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Chapter an'st you wake up a little bit?

Without Gong Ou forcibly taking the diary, Charles could not take it out.

This is the secret of the palace family, but was read casually by Xiao Nian.

When Xiaonian looked at the annoyance on her face, understood some things, and said, "in fact, mother doesn't think love is important as you said, right? You just have been in this environment for too long and have been assimilated and brainwashed by your father. "

The important thing is only fame, just the future of the palace family, but at the beginning, she would marry into the palace family only because of Gong Jue.

When has changed? I'm afraid Luo Qi doesn't know.


Luo Qi angrily raised her hand to beat her, and stopped in the middle of the air without waving.

When Xiaonian stood there, he didn't move.

"Get out of here and don't talk nonsense in front of my husband." Luo Qi pointed to the outside and said, "don't disturb my husband. Go out. Go out now!"


Gong Jue really had a rest and could never wake up again.

"Mother, don't you really hate?" When Xiaonian didn't leave, he continued, looking at the anger on Luo Qi's face, "if I were you, I couldn't help but complain. I have loved a person for decades. I love him regardless of everything. He is the only one who loves him. Even my sons have ignored it. But at the end of the day, he didn't get a little response, and he still had to guard the palace he valued for him. "

Luo Qi stood there and listened to every word she said. Her raised hand trembled a little. She even looked at her eyes with horror. "Go out, I want you to go out!"

"In your mind, are sons really more important than the palace family? If the sons are pushed to the limit, does the existence of the palace family have any significance? " When small read regardless to continue to say, look seriously, "big brother was to cheat death to escape, this middle reason I believe mother is not don't understand, but you still believe that big brother is really willing to bear the palace."

Smell speech, Luo Qi's look skimmed over to escape, she turned her head, breathing a little shudder, the curve of Chin tightened a little bit, "did you say that?"

"My mother and my sons only have a palace family. My father forced two sons to one to feign death and the other to go away. The palace family only left him to support himself. This proves that his idea is wrong. Since it is wrong, why should he inherit it?"

Xiaonian stood by the coffin and said.


Luo Qi finally couldn't bear it. She slapped Xiao Nian in the face and stared at her angrily. "Xi Xiao Nian, you're just a junior. What are you talking about in front of my husband?"

"Mother, I......"

"Don't think I don't know that you and Gong ou don't get along well recently, because you have pulled Gong Yu back, right? Gong Ou is paranoid and cold-blooded. He is obedient to you, but I believe he is still our family in his heart. " Luo Qi looks at her and threatens to say, "if you talk big again, I'm sick in bed and tell Gong ou that you stimulate me, then your relationship with Gong ou will get worse."


When Xiaonian is hit by the burning pain on her face, she looks at Luo Qi, her eyes are calm, and she is not scared.

It turns out that Luo Qi knows everything, and even knows that Gong Yu is pulled back by her, and that she has a bad relationship with Gong Ou recently. Gong Yu doesn't really inherit it, and Gong Ou wants to compete for a place?

Do you know everything but refuse to think about the two sons?

Luo Qi's mood is a lot more exciting than her, "still not go?"

"You will not." When small read light way, "I said, the mother is a ruthless, soft woman, maybe that kind of ruthlessness is married to the father after it learned, you were not the person now, right?"

Again and again, Luo Qi tried her best, but she always kept a deadly hand.

Maybe it's because of her nobility, or maybe it's because she wasn't the one who liked to play tricks.

Hearing this, Luo Qi's eyes drifted more fiercely than before, and immediately turned around, "I don't know what you are talking about, go out."

Seeing this, Xiaonian then understood that he was right, and could not help frowning, "mother, I don't understand why you force yourself to do something you don't like, for the sake of your father? For a man who has never loved himself? "

Isn't a son worth cherishing more than a false wish?

"I told you to stop!"

Luo Qi cried to her excitedly, eyes staring at her, eyes covered with a layer of water, "who says my husband has never loved me? He just hasn't finished his family business yet. He said that he would travel with me when all the dust of the palace settled. He wanted to accompany me for the rest of his life, but he was ill and God didn't give us time. "

Luo Qi wants to prove something to Shi Xiaonian excitedly.


When Xiaonian stood there and stared at her, it turned out that Luo Qi was such a self deceiving person.

If you really like a person, how can you not squeeze out any time to accompany her? How can you ask her to destroy her son's love desperately when you are sick? How can you ask her to support the palace family with a double when you die.

