes for himself.


Twins, when small read subconsciously hesitated.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou gnaws his teeth.

"You are the first in my love, they are the first in my family, OK?"

"First in love? Nonsense, how many more can you have in your love? I am the first and the last! " I can't believe that I used such words to perfunctory him.

He is the last one.

A man hard to serve.

When Xiaonian squatted beside him, he really didn't want to tangle with him on this kind of problem, so he raised his face, and his soft lips approached him.

She actively close to let Gong Ou's black eyes instantly deep, lower her head and hold her lips.

"Gong ou, let's go hunting again before you leave "

Gong Yu came from the outside with great interest. He was wearing a sports suit and looked very young. As soon as he came in, he saw Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian squatting in the trunk to kiss each other.


Gong Ou's face is black, staring at Gong Yu and saying, "don't you emphasize the rules of aristocracy to me every day? Now you don't even understand the courtesy of knocking at the door? "

One and two. Are you looking for a fight?

When Xiaonian fondles her forehead in embarrassment, what's the matter today? She and Gong ou have acquired the skill that kissing must be broken, haven't they?

"Well, I'm looking for you to hunt." Gong Yu was very embarrassed. "It's ok now. You go on. Go on."

With that, Gong Yu turned and left.

When small read think of a thing, stand up and chase to the door, "brother."

As soon as Gong Gu turned around, Xiao Nian stood at the door wearing a long white dress, with long hair hanging smoothly on his shoulder, a small white face, clear eyes, smiling at him, showing his white teeth.

She smiled as if she could shine.

For a moment, Gong Yu's eyes suddenly turned stiff. When Xiaonian was there, he smiled at him and said, "brother, take Gong ou to hunt. Tomorrow we will leave. We don't know when to get together next time."

"I won't go!"

Gong Ou's voice came.

When Xiaonian stood at the door and looked at Gong ou, "go ahead, or I won't finish packing today."

"Why can't you clean up when I'm here?" Gong Ou is dissatisfied with the tunnel.

"President Gong, I'm all alone in packing. Have you packed anything?"

He just makes trouble.

"I've got it ready!" Gong Ou Dao.

When Xiaonian tilted his head, "is that right? What kind of luggage did you pack, please? "

Gong Yu did not listen to what they said, but looked at it with small thoughts and free eyes.

"You!" Gong Ou stands up from the ground, puts his hands into his pants pocket, and stares at him with black eyes. "I'll take you with me. What else can I do?"

Smell speech, when small read want to distinguish refute all discern refute not to come out, speechless ground looks at Gong ou, can't help laughing out a voice, in the heart unexpectedly has a little sweet silk.

She thought she was hopeless.

"Go out with your brother."

When Xiaonian said and turned his head, he saw that Gong Yu had turned around and left. The farther he went, the more lonely he was.

How are you going.


The sun set obliquely. In the evening, there was fog around the castle. The fog became heavier and heavier, covering the whole castle. The visibility was very low.

The servants also went to the castle and did not go out.

In the garden, the flowers in the mist are fragrant. The servant puts the wine on the table. There is a bronze lamp on the table. It looks like a bird cage, very unique.

Gong Yu sat on a chair beside him, his curly short hair stained with a thin mist.

"How do you think of drinking?" The servant stood aside and asked softly, "do you want me to find the second young master?"

Of course, drinking by two people is a little interesting. It's too boring to drink by one person.

"No, I'm a little tired from my father's funeral recently, so I don't need to call Gong Ou if I want to have a drink. You go down. "

Gong Yu raised his hand, slightly speaking, unable to hear the tone.

"Yes, sir."

The servants bowed their heads and turned away.

Gong Yu sat at the table and looked at the light from the lamp. He lost his mind in his eyes.

It's all over.