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Chapter 901 come here, hold it

Finish saying, Gong Ou takes the cup into the bathroom, pours the milk and comes back, sits down opposite her, puts the cup on the small table, picks up the milk powder can to open, pours in three spoons of milk powder, adds the boiling water, takes the spoon and stirs gracefully.

His long fingers with distinct phalanges are stirred by a thin spoon, and his simple movements look particularly pleasing to the eye.

He even knew that the milk she drank every day was matched with several spoons of milk powder.

Gong Ou stirred it up and took another sip, then pushed the cup away from her. "Here you are."

When Xiaonian looked at the circle of white on his thin lips, he couldn't help saying, "this is the milk powder that pregnant women drink."

He took a few drinks in a row.


Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.

"You're really nice to me." When small read light tunnel, want to squeeze out a smile but can't squeeze out, "don't care where the millennium is, let's go back quietly waiting for the birth of the baby, OK?"

Don't waste any more time on it.

She didn't feel well, and she didn't believe he had much fun.

"Drink the milk."

Gong Ou stared at her and said in a strong voice.

When Xiaonian took the milk and drank it one mouthful at a time, the warm milk passed through her throat, she drank it clean, Gong Ou stretched out his hand over the small table, his thumb crossed her lips, wiped out the remaining milk stains, and his fingertip stayed at the corner of her lips.

When Xiaonian sat there motionless, he just looked at him quietly and asked, "OK?"

Smell speech, Gong Ou drew his hand back slowly, black eyes stare at her, "when small read, you know I treat you, as long as it is for you, I can do anything."

"I know."

When Xiaonian nodded, she vaguely knew what Gong Ou would say next, but she seemed to be at a loss for nothing.

"But I want you to be nice to me, too."

Gong Ou sits there lazily, his tone is domineering to the extreme.

"What do you want me to do to you?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Be obedient."

Gong Ou said with sharp words.


When Xiaonian sat there in silence and watched him lose his language, his request to her was obedience, and he wanted her to wait for him to decide everything.

"I'll do something to make you unhappy next, but you can't be unhappy." Gong Ou looks at her face and explores her expression.

When hearing this, Xiaonian didn't know whether to cry or laugh. "Gong ou, don't you think your words are contradictory?"

Clearly he knew that he knew that what he would do next would not make her happy, but he would not let her sad.

So domineering.

"For me, for the baby in your stomach, you have to do it."

Gong Ou said word by word that it was extremely powerful and there was no room for negotiation.

"Do you have to force me like this?" Shixiaonian asked. He knew that she was only indulgent to him now, and he said something like this.

"Even if I force you, what's your answer?"

Asked Gong ou.

So he admitted frankly that he wanted her to face up to everything he did, even if everything was not what she liked.

What else can she say.

When small read low Mou to look at the empty cup, for a long time just stiff nod, way, "I listen, Gong ou. I don't want to ask you what to do, but you have to promise me one thing. "


Miyo asked.

"Accompany me to the sea." When small read to look at him way.

She may not look at the snow, but she wants to see the world under the sea.

Gong Ou stares at her face, suddenly opens his arms to her, his voice is low and magnetic, "come here, hold it."

Shixiaonian stands up and walks towards him. He presses him to sit on his leg. His chin is soon pinched by him. Gong Ou looks down at her and slowly lowers his head. His thin lips brush her soft lips. "Shixiaonian, do you know that you are getting smarter and smarter."

She can't dive into the sea now. She must wait for her body to recover after giving birth to a baby and for her decision.

She asked him for an eternal promise.

"With President Gong Da, you can't always be a fool, can you say?"

When Xiaonian's voice was very low, she could feel Gong Ou's warm breath on her face. It was so intimate that they would never be separated.

"I'd rather you were stupid now."

Gong Ou then holds her lips and slowly kisses her. Her teeth gently grind over her lips, opening her lips easily, and her tongue rushes in, kissing her with a strong sense of possession.

It's getting dark outside.

When small Niang reaches out to slowly encircle his neck, greets his kiss, forgets to respond.

When does Gong Ou hold her and stand up? She doesn't know when she is put on the bed by Gong ou. When does Gong Ou's body fall down? She is at a loss.

All she knew was to grasp the intimacy, to grasp it firmly.

Is it possible to hold on as long as she obeys? If so, she will.