It doesn't look like a show of love.

Luo Qi still thinks that God doesn't give them time. Even if God gives them enough time, Gong Jue can't spend it on Luo Qi. Doesn't she understand?

When Xiaonian looks at Luo Qi, her lips move and she wants to say something, but Luo Qi refuses to hear anything from her mouth again and pushes her out forcefully, "you go! Go now! "

Shixiaonian grabs her hand and looks at her sympathetically. "Mother, can't you wake up a little bit? The dead are gone, and the living are the most important. "

"I told you to shut up!" Luo Qi pushes her hard. "Go! Go! "


When Xiao Nian looked at her like this, Liu Mei frowned, did not know what Luo Qi could listen to, could only turn around and leave.

She understood.

Luo Qi doesn't think that love is unimportant. She thinks that love is more important than anything, and more important than everything, so she can do so for a last wish.

When Xiaonian walked two steps, there was a sound behind her. After thinking about it, she still turned around to the partition door, slightly leaned out a nod and looked in.

I saw Luo Qi standing in front of the coffin, holding a clean cloth and gently wiping the glass of the coffin, while wiping it, he said, "Xi Xiaonian is still small, and he speaks indiscriminately. Have you been disturbed?"


When Xiaonian stood quietly by the door and looked at her, it turned out that someone would treat the body like a living person. In Luo Qi's eyes, it seemed that Gong Jue was just sleeping.

"I know she's nonsense. How can you not love me? If you don't, you won't talk with me for so long, talk about your ambition and your future. If you don't, how can you never see what you have to do with her after marriage? I'm the only one in your life, right?"

Luo Qi said.

Seeing that Luo Qi was just talking to the body, Xiao Nian turned to leave. Suddenly, Luo Qi stepped back and stared sadly at the coffin, "enough, enough, don't lie to me again."


When Xiaonian was startled and looked at her in amazement.

In the cold and quiet light, Luo Qi suddenly performed such a scene in front of the coffin, which was really a little shocking.

"Xi Xiaonian is right. I've been deceiving myself for decades. I want to find some evidence that you care about me. It's so hard to find it." Luo Qi's tears flowed down her cheeks. People knelt down in front of the coffin and leaned powerlessly against the coffin. "You said that you would travel with me, but you knew you were ill when you said that for the first time."


"All of a sudden, you would say those words. You just want me to help you guard the palace. You know that I love you deeply. You know how to control me." Luo Qi cried, her voice choked to the extreme.


When Xiaonian was stunned, he listened to it secretly and couldn't move his feet.

It turns out that Gong Jue is more than she thought Slag.

Is there such a man in the world? He does not cheat, he has ambition, but only ambition and ambition in his heart. He criticizes his son before his death, and controls his wife and son to continue to pay for his last wishes after his death.

"Don't worry, I'll keep the house for you. I'll let Gong Yu inherit the family business. You don't think Gong Yu has the same qualifications. It's OK. Gong Ou always respects his brother and has Gong Yu. It's hard for Gong ou to help or not. You should be satisfied with their brothers working together for the palace family?" Luo Qi choked.


"I did everything you wanted for you. What about mine?" Luo Qi asks, the person relies on the coffin weakly, asks painfully, "how much am I in your heart exactly?"


There was a silence in the room, and there was a flicker of candle light.

After a period of silence, Luo Qi smiled with tears. "You see, every time I ask you here, you are silent. You are such a man on high. Why are you so hesitant to answer such simple questions?"

When Xiaonian was standing there, he couldn't hear any more, and wanted to rush to pull Luo Qi away, but he remembered that Charles had said that Luo Qi had been hit by him like this, so Luo Qi passed out in embarrassment.

She had to give up.

Luo Qi suddenly stood up from the ground again, separated the flower branches on the coffin cover bit by bit, pieced together into a beautiful shape, and cried, "it doesn't matter if you don't answer. After Gong Yu has started everything at home, I'll go to you, and then you can't escape."


Hearing this, Xiao Nian stood there and covered his mouth with his hand. He opened his eyes in amazement.

Luo Qi had this idea in mind.

She turned to walk away step by step, walked out from the back of the bookshelf, looked up at this huge study, looked at those books, as if to see endless depression and sadness.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at it, if there is a soul here, then she really wanted to ask: is this what you want?

The whole palace is full of sadness.