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Chapter 203 give it back to you thousands and hundreds of times

There was chaos outside the mall, and many people were holding up signs of support, which were also trampled on by people in office.


When Xiaonian looked at this scene in amazement, she turned her eyes to Gong ou.

Gong Ou sat on his face and looked at the scene outside the window with cold eyes. There was no accident on a handsome face, and the corner of his lips even had a sinister arc.

When Xiaonian understood that all is Gong Ou's hands and feet.

She looked out, and when she watched, di covered her face and wanted to leave, but the reporters kept asking her, and when Di stopped the camera with his hands and shouted, "don't shoot around, I really don't know this crazy woman!"

Looking at Shi Di like this, Shi Xiaonian suddenly thought of the time when he was surrounded by people in the mall.

There are many people now, but not as many as when she was surrounded last time.

At least no one throws milk, cars or spits at Shidi.

When Xiaonian looked at this scene, his eyes gradually cooled down, no sympathy, only numb indifference.

It's chaos outside. The gorgeous lady is still swearing, "Shidi, I'm going to expose the skin of your painting in front of the media!"

The manager of Shidi squeezed out from the crowd, pulled his life to block Shidi, and shouted loudly to the microphone, "please don't shoot these, this woman must be thinking of Shidi hype, thinking of red is crazy!"

Suddenly a sharp eyed reporter said to the expensive woman, "Hey, aren't you Ling De's president's wife? At the last financial summit, you attended with your husband. I went for an interview. Ling De is no worse than Mu's! "

"Yes! I want to lend you a show red? You want to be red and crazy! " The lady yelled at the top of her voice, "if you didn't instigate my husband's divorce every day, I would pass by with my eyes open and my eyes closed? I tell you! No door! "

The scene was a mess.

When all the reporters saw that it was Ling De's president's wife who came out to identify the junior, they must have a story in the middle. They all took full strength to shoot and ask frantically, so that Shidi could not even get on the nanny car.

In the car, shixiaonian takes back his eyes and looks at Gong ou with doubts. "How can Lingde's president wife be willing to do such a thing for you? Is this a scandal for her?"

When the flute uses ruthless moves to her again and again, but looks to Mu qianchu wholeheartedly.

She believes that Shidi's relationship with men will not be so chaotic.

Gong Ou takes back his sight, holds her in one hand, stares at her puzzled face with black eyes, and slightly hooks his lips. "Shixiaonian, do you know who the man in front of you is


"Can we have a little relationship with Gong ou and let them do a scandal? They don't want it. " Gong oudao, junpang has an extraordinary conceit.



He does have the ability.

When Xiaonian looked at him like this, he understood that Gong ou, who had become self abased because of her, was gone forever. In the past, Gong ou, who was confident and conceited, formally returned.

I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

When small read thought secretly, looked outside one eye, "let's go."

"Don't take a look at it for a while?" Asked Gong Ou in a low voice.

"No, it's been a long time."

In fact, when looking at the flute experience that she has experienced, she is not happy or unhappy, only to say that the heart is more comfortable.

In the end, it is also the taste of the time flute.

Just in the end, she is still the junior in people's mouth. No matter how miserable the flute is, she is not so good.

"Public opinion is the most impossible thing to say clearly, because people's imagination is too rich, give a hint, people can come up with a pile." Gong Ou said coldly, "so whoever guides the public opinion is the winner."

It's always a good way to control evil with evil.

"That's right." When small read light smile, "let's go."

Gong Ou reaches for her chin, looks her face to the window, and forces her to look out of the window. "Remember this scene, the pain you suffered at the beginning must be returned to you thousands and hundreds of times by the initiator!"

When Xiaonian looked outside, he saw that Shidi was in a mess at the moment. Her agent and bodyguard stood in front of her and finally sent her to the nanny's car.

When the flute is in trouble, someone else is standing in her way.

When she had an accident, there was only one person who was suffering from it. She couldn't argue. If it wasn't for Gong ou to pick her up later, she thought that she would hold the disintegrating Mr palace and stay in the parking lot until she became a complete madman.


When small read nod, "go."

"Drive." Gong Ou gives an order. Her voice is low and magnetic. She reaches out and embraces her.

This time, Xiaonian didn't resist any more. She leaned on him quietly. Then she found that the car still didn't go to the imperial castle.

"Where are we going now?"

He asked in confusion.

"I'll go to the headquarters and do some business." Gong Ou hugged her and said.


When small read low to answer a, no objection, cleverly lean on his chest, suddenly again, "these days, you are not quite a lot of business down?"