On the endless course, an old man with vigorous walk stood on the grass in gorgeous and elegant clothes, holding the golf club in his hand with white gloves, and playing a white ball into the hole easily.

It's Mona's father, Mr Lancaster.

The assistant immediately held the document in his arms, clapped and clapped, "Mr. Wang's skill is excellent. With one idiom, he is superb."

"Let you go to China for a few days and learn to speak idioms." The old man chuckled and was in a good mood.

"This time, I found out the background of shixiaonian clearly, including which neighbor she did not agree with and which classmate had a dispute." The assistant said with a smile and a look of asking for credit. "In fact, a weak woman like Shi Xiaonian, as long as she is properly designed, even if there are more bodyguards from gong'ou sect, we can kill her."

"Killing is definitely going to kill. This woman killed my daughter. How can I let her end?" The old man handed him the club and took off his gloves gracefully, "but the time is right."


The assistant froze for a moment.

"This woman is not very important, but her influence on Gong Ou is stronger than that of the whole Gong family. Do you know what this represents?" The old man asked, throwing his gloves to him, and turned to walk under the sun umbrella.

"It means that when you kill, you can get rid of Gong Ou?"

The assistant replied cautiously.

"Smart." The old man hooked his lips with satisfaction and sat down on the chair under the sun umbrella. The maid at one side immediately offered black tea. He took it up and tasted it, saying, "so, don't touch this woman for the moment."

"Then a piece of information I found is useless."

The assistant stood by and replied.

"What is it?"

"At this time, Xiaonian returns to his hometown with Gong Ou in battle. I have paid close attention to it. It involves a love that Xiaonian had when he was young. Gong Ou is going to find the first love and kill it after eating vinegar." The assistant said with a smile.

Smell speech, the old man disdained to smile up, "the young people really have fun. Last time I read that Li Qingyan was jealous, I took Gong ou back to my hometown to let him get jealous and revenge. How could two people like them destroy my precious daughter?"

It's incredible.

His daughter died so badly.

"Yes, I also think this Gong Ou is a man who can't get on the table. It's not suitable for you to spend all your energy on him." The assistant took the opportunity to flatter.

The old man sat there, his face heavy when he heard this, looked up at the assistant, "I don't need you to say these things, just tell you to finish the job."

"Yes, I will go to China and continue to spy on Gong Ouhe and shixiaonian."

The assistant immediately bowed his head.

"Prepare a good hand and think of a good plan. Once the N.E interior is elevated, I will inform you to catch up with Shi Xiaonian. Gong Ou must be protected tightly. If you want to catch people, you need to hit the right spot." The old man said, with a cruel look between his eyes and eyebrows, "I want Gong ou to lose his square and look ugly."

"The Gong family..."

"Their family now has an empty shell. In the end, they still rely on Gong ou to support their appearance. They are not afraid." The old man sneered, "you can do things steadily, understand?"

"Yes, sir, I will help you to avenge your loss even if I spare this life."

The assistant bowed his head to show his loyalty.

The old man waved people back and sat there tasting black tea. Suddenly, he remembered that Mona always brought black tea to honor him when she was still there.

Daughter, it won't be long. Father will be able to avenge you.


The wind swayed the leaves, and the sun fell down. It was blocked by the luxuriant leaves and could not shine on people.

When Xiaonian was sitting under the tree, her body was still cool. Aunt he, who was next to her, kept on talking about her family routine. She was supposed to say a word and a half a day, but she didn't hear it at all.

Gong Ou refuses to go back to s city. In the past two days, he found mu qianchu a little crazy. He sent a large number of people to look for him. It's necessary to find out that posture.

She couldn't imagine what Gong Ou would do if she found mu qianchu.

"Xiaonian, what do you think I'm wearing tonight, a skirt or trousers?" Aunt he sat beside her and said happily, "Oh, your husband is very considerate. Please get together in these old neighborhoods. I think you are blessed, and so are your parents."

"My husband? What get together? "

When small read back to God, look at them in dismay.

"Ah, don't you know?" He Bo looked at her in surprise. "I heard that your parents are back. Your husband sent people to invite those old neighborhoods to the hotel for dinner."

"My parents?"

When Xiaonian was stunned for a second, she came back to her adoptive father and mother. The next second, she came to her senses. Gong ou never liked her adoptive parents, or even hated them. How could he help them and invite them to all the old neighborhoods without humiliation.


Do you mean Did he bring back her foster parents in order to attract her?