In the past, although he asked her to accompany him for 24 hours, he was still dealing with business affairs and would come to the company normally.

But after taking her back from the underground parking lot, until now, she seems to have never seen Gong Ou's office, and he is around her every day.

"You still know?" Gong Ou reaches out and pinches her nose. "Do you know how much less money I earn for you? How should you compensate me? "

"You're so rich. It doesn't matter if you earn less."

When Xiaonian muttered.

"Who cares about the money?" Gong Ou Dao.

"People all over the world think you have too much money."

When small read a way, he is called the richest man in the world, nice to say to her who will be too much money.

"People all over the world don't like it, neither do you." Gong Ou looks down at the woman in her arms. "I want to support you with this money."

"I don't need that much money, and I can support myself at work."

Shi Xiaonian said that after a period of low tide, it's also time for her to start to return to work.

"You can't afford a skirt I bought for you all your life!"

The most naked irony.


If Shi Xiaonian can't say anything about him, he won't say it.

The car stopped at the gate of N.E's grand building. The driver quickly stepped out of the car and opened the door for her respectfully, "Miss Shi."

I opened the door for her first.

It seems that Gong Ou has given orders to the following people.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou and asked with a smile, "can I just sit in the car and wait for you?"


Gong Ou looks at her deeply.

"I......" When Xiaonian wanted to come up with a reason, he wanted to think about his 24-hour thinking, and gave up, "I'll go with you."

"Well." Gong ou, head of jaw, patted her head with satisfaction.

Shi Xiaonian takes the lead in getting out of the car, and is led by Gong ou. As soon as he enters the gate of the building, his heart shrinks.

Although she crossed the psychological barrier, she didn't want to touch people outside except in the imperial castle.

That kind of disdainful, spiteful eyes she will always remember in her mind.

She hated that look, and was afraid of it.

Come on, time is small.

Even if she meets that kind of look again, she can't be afraid. She didn't do anything wrong. She doesn't need to bend her back. She doesn't want Gong ou to see her useless appearance.

In this way, Xiaonian takes a deep breath and holds the hand of Nun Gong ou.

Feeling her strength, Gong Ou looks back at her, and Xiaonian smiles at him.



She smiled at him again.

Gong Ou stares at her smile. For a while, he looks silly. His black eyes are tight. Suddenly, he feels that his breath is not smooth. He immediately turns his head and holds her hand and walks in.

"Mr. Gong."

Along the way, there are employees constantly passing by and bowing to Gong ou, one by one, looking at shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian straightened her back to them, she was still a little worried, but soon she found that those employees did not have a different look at her, and they all looked at her gently and warmly.

It's like they don't watch gossip.

So strange?

At the beginning, shixiaonian thought it was something else, but after a long walk, she found that everyone had the same attitude and was respectful and polite.

When Xiaonian could not help but live beside Gong ou and asked in a low voice, "have you done anything?"


Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes and deep black eyes.


When Xiaonian thought about it, he smiled and shook his head. It's unnecessary to ask this question. Besides Gong ou, who can let everyone look at her so peacefully.

"Who dares to look down on the women in my palace?"

Like knowing what she was thinking, Gong Ou spoke in a domineering and arrogant tone.


When small read no words, secretly relieved.

Even if Gong Ou ordered everyone to treat her normally without seeing the strange vision in her imagination, she was still relaxed.

She follows Gong ou to the president's office, when Xiaonian sees the huge office that can match the playground area once again.

"President, everyone has arrived in the conference room, waiting for the president."

A secretary came after them and reported.

"I see." Gong Ou is indifferent to the tunnel. When the black eyes sweep towards Xiaonian, there is a touch of doting in her fierce eyes. He patted her on the head. "You stay here for a while, I will come after the meeting."


I nodded.

Gong Ou turns around and leaves. His face is facing the Secretary, and he suddenly gets cold.

When small read his momentary expression change close to the bottom of his eyes, can't help but feel funny.

She turned and walked into the president's office. She opened the long floor curtain. The large French windows opened in front of her. The scene of Huihong outside slowly opened in front of her.

Shi Xiaonian sat down on the ground in front of the French window and looked at the landscape quietly.

The sunshine outside is very good. Through the floor to ceiling window, Xu Xu sprinkles it on her. It's very warm and comfortable.

It's sunny after the rain.

It's sunny after the rain.

When Xiaonian looked out, her long eyelashes were gilded with gold by the sunshine. She was bathed in the warm sunshine and thought darkly that everything would be better after such a heavy rain, wouldn't it